Rebirth: Chapter 136

Lu Anran gently pushed open the door of the activity room. “Senior Long?” As soon as she entered, Lu Anran noticed Long Yuxing placing a plastic bag at his feet from the table. Glancing at that plastic bag, Lu Anran hazarded a guess that it might be an unimportant belonging of Long Yuxing, otherwise, he would not have chucked it at his feet so casually.

“You are here.” Seeing Lu Anran, a doting smile floated up on Long Yuxing’s lips.

“Uh….Mm.” Lu Anran nodded and slowly moved towards Long Yuxing. “Why did Senior Long ask me to come here today?”

“I have something to tell you.” Long Yuxing gazed at Lu Anran. “Do you mind coming a little closer?”

“I… I don’t mind ah! Hurhur…..” Lu Anran laughed forcefully as she walked closer towards Long Yuxing. When she saw Long Yuxing smiling silently, Lu Anran stepped forward until she was next to Long Yuxing.

Long Yuxing reached out to rub Lu Anran’s head. “Hur…..”

“Senior Long…..” Lu Anran stretched out her arm to block his hand. “Did the school have something to inform me? Is that why you asked me to come over?”

“I have something to tell you.” Long Yuxing took a deep breath and said.

“If it is not regarding school matters, then I’ll be leaving first.” Lu Anran felt her heart pounding quickly. There was only the two of them in the entire activity room and current actions and expression of Long Yuxing reminded her of yesterday’s stage play…… She was panicking…. and in a mess…… Right now, she could not remain calm when facing Long Yuxing! She had too many baggages and had no time to face up to all his signs of kindness…. She only wanted to protect Lu Corporation, and Ji Rou…. And try to make up all the mistakes that she has made in her previous lifetime! If it was someone other than Long Yuxing in front of her, she could easily reject him without a thought, however, for some reason, she was unable to say those words to Long Yuxing. All she wanted to do was to avoid him or flee……

“Are my matters not worth a few minutes of your time?” Long Yuxing placed all his attention on Lu Anran, trying to search for the slightest hints from her expression that she cared about him.

“…..” Lu Anran did not know how to reply and took a couple of steps back unconsciously. “Senior Long, I…. My chauffeur is still waiting for me, I really need to go……”

“Anran, I have something to say to you!” Long Yuxing took another deep breath and decided that no matter what, he had to express his intention.

“I…. I’ll leave first!” Lu Anran was suddenly very afraid. She did not know what to do and so, she turned around to escape.

“ANRAN!” Long Yuxing stood up. Taking a step forward, he grabbed Lu Anran’s arm however, he did not notice that by taking this step forward, the plastic bag that was under his feet, had been kicked open. The plastic bag was originally not well-tied, and after being kicked, the items that were initially inside, were now scattered all over the ground.

“I…. I’ll help you to pick them up!” Lu Anran shook off Long Yuxing’s arm and started to reach out to pick the scattered items. As she picked them up, she glanced at the words on the cover and was stunned. “This…..”

“No need to pick them.” After being so decisively shrugged off by Lu Anran, Long Yuxing felt an uncomfortable tightness in his chest. “These are all what Feng Lixing gave me. He said it would be useful to me…. Don’t know what he’s thinking….”

“Would be useful….?” Lu Anran started blushing rapidly. She swallowed her saliva, piled the CDs before placing them into the plastic bag. “These things, you should put them away…..”

“Hm?” Seeing Lu Anran’s reaction, Long Yuxing frowned in bewilderment. He was already aware that this Feng Lixing was up to no good but after seeing Lu Anran’s current reaction, Long Yuxing firmly believed that he may have underestimated Feng Lixing’s ability to sabotage. He was now curious about what was in the plastic bag.

“BANG” The door was suddenly pushed open forcefully and a flustered Feng Lixing appeared at the activity room door. “Long… Long Yuxing…. That…. Erm…. ” He was already in the car with Huang Ying when Huang Ying received her friend’s phone call. That was when he realised that there had been a mix up! The plastic bags containing the CDs had been mixed up ah!

“President Feng….” Lu Anran was startled and pursed her lips. “That, I’m leaving first!” After saying that, Lu Anran quickly left the activity room of the Student Union while ignoring the calls of Long Yuxing.

“Anran! Anran!” Long Yuxing called out continuously but Lu Anran had still decided to escape.

Feng Lixing found himself in a predicament. “That…. Young Master Long ah…..”

Long Yuxing glared at Feng Lixing, stopping his glare at the black plastic bag in his hand.

“Uh…..” After being glared at by Long Yuxing, cold sweat streamed down Feng Lixing’s cheeks.

As Long Yuxing opened the plastic bag and took out the CDs, his expression became even more unsightly. All of the covers of the CDs consisted entirely of men….. 2P, 3P and even more men….. that were not properly dressed in all kinds of poses….. Even the names on the CDs were so… so… goddamn embarrassing!

“That… Young Master Long ah…. It was an honest mix up…..” Feng Lixing swallowed and continued, “This was what Huang Ying intended to lend to her friend…. The CDs that I wanted to give you…. were mistakenly taken by her friend…..”

“FENG…. LI….. XING…..” Long Yuxing clenched his teeth and spat out, “COME WITH ME TO THE BOXING HALL RIGHT NOW!

T.T…… Feng Lixing had an aggrieved expression. “Can I not go…..”

Long Yuxing placed the CDs on the table next to him and smashed them all with a single punch. Both the CDs and the table cleanly broke into pieces.

“AH!” When Huang Ying who came late, saw Long Yuxing’s actions, she could not help shrieking, “MY BABIES!” Huang Ying hurried over to the shattered CDs, and picked up the fragments in distress. “My Billy…. My tsundere shou….. My After Class Teacher [Written in Mosaic]….. These are all genuine Blu-rays ah….. It was so hard to get hold of these treasures ah!”

“…..” Long Yuxing ruthlessly glared at Feng Lixing who avoided his glare…..

This time…. He was definitely going to die…..

At this moment, Lu Anran was in her car. As the car engine started, Lu Anran gazed outside the window to the sky. It was already autumn, the birch trees lining the street were continuously shedding their leaves. Lu Anran noticed all of these yet in her heart, she was silently repeating again and again….

So, Long Yuxing…..was actually gay ah……

When Lu Anran reached home, she saw Lin Haosheng smiling as he seemed to be waiting for her while sampling his tea. An alarm immediately sounded in Lu Anran’s heart.

“Anran, you are home!” Lin Haosheng smiled and got up. “How are you today? Are you tired?”

“What’s up, Elder Brother Haosheng?” Lu Anran gave a forced smile and paid attention to his expressions.

“Well, would you like to go to the lake this weekend?” Lin Haosheng replied. “We didn’t exactly have a good time at the amusement park the last time.”

“The lake? In this season?” Lu Anran raised her eyebrows.

“Isn’t it already autumn? I heard from my classmates that S City’s Red Leaves Valley is very beautiful. We could visit the lake and BBQ, so I wanted to go with you.” Lin Haosheng said smilingly.

“Let’s see!” Lu Anran stretched. “I am a little tired and may want to rest at home this weekend. If you want to go out and play, you could just ask a few of your classmates! If not….” Lu Anran smirked. “you could also ask Chu Yao! My bestie is really nice! I will be really happy if the two of you get along well!”

“…..” Cold sweat immediately formed on Lin Haosheng’s forehead after he heard Lu Anran’s words. Subconsciously, he started worrying if Lu Anran realised something however, he set his worries aside when he did not find anything after a careful observation of her expressions. “Anran’s bestie… Naturally, I must treat her well too.”

“Great!” Lu Anran smiled as she went directly back to her room. Once she was in her room, she placed down her bag, and dialed Chu Yao’s number. It was only after a while that she got through to Chu Yao.

“Chu Yao, why did you take so long to pick up the phone?” Lu Anran was lying in bed as she played with her bolster doll.

“I’m in my cram class. I’m having tuition now. What do you need?” Chu Yao asked Lu Anran. The current her now was extremely careful when interacting with Lu Anran.

“I have a dilemma and want to discuss it with you….” Lu Anran’s hesitant manner of speaking was sufficient to hold Chu Yao in suspense.

“What is it ah! Just say it!”

“But aren’t you in class? Why don’t I tell you about it later!” The corners of Lu Anran’s lips raised.

“It’s fine. Just tell me.” Chu Yao frowned and decided to incite Lu Anran. “I’m short of time so hurry up and just say it!”

“If you are in a hurry, then forget about it. I’ll go and find Ji Ling!” Once Lu Anran dropped the bomb, she simply hung up. Lying on the bed, Lu Anran stretched out her fingers and counted. “1, 2, 3……” As soon as she counted till 3, Chu Yao called.

“That…. Anran, couldn’t you just quickly tell me?” Once Chu Yao heard that Lu Anran was going to discuss it with Ji Ling, she became a little agitated.

“Weren’t you very busy?” Lu Anran smiled in disdain. She still wants to play hard-to-get with her? How amusing!

“It’s fine, after all we are the best friends! Naturally, you are my first priority ah!” Chu Yao felt nauseated after saying that. This goddamn Lu Anran!

“It’s like this……” Lu Anran dragged out her words and said. “Elder Brother Haosheng asked me to go on a date with him to Red Leaves Valley this weekend. I…. I don’t know what to do…..”

“What?” Chu Yao froze after hearing her beloved’s name. “This weekend? Red Leaves Valley?”

“Yeah!” From Chu Yao’s voice, Lu Anran knew that she has taken the bait…..

“Uh…..” Chu Yao bit her lower lips ferociously and said. “If you want to go, then just go….” God only knew how much her heart was aching right now…..


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