Rebirth: Chapter 138

As Qin Shumo packed up his books after tutoring Lu Anran, he asked her, “Uh… Anran, today is Saturday, are you free this afternoon? I heard that Red Leaves Valley is very pretty at this time of the year!”

Lu Anran who was also packing up her books, paused for a moment. Why was it Red Leaves Valley again? Is there no other places in S City? Lu Anran smiled apologetically and replied, “I’m meeting someone this afternoon, perhaps another day?

“Oh…..” Qin Shumo bit his lips and tried his best to relax his tone before asking, “Is it Senior Long…. uh…. the relationship between you two is quite good…. Are you guys going to hang out together?”

“Nope.” Lu Anran’s expression turned strange when Long Yuxing was mentioned. Placing the last two pencils into her pencil case, she smiled and said, “It’s Senior Huang Yang. She invited me to go out and play with her.”

“Oh I see!” Qin Shumo let out a sigh of relief, “It’s good to relax occasionally….”

“Mm.” Noticing that Qin Shumo was already carrying his backpack, Lu Anran said, “Please convey my greetings to Teacher Qin. Remember to tell her to set her mind at ease and focus on the school evaluations. The substitute teacher she recommended is really good at explanations!”

“HAHA!” Qin Shumo laughed out loud, “I’ll tell her! I’ll leave first, see you!”

“See you on Monday!” Lu Anran waved.

After Qin Shumo left, Lu Anran combed her hair in front of the mirror and then walked to the window to watch Qin Shumo leaving. It has been 2 weeks since Qin Shuhan has asked Qin Shumo to be her substitute tutor. Lu Anran was very curious exactly what kind of evaluations would make Qin Shuhan so nervous. From her understanding of Qin Shuhan, she was not someone who would make her little brother a substitute tutor over some school evaluations….. Lu Anran was also shocked when she realised that Qin Shumo was Qin Shuhan’s biological brother. She kept having the feeling that Qin Shuhan seemed familiar. Now that she think back, she was being stupid! Qin Shuhan, Qin Shumo – not only were the both of them similar in appearance, even their names were similar! It was so obvious that the two of them were siblings! Evidently, she had been too busy to even notice until now!

“Exactly what happened…..” Lu Anran murmured silently. She definitely did not believe it was because of some evaluation, it was clear that Qin Shuhan was hiding something from her, and could not meet with her, hence she could only send her younger brother….. Is it related to Lu Anwei? Lu Anran frowned slightly. Could it be that by meeting with her and coming over the Lu Residence would remind Qin Shuhan of Lu Anwei? So she wanted to escape?

Now that she think of it, it might be true. If one could binge eat away sadness and anger, then Qin Shuhan has successfully done so. She has put on a lot of weight during this period, just like a little balloon!

It’s probably because of this! Lu Anran pursed her lips. After walking away from the window, she checked her purse to see if she has missed anything.

After Qin Shumo left the Lu Residence, he made a detour to the supermarket to buy a few fruits and a case of milk bottles home.

Once he reached home, he noticed Qin Shuhan making strange poses in front of her computer. Placing the items down, he gazed exaggeratedly at her.

“What are you looking at?” As she took a deep relaxing breath, Qin Shuhan looked back at her younger brother.

“I am curious.” Qin Shumo replied.

“Curious about what?” Qin Shuhan wiped the sweat on her forehead and asked, “I am curious about what kind of cult you have joined. It is not even dark yet you are already worshipping the moon?” Qin Shumo joked.

“Get lost!” Qin Shuhan picked up the soft pillow next to her and threw it at Qin Shumo.

“HAHAHA….” Qin Shumo’s laughter resounded, hiding his worries.

“I am doing prenatal yoga! What do you know?” Qin Shuhan stroked her rounded belly as she rolled her eyes at Qin Shumo. Her belly has started swelling at the beginning of October. As long as one could see, anyone would know that she was pregnant.

“Sis, what do you plan to do after?” Qin Shumo placed some black tea leaves and two lemon slices in his own teapot.

“I’ll take things as it comes.” Qin Shuhan shrugged.

“….” Qin Shumo wanted to say some more, but he did not know where to begin, “When do you plan to tell Dad about the school?”

“DON’T!” Qin Shuhan hurriedly stopped him, “He is already mad that I’m pregnant. If he knew that I was fired because I am pregnant and unmarried, he is going to commit suicide!” Qin Shuhan felt speechless whenever she recalled her father’s indignant expression. She was very sure that if she was born during ancient times, her father would have drowned her in a pig’s cage!

“But how long can you keep it from him?” Qin Shumo frowned. “Your child’s father hasn’t appeared since then right?” Qin Shumo could still remember how sadly his elder sister cried in front of elevator and the heartache he felt when he saw her.

“He is not in S City!” Whenever Qin Shuhan hear about Lu Anwei from Qin Shumo, she would feel uncomfortable. “Don’t mention him anymore and you don’t have to worry about me! I’ll raise this child by myself!” Qin Shuhan stroked her belly with a blissful expression. “I am not worried about my future. I have the ability, education, and funds!” Qin Shuhan was extremely confident that she and her child would be able to live well. Lifting her head, she said to Qin Shumo, “And I have such a good younger brother! What do I have to be afraid of?”

“Sis, don’t worry. No matter when, I’ll always be on your side!” Qin Shumo replied seriously.

“Thanks.” Qin Shuhan smiled gratefully, however a hint of melancholy floated up on her expression, “My only worry now is Mom and Dad…..”

“They won’t give up just like that!” Qin Shumo totally understood Qin Shuhan’s worries.

“Yes.” Qin Shuhan nodded. “But we can only take things as it comes!”

“Sis, don’t worry. You still have me!” Qin Shumo walked over to Qin Shuhan’s side and placed his hand on her shoulders. “I’ll be your strongest backing!”

“Pfft.” Qin Shuhan chuckled as she hit Qin Shumo’s midriff.

“AH…..” Qin Shumo bowed over in pain as he clenched his stomach. “Sis, are you planning to kill your only biological brother?”

“Still dare to say you will be my strongest backing! It’s better if you think about how to bring home the beauty!” Qin Shuhan teased, “What’s going on between you and Anran? I have already provided you with such a good opportunity, don’t tell me that there is zero progress!”

“…..” Qin Shumo instantly withered away. That’s right. It was indeed a very good chance but there was really no progress at the moment to speak of!

“Really ah…..” Seeing her younger brother’s expression, Qin Shuhan understood immediately. “Boy, that’s no good ah!”

“So naggy!” Qin Shumo awkwardly pushed his glasses up and then went back to the table to pour the hot water into his teapot to make lemon tea.

“Tsk…..” Qin Shuhan could not help clicking her tongue. What kind of immortals did the both of them provoked? Why couldn’t they have a smooth love life?  ̄Д ̄=3….

“AHCHOO….” Lu Anran rubbed her nose. Recently she has always been the topic of gossip by others ah!

“What’s wrong?” Huang Ying asked.

“Nothing.” Lu Anran waved as she lifted her head to view the many red leaves fluttering about in the mountains. “This place is really beautiful!”

“Mm!” Huang Ying nodded. “Very romantic!”

“Yeah!” Feng Lixing grabbed Huang Ying’s hand. “Let’s go over there to have a look!” As he spoke, he winked at Huang Ying.

“OK!” Huang Ying understood with a glance and followed Feng Lixing to the other side, leaving only Long Yuxing and Lu Anran to stroll around by themselves.

This kind of atmosphere made Lu Anran a little embarrassed, especially after knowing that Long Yuxing was a…. gay….., she felt as though she came to know of an incredible secret. However, her heart also felt a little depressed. Such a good man, how… how come he suddenly came out?

“Lu Anhu didn’t come along?” Long Yuxing wanted to find a topic to talk about with Lu Anran.

“He is accompanying Ji Ling to the hospital for a followup.” Hearing Long Yuxing mentioning Lu Anhu, alarm bells starting to ring in Lu Anran’s heart. What did he mean? To prevent any unforeseen incidents, Lu Anran did not forget to emphasise, “Anhu and Ji Ling are an item now. Uh… So… So…you…. It’s better if you……” and President Feng stay together for a long time…. Of course, Lu Anran simply could not find an appropriate tone for the latter half of the sentence, so she pressed her lips together and added, “You know it…”

“I’m not gay.” As soon as Long Yuxing heard Lu Anran’s tone, he knew that she has indeed misunderstood. “The CDs that you saw that day were Huang Ying’s.”

“Uh….” Lu Anran was stunned. “Really?”

The two of them slowly strolled along the lake of Red Leaves Valley. There were many tourists taking photos and queuing up to boat. There were also many business owners who captured beautiful moments of customers with their SLR and sell it to them.

At this time, two children ran over and one of them accidentally hit Lu Anran who took one step back to stabilise herself. Seeing that he has hit someone, instead of being frightened, the child made a face at Lu Anran before running off.

“Let’s go!” Long Yuxing held onto Lu Anran’s hand. “Let’s go boating!”

“Uh….” Lu Anran felt a little strange when her hand was held by Long Yuxing. She was still not sure if Long Yuxing was telling the truth just now and if he really was not gay. However, she really wanted to confirm this matter so she nodded her head in agreement. “….OK!”

The two of them waited in line for nearly half an hour before being able to seat on a boat. When they got on the boat, Long Yuxing took up the oars.

“You know how to row?” Lu Anran asked curiously as she watched the boat moving calmly and steadily in the lake.

“A little.” Long Yuxing was thinking about how to continue on their conversation. He could tell that Lu Anran did not trust the words he uttered just then.

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