Rebirth: Chapter 147

“No need….” Lu Anran laughed awkwardly. “I… I am planning to spend it with my friends….”

“Ji Ling?” Long Yuxing asked. “Wouldn’t she be spending it with Lu Anhu?”

“It’s not like I only have her as a friend!” Lu Anran drew back her neck.

“Yang Xueying?” Long Yuxing smiled. “Seems like she is currently pursuing the team leader of our school’s basketball team…. The basketball team has some planned Christmas activities. She will most likely be attending those!”

“….” Lu Anran drew back her neck again. How to reject……. How troubling ah!

“Just spend it with me!” Long Yuxing really liked these little actions of Lu Anran. So cute. “I guarantee it would be an unforgettable Christmas.”

“Hey Vice President Long!” Lu Anran patted off his hands from her head. “Can’t you just leave me alone? Why do you keep looking for me ah!” She should have already made it very clear to him!

“Have you forgotten? I am pursuing you!” Long Yuxing said smilingly.

“Have you forgotten? I have said, I’ll never agree to your pursuit ah!” Lu Anran corrected Long Yuxing’s memory.

“Whether or not you agree to it is your business, whether or not to pursue is mine!” Long Yuxing declared domineeringly.

“You…..” Lu Anran felt defeated.

“OMG! Such a domineering declaration…..” Ji Ling who witnessed the scene as soon as she entered, used both her hands to cover her cheeks. “How romantic ah! My girly heart is very satisfied!” After saying that, she stared at Lu Anhu who was beside her, “Anhu, can’t you learn a little?”

“Hmph….” Lu Anhu hooked his arm around Ji Ling’s shoulders and used the other hand to lift her chin, “What do you want me to do?”

Ji Ling blushed instantly, panickedly pushed away Lu Anhu and covered her face with both hands. My God. Lu Anhu’s boyfriend power is simply exploding ah! So annoying!

“Pfft….” Lu Anran could not help bursting into laughter after seeing Ji Ling’s appearance. These two people are unexpectedly a good match!

“What were you guys talking about just now?” Lu Anhu leaned against Lu Anran’s table and asked.

“Spending Christmas together.” Long Yuxing gave a brief answer.

“Sure sure!” Ji Ling stretched her hand to hook around Lu Anran’s arm. “Then let’s spend it together!” Although she and Lu Anhu have been dating for quite a long time, she will still feel shy spending Christmas alone with him.

“Is it really ok?” Lu Anran looked at Ji Ling and then looked at Lu Anhu. “Aren’t the two of you going for a date?”

“Together!” Ji Ling said. “and let’s ask Yang Xueying and Qin Shumo! Let’s spend that day together!” After saying that, Ji Ling immediately regretted it. Won’t this become a battlefield ah! There is only one Lu Anran but there are two – Long Yuxing and Qin Shumo…. One person can’t be split into two right?

“Yang Xueying would probably be busy!” Lu Anran turned her head to look at the seat behind her. “Where are Yang Xueying and Qin Shumo?”

“Outside?” Ji Ling answered, “Lunch break is not over yet.”

“It’s so cold outside. They are both really addicted ah….” Lu Anran felt a ball of fear as she looked out of the window. She was really afraid of being cold.

“Qin Shumo is probably in the office.” Lu Anhu recalled. “I saw him entering the office on the way here.”

“Then what about Yang Xueying? Did she go and look for that basketball team leader again?” Lu Anran has not finished her conjecture when Yang Xueying appeared at the entrance of the classroom. Her eyes were slightly red, her left hand was clenched into a fist and her right hand held a bottle of sports drink. The only thing lacking was a sign saying ‘This sister is really upset. Do not disturb!’

“What happened?” Lu Anran looked at the extremely angered Yang Xueying who sat at the back and placed both her hands on her desk. “Which blind person dared to provoke our Eldest Young Miss Yang?”

“Who else can it be!” Yang Xueying frowned and gritted her teeth, “It can only be that bitch!”

“OMG!’ Ji Ling said in surprise. “Yang Xueying, you have said that word correctly! The pronunciation is quite accurate too!”

“You have indeed improved!” Lu Anran nodded and said. “Not bad! Not bad!”

“Lu Anran! Ji Ling! You two! Are simply……” The originally angry Yang Xueying was poked into laughter by Lu Anran and Ji Ling. “You two, if you do this again, I’ll break off our friendship!’

“Stop it. You look better when you smile!’ Lu Anran said laughingly. “Now can you tell us what happened?”

“At noon today, the basketball team was training at the gym so I bought a drink and went to find him. In the end, I saw that Su Lin talking and joking with him! That fake look! Was really…!” Yang Xueying gritted her teeth and continued, “Oh and that Chu Yao! She was there too! A Su Lin duplicate! Definitely birds of the same feather!”

“Yo! You have also used this phrase correctly!” Lu Anran joked.

“LU ANRAN!” Yang Xueying glared at her with an aura of ‘If you keep talking about me, I’ll bite you to death.’

“And so you ran back here?” Ji Ling asked.

“How could I?” Yang Xueying rolled her eyes at Ji Ling. “Am I that kind of cowardly person?”

“So you rushed up to confront Su Lin who then pretended to look pitiful. Your basketball team leader who was eager to protect the flower then said some nasty remarks to you and then you came back here?” Lu Anran tilted her head and saw through Yang Xueying with just a glance.

“Is that what happened?” Lu Anhu was also quite familiar with Yang Xueying. Lu Anran’s words do seem to fit in with Yang Xueying’s personality.

“….” Yang Xueying did not reply directly, instead she pouted unhappily with a ‘although you are right but I won’t admit it’ expression.

The few of them exchanged glances and understood immediately.

“You didn’t throw your bottle at them?” Lu Anran asked with a smile.

“I did think of that.” Yang Xueying replied. “But this bottle cost at least 10 yuan, so I was reluctant….” Ever since she formed a partnership with Lu Anran to open a bookstore, Yang Xueying really understood the difficulty of earning money, especially after Lu Anran said something about electronic media and paper media and the societal changes. She really understood! This bookstore lost money like flowing water. It was all of the money that she has accumulated over the years ah! So painful!

“I just finished all of my water. Give your drink to me and I’ll personally teach you how to get your revenge!” Lu Anran smiled confidently.

“OK! It’s yours!” Yang Xueying shoved the drink into Lu Anran’s hands, “How? Is it during the Christmas Eve party?” “What party?” Ji Ling asked curiously.

“The Christmas Eve party that my family is holding. Want to come?” Yang Xueying asked.

“Forget it!” Ji ling hurriedly flapped her hands. She had enough after the last time she attended that banquet at Lu Anran’s house. She doesn’t want to attend anymore high society parties!

“I have no intention of making trouble at your family’s party.” Lu Anran shrugged.

“Then when!” Yang Xueying asked. “Hurry up and tell me! So that I can be mentally prepared or something!”

“You can just look forward to a good show!” Lu Anran smiled and then turned to look at Long Yuxing. “As a Vice President of the Student Union, you should be able to easily obtain the Christmas plans of the school basketball team right?”

“Are you agreeing to spend Christmas with me?” Long Yuxing’s eyes held laughter as he looked at Lu Anran.

“If you are of use, I don’t mind you tagging along with us during Christmas.” Lu Anran gave Long Yuxing a standard PR smile. This Long Yuxing was really….. hopeless…..

“Then I’ll let you know that I am a very useful person!” Long Yuxing smiled with pride. His usefulness is not only limited to these.

“Then I’ll look forward to it!” After Lu Anran replied, the bell rang signalling the end of lunch break. Lu Anran waved her hand. “Bye bye!”

“Hurhur…..” Long Yuxing smiled and left the classroom of Class 1D. However, he bumped into Qin Shumo at the entrance.

Qin Shumo glanced at Long Yuxing and said, ‘She doesn’t like you so you’d better stop coming to our classroom! Senior! Long!”

“You talk as though she likes you.” Long Yuxing mocked him with a sentence. “How amusing to be told this by a guy who doesn’t even have the courage to confess! HAHAHA!” Long Yuxing heartily laughed as he strode forward.

“You….” Qin Shumo clenched his fist. Who said he doesn’t have the courage to confess? He then subconsciously touched the pocket of his pants which contains the gift that he has personally selected. Christmas… He is going to confess on Christmas Day! Qin Shumo entered the classroom and sat on his seat. Just as he was about to invite Lu Anran to go out with him on Christmas, Yang Xueying informed him about their Christmas plans.

“Uh…..” Qin Shumo was stunned. “On Christmas Day?”

“Yeah! Anran will also be going!” Yang Xueying has been Qin Shumo’s desk mate for a little more than two months. How could she not know Qin Shumo’s thoughts so she began teasing him, “Anran is going, are you going or not?”

“Then I’ll also go along….” Qin Shumo smiled. It seems like he has to think of a plan to meet Lu Anran separately for a bit, or at least allow them to have some time alone. No need too much time, just enough for him to confess his feelings. He was not in a hurry to hear her answer but he would like her to know his determination. He will confess to her openly and compete fairly with that hateful Senior Long!

On a Friday evening, on Christmas Eve, the Yang family threw a small party. The list of attendees was determined by Su Qianlian and Su Lin, however, Lu Anran’s name was actually added by Yang Weiguo.

Su Qianlian and Su Lin was extremely unwilling to invite such a difficult person over. However Lu Corporation’s reputation was booming and Lu Anran was also an influential figure in S City’s high society. If they do not follow Yang Weiguo’s request to invite her over, both mother and daughter would be labeled as being insensible!

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