Rebirth: Chapter 131

“Lu Anran, I never expected you to have such skills!” Xue Dingan’s cousin, Yang Xueying, who now sat behind Lu Anran said. The original owner of this seat, An Ge, had still chosen to drop out even after the school’s intervention. Hence, it was given to Yang Xueying who had arrived after the military training.

“It’s still OK!” Lu Anran smiled.

“Especially that kiss…..” Yang Xueying laughed. “So unexpected ah!” She initially thought it would either be a kiss on the cheek or on the forehead and did not expect a direct kiss on the lips in front of so many people. “All of the school leaders were present today ah! You guys were so daring! Are y’all announcing your relationship?”

“N…No….” Lu Anran’s face flushed and used the excuse that Feng Lixing had thrown to the Principal. “It was faked! It seemed like a kiss on the lips but he actually kissed his own finger.”

“Oh I see….” Qin Shumo could not help letting out a sigh of relief.

“Huh?” Xu Ya who sat behind Yang Xueying asked, “By the way, where is Ji Ling?”

“She sprained her foot before the start of the performance and has already left for the hospital.” Lu Anran awkwardly smiled. “If not, I wouldn’t have suddenly replaced her and act as that female lead.”

“I see…” Xu Ya sighed. Life was indeed unpredictable! It was as though everything is fated to happen. If Lu Anran had not made her check up on the absent An Ge, she would not have known such a huge matter has occurred in An Ge’s family! An Ge was quite an introvert yet hardworking guy, however now because of this matter, he had suffered such blows and was no longer in the state to study any longer. He had even rejected Lu Anran who intended to help An Ge. He has completely given up on his studies and even despaired about many things. Now, all he could think of was how to earn money to support himself and his grandmother who has been with him for half a century!

Watching the expression on Xu Ya, Lu Anran knew that she was thinking of An Ge again. To be honest, Lu Anran did not have much impression of An Ge. Possibly only because his seat was close to her that she remembered An Ge was approximately 1.65 m tall, had flat hair, wore a pair of black framed spectacles and was mature for one’s age. He was introverted and did not talk much. After experiencing such a matter of the accidental death of both of his parents that was actually caused by his Aunt who wanted the insurance money, anyone would be unable to take it…. Lu Anran had wanted to support An Ge financially but was rejected by him. It seemed that this matter had made him unable to trust anyone anymore.

However, the Lu Anran right now did not have time to worry about other people. She was more vexed by her upcoming meeting with Long Yuxing. Although Feng Lixing explained away that it was faked, she had clearly felt the soft touch on her lips, the sweetness on the corner of her lips, the exchange of breath of both parties….In that moment, she felt that the entire world stood still….

As she recalled her feelings at that moment, the cheeks of Lu Anran flushed once more.

“Lu Anran, why are you blushing ah?” Yang Xueying teased as she noticed Lu Anran’s face. “I feel quite nauseated seeing you look like you are yearning for your lover…. If you miss Senior Long, just go and look for him!”

“Shut up!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Yang Xueying. “Just take care of yourself! Aren’t you going home tonight with that little sister of yours?”

“…..” Yang Xueying turned pale after hearing Lu Anran’s words. That’s right…. She should indeed return home with Su Lin tonight because today was Su Lin’s birthday. Before she left today, Yang Weiguo has repeatedly stressed that the both of them have to return home together tonight. Yang Xueying hated Su Lin with a passion and could not be bothered to watch that Su Lin’s act but she did not want to disappoint Yang Weiguo either. She was frustrated to death. Now that Lu Anran has brought it up, her frustration rose up again. Pursing her lips, Yang Xueying looked at Lu Anran, “You must have an idea right?”

“What kind of idea would I have ah?” Lu Anran rolled her eyes again. She would only think of her now? Why did she talk so much nonsense just now?

“You must have! You are so smart, you would have a way!” After interacting with her for so long, Yang Xueying was genuinely confident in Lu Anran’s intelligence. “You have to help me this time. I’ll definitely repay you back next time! I have always kept my words!” Yang Xueying patted her chest in guarantee.

“Fine fine fine!” Lu Anran hurriedly stopped her. “Anyway, I have never counted on your help for anything!”

“….” Although Yang Xueying wanted to refute, she knew that Lu Anran was right. She indeed could not help Lu Anran with anything. Lu Anran was pretty, rich and had grades that could easily squash her…. She was not in any position to talk about helping Lu Anran!

“I can help you but…!” Noticing the gloomy expression on Yang Xueying, Lu Anran could not help laughing. After interacting with her for a period of time, Lu Anran was becoming increasing fond of Yang Xueying. She was a really decent person, just like Xue Dingan!

“Quick say it! What do you need me to do?” Yang Xueying said anxiously. “I really don’t want to meet her tonight!” Yang Xueying was very clear that today was Su Lin’s birthday and out of guilt, Yang Weiguo would treat Su Lin extremely well. Su Qianlian would definitely also find all means to provoke her so even if Yang Xueying returned home today, she would be angered to death!

“Do you want to avoid seeing Su Lin today?” Lu Anran curled her finger at Yang Xueying. “Do you want your father to abandon Su Lin and her mother today?”

“Of course!” Yang Xueying leaned forward. “Don’t talk in circles! Just tell me straight up!”

“Give your father a call now and tell him that I asked you to accompany me to buy some things for the new store. Just tell your father that you would like to learn from me.” Lu Anran smiled.

“Is that OK?” Yang Xueying asked in disbelief.

“Just try and you will know!” Lu Anran raised her eyebrows.

Yang Xueying looked around. Everyone was either studying or chatting as though they were waiting for school to end. No one was watching her and so she took out her phone to call Yang Weiguo. “Dad, it’s me!”

“Yingying?” Yang Weiguo was surprised to receive his daughter’s call. Yang Xueying has not called his number in a long time!

“That… Dad, do you know Lu Anran?” Yang Xueying asked softly.

“Who?” Yang Weiguo was stunned. “Lu Corporation’s Eldest Young Miss?” How could he not know who Lu Anran was! In the entire S City right now, who doesn’t know about Lu Anran?

“Yes.” Yang Xueying swallowed her saliva visibly and continued. “She’s in the same class as me and wanted me to accompany her to purchase something for her new store. I would like…..” Yang Xueying glanced at Lu Anran and after seeing her confident expression, she continued on, “I would like to follow and learn from her.”

“Sure sure sure!” Yang Weiguo agreed thrice. “That’s really great!” He was always worried about this rebellious daughter of his ah! It was truly a blessing that Yang Xueying has made friends with Lu Anran! It was not only good for her growth, it was also advantages for Yang Corporation!

“Then I…..” Yang Xueying never expected her problem to be so smoothly resolved and so she continued on, “Then I won’t be going back with Su Lin today.”

“That’s OK!” Yang Weiguo replied generously. “Just have a good time with Lu Anran! And learn from her! That Lu Anran is not a simple person. It will be beneficial for you to become good friends with her!” Yang Weiguo advised earnestly. “Bring her home when she’s free. Dad will personally entertain her!”

“Orh….” Yang Xueying could not help glancing at Lu Anran again. Even though she knew that Lu Anran was intelligent, she never expected her father to speak so highly of her. “Then Dad, I’ll hang up now.”

“OK.” Yang Weiguo nodded and also hung up.

“How is it?” Lu Anran supported her chin with one hand as she turned to look at Yang Xueying, pleased with herself. “Wasn’t I right?”

“You’re really good!” Yang Xueying curled her lips. See how pleased she was?

“Then just follow me after school.” Lu Anran smiled.

“Are you really going to let me accompany you to buy things?” Yang Xueying asked.

“I want you to accompany me to visit Ji Ling!” Lu Anran said with a smile. “I can’t trouble Eldest Young Miss Yang with anything I need to buy!”

“Hmpf.” Yang Xueying snorted. She wasn’t afraid of being troubled! Even if it was physical labour, as long as she didn’t need to go home, anything goes!

“Oh right!” Lu Anran asked again, “What time does your father usually knock off and reach home?”

“About 7 PM!” Yang Xueying asked. “Why?”

“Nothing.” Lu Anran grinned. That bitch Su Lin wanted to celebrate a fine birthday? She must be dreaming!

“Lu Anran…. Has anyone told you that sometimes your smile is quite creepy….” Yang Xueying could not help swallowing her saliva continuously when she saw the calculating smile on Lu Anran’s face.

“You guess?” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Yang Xueying.

The bell rang soon after signalling the end of a school day. Lu Anran and Yang Xueying packed up and happily left the classroom. As soon as they reached the corners of the stairs, they met Su Lin and Chu Yao.

“Elder Sis…..” Su Lin had on a delicate fragile expression, “Didn’t Dad tell us to go home together tonight? Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“I have informed Dad. Go home by yourself!” Seeing that Su Lin was acting again, Yang Xueying felt disgusted and rolled her eyes.

“Elder Sis… Don’t lie to Linlin ah!” Su Lin did not believe, even one bit, that Yang Weiguo would agree and only felt that Yang Xueying was acting. She never thought that this stupid fool has learnt to lie! Her mother and her were sufficiently prepared today and were planning to ask Yang Weiguo to change her surname for her no matter what! Only by changing her surname to Yang, would she have the right to inherit the Yang properties!

“Anran, you have performed very well today!” Chu Yao smiled superficially as she praised her hypocritically. Only God knows how much effort it took to suppress her own anger. She was even thinking of tearing Lu Anran to shreds ah!

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