Rebirth: Chapter 130

Watching Lu Anran who was holding flowers and receiving a resounding applause from the crowd under the spotlight, Chu Yao’s heart ached periodically. That role was originally hers ah! It was hers ah! How could Lu Anran snatch it away! This damnable Lu Anran!

The other person who equally hated and envied her was Yue Ningshan. She fixed her stare onto Lu Anran. How could this happen? Didn’t Lu Anran already confirmed her relationship with Young Master Long at Ji Rou’s birthday banquet? How could she start another relationship with Long Yuxing? Yue Ningshan could not help recalling Lu Anxin’s words. If Lu Anran really dared to even seduce her own cousin brother-in-law, then all her behaviour right now could be explained!

“Senior Yue….” Chu Yao looked at Yue Ningshan who was next to her and said, “There’s something you might be interested in…..”

“What is it?” Yue Ningshan replied Chu Yao. She does not think that Chu Yao has anything that could trigger her interest.

“Senior….” Chu Yao unlocked her phone, clicked on her photo gallery and found that photo that she has sneakily snapped outside of the classroom on that day to show to Yue Ningshan. “I’m guessing that they must be together now! What do you think?”

Yue Ningshan was stunned after seeing the photo. The photo was taken in an empty classroom during dusk. There was a girl who was sitting in a desk next to the window and the boy beside her lowered his head to kiss her forehead…. Such a sweet and romantic scene has been forever preserved in this picture. However, this scene was too beautiful. It was so beautiful that it made one heart-broken, jealous and mad…..

“Senior….” As Chu Yao watched Yue Ningshan’s expression, the corner of her lips lifted. She knew this photo would come in handy!

“I’m… I’m fine…..” Yue Ningshan calmed down and said, “I still have other matters, so I’ll leave first.”

“Goodbye Senior Yue.” Chu Yao smiled gently as she held her phone.

Yue Ningshan left the auditorium as though she was escaping. It was only after she has reached the secluded flower bed behind Teaching Building A that she stopped. Covering her heart which was pounding hard, Yue Ningshan could feel it ripping apart. How could this happen? How could Lu Anran be like this? Didn’t she already have Young Master Long? Why does she still want to compete for Long Yuxing with her? Yue Ningshan felt upset, angered and jealous all at once. Taking out her phone, she dialled a number, “Anxin? It’s me! Send me the drawings that you showed me previously…. Mm….” After hanging up, Yue Ningshan received a picture of the plans. Her gaze was full of determination. Lu Anran, you vile person, you are not worthy of such good design plans! With these thoughts, Yue Ningshan dialled another number, “Hello, it’s me…. I want to change the design. That’s right! Replace it all!” Yue Ningshan clenched her fist. “I’ll send you the design plans now!”

She was in the right. She was being just! All that she was doing was for the sake of Long Yuxing. It was all so that Long Yuxing could see the true colours of Lu Anran as soon as possible! All that she was doing was for the sake of Yue Corporation! She was on the side of justice!

Yue Ningshan firmly believed in her own opinions. She was right!

Lu Anran held onto the flowers and followed everyone to the backstage. After she found Lu Anhu and Ji Ling, she realised that the atmosphere between the two of them was quite strange. Lu Anran started guessing, “Anhu, did you bully Ji Ling again?”

“No…” Lu Anhu hesitated before replying. Is this considered as bullying? That was his first kiss ah!

“YOU!” After Ji Ling heard Lu Anhu’s reply, she felt deeply aggrieved. As she looked at the confused Lu Anran, she also felt shy and anxious yet she did not know where to begin. She then stomp her foot angrily but started to grit her teeth in pain again as she has forgotten that she has injured it.

“Why are you so careless!” Lu Anhu supported Ji Ling’s arm at once to prevent her from falling.

“Don’t need you to care!” Ji Ling did not know why, somehow as long as Lu Anhu came near her, she would feel her heart racing, even her breathing became strange. As she felt even more uneasy, she stretched out her arm to push Lu Anhu away, “Go away!”

“Ji Ling!” Lu Antan reached out to stabilise Ji Ling and said, “Stop fooling around! You are already injured yet you are still being so stubborn!” After saying that, Lu Anran looked at Lu Anhu. “Did you make fun of Ji Ling’s weight again?”

“I didn’t ah!” Lu Anhu shrugged. In all honesty, this time he really didn’t!

“Ji Ling, I’ll accompany you to the hospital!” Lu Anran said to Ji Ling. “We’d better check it out! properly” If she remembered correctly, that window was quite high up!

“Mm.” Ji Ling nodded. Her foot was so painful that her palm was even sweating.

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran placed Ji Ling’s arm over her shoulders. “Let’s slowly walk!”

“Lu Anran!” Huang Ying suddenly appeared, blocking Lu Anran’s and Ji Ling’s way. “The Principal asked you to go over.”

“Who?” Lu Anran was stunned.

“The Principal.” Huang Ying glanced at Ji Ling. “Ji Ling, your injury looks quite serious ah!”

“Mm… It’s okay.” Ji Ling lowered her head apologetically and said, “Sorry to have troubled everyone today.”

“It’s fine. It’s not your fault for getting hurt. Still you should quickly get it checked!” Huang Ying patted Ji Ling’s shoulders and then looked at Lu Anhu. “You are…. Lu… Lu Anhu right?” Huang Ying remembered Lu Anhu’s name and said, “Send Ji Ling to the hospital!”

“OK.” Lu Anhu agreed.

“….” Ji Ling wanted to refuse however, as soon as she lifted up her head, her entire view was the worried expression on Lu Anran so she could only silently accept her fate. At this moment, she should bear it a little more, otherwise, Anran will be even more worried.

“Let’s go!” Lu Anhu held Ji Ling and slowly moved further from Lu Anran’s line of sight.

Lu Anran gazed at their receding figures and then followed Huang Ying to the front of the stage. Most of the students have already left the auditorium, the ones remaining were members of the Student Union, school leaders, and specially invited guests who were still talking among themselves. As Lu Anran approached them, she realised Feng Lixing and Long Yuxing were standing next to the Principal. She then deliberately walked towards Feng Lixing to avoid Long Yuxing. “Principal, were you looking for me?”

“Yes.” The Principal nodded and said, “Your performance was very wonderful and it was a real eye-opener to see the acting skills of the few of you. Naturally, these are also partly due to the efforts and coordinations of the Student Union.” After these formal statements, the Principal finally got to the main point, “About that kiss between the bride and the groom……”

“It’s faked.” Feng Lixing interrupted the Principal’s words and said. “Although it looks like he is kissing her while holding her face, it was actually a kiss on his finger. He did not actually kiss her.” As soon as he saw this improper behaviour of Long Yuxing, he knew the school will question hence, he had to immediately think up of an excuse. Anyway, they were positioned so far away, and with the exposure of the sound and lighting effects, the school leaders and Principal who were in the front row would not be able to see clearly so whatever he says goes.

“Oh, I see!” The Principal nodded and looked at the people around him. The latter also nodded. After seeing all of them nodding, the Principal added. “This…. Even if it is faked, it could become a bad influence on other students. All of you are still minors so you have to prioritise your studies! Understand?”

“Yes Principal.” Lu Anran and the others nodded.

After saying a few more words, the Principal allowed them to leave. Lu Anran took a deep breath of the fresh air outside the auditorium. She felt all of these was unreal, like a dream, but her lips still had that faint sweet taste.

“Anran, tomorrow after school, come over to the activity room of the Student Union.” Long Yuxing said.

“Uh…..” Lu Anran hesitated before agreeing. In actual fact, she really wanted to avoid Long Yuxing for the time being and did not know what kind of expression she should use towards him.

Huang Ying and Feng Lixing exchanged glances. This is the beginning of Young Master Long’s enlightenment ah! Could the seal have been opened by that kiss? Feng Lixing narrowed his eyes slightly. He had to help Young Master Long!

After all they were best buddies!

After separating in front of the Teaching Building, Huang Ying, Feng Lixing and Long Yuxing returned to the activity room of the Student Union. Although the stage play has been completed successfully, there were still a lot of unfinished work. Once they reached the activity room, Huang Ying received a call from her good friend, “Hello? Yes, it’s me!”

“Huang Ying! Have you finish watching that batch of CDs?” Her friend asked.

“I have! It was sooo good!” Thinking about the content of those CDs, Huang Ying almost had a nosebleed. “I’ll bring them to school tomorrow to share with you! Come and get it tomorrow night!”

“Sure! Thank you!” Her friend seemed extremely excited as well.

Huang Ying hung up after the two of them chatted for a while longer.

“Always watching those kind of awful videos!” Feng Lixing shook his head helplessly.

“I like it!” Huang Ying said cutely.

“Oh right!” Feng Lixing suddenly remembered something and said, “Tomorrow, bring those CDs that we bought previously.”

“Eh……” Huang Ying’s cheeks had a faint hue of red. “Bring those CDs over for what?”

“Naturally, it is to help our Young Master Long ah!” Feng Lixing wriggled his eyebrows and said. “I’ll bet with you that today’s kiss was Young Master Long’s first kiss!”

“Pfft…..” Huang Ying made an ‘OK’ gesture, “I understand! Leave it to me!”

Feng Lixing embraced Huang Ying’s shoulder and kissed her forehead. “So well-behaved!”

“Are you two done?!” Long Yuxing raised his head in displeasure. “I’m warning the both of you. Don’t you dare make any trouble!”

Feng Lixing and Huang Ying exchanged smiles. What trouble? Wait till Young Master Long has tasted sweetness, he would definitely want to thank them instead! Hmpf!

On the other hand, when Lu Anran returned to her classroom, she was warmly welcomed by everyone’s applause. Smiling shyly, she returned to her own seat. However, she could not get used to the empty seat beside her and kept worrying about Ji Ling who had gone to the hospital.

Gazing at the beautiful figure in front of him, Qin Shumo frowned. His chest felt so heavy as though a large stone was weighing it down, and so sour as though he had eaten dozens of lemons…… Anran and Senior Long….. kissed…. right……?


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