Rebirth: Chapter 135

After dinner, Lu Anran invited Yang Weiguo and Yang Xueying to stroll around the Huan River and only allowed both father and daughter pair to leave just before 11 PM. When the both of them reached home, it was already past midnight.

As soon as they opened the front door, a cushion flew right at them.

Yang Xueying grabbed the cushion in mid-air and looked past the door to see Su Qianlian and her daughter sitting next to each other on the sofa in the living room. Su Lin was bawling her eyes out. She has never felt so embarrassed in her life! She originally thought that she could finally officially change her surname today, and obtain the same kind of lifestyle and status as Yang Xueying! So her mother and her invited so many people to witness that momentous occasion! But in reality? Both of them became the biggest joke of the town!

Seeing the pair of furious mother and daughter, Yang Weiguo finally remembered that today was Su Lin’s birthday. He then said guiltily, “Linlin, that….”

“It’s already past 12……” Su Lin looked at Yang Weiguo in tears. “Dad…. How could you treat me like this!”

“Linlin…..” Embracing Su Lin’s shoulders, Su Qianlian showed a face full of hurt.

“I….” Yang Weiguo was too immersed in his joy at his daughter’s bright future all night that he has really forgotten so at this moment, he felt extremely remorseful to his younger daughter Su Lin. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he explained, “Linlin, Dad was too busy working today. I’m really sorry…. I….”

“Excuses!” Su Lin pointed at Yang Xueying and cried. “You were clearly with her the entire time! I am also your daughter ah! How could you treat me like this!”

“Linlin, this time, it’s all Dad’s fault! Dad will make reparations!” Yang Weiguo replied apologetically.

“What reparations! What kind of reparations can you make? Do you know what the others were saying about us in today’s party? When you and her weren’t around, everyone were condemning us as ‘the mistress and her illegitimate daughter’. They all said that we did not have a place in the Yang family!” Su Qianlian became a little emotional. At this point, unlike Su Lin, her aim was to try her best to seek more benefits for themselves. With the extreme guilt that Yang Weiguo felt, now was the best time to persuade Yang Weiguo to change Su Lin’s surname! As long as the surname is changed, everything else is unimportant! As long as the surname is changed, she naturally had a way to make Yang Weiguo recognise Su Lin as his only daughter!

“Pftt.” Yang Xueying could not help chuckling.

“YANG XUEYING!” Seeing Yang Xueying’s smile, Su Lin became even more furious. Even though Su Qianlian kept telling her to endure, endure, but she could not help it! She was almost going crazy! She was going mad with anger! “Yang Xueying, what do you mean! What’s so funny? What are you so pleased about?”

“Yingying!” Yang Weiguo berated.

“Mistress, illegitimate daughter…” The left corner of Yang Xueying’s lips lifted as she smirked in the most disdainful manner towards them. “I don’t think they were condemning the both of you! I think they were just stating facts! If you do not wish to hear these truths, then don’t hold such a large party to humiliate yourselves!”

“YOU!” Su Qianlian abruptly stood up. “Yang Xueying, I don’t care how you treat me. I have resigned myself to it! But Linlin is innocent ah!” Su Qianlian looked at Yang Weiguo once more. “Hubby, if they do not share the same surname, Linlin can never become a real sister of Yingying ah!”

“Hurhur…..” Yang Xueying said sneeringly. “Even if we have the same surname, we can never become real sisters!” Yang Xueying looked towards Su Qianlian. “I and you, and Su Lin, can never become a family in this lifetime!”

“Yingying!” Yang Weiguo looked at Yang Xueying. “Yingying, go back to your room first.”

“Dad.” Yang Xueying took a deep breath and said smilingly. “You have already hurt me once…. Please don’t disappoint me again! This is my last request!” After saying that, Yang Xueying turned to return to her room. Closing the room door, she immediately made a call to Lu Anran. “Hello? Lu Anran?”

“Mm?” At the other end of the phone, Lu Anran’s voice had hints of tiredness and sleepiness.

“Are you already sleeping?” Yang Xueying asked.

“Mm.” Lu Anran answered. She was too tired today and immediately fell asleep once she reached home.

“You were right. Su Qianlian really began to force my father. I have followed as you have instructed and repeated all that you have asked me before returning to my room.” Yang Xueying said softly.

“Mm.” Lu Anran replied. “That’s good. Quickly go to bed!”

“So my father will not change Su Lin’s surname?” Yang Xueying asked.

“At least for not the time being.” Lu Anran yawned and continued. “They won’t give up. After all, their right to inherit the Yang’s assets is on the line.”

“Then what should I do?” Yang Xueying frowned. She was not interested in the Yang family’s assets, however she did not want the mother-daughter pair to be too complacent and was more worried that they might covet the heritage that her mother left for her…..

“One step at a time!” Lu Anran flipped over in her blanket and said. “I am waiting for the right moment! But it’s not time yet so it will be hard on you for the time being!” Lu Anran yawned again. “Hurry up and go to bed! There’s still school tomorrow!”

“Uh…..” Yang Xueying pursed her lips. “Can’t you just tell me…….”

“You might wreck it if you know about it too early.” Lu Anran replied with certainty. “Just be good! See you tomorrow at school!”

“OK then….. Goodnight…..” Yang Xueying pouted as she hung up.

And just as Lu Anran has said, the guilt that Yang Weiguo felt for his ex-wife and Yang Xueying has caused Su Qianlian’s and Su Lin’s plot to fall through. The next day, everything went on as usual in the Yang family as though nothing has happened. When Yang Weiguo finished eating at the dining table, Su Qianlian handed him his briefcase and gave him a light kiss on his face. Su Lin was also smiling sweetly and calling him ‘Dad’ in every sentence of hers. Yang Weiguo was also urging Su Lin to study hard again and again.

After watching this warm family scene, Yang Xueying sneered. They were most likely doing this on purpose…. Seems like Su Qianlian has diligently gave Su Lin a lesson.

“Elder Sis, let’s go to school together!” Su Lin came over with a fawning smile.

“Yoyoyo~!” Yang Xueying taunted. “Su Lin, I was more impressed with the way you cursed at me yesterday!” Yang Xueying grabbed her bag and opened the door. “Dad, I’m leaving first!”

“OK.” Yang Weiguo nodded. He was a little surprised by Su Qianlian’s and Su Lin’s change in behaviour. Clearly, they were still inconsolable and boiling mad yesterday…… But that did not matter, all that mattered was a harmonious family! He believed that time would be able to dilute everything, and that Yang Xueying and Su Lin would definitely be able to co-exist peacefully as time went by!

“Dad, I’m also leaving.” Su Lin carried her own backpack with a hurt expression, triggering a sense of guilt in Yang Weiguo.

“Linlin, take care on your way there.” Yang Weiguo said.

“Mm.” Su Lin nodded and left. She needed to continue playing her role well so that she can step on Yang Xueying ruthlessly one day. She will snatch back all that belonged to her! Everything in Yang Corporation belonged to her! It could only be hers!

Yang Xueying’s affair came to an end for the time being. However, Lu Anran’s troubles have just started with ringing of the ‘after school’ bell…..

Long Yuxing arrived quite early at activity room of the Student Union to wait for Lu Anran as planned. No matter what, he must successfully confess to Lu Anran today. He wanted Lu Anran to acknowledge his feelings. He loves her… He wants her to know that he, Long Yuxing, loves her deeply!

Unfortunately, the first visitor to the activity room was not his long-awaited Lu Anran.

Pushing open the door lightly, Feng Lixing popped in his head. “Young Master Long! I came here with goodies!”

“What?” Long Yuxing had a premonition. “What are you up to?”

“Using Huang Ying’s words, I am here to deliver ‘assists’!” Feng Lixing entered the activity room and placed a black plastic bag in front of Long Yuxing. “Every one of them is a certified classic by Huang Ying and I. You will definitely like it!”

“I don’t want it! Take it away!” Long Yuxing glanced at Feng Lixing.

“No need to be so polite! They are all good stuff from every country!” Feng Lixing winked ambiguously and said. “I’ll leave the stuff here for you! Take it home and study it well tonight, it is all beneficial to your lifelong happiness…..”

“Take it away!” Long Yuxing replied coldly.

“I’m leaving~! Bye bye! You can continue to wait for your Anran!” Feng Lixing strode out of the activity room. He could envision perfectly the grateful expression of Young Master Long in the future!

However, in all fairness, he has never seen Long Yuxing shed tears of gratitude to anyone! If this matter goes well then perhaps he would be the first to have this honour!

Feng Lixing met a dawdling Lu Anran as soon as he turned to a corner of the corridor. As he was in an extremely good mood, he took the initiative to greet her, “Anran, hello!”

“President Feng.” Lu Anran smiled. “I haven’t thank you for the last time…..”

“Last time?” Feng Lixing thought back. “Are you referring to the gift for your mother?”

“And for the help that your brother gave.” Lu Anran thanked him smilingly.

“Feng Lixian…..” The smile on Feng Lixing vanished instantly. “Lu Anran, I’ll give you a piece of advice! Stay away from him!”

“What?” Lu Anran was stunned. From Feng Lixian’s words that day, didn’t both brothers share a good relationship?

“He is an extremely dangerous person.” Feng Lixing said with a serious expression.

“…..” Lu Anran pursed her lips and smiled. “Thank you for your advice. I’ll remember it.”

After Feng Lixing heard her, his smile returned. “Wishing you an enjoyable time with our Vice-President Long~!” After saying that, Feng Lixing strode away. His little Oriole was still waiting for him!

T/N Huang Ying can also be translated to an Oriole. We decided to translate Huang Ying to Oriole when Feng Lixing is being affectionate!


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