Rebirth: Chapter 146

“It’s not bad right!” La Yue’s face was full of pride and tried to fill another bowl for Lu Anran, “drink another bowl.”

“No need!” Lu Anran immediately stopped her. “A wine with those two flowers. One bowl is enough! It’s easy to forget oneself with another bowl.”

After hearing Lu Anran’s words, La Yue finally believed that Lu Anran’s tongue was indeed more sensitive than ordinary people and she was not someone sent from that side! La Yue felt relieved and at the same time, intended to extend her friendship. “OK! Then let’s sample the next jar!”

When Lu Anran and co arrived at this restaurant, the sun has just set. After Lu Anran and La Yue has sampled all 24 jars of wine and ate all the dishes, it was already late at night.

Because it was indeed very late, and Lu Anran still has to go to school the next day, she could only wave goodbye to the three Master and disciples before being sent home by V’s men. By the time she reach back home, it was already 2 AM. After Lu Anran alighted from the car and say her goodbyes to V, she was helped into Lu Residence by Lu Anhu.

Lu Anran did not feel any different when she was at the restaurant previously. However once she alighted from the car and felt the cold wind of the autumn night, the strength of the liquor started to take effect. At this moment, she could cling onto Lu Anhu like a koala.

Lu Anhu originally thought that it would be better to either piggyback or carry her in his arms which was a better option than the posture now. However, Lu Anran’s grip was so tight that he could not pull away so he could only let Lu Anran cosplay as a koala and he had to strenuously shuffle step by step to the stairs near the living room. Just as he was fretting how to settle the leftovers that Lu Anran forcefully insisted on packing, while moving this drunken foreign creature named Lu Anran up to the second floor, the lights of the living room was suddenly turned on. Lu Anhu stretched out his hand on reflex to block out the lights. He has also drank a bit of wine tonight and was also tipsy. However, because his alcohol tolerance was a little better than Lu Anran and he did not drink as much as her, he could still maintain a state of minimal sobriety, but he seemed to have reduced vigilance. Otherwise, he would have detected the presence of another person in the living room.

Turning around, Lu Anran looked at the area of the light switches. Lin Haosheng was currently glaring at them. His eyes was full of anger and dangerous warning intention. “Do you know what time it is now?”

Seeing that it was Lin Haosheng, Lu Anhu frowned unhappily. He then turned back to face the stairs and continued to think about how to move this drunken person upstairs.

“Hey! Are you both ignoring me?” Lin Haosheng frowned with displeasure. “Drunk until like that, and still come home in the middle of the night!”

“….” Lu Anhu did not want to bother about Lin Haosheng and thought that the method he was thinking about was quite good so he held the plastic bag in his mouth and then used both his hands to grasp her shoulders in preparation to carry her up the stairs.

“You both have gone too far!” Noticing that Lu Anhu was ignoring himself, Lin Haosheng magnified his voice and just as he expected, Ji Rou who was on the second floor, hurriedly came down after putting on a coat. Seeing the current sight, she was also stunned. “Anran? Anran? Why are you so drunk?”

At this moment, Lu Jianhao also came out from his room. Seeing the scene downstair, he was also stunned and then hobbled down the stairs while holding the handrails. “What happened?”

“Mm……” Lu Anran who was disturbed by all the noise, relaxed her grip and started rubbing her eyes confusedly. “So sleepy ah….”

“Anran? Anran, what happened to you?” Ji Rou worriedly helped Lu Anran to the sofa to sit and let her lean against her shoulders.

“Anhu, what happened?” Lu Jianhao trembled with anger as he glared at Lu Anhu.

“Anran, she…..” Lu Anhu took a deep breath and said, “She was invited to dinner by one of her friends so I accompanied her. The chef seemed to click with Lu Anran and so she invited her to drink!” Damnit, his head was also feeling a little dizzy.

“Someone, go and get some sobering medicine for Eldest Young Miss!” Lu Jianhao ordered after noticing that the maid whose room was on the first floor, has came out to see what happened.

“Yes, Old Master.” The maid answered and hurriedly went to get the medicine.

As he watched the mess in the living room, the corners of Lin Haosheng’s mouth raised without a trace. To think that he waited for Lu Anran until this late! It was her who said that they should have a good talk tonight! In the end? It’s simply taking advantage of her weakness! His original plan was to ruin Lu Anran’s image in Lu Jianhao’s heart but there wasn’t any opportunities to do so. Now God has given him a wonderful chance! How great ah!

To come home drunk in wee hours of the morning was simply unbecoming. And to behave like an octopus, clinging onto the body of her distant male cousin. Lin Haosheng figured if it all goes well, Lu Anhu, this hateful fiend could also be driven away! This plan was simply perfect ah!

After several difficulties, Lu Anran was fed with the sobering medicine. Rubbing her throbbing temples, Lu Anran was finally sober. Noticing everyone was surrounding her, she asked, “Why are y’all sitting around me instead of sleeping?”

“Anran, how do you feel?” Ji Rou asked lovingly.

“A little painful.” Lu Anran pouted. Her hoarse voice was also loveable.

“Anran, why did you drink so much?” Lu Jianhao could not help frowning. He could smell the overwhelming alcohol smell on her when he came down the stairs just now.

“Grandpa, say no further!” Lu Anran waved her hand, stopping all the questions that Lu Jianhao has yet to ask her. She then stretched out her hand to Lu Anhu. “Food! Give it here!”

Lu Anhu handed over the plastic bag containing the leftovers to Lu Anran. Lu Anran in a weakened state could only untie the plastic bag with Ji Rou’s help. She then placed the boxes of food on the table before opening one. “Grandpa, have a taste! Just one mouthful and you will understand!”

Lu Jianhao sceptically reached out to take a vegetable leaf and chewed it in his mouth several times. He then took a peanut from the box and chewed a few times too. The tight frown on Lu Jianhao’s expression slowly relaxed. His granddaughter wasn’t messing around outside! She really met a bosom friend!

A thousand cups of wine is not too much when best friends meet. Lu Jianhao understood this feeling. When he was young, he could also drink until the next day when he meets a cook he can click with. It was a joy to meet a bosom friend but also a kind of loneliness as a top chef! It was a blessing for Lu Anran to have a such a bosom friend!

“What do you think?” Lu Anran grinned at Lu Jianhao with misty eyes.

“Good!” Lu Jianhao clapped.

“HAHAHA!” Lu Anran chuckled. “I just know Grandpa…. would understand me….. I knew it…. knew…..” As she murmured, Lu Anran fell deeply asleep in Ji Rou’s embrace. Seeing Lu Anran like this, Lu Jianhao adoration for her went up by one more level. He also felt apologetic for his initial suspicion of her. He just knew that his granddaughter was not a reckless person! He should believe in her unconditionally! This time was his mistake. In the future, no matter what happens, he would always believe Lu Anran. To believe in her is to also believe in his son Lu Junhao! Thinking of his pitiful child, Lu Jianhao could not help sighing. He then told the crowd, “Help Eldest Young Miss back to her room to rest. Xiao Rou, I’ll leave the rest to you.” After saying that, Lu Jianhao glanced once more at Lu Anran before returning to his room on the second floor. He has aged, and his body was no longer as strong as before, how could it withstand such shocks and sufferings in the middle of the night?

“Okay Dad!” Ji Rou tucks her long hair behind her ears and directs everyone to send Lu Anran back to her room. She then personally gave Lu Anran a wipe down and accompany her to sleep.

Seeing that his plan has failed, Lin Haosheng was filled with anger. Since he has returned back to this country, nothing has gone well! This was far from what he had planned. This Lu Anran…. was really very hateful ah!

The next morning, Lu Anran did not experience the expected painful hangover. Instead, she was full of energy and even unexpectedly got up earlier than usual. Lu Anhu was also the same. As both of them did their morning exercises, they incessantly sighed with emotions over the magic of the wine.

In this entire week, in addition to signing up for [National High School Model Competition], Lingling’s matters were also appropriately arranged.

Since she has already registered for the competition, Lu Anran started to implement the next step of her plan. This time, the competition was only for senior high school students and registration could either be in a group or individual. For ease of convenience, Lu Anran signed up as an individual, however she knew little about models. Other than searching for relevant information on the internet, and buying all sorts of books, Lu Anran, accompanied by Lu Anming, also went around visiting S city’s top masters of modelling after school.

The submission dateline for the preliminary round of the competition was at the beginning of December. Lu Anran submitted a self-constructed model that she was personally satisfied with. No matter the result, Lu Anran felt that she has already tried her best. After she has constructed the model, Lu Anran made an appointment with He Lingshuang and informed her that she needed an elite team of 10 to 20 people to churn out a batch of models in three months. All of the design plan would be drawn by her who was a novice.

Although He Lingshuang did not know what Lu Anran’s purpose was, she still helped her to find suitable candidates and begin constructing the model according to Lu Anran’s design plan.

In late December, Lu Anran miserably discovered that not only Ji Ling and Lu Anhu has became a pair, even Yang Xueying had a crush on someone. Does this mean that she will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her family this year? To think that she has already thought up of interesting games to play with Ji Ling and Yang Xueying!

Indeed one who has a partner would become inhuman ah! Just when Lu Anran was lamenting the state of the universe and pitying her own fate, a hand gently patted her head.

Without even thinking nor lifting her head, Lu Anran asked. “Senior Long, we are honoured by your presence, how can we help you?”

“Christmas Day….. I would like to spend it with you.” Long Yuxing’s voice was full of tenderness.

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