Rebirth: Chapter 139

“It doesn’t seem like you only know a little ah!” Lu Anran felt amused after noticing the other people nearby who either needed to hire a boatman, or was rowing crookedly.

“Mm….” Long Yuxing hesitated for a second before saying. “When I was abducted when I was young, they hid me in a small wooden boat in order to avoid the police. After that… perhaps, something happened, the rope anchoring the boat became untied, so the boat floated around for three whole days with only me on it….” Long Yuxing’s eyes were full of undisguised fear, as though it was a deep well, so dark and deep…. Only knowing the bone-chilling coldness of the “well water”….

“Senior Long…” Lu Anran stretched out her hand, gently placing it on his hand that was holding the oar.

“I used an entire day to bore away the ropes around my wrists, then I used two days to learn how to use the huge oars to control the direction of the boat.”

“Then were you able to row back home?” Lu Anran asked Long Yuxing.

“Hurhur….” Long Yuxing smiled. “I indeed had that plan but I was saved by a passing fishing boat.”

“It sounds so dangerous.” Lu Anran replied. “And then?”

“Then, I was able to return home, and found someone to teach me how to row a boat, so that I would be able to row back home by myself next time.” Long Yuxing looked at Lu Anran, “So childish right…..”

“Nope.” Lu Anran said. “When I almost drowned because someone pushed me into the family’s pool, I also wanted to learn how to swim, however, the result was unsatisfactory.” lu Anran’s fear of drowning was far beyond her imagination. Every time she placed her head into the water, she felt that she was going to die after a few seconds.

“In that case, it seems that I can be considered more successful.” Long Yuxing joked. “At least I am able to take you on a boat ride.”

“HAHA!” Lu Anran laughed and said, “Yeah! It’s your win!”

The atmosphere between the two became more relaxed. Long Yuxing wanted Lu Anran to know more about himself and also wanted to know more about her! From her own mouth, and not from an investigation by the private detectives, so he asked, “Any kind of weird things happen to you when you were young?”

“Nope…..” Lu Anran pursed her lips. Her memories all had traces of Chu Yao. One could even say that her previous life was tightly controlled by Chu Yao. To her, those memories were not only stupid and unbearable, it was something she does not want to recall. “Let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about you!”

“Me?” Long Yuxing thought for a bit and said. “I have a grandfather who treats me very well. My parents passed away when I was young so I grew up under my grandfather’s care. There are also…. a lot of Elders in my family.” Long Yuxing frowned. “I have to pay attention to a lot of things and be extremely careful. Otherwise, the elders would want to replace….. uh… replace me with someone they like more.”

“I understand.” Lu Anran nodded. She also has Elders who were worst than beasts and people who could not wait for her to die, so she could understand his feelings.

“When I was young, I became very depressed. At that time, I became friends with Feng Lixing and Huang Ying.” Long Yuxing smiled. “They were so noisy and funny and lived complete polar opposite lives from me.”

“So…” Lu Anran guessed, “It’s from that time that you and President Feng….. uh….”

“NO! We are not in that kind of relationship!” Knowing what Lu Anran was thinking, Long Yuxing hurriedly stopped her thoughts. “We are only friends. Those CDs are really Huang Ying’s!”

“OH?” Lu Anran observed Long Yuxing’s expression and started laughing. “I see~! Such an interesting misunderstanding.” Knowing that Long Yuxing was not gay, she mysteriously felt somewhat relieved. Some part of her heart felt less burdened as well.

“Actually, I have always wanted to tell you something, but I would always get interrupted.” Long Yuxing gazed at Lu Anran attentively.

“Uh….” Lu Anran was stunned and said. “I think we can talk about something else.”

“What would you like to talk about?” Long Yuxing noticed Lu Anran’s obvious evasive expression and went with the flow. “We can talk about anything.”

“Uhm….” Lu Anran thought for a bit before asking. “Did you know Feng Lixing and Huang Ying since you were kids?”

“Yes.” Long Yuxing recalled back. “When I was about 6 years old.”

“6 years old?” Lu Anran smiled and continued. “Where are you from?”

“New York.” Long Yuxing replied smilingly. “Why?”

“I feel that you are similar to the people from the Capital. However your accent does not resemble people from the Capital.” Lu Anran sized him up and down. “Let me take a guess what is your relationship with Long Corporation?”

“…..” Long Yuxing met Lu Anran’s gaze. “What kind of relationship do you think it is?”

“Do you know Young Master Long?” Lu Anran asked tentatively.

“Yes.” Long Yuxing replied frankly.

“You know him very well?” Lu Anran continued her line of questions.

“Yes.” Long Yuxing replied calmly.

“As far as I know, Young Master Long is the first heir in line, but not the only heir. Could you be one of the potential heirs?” Lu Anran looked into Long Yuxing’s eyes and boldly stated her thoughts. Although it was just a guess, she was still quietly confident since he knew Young Master Feng since young, and was able to become brothers with him, as well as chat freely with her here.

“….” However instead of answering her, Long Yuxing asked, “You have asked me a lot of questions. Perhaps, it’s time for you to answer some of mine?”

“OK!” Lu Anran did not feel surprised at Long Yuxing’s refusal to answer. She shrugged instead, she kind of know already.

“If I pursued you, would you agree to it?” Long Yuxing asked straightforwardly.

“No.” Lu Anran spread both her hands out.

“Won’t you give me a chance?” asked Long Yuxing.

“No.” Lu Anran shook her head. “Right now, I only wish for the people by my side to stay safe.” However, when Long Yuxing said those words, her heart pounded rapidly and was full of happiness. Yet, she knew her own limits, she knew she should not agree and could not overstep her boundaries. She could not accept Long Yuxing’s pursuit.

“What if I insist on pursuing you?” Long Yuxing did not give up asking.

“That is your own business.” Lu Anran pursed her lips. “But I want to regretfully inform you that nothing will come out of it!”

“I think there will be.” Long Yuxing laughed confidently. No matter what, he has finally said it out loud. He has became quite depressed for a long time because of this.

“Senior Long, there will be no result.” Lu Anran told Long Yuxing seriously. “I… won’t fall in love, and won’t ever marry. The baggages that I carry are so many that I am unable to accept your kindness. So….” Lu Anran shrugged. “It’s best not to waste your time here with me!”

“I have a lot of time.” Long Yuxing gazed into Lu Anran’s eyes. He has already waited for so many years, how could he let go just like that? She was his wife!

“I would like to make a deal with you.” Lu Anran felt it was useless to continue talking about the topic with Long Yuxing, so she began saying. “A deal, that you won’t regret making!”

“Is it about what kind of flowers will we be using when we wed?” Long Yuxing’s voice had a tinge of laziness, sounding very pleasant.

“It’s about making you the real heir of Long Corporation.” Lu Anran said. “You should be interested in this, right?”

“….” Long Yuxing felt speechless. He was already the only heir of Long Corporation ah! But he did not want to explain. What he wanted to do was to wait and observe what his little future wife would do.

“You seem very interested.” Lu Anran smiled. She noticed the curiosity in Long Yuxing’s expression.

“Mm….” Long Yuxing answered vaguely. He was curious about his little wife’s plan.

“Since it is a deal and I have given you some benefits, you have to also give me some benefits right? It’s only fair!”

“All of our marriage arrangements can be according to your liking.” Long Yuxing tilted his head and said excitedly.

“….” Lu Anran was a little unhappy. “Do you think I am joking with you?”

“I am being serious.” Long Yuxing gazed into Lu Anran’s eyes. “I have dreamt of our wedding day. What it should be like, what it could be like. You will definitely like it.”

“Senior Long.” Lu Anran took a deep breath before saying. “I hope you will listen to me properly from now on. I won’t get married to you. Not now, not ever! Your ideas and creativity are better used in some other areas! Okay?”

“If you don’t like any of my ideas, I can listen to your opinions.” Long Yuxing paddled to the other side of the lake. “It’s time for us to row back now.”

“Please reconsider my proposal carefully.” Lu Anran finally said.

“I will.” Long Yuxing smiled and started looking around. “The scenery here is really nice.” He knew that if he agreed too quickly, his little wife would miss out on a lot of fun. So he took up a little more time, hoping that his little wife would receive the maximum amount of fun.

“Yeah, it’s really pretty.” Lu Anran took a deep breath. The air here was very fresh, the lake was peaceful and the boat was floating steadily on the water. The water that was pushed aside by the oars looked very artistic and the sound was crisp and pleasant. The orange and red large maple leaves drifted down with the wind, and fluttered into the lake, spinning continuously.

This was a rare peace and quiet moment for the both of them.

After rowing the boat to back to their starting point, Long Yuxing got off the boat first, and then helped Lu Anran out of the boat. A middle aged man in his forties came up to them with a smile. “Hello, I took a few tourist photos of the both of you just now. They were all taken from the best angle!”

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