Rebirth: Chapter 137

“Actually, I don’t really want to go…..” Lu Anran slowly pronounced every word accurately. “I think the progress is a little too fast. I’m a little scared…..”

“Scared of what?” Chu Yao chewed on her lower lip, her eyes was full of jealousy and reluctance.

“Scared of… know…..” Lu Anran replied. “You know it. I am the Eldest Young Miss of Lu Corporation. I am afraid that Elder Brother Haosheng does not really like me, and has some other intention instead….” Lu Anran listened carefully to Chu Yao’s breathing pattern and her tone.

“Uh….” Chu Yao frowned guiltily. Lin Haosheng indeed has an ulterior motive. “Anran, you are thinking too much…. He… uh…. Although we have only met once, I could see that he really likes you very much….. He… He is a good person…..”

“I am also not sure. Hope so!” Lu Anran smiled. “Oh…Right! You still have to attend your tuition class! I won’t disturb you any longer, hurry back to your class….”

“Wait…. Wait a minute….” Chu Yao added and asked. “Will… Will you be going?”

“Go where ah?” Lu Anran asked deliberately.

“Red Leaves Valley this weekend…. Will you go?” Chu Yao was not very confident. Pursing up her lips, she asked tentatively.

Lu Anran sneered, a hint of satisfaction appeared in her eyes. “Who knows?” After saying that, Lu Anran happily hung up the phone, no longer giving Chu Yao any more opportunity to ask further questions.

After being disconnected by Lu Anran, Chu Yao was not in the mood to continue her classes. After she returned to her tuition class, she lied that she was feeling unwell, leaving the class to return back home. Once she returned home, Chu Yao immediately locked herself in her room. Burying her face into her pillow, all her grievances and resentment turned into tears. The more she thought about it, the more upset she was. The words that were uttered by Lu Anran were still ringing in her ears.

The happiness in Lu Anran’s words, her hesitance, and even her suspicion towards Lin Haosheng, all of these made so angry that she felt like she was going crazy.

After forcing herself to calm down, Chu Yao sat up and use the back of her hand to wipe away her tears. She then took out her phone to dial Lin Haosheng’s number.

It was only after a long while that Lin Haosheng accepted her call. “Hello? Didn’t I tell you previously? Don’t call me during this period! Just message me if you need to contact me!”

“….” Hearing these grumbles as soon as she connected with him, Chu Yao’s tears which had originally stopped, began flowing again.

Hearing the sobbing of the other party, Lin Haosheng frowned unhappily. Taking off his spectacles, he placed it on his bedside table and then took a deep breath before comforting her quietly. “Yaoyao, don’t cry. What happened?”

“….” Hearing Lin Haosheng calling her Yaoyao, Chu Yao pursed up her lips.

“Yaoyao…. Stop crying. Exactly what happened? I am really worried about you!” Suppressing the impatience in his heart, Lin Haosheng licked his lips and asked again. “Yaoyao, don’t cry hm? What happened?”

It was only after hearing Lin Haosheng comforting her in this way that Chu Yao took a deep breath and said, “Elder Brother Haosheng, I…. I failed my test….. You…. Can you hang out with me this weekend….”

“This weekend?” Lin Haosheng was stunned. A touch of disgust flashed through his eyes as he recalled Lu Anran’s rejection earlier. “This weekend…. I’m busy this weekend…. with some matters in the University Student Union…..” He was really not in the mood to play house with an underaged kid. He doesn’t care if she failed the test or whatever OK? What he cared about was how useful Chu Yao was!

“….” After hearing Lin Haosheng’s words, Chu Yao felt that even breathing has become difficult for her. Lies…. He was lying to her…. Why did this happen? Chu Yao bit on her lower lips venting all her unwillingness on her lips and swallowing them all into her stomach….

“Yaoyao, it’s just a test….” Lin Haosheng continued to comfort her.

“It’s OK….” Chu Yao used her hand to wipe the tears on her face. “I…. Elder Brother Haosheng…. It’s alright now, I… I know that you are very busy….. I’ll hang up first….”

“…..” From Chu Yao’s tone, Lin Haosheng was able to hear her disappointment and near despair so he immediately changed his tune and said, “Yaoyao, don’t be like this… I think I should still hang out with you…..”

“….” Chu Yao was also startled after hearing Lin Haosheng’s words. “Elder Brother Haosheng….. Are you saying that… you will be able to accompany me this weekend?”

“Of course!” After hearing Chu Yao’s manner of speaking, Lin Haosheng decided that he has made the right choice. He could not help saying, “Yaoyao, nothing is more important than you… You know what you mean to me……”

“I know! I know! I knew that!” Chu Yao nodded again and again. She knew that Lin Haosheng cared and cherished her more! She was not inferior to Lu Anran ah! She just knew it!

“Yaoyao… What happened to you?” Lin Haosheng tentatively asked her after heaving a sigh of relief. “Did something happen?”

“No… It’s nothing.” Chu Yao adjusted her tone before saying. “Uh… It’s just that I failed my test and was in a bad mood. Elder Brother Haosheng, I’m really really happy that you are willing to hang out with me.”

“Silly girl.” Lin Haosheng continued asking. “Where do you want to go this weekend?”

“Uh…..” Chu Yao pursed her lips and replied. “Red Leaves Valley…. I heard Red Leaves Valley is very beautiful right now. I want to go boating.” The place that Lu Anran wanted to go, she must go first!

“….” Lin Haosheng smiled and a glimmer of comprehension flashed through his eyes. “OK…..”

He has guessed correctly. Chu Yao and Lu Anran have spoken on the phone, that’s why Chu Yao was behaving in this way….. Lin Haosheng leaned against the wall and said. “Yaoyao, actually, I lied to you just now. I don’t have anything to do in my University this weekend. I invited Lu Anran.”

“….” Chu Yao never expected Lin Haosheng to speak so frankly and was dumbfounded for a moment.

“Listen well darling, the reason why I didn’t tell you the truth was because I don’t want to upset you, nor put any pressure on you. You know that there is only one purpose for me to approach Lu Anran, and that is for the sake of Lu Corporation. I must snatch back Lu Corporation. Yaoyao, everything that I’m doing is for this purpose….” Lin Haosheng undid two buttons on his shirt and made his tone as gentle as possible so as to make his words more believable. “But…. I am still unable to…. unable to see you so upset… so, I decided that it’s better for me to stay with you this weekend. Yaoyao, I was almost heartbroken when I heard you crying!”

“Elder Brother Haosheng……” Chu Yao began to sob again. She was now full of happiness. The thought that she actually occupied such a large part of Lin Haosheng’s heart, filled her with so much happiness that she wanted to shout it out loud and announce it to the world……

“Be good! Yaoyao, I am now in the Lu Residence and in a precarious situation so I’ll hang up first. Send me a message if something crops up. No more crying, understand? I love you darling!” After saying that, Lin Haosheng hung up the phone and immediately threw the phone with all his strength towards the soft bed. The phone bounced thrice on the bed before falling on to the pillow.

“LU….AN… RAN….” Lin Haosheng clenched his fists tightly. He was absolutely sure that Lu Anran deliberately told Chu Yao to use her to test him. If he did not hear the despair in Chu Yao’s tone, he would have been duped! This Lu Anran was indeed ruthless ah!

At the same time, in a boxing hall located in S City’s city centre, a mournful wail that sounded like a killed pig, transmitted out from time to time.

“Get up!” Long Yuxing clenched both his fists and positioned himself in an attacking stance.

“Young…. Young Master Long…. I can’t…. I really can’t take it anymore today……” Feng Lixing grimaced with pain. All the bones in his body felt broken. It seems like Young Master Long is really furious this time but this was also not his fault ah! Who knew that the CDs would get mixed up ah!

“GET UP!” Long Yuxing’s eyes spat out monstrous flames of fury. He has already warned Feng Lixing and Huang Ying not to mess around and put away all their ideas but these two people actually dared to completely disregard his words! And make Lu Anran mistaken himself as… as… as a gay…. This feeling was really ****!

“Young Master Long……” Huang Ying watched on anxiously at the side. From young, Feng Lixing could never beat Long Yuxing. Every time they spar, it was like a one-sided torture for Feng Lixing. As his fiancee, she felt incredibly worried ah!

“Young Master Long….” Feng Lixing had a woebegone look on his face and refused to get up from the ground.

“Hmpf!” Long Yuxing snorted as he lifted his leg to cruelly step on the important area between Feng Lixing’s legs.

“WTF!” Feng Lixing instantly rolled to the side and leaped straight up, “YOUNG MASTER LONG! You….. If you really managed to step on it, you will be ruining Huang Ying’s lifetime happiness ah!”

“Young… Young Master Long….” Huang Ying also braced herself and stepped forward, “Young Master Long, I… I have an idea!”

“What idea?” Long Yuxing frowned and asked. Things have already reached this stage, if a really good idea exists, he could follow it….

“We… Let’s invite Lu Anran to Red Leaves Valley to play! This weekend!” Huang Ying could also be considered quick-witted in an emergency. “At that time, Young Master Feng and I will try our best to create opportunities for the both of you. Then, you could seize the opportunity to explain clearly….” Huang Ying swallowed her saliva and continued, “I…Young Master Feng and I have previously helped her at the Lu Corporation’s banquet. Whether it is out of feelings or reasoning, she will do us this favour!”

“Right! Right! Right!” Feng Lixing also echoed and said. “We can definitely do it!”

“I… I’ll give Lu Anran a call right now!” Huang Ying immediately took out her phone and dialed Lu Anran’s number.

“Hello?” Lu Anran felt a little strange seeing an unknown number calling her. “Hello, may I know who this is?”

“It’s me, Huang Ying.” As Huang Ying replied, she observed Long Yuxing’s expression. “Are you free this weekend?”

“I’m free on Saturday.” Lu Anran answered after thinking for a bit, “after 1PM! Why? Does the school need me for something?”

“Want to go to Red Leaves Valley to play on Saturday? You won’t reject me, right?” From the start, Huang Ying’s tone did not give Lu Anran any room to refuse her ah!

“Uh…. OK…..” Lu Anran could only agree, after all Huang Ying and Feng Lixing helped her previously. However that ambiguous relationship between Feng Lixing and Long Yuxing… As Lu Anran recalled the covers on the CDs, she began blushing and then she started to feel sorry for Huang Ying…..

Do you know that your boyfriend is a gay?

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