Rebirth: Chapter 140

“Uh…..” Lu Anran looked at the eagerly attentive shop owner and then looked at the photos in his hand. “How much?”

“20 yuan a piece. 30 yuan for two!” The shop owner said with a smile. “One for each person, isn’t that good? It can even be kept as a memento!”

“Okay. Two pieces then.” Seeing the Lu Anran in the photo who had a glow of happiness on her face, Long Yuxing nodded with satisfaction.

“Sure sure!” The shop owner immediately printed another photo. “Here you go!”

“Thanks.” Lu Anran asked. “The negatives will be deleted right?”

“I will.” The owner nodded his head. “I only sell photos. It’s useless for me to keep the negatives!”

“OK.” Lu Anran nodded, handed the photo to Long Yuxing and left with him. After the both of them met up with Feng Lixing and Huang Ying, the four of them went to eat something before going home separately. Noticing Long Yuxing’s seemingly good mood, Feng Lixing and Huang Yang let out a sigh of relief.

The morning of the next day, Lin Haosheng and Chu Yao also went to Red Leaves Valley. After the two of them went boating, Chu Yao took out her handmade bento. As soon as she invited Lin Haosheng to taste it, a middle aged man in his forties popped out smilingly. “Hello, I just took a tourist photo of the both of you. It was taken at the best angle!”

“What?” Chu Yao was stunned. “Our photo?”

“Yeah!” The shop owner took out the photo for Chu Yao to have a look. “What do you think?”

“Eh?” Seeing herself and Lin Haosheng laughing about something in the photo, Chu Yao’s heart pounded rapidly. This was their first photo together ah! Suppressing the happiness in her heart, Chu Yao cleared her throat and said. “The photo is not bad…..”

“Our photo angle is the best!” The shop owner smiled and replied.

“No need.” Lin Haosheng frowned. Such things will become an evidence or burden when seen by others so he does not need them!

“…” Noticing Lin Haosheng’s unhappy expression, Chu Yao could only suppress the depression in her heart and reply in a tone full of resentment, “It’s not that nice, we don’t want it.”

“Little girl! I am the best at taking photos here! There was even a pretty lady who bought two copies of the photo yesterday with her boyfriend!” The shop owner showed Chu Yao a copy of the picture that he had from yesterday. “See? This is the best shot I have ever taken! I have learnt photography before, and so I pay attention to the composition and lighting.”

“Lu Anran?” Seeing the person in the photograph, Chu Yao’s eyes widened.

“Who is this guy?” Lin Haosheng frowned.

“He’s a senior in my school, Long Yuxing.” Chu Yao explained. “I always thought the both of them have a unspeakable relationship. For example, Long Yuxing kissed her forehead in the classroom previously and they even kissed on stage during the play….”

“Why didn’t you tell me all these?” Lin Haosheng was so angry that he grabbed Chu Yao’s jaw. “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Oww…. It hurts…. Older Brother Haosheng…. Quickly let go ah!” It was so painful that her tears flowed. “It hurts ah!”

“Humph.” Lin Haosheng coldly snorted and let go. “I told you before, everything concerning Lu Anran should be reported to me!”

“I… I thought that this was not important….” Chu Yao rubbed her swollen jaw with a face full of unhappiness. “Older Brother Haosheng, I was wrong. I will pay more attention next time.”

“The plan has already been disrupted!” Lin Haosheng glared at Chu Yao. “I’ll go back first.” After saying that, Lin Haosheng strode off, leaving Chu Yao behind who stomp her feet anxiously.

“Lady, are you buying or not?” The shop owner asked tentatively. “I!” Chu Yao gritted her teeth and said. “BUY!”

“Great!” The shop owner handed the photo over to Chu Yao. “20 yuan.”

“I will also buy the photo you showed me just now.” A hint of craftiness flashed past Chu Yao’s eyes. Yue Ningshan would surely like this photo…..

“No way!” The shop owner quickly waved his hand. “Yesterday, the lady told me to delete the negative and I have also done so. But because this photo was taken too well, so I left one copy as a memento. I can’t give it to you!”

“I’ll buy it at double the price!” Chu Yao said.

“Lady, even if you offered 10 times the price, I will also not let you have it! It is a matter of principle!” The shop owner frowned. “And I only have this copy left!”

“YOU!” Hearing the shop owner’s distancing himself from her, Chu Yao angrily stomp her feet. “It’s the same as the one you have of me ah! Isn’t it fine as long as I leave my negatives to you, and give you the right to use it or whatever?”

“Uh…” The shop owner shook his head in embarrassment. “Lady, although you are also very pretty, but that boyfriend of yours ah….. doesn’t seem to like you very much!” He was present when Lin Haosheng grabbed her so violently! What kind of man is that ah? How could he be so rough with a girl? This pair really cannot be compared with that pair from yesterday. “Lady, to be honest, you guys cannot be compared with that pair from yesterday!”

“YOU!” The shop owner’s words seem to have angered the extremely shamed Chu Yao. Gritting her teeth, she swallowed the imbalance in her heart and took out 20 yuan from her bag, stuffing it into the shop owner’s hand. She then took the photo and left. Damn Lu Anran! Goddamn Lu Anran! Goddamnit! This shop owner said that Elder Brother Haosheng did not love her! AS IF! The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Walking to the security office of Red Leaves Valley, Chu Yao knocked on the door before rushing in with a face full of grievances. “Please help me….”

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Chu Yao’s pitiful face, the three security guards in the office stood up.

“That… That uncle who takes tourist photos next the lake… He…” Chu Yao squeezed out a few tears, “He… Seeing that my boyfriend had left before me, he started harassing me…”

“Oh?” One of the guards said, “I’ll go and bring him over!”

“Y’all…. must help me!” Chu Yao wiped the tears on her face and said.

“Don’t worry. If it is as you have said, we will send him to the police!” An older guard that seemed to be the security captain said. “We will need you to confront him face to face!”

“No! I don’t…. I… I’m scared!” Chu Yao hurriedly waved her hand. “What if he retaliates? I’m scared!”

“Hm?” The security guard captain thought for a bit before agreeing. “Go and ask what happened!”

“OK Captain!” The other two guards wore their hat before leaving. Seeing both guards leaving, Chu Yao’s lips raised secretly. This was good. As long as the guards went over to ask, no one will ever buy photos from him ever again. Who would tolerate such an evil person! Who would know it is fake! After achieving her motive, Chu Yao made an excuse to leave.

“Leave your phone number!” The captain said. “If the situation is true, the police will be in touch and there will be compensation.”

“OK….” Chu Yao nodded and left a number before leaving. What a joke! Obviously she won’t leave her own phone number behind! No matter the outcome, glancing at the crowd near the lake from the distance, her goal has been achieved. Humming a little tune, she left. All her suppressed anger has finally dissipated!

Chu Yao was now quite happy, however Lin Haosheng was feeling quite frustrated. As soon as he reached home, he was informed that Lu Anran has just left. The both of them had basically just missed each other. He has even prepared dozens of questions to ask her, and several speeches along the way, yet the protagonist was absent! Lin Haosheng was so angry that he kept punching his bed. At this moment, his phone rang.

After taking a few deep breath, Lin Haosheng accepted the call. “Hello?”

“….” It was an unknown number and the other party kept silent.

“Hello? Who is this?” Lin Haosheng frowned. “If you continue to keep quiet, I’ll hang up!”

“Young Master Haosheng…. It’s me….” On the other side of the phone, a familiar female voice sounded.

“Lingling?” Lin Haosheng was momentarily stunned and frowned.

“Young Master Haosheng, I miss you so much….” Lingling suddenly started sobbing. Ever since she was expelled from the Lu Residence, she never saw Lin Haosheng again. The money that Lu Residence gave her has all been used to buy medicine and tonics for her mother. Now she was really in a desperate situation. “Young Master Haosheng, please save me….”

“I… I am also out of ideas ah!” Lin Haosheng’s expression was full of disdain yet his tone was distressed. “Lingling, how are you now?”

“Young Master Haosheng, I am now… I’m really in a bad situation now.” Lingling wept out her grief. “Young Master Haosheng, please. For the sake of our past, please save me.” Lingling cried as she begged. “I am also left with no alternatives that’s why I am doing this ah!”

“Do you need money?” Lin Haosheng sneered disdainfully. “How much?”

“I don’t know. I just want to see you!” Lingling’s tone was sad and helpless. “I… I only hope to see you once more!”

“I cannot see you now. I…. I am also strictly being watched by the Lu family….” It is impossible for Lin Haosheng to waste his time on a useless chess piece.

“Young Master Haosheng, please…. For the sake of my unborn child?” Lingling cried and continued begging.

“What? Child?” Lin Haosheng’s heart thumped. “Whose?”

“…..” Hearing Lin Haosheng’s question, Lingling’s heart ached so much that it bled. “Young Master Haosheng, of course it is our child ah!”

“Abort it!” Lin Haosheng’s attitude was very firm. “Give me your account number. I’ll transfer some money to you! Abort it immediately!”

“What?” Lingling was in a daze. She did not even have the strength to cry anymore. “You…. You want me to abort this child?”

“Yes! You have to abort it!” Lin Haosheng’s expression was full of determination. He was all too clear the pain of being a mistake in this world. How painful it was to live in hatred…..


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