Rebirth: Chapter 145

“Why are you still wearing a mask?” Lu Anran asked curiously. “Do you know? Other than that Young Master Long, from all the people that I know, you are the only one who loves to wear a mask, I can’t help but to suspect that both of you are the same person!”

“……” V remained silent. Instead, he picked up his glass of lemon water and took a sip. The slightly sour flavoured water helped to alleviate the discomfort in his throat.

“Of course, I’m only joking.” Lu Anran smiled. When Young Master Long was present at the banquet that day, the both of them were still chatting with each other ah! How could V be Young Master Long? “But I’m really curious why do you always wear a mask?”

Because when I wear a mask to see you, I think that it will bring me luck. At least it will bring you, this Tyche [1], over to my side!”

“Tyche?” Lu Anran laughed. “I can’t afford such a high honour!” Lu Anran has never felt that she was a very lucky person, at least she will never be the Goddess of Luck!

“You can definitely afford it!” V’s tone was full of confident. “At least you are my Tyche!”

“Are we taking turns to joke now?” Lu Anran joked and switched the topic. “When will the dishes be serve?” It has to be said that whenever V turned those serious and affectionate brown eyes on her, she would always feel at a loss.

“Soon.” V smiled as he stretched out his fist and knocked thrice on the table. A pair of twin sisters immediately appeared in front of Lu Anran and V. One of them was wearing a blue and white short qipao while the other’s qipao was pink and white. They were both approximately 19 years old and were about 1.6 m tall.

“Can I help you?” The girl in pink asked smilingly.

“Can I help you?” The girl in blue repeated the question.

“A refill for the lemonade and you can serve now.” V said..

“The guest asks for a lemonade and said we can serve now!” The girl in pink said seriously to the girl in blue.

“Lemonade, serve dish.” The girl in blue repeated the main points of what the girl in pink has said.

The two sisters exchanged glances and tilted their heads as though they were reconfirming that the other party has remembered it. They then looked at Lu Anran as if they were waiting for any further orders from her.

Seeing the pair of sisters, Lu Anran smiled. She had some impression of this two sisters. In the World Gourmet Championship in her previous lifetime, she even competed against the three Master and disciples. How could she forget such an interesting team that even has a pair of twin sister?

“Does this guest has any order?” The girl in pink asked Lu Anran.

“Any order?”

“Who is the one doing the cooking? You or your Master?” Lu Anran asked with interest.

“Master is the chef. I am in charge of preparing the food and Shi Wu is responsible for concocting sauces and spices.” The girl in pink answered.

“Master is the chef, Chu Yi is in charge of preparing the food and I am responsible for concocting sauces and spices.” The girl in blue repeated and answered.

“The both of you are named Chu Yi and Shi Wu?” Lu Anhu felt this was quite interesting. He then looked at Lu Anran who appeared as though this was a common occurrence.

“I am Chu Yi, my little sister is Shi Wu.” The girl in pink replied.

“I am Shi Wu, my older sister is Chu Yi.” The girl in blue replied quickly after her sister.

“Then what is your Master’s name?” Lu Anhu leaned forward. His body behaviour expressed his interest.

“My name is La Yue.” A woman’s voice sounded from the side of the dining table. “We will be serving the food now.”

Lu Anran and the others turned towards the voice. The owner of the voice was a woman dressed in red and gold high slit silk qipao. She was about 25 years old with delicate and beautiful facial features. She had a pair of phoenix eyes, a tiny face and a head full of silky black hair that was tied into a bun with three golden hairpins at the back of her head. Her slim shoulders evoked one’s protective instinct and her waist was so slender that it could be grasped with one’s hands while her rounded chest and hips enhanced the tastefulness of the qipao without any exaggeration.

Noticing La Yue, Lu Anran stood up to express her greatest respect. La Yue was a very strong opponent in terms of both her cooking skills and character.

There were also eight men in their late twenties, standing behind La Yue. They were all dressed in the costume of page boys of inns in ancient China. Each of them was carrying a fragrant dish in a luxurious delicate plate that was placed on an elaborately designed mahogany tray!

As the dishes were brought to the table, Lu Anhu glanced from the corner of his eyes at page boys and a hint of vigilance flashed past his eyes. These eight people were skilled and they should be practicing foreign martial arts. Even though they have not fought with each other, one could see that they were highly skilled! This restaurant is so strange, even a waiter is so highly skilled. Lu Anhu could not help raising his suspicion and subconsciously moved closer to Lu Anran.

“That’s all.” La Yue stood at the side with a faint disdain on her face, even her tone had a hint of impatience as she said. “Hurry up and eat!”

“The dishes are ready. Guests, please have a taste.” Chu Yi said with a polite smile.

“Dishes are ready.” Shi Wu repeated the key points of her sister’s words.

Although he has heard of the infamous strange temper of this restaurant’s boss, but this kind of attitude does not seem good ah! V frowned before saying, “My lemonade has not been refilled.”

“AH! So sorry!” Chu Yi was startled and said. “Forgot to refill your drink! Really sorry!”

“Forgot! Really sorry!” Shi Wu said and slightly raised her body with her sister to express her apologies. A page boy then placed a pot of lemonade on the table. Chu Yi reached out to fill V’s cup.

V drank a large mouthful of lemonade to soothe his painful throat. The tight frown on his face also gradually relaxed.

When V took up his glass, Lu Anran had already started tasting the dishes with her bamboo chopsticks. This common family dish of stir-fried asparagus lettuce is not difficult to make, except the control of heat is rather challenging. It is even more difficult to perfectly blend the crispiness of the asparagus lettuce with the tenderness of the mushroom. However La Yue was able to do it perfectly. Lu Anran nodded with satisfaction. La Yue’s control of heat might even be higher than hers. Adding on to that was Chu Yi’s superb knife skills and Shi Wu’s rare talent for spices and sauces. That competition in Lu Anran’s previous lifetime was really unforgettable. The three of them complemented each other flawlessly!

“Anran, say, how do you think this was cooked?” Lu Anhu chewed on the asparagus lettuce, carrot and mushroom at the same time and felt that the combined taste of these three was very novel. The extreme tenderness and crispiness were indeed incomparably harmonious in his mouth.

When Lu Anhu asked his question, La Yue expressed obvious disdain. How would these people comprehend her views and pursuit on cooking?

Chu Yi and Shi Wu stood by the side, remaining silent and unmoving. Because of the combination of Chu Yi’s knife skills, Shi Wu’s aromatics and Master’s control of heat, there were not many people in the world who could really understand them.

“This dish ah…..” Lu Anran ate another bite of the mushroom and understood the taste of each vegetable. She placed down her chopsticks and commented. “The asparagus lettuce and carrot slices were cooked in high temperature oil. To sum it up, it is cooking in boiling oil from a cold wok with an empty ladle.”

Hearing Lu Anran’s words, the expression on La Yue’s face changed a little and looked at Lu Anran puzzledly.

“The asparagus lettuce and carrots were also sliced to a certain proportion, with a thickness ratio of 1 to 1.215 respectively. This is based on their own sizes. Every slice is like this. Chu Yi’s knife skills are indeed perfect!”

Chu Yi looked at Lu Anran. This ratio was determined after she has tested it several times. How could it be discovered by this person so easily?

“And the reason why this mushroom is so tender is because before it was fried, oil was poured over it before it was air-steamed in a cold casing. The duration of steaming is also controlled and done when the moisture level of the mushroom is the greatest. The exact duration depends on the temperature at that time. After the mushroom has been steamed, it is wrapped, and then ah….” Lu Anran ate another bite and continued. “The harmonious taste is mainly due to the addition of three spices when the sauce was being thickened! Although they are spices but they also have medicinal properties. Anyway, they are all good stuff.”

As soon as Lu Anran finished commenting, Shi Wu also looked at her with undisguised surprise on her face.

The three Master and disciples all looked at Lu Anran. La Yue then clapped and said, “How brilliant!” La Yue’s voice had a tinge of charming laziness, making one’s ear weaken when they hear it.

“I am a person with not many strong points, except my tongue is more sensitive than others.” Lu Anran smiled and said. “If I have offended you unintentionally, please go easy on me!”

“This is the first time I have seen such a sensitive tongue!” La Yue stretched out her index finger that has been painted with a red nail polish, and lifted up Lu Anran’s chin with interest. “What do you think of the wine?”

“I dare not comment when I haven’t tasted it yet.” Lu Anran smiled.

“Someone, serve the wine!” La Yue raised and waved her hand boldly. “Bring over my collection of the 24 beauties!”

“Understood!” The eight page boys replied before carrying the 24 jars of wine over.

“Come on, have a taste!” La Yue opened the first jar and scooped out 2 bowls – one for Lu Anran and one for herself.

Lu Anran raised the bowl before gulping it down. It was so fragrant when it first entered her mouth and as it flowed through her throat, but once it entered his stomach, a burning feeling suddenly surged up as though a mighty force was surging forward and bearing down menacingly. It was quickly followed by a dream-like drunkenness but this drunkenness only lasted for a couple of minutes before gradually dissipating. It was like the gentle whisper of a beautiful woman that has cultivated into an immortal. This kind of feeling was really wonderful ah!

“How is it?” La Yue raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Good wine!” Lu Anran gave her heartfelt praise. This was the first time she has tasted such flavour!


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