Rebirth: Chapter 144

After Lu Anran hung up the phone, she rushed to the store in Xin Dong with Lu Anhu. As soon as she saw He Lingshuang, her first question was “Did something crop up with the project?”

“Nothing’s wrong with the project.” He Lingshuang looked pale. “It’s the design!”

“Something’s wrong with my design?” Lu Anran frowned. This design plan was one that she has exhaust all her efforts to think up. Personally, she was really pleased with it ah! What was wrong with it?

“It’s not you.” He Lingshuang took a deep breath to organise her thoughts before informing Lu Anran that her design has been plagiarised.

“WHAT?” Lu Anran was stunned. Plagiarised? And by Yue Corporation?

“It’s true.” He Lingshuang answered with certainty. “As soon as I saw the design plan, I knew it was yours!” It was the first time she has seen such a unique design plan ah!

“Yue Corporation’s restaurant is closer to the elevator than Lu Corporation’s. That means it will grab the attention of customers first….” Lu Anhu also could not help frowning. “First impressions are the strongest. In this way, everyone will feel that it was Lu Corporation who plagiarised Yue Corporation’s design plans instead…..”

“This…..” Lu Anran also became momentarily flustered. She has never expected this. The current intellectual property law in Country Z was still far from perfect. Their knowledge of protecting an idea was not very good and there was little that they can draw on from. On the contrary, public opinion was more important. If they could make use of society’s opinion…… Lu Anran pursed her lips and looked at Lu Anhu, “Do you have any ideas?”

“I have one….. but it is only theoretical.” Lu Anhu frowned. “If we were to really implement it, it could go both ways!”

“What’s your idea?” Lu Anran asked.

“If we can prove this design is your idea before the official start date of business operations, then we could teach Yue Corporation a harsh lesson. However, without evidence….. and Yue Corporation could deny it too!” Lu Anhu frowned. “If we were to use this method then we need to go all out and make it huge, but how can we make it huge?”

Upon hearing Lu Anhu’s words, Lu Anran’s frown disappeared. Her perplexed and frustrated expression also gradually became clear and bright.

“You already have a way?” Seeing Lu Anran’s expression, Lu Anhu asked.

“Yes!” Lu Anran replied with confidence. “This method will definitely work well!”

“Really? What method?” Lu Anhu and He Lingshuang asked in sync.

“Anhu, after the last class on Monday, all the class monitors went for a meeting with the Student Union. Did Chu Yao mention about a very silly competition after she went back?” Lu Anran did not answer them directly and asked Lu Anhu instead.

“Are you referring to that National Model Contest for high school students?” Lu Anhu recalled the name of the national competition.

“I suddenly want to participate in that!” Lu Anran smiled slightly. Wasn’t this a god-given opportunity?

“Are you saying…..” Lu Anhu’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Will you be able to sign up before the closing date?”

“The closing date is next Tuesday!” Lu Anran smiled. “Plenty of time.”

“What are the both of you talking about ah!” He Lingshuang was a little confused and looked alternately at Lu Anhu and Lu Anran. “I don’t really understand ah!”

“You don’t need to know.” Lu Anran said smilingly. “Just be completely at ease and help me keep an eye on the progress of the project when you are free. Also, keep Yue Corporation’s issues a complete secret. No one must know about it, especially Yue Corporation!”

“…..” He Lingshuang nodded forcefully after thinking about it. She did not know what Lu Anran was planning on doing but she was really looking forward to her counter-attack. She wanted to prove to herself about her previous conjecture on Lu Anran – that she was definitely not a simple person!

After the matter reached a resolution, Lu Anran and He Lingshuang went to observe the progress of construction team and even shared some of the cake that she just bought, with the workers. This circle of construction team was very small and everyone knows each other. They were also all under the banner of Hui Meng Construction and often drank socially with each other after work. After three rounds of drinks, everyone would start complaining about their work and employers. There was also a large difference in the treatment of workers under Lu Corporation and Yue Corporation. Lu Corporation’s workers did not have to suffer insults, nor sudden changes in their design plans. There was no overtime work, the employer was good-natured, and would sometimes bring food for the workers….. Such disparity in treatment resulted in a high level of discontentment among Yue Corporation’s workers. When such discontentment accumulates to a certain point, Yue Corporation will naturally suffer……

After leaving the Xin Dong store, Lu Anran went with Yang Xueying to the bookstore for further discussions. In the evening, just when Lu Anran was tired and preparing to go home, she received a call . After accepting the call, Lu Anran’s tone became relaxed and happy. She, herself, seemed to be unaware of this change, “Hello? Is it V?”

“It’s me.” From the other side of the phone, a deep pleasant voice sounded.

“What’s up?” Lu Anran asked.

“I’d like to invite you for dinner. Are you free?” V replied.

“Mm….” Lu Anran smiled unconciously. “My tastebuds are very picky. Are you sure the place you have chosen can satisfy me?”

“At least 80% sure.” V said softly. “So…?”

“OK!” Lu Anran smiled and continued, “Where?”

“Where are you now? I will send someone to pick you up.” V said.

Lu Anran agreed and reported her address. “Can I bring a friend along?”

“If he is a bodyguard that protects a beauty then I don’t mind.” V joked. “But if he is your Prince Charming then no way.”

“HAHA…..” Lu Anran laughed. “See you later.”

“I look forward to seeing you.”As soon as V said that, he hung up the phone and quickly tore off the voice changer. He then immediately gulped down the water next to him. This thing was making his throat feel more and more uncomfortable.

“Young Master…..” Ah Lin looked at the person in front of him in distress and said. “Actually, you don’t have to be like this. Is your throat becoming more and more painful?”

“It’s nice to talk to her like this.” V soothed the uncomfortable feeling in his throat and gently closed his eyes as he leaned on his chair. “Find a reliable driver to pick her up!”

“Young Master, don’t you still have the identity of a student? Can’t you use this identity to chat with her?” Ah Lin felt really sorry for his Young Master. He has sacrificed so much for Lu Anran.

“Hurry and go!” V coldly commanded.

“….” Ah Lin lowered his head and acknowledged. “Yes Young Master.” After saying that, he left the room.

V opened his eyes. Looking at the sunset, he whispered. “There are somethings that she won’t tell Long Yuxing, and would only tell V……” The current Lu Anran was like a little hedgehog covered with thorns. Using all her strength to curl herself up into a ball, she guards everything she values with the softest part while facing all the people who may bring danger with the hardest thorns.

What Long Yuxing would like to do most is to reassure this helpless little ball of hedgehog who was shivering in fear but still gritting her teeth in determination so that she is no longer afraid, so that she can stretch out and live freely. He wants her to know that he was willing to be her bulletproof vest, her piercing thorns and will do everything possible to pave the way for her. He will protect her and all she has to do is live happily. It is enough if she could give him the most beautiful smile as she live with ease…..

Feeling that the pain in his throat has lessen, V drank another glass of water. He then changed his clothes, put on his mask and pocketed the voice changer. He then left for the restaurant to wait for Lu Anran. He has been looking for this restaurant for a long time. Although it is not very well-known, the dishes were spectacular. The boss of this restaurant was also very strange. He needed to wait for a whole month before making this reservation.

After arriving at the restaurant, V looked at his watch and then saw Lu Anran’s figure walking through the corridor from the distance. Drinking a mouthful of water to moisten his throat, he fixed on the voice changer and smiled at Lu Anran who just entered the room. “Long time no see!”

“Hello!” Lu Anran shook hands with V politely.

“Please have a seat.” V extended his right hand to make a gesture of invitation.

Lu Anran and Lu Anhu took a seat on the round table. The table was just the right size and one could place a dozen of dishes easily on it. After Lu Anran sat down, she looked around. One could not tell that this was a restaurant! From the exterior, it looked more like a residence of an official during ancient times. After entering, there was an exquisite winding corridor with carved dragons and painted phoenixes. At the end of this corridor was a room with only one table.

“This restaurant is very special.” V said.

“It’s appearance is indeed quite special.” Lu Anran smiled and said.

“Not only that.” V explained. “This restaurant only offers table d’hote. The meal is entirely up to the boss however, diners can state if they cannot eat certain food.” After said this, he added. “I have already told the boss all the food that you don’t eat.” V then turned to Lu Anhu. “Do you have anything you don’t eat?”

“I don’t.” Lu Anhu shook his head. As long as this wasn’t Lu Anran’s treat…..

“That’s good.” V smiled politely.

“Come to think of it, why are you treating me today?” Lu Anran asked V curiously.

“Do I need a reason to treat you?” The corners of V’s mouth raised as he replied her.

“Why are you still wearing a mask?” Lu Anran asked curiously. “Do you know? Other than that Young Master Long, you are the only other person I know that likes to wear a mask so much. I almost can’t help suspecting that the both of you are the same person!”

T/Ns: Hey everyone! We have decided to change our publishing dates to end of every month. Real life have gotten too busy and we don’t think it will be possible to have chapters translated by 15th of every month, sorry!!(ಥ _ ಥ) We will translate as many as we can and publish whatever we have by the end of the month! Thank you for your continous support and hope everyone stays safe and healthy! o(〃^▽^〃)o


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