Rebirth: Chapter 84 (Part 1)

Brief appearance of LYX coming right up! (・◡ु‹ ) Chapter 84: Gossiping spirit, Don't believe in true love (Part 1) Seeing Ji Ling blaming herself, Lu Anran stretched out her hand and rubbed her head, “It’s fine!” Ji Ling did not make threatening gestures in protest like what she used to do in the past … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 84 (Part 1)


Rebirth: Chapter 83

Hi peeps!! Sorry forgot to post up a chapter last Thurs o(_ _o) To make up for last week, we are posting a full chapter today. Enjoy! Chapter 83 After returning to the Lu Residence, Lu Anwei gently knocked on the door of Lu Jianfeng’s study. “Come in” Lu Jianfeng’s voice sounded from inside the study. Lu Anwei … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 83

Rebirth: Chapter 82 (Part 2)

Chapter 82: (Part 2) At the same time, Lu Anwei’s phone rang. Seeing the digits registered on the phone, Lu Anwei’s expression turned solemn. Picking up the phone, Lu Anwei asked in a low voice, “What’s up?” “Mission. I need you to lead a team!” The other party just gave the details concisely. “The mission … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 82 (Part 2)

Rebirth: Chapter 82 (Part 1)

Chapter 82: (Part 1) Lu Anwei never expected his actions would cause such great distress to Qin Shuhan and also felt very remorseful. This was his fault. He will never come and disrupt her life anymore; it was due to his own selfishness and wilfulness…… “Do you love me?” Qin Shuhan knew that the best … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 82 (Part 1)

Rebirth: Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Domineering, Shuhan’s heartache Lu Anran returned to her own room, ignoring all the bickering outside. She knows that her attitude today was somewhat overbearing, but she had no choice. If she did not thoroughly end Lu Junan’s family’s wishful thinking, there would only be endless trouble in future. Lu Junan’s family were all … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 81

Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 2)

Chapter 80: Disappointment, Anhua was beaten (Part 2) “You……” Lu Anxin felt as though her reasoning was dissipating little by little. She really and truly hated living in such a family. Lu Anxin cursed repeatedly with tears in both eyes as she gnashed her teeth, “Why don’t you just go and die!” If Lu Anhua … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 2)

Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 1)

Chapter 80: Disappointment, Anhua was beaten (Part 1) “$2 MILLION?” Lu Junan was stunned. This was asking for their life ah! “$2 MILLION!” Liu Yue was evidently more shocked than Lu Junan, “We don’t have that much money! We are not contributing!” “Not contributing?” Lu Jianhao sneered, “Could it be that just now your each … Continue reading Rebirth: Chapter 80 (Part 1)