Rebirth: Chapter 132

“That’s not what you said before ah!” Lu Anran also smiled sarcastically. The seemingly present sneer on her face was absolutely the same.

“….” Chu Yao gritted her teeth and said. “I was just surprised before!”

“Oh I see!” Lu Anran continued smiling. “It’s great if that’s really true!”

“….” The Chu Yao who was rendered speechless by a sentence, really wanted to pounce on Lu Anran and rip apart that always smiling face of hers.

“Anran, your performance today was really good!” Su Lin grinned and said, “Feels like you are a lot better than Ji Ling! Fortunately, the person who went on stage was you!”

“Su Lin, firstly, I am not familiar with you! Please refer to me by my full name!” Lu Anran became a little displeased after Su Lin mentioned Ji Ling so she did not care about her feelings. “Secondly, have you ever personally seen Ji Ling perform? Do you know how much effort she has put in? You don’t even know anything. How could you make such frivolous remarks?”

“I….” Su Lin looked a little embarrassed. She was initially intending to praise Lu Anran by stepping on Ji Ling. Who knew Lu Anran would speak up for Ji Ling?

“Flatterer!” Yang Xueying smiled in disdain as she placed her arm over Lu Anran’s shoulders. “Let’s go now! The scenery is all spoilt with them around!”

“Lu Anran….” Su Lin was embarrassed yet she still extended an invitation, “Today is my birthday. I’ll be holding a banquet at my home. If you are interested, you are welcome to…”

“Sorry. I am not the least bit interested.” Lu Anran replied with a sneer. “I am very busy. Quite different from people like you!” After saying that, she headed down the stairs with Yang Xueying.

“Damnit!” Su Lin could no longer keep her composure. This damn Lu Anran. To go as far and attack her everywhere!

“Hmpf.” Chu Yao sneered and pulled on Su Lin’s hand. “Wait till we have left the school!” This Su Lin was indeed a fool to reveal such a side to her. Was she really not afraid of exposing the mask that she has painstakingly maintained throughout these years?

“…..” After taking a deep breath, Su Lin switched back to her delicate gentle facade again, as though the ruthlessness expressed in her eyes just now was an illusion. “Yao Yao, you were right! This Lu Anran is not a simple person! And not a good person!”

“Right?” Chu Yao smiled. Today’s matter has indeed sounded an alarm for her. Lu Anran has really changed. From this second onwards, she has to revise her strategic plans. Lu Anran…. has changed!

“Let’s go! Stop thinking about them!” Su Lin said smilingly. “I want you to witness my success today!”

“OK!” Chu Yao grinned as she clung onto Su Lin’s arm. “Then I’ll look forward to it!”

“Hurhurhur….” Su Lin smiled till her eyes curved up, and as she covered her mouth, a clear sound of laughter rang out. The boys who passed by all invariably casted admiring sidelong glances at her…. This was indeed Su Lin’s forte!

On the other hand, Yang Xueying who has left the Teaching Building persistently yelled out her satisfaction. “Lu Anran, those sentences that you sprouted out just now was amazing! Quick! Teach me!” Su Lin’s expression just now was like someone poured dung all over her. It was simply too amusing!

“This one! You won’t be able to learn it!” Lu Anran waved her hand. “I speak after thinking it through, and you? Your mouth is quicker than your brain! Your brain is just like an ornament. You won’t be able to learn it!”

“Tsk!” Yang Xueying rolled her eyes. “Don’t look down upon me!”

“You should be well aware if I am looking down upon you or not!” Lu Anran could not help shaking her head. Being honest is a good thing but being too honest in this cannibalistic society is too dangerous! For example, Yang Xueying. Before she met Lu Anran, she was the live target of Su Lin and Su Qianlian. All their schemes were successful on her… It was fine to be honest but it becomes very dangerous when one was stupid!

“You could teach me ah!” Yang Xueying also did not retort back. She was aware that she was really not smart compared to Lu Anran but this kind of smartness or what-nots, she could always learn it ah!

“Teach you?” Lu Anran pondered before saying. “Why not?”

“Then quickly teach me!” Yang Xueying gazed at Lu Anran excitedly before saying. If she was able to learn Lu Anran’s speaking skills, then she would be able to fight back every time Su Lin starts to act delicate and pitiful!

“HAHA.” Lu Anran burst into laughter. “This ah! It’s no use being impatient!” Lu Anran said. “Didn’t I teach you one lesson on this previously?”

“What?” Why doesn’t (Yang Xueying) remember anything?

“That time before you came to school.” Lu Anran reminded her. “Didn’t I teach you one lesson on this that time. Remember? I taught you two points during that lesson. One was ‘an appropriate silence is more useful than limitless sophistry’ !”

“An appropriate silence……” Yang Xueying remembered. Previously, Lu Anran has indeed told her to stay silent first.

“The second point was ‘for all matters, speak slowly’ !” Lu Anran said. “Your quick-tempered deposition has influenced you to speak quickly, especially when you are anxious, the speed that you speak will be even quicker! Once your speech is too quick, you will give others an impression that you are impetuous. If the person who is speaking is impetuous, then the person listening will become even more impetuous and may easily use words that fail to convey his intention.”

“….” Yang Xueying acknowledged her point. She was indeed a quick-tempered person like her Grandfather. In his earlier days, her Grandfather has participated in more than a hundred campaigns in Country Z. His temper was famous throughout the entire regiment.

“You should first understand these two points. Once you have mastered them well, I’ll move on to the next lesson!” Seeing Yang Xueying thinking deeply, Lu Anran smiled, revealing an expression of relief. Anyway, it was good for Yang Xueying to take the initiative to learn something!

The two of them went to the nearest orthopaedic hospital and after contacting Lu Anhu, they went to the ward Ji Ling was resting in. Her injury was not serious however, her bone was dislocated and her ligament was slightly strained. After the bone was adjusted, the doctor has recommended rest and minimal walking so Ji Ling called her mother and was now waiting for her mother to pick her up in the ward. Naturally, Lu Anhu stayed to accompany Ji Ling however, until there was an air of awkwardness between the two of them before Lu Anran’s arrival. It was not because Ji Ling was blaming Lu Anhu for whatever reason, it was just that she felt really shy…..

“Ji Ling, how are you?” Lu Anran asked as she entered the hospital ward.

“I’m fine.” Ji Ling waved her hand. “After the bone was adjusted, the doctor told me not to move so I’m waiting for my Great Mother to come and pick me!”

“Have you called Aunty already?” Lu Anran asked.

“Yeah!” Ji Ling nodded. “Great Mother said she would only be able to pick me at 6 PM!” Ji Ling glanced at the clock on the wall. It was the School’s Anniversary Day today so classes ended at 3 PM. Now it was only 3.30 PM. To sit here until 6 PM was indeed somewhat boring.

“That’s OK!” Lu Anran took Ji Ling’s hand. “We’ll stay here to accompany you!”

“Anran, you are the best!” Ji Ling felt a gush of warmth in her heart and felt guilty after recalling her own thoughts a while ago.

“Silly!” Lu Anran rubbed Ji Ling’s little head.

“It will stunt my growth!” Ji Ling slapped away Lu Anran’s hand in protest. “Don’t keep rubbing other people’s head!”

“So silly!” Lu Anhu who was at the side, could not help bursting into laughter. Every time Ji Ling reacted like that, he always felt that she was too cute.

“….” Hearing Lu Anhu’s words, Ji Ling instantly blushed and lowered her head.

Seeing Ji Ling’s reaction, Lu Anran immediately realised that there was something wrong. “Anhu, come out with me for a sec!”

“Orh.” Lu Anhu answered and followed Lu Anran out of the hospital ward.

“What’s going on between you and Ji Ling?” Lu Anran asked.

“Nothing much ah!” Lu Anhu had an unnatural look on his face.

“Still lying to me?” Lu Anran gazed directly into Lu Anhu eyes. “Are you going to say it or not!”

“Aiyah!” Lu Anhu scratched his head awkwardly and replied. “She kept on crying just now! So unconsciously I….”

“You hit her?” Lu Anran was stunned. It can’t be!

“NO!” Lu Anhu protested. “How can I raise a hand against a woman?!”

“Then you scared her?” Lu Anran guessed and said the largest possibility.

“NO!” Lu Anhu said. “I just…. just gave her a kiss!”

“WHAT! YOU KISSED HER?” Lu Anran widened her eyes in disbelief, even her voice increased by several decibels. The patient who was walking along the corridor also stopped to look over at Lu Anhu. The entire scene was quite funny.

Ji Ling who was separated by a wall, blushed even harder after hearing Lu Anran’s shriek. Why did Anran shout so loud ah! T.T…. She really wanted to vanish from this world ah!

At this moment, the senseless Yang Xueying decided to poke Ji Ling. With a serious expression, she asked, “Ji Ling, did you and Lu Anhu really kissed?!”

“…..” Ji Ling really wanted to strangle Lu Anhu to death now……

“Oy! Do you really need to sound so horrified?” Lu Anhu grumbled as he glanced around embarrassed. “Your reaction is even more exaggerated than when you asked me if I hit her!”

“Can you blame me?” After Lu Anran looked at the patient who had resumed his slow walk, she pointed at her heart. “Your answer was too exciting!” She has often thought about the kind of girl Lu Anhu would get together with, but she has never expected it to be Ji Ling…..

“Tsk.” Lu Anhu stuck out his tongue unhappily. This was not his fault OK? The atmosphere at that time was too wonderful that everything followed naturally. “It’s all timing’s fault……”

“…..” Lu Anran was left a little speechless. ‘Timing’ can be blamed too?

“Let’s stop talking about me. What’s going on between you and Senior Long?” Lu Anhu looked at Lu Anran. He has really personally witnessed the two of them kissing and the kiss was so long!

“Uh….. It’s all timing’s fault….” Lu Anran’s eyes flickered. Really! Why is he mentioned again?!

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