Rebirth: Chapter 129

“Hey….Say your lines ah…..” Seeing Lu Anran standing still, the back manager Huang Ying anxiously whispered in reminder.

Lu Anran snapped out of her daze, looked at the male student acting as the protagonist Melos and said her lines, “Brother, how come you are back? Aren’t you supposed to come home tonight? What’s wrong?” Lu Anran’s voice projected her anxiousness with both hands clasped in front of her and a face full of worry. She had already started acting the moment she called out, “brother”.

(T/N: Male student acting as Melos doesn’t seem to have a name so he will be referred to as Student A)

“Nothing much, I have some unfinished business in the city, so I need to make a trip to the city center right now. I will hold your wedding ceremony tomorrow. Let’s quickly hold it hm?”

“…..” Lu Anran remained silent, only lowering her head and biting on her lips. As tears swirled around in her eyes, she started blushing. Such an expression was exactly just like a timid young lady who was about to be married off and yet had a load on her mind.

“Aren’t you happy? I even bought the beautiful wedding dress that you had your eyes on. Quickly, go and inform the village people and tell them the wedding will be held tomorrow.” Student A acting as Melos was influenced by Lu Anran’s acting and became even more involved in acting out the scene.

Lu Anran had, undoubtedly, successfully pulled off the acting and recitation of the few script lines that outlined the shyness of a girl about to be married off.

Chu Yao clenched her fist in dissatisfaction and harshly bit down on her lower lips. She felt so discontented ah! She had clearly already memorised all of the lines of the sister’s role ah! She had worked so hard and put in so much effort to remember the lines, so she should have gotten the role ah! She has put in so much effort, yet why was this role still not hers! It’s all Lu Anran’s fault! Why was she always popping out to make a mess of everything!

In one of the dance scene, Long Yuxing entered the stage as the groom, he first went up to take Lu Anran’s hand to stand in the middle of the stage and they started dancing a waltz together.

At the same time, Yue Ningshang who was helping out in the back, moved to stand next to Chu Yao, this spot had best viewing angle, and jealousy burnt in her heart as she watched Lu Anran and Long Yuxing dancing together. Yue Ningshang tightened her fist and comforted herself internally, “It’s fine….it’s fine….it’s just for the play…it’s fine…..”

Chu Yao turned to glance at Yue Ningshang and politely greeted her, “Senior Yue.”

At the moment, Yue Ningshang’s full attention was focused on Long Yuxing, so she did not notice Chu Yao at all.

Lu Anran felt a sense of familiarity when her hands were held by Long Yuxing. She was not sure why, but she kept having a feeling that the person she’s dancing with….was V…

When the dance ended, Long Yuxing held hands with Lu Anran and walked to stand in front of Student A – Melos. He then said, “I’ll take care of her.”

After the vow, it was the priest’s turn to conduct the wedding ceremony, and then it was time for the groom to kiss the bride. In the script, the groom gives a gentle kiss on the bride’s forehead. When Long Yuxing and Lu Anran faced each other in the darkened surrounding with a spotlight on them, Lu Anran slide her eyes close quietly waiting to receive the forehead kiss but at the same time, she recalled the kiss that happened in the classroom previously, causing Lu Anran to blush furiously in response.

Under the shining spotlight, Long Yuxing gazed deeply at Lu Anran who had her eyes tightly shut. Her long eyelashes casted light shadows on her face, which was red with embarrassment. Long Yuxing closed his eyes and leaned forward to place a light kiss on Lu Anran’s lips.

“OMG….” The audience watching below were shocked….They kissed for real. That’s impossible right!

Backstage, Huang Ying was also shocked, she thought that Young Master Long was a wooden block, who would have ever thought he would be so scheming and kiss Lu Anran in front of everyone. In this way, in this city, would anyone dare to plot against Lu Anran anymore?

“This….” Chu Yao was also stunned. From her position, she could clearly see both of their lips touching together.

“No….” Yue Ningshan’s face turned ashen, her eyes staring in disbelief at the scene unfolding in front of her. How could they…..

Chu Yao turned to glance at Yue Ningshan who looked like someone just punched her in the face and immediately understood her feelings towards Long Yuxing. Seeing this, an idea floated up in Chu Yao’s mind.

Not only the audience was shocked, even the other actors on stage were equally shocked. Wasn’t this different from the scriptbook!

Lu Anran did not recieve the the expected forehead kiss, but rather tasted something sweet on her lips….

The student acting as the priest reacted first and yelled out: “May Zeus bless the new couple!”

The other actors on stage snapped out of their shock and followed on by cheering and moved forward to surround and push Lu Anran, who was still in a daze, towards the backstage. On the stage, Long Yuxing was still reciting his lines with Melos.

After Long Yuxing finished acting his part and retreated backstage, he caught the sight of Lu Anran who awkwardly avoided his line of sight. Long Yuxing smirked. Looks like I have scared her!

“Anran, I have something to tell you.” Chu Yao stood in front of Lu Anran, “come with me for a bit!”

“….” Lu Anran calmly followed Chu Yao to a corner of the backstage, “what’s up?”

“Anran, didn’t you say you weren’t interested in this role?” Chu Yao interrogated her with raised brows.

“Yeah! If Ji Ling was fine, then I wouldn’t be ordered to play this role!” Lu Anran answered as she gazed in to Chu Yao’s eyes.

“You!” Chu Yao clenched her fist tightly, “If you really weren’t interested, then why did you memorised the lines so clearly?”

“I remembered it when I was accompanying Ji Ling to practice the lines.” Lu Anran shrugged innocently, “it can’t be helped you know!”

Liar! If she just practiced the lines with Ji Ling, how was it possible that she became so good at acting! Obviously someone taught her! Chu Yao gritted her teeth. This Lu Anran is so pretentious!

Actually, Chu Yao was half-right. Lu Anran did go for acting classes, but that was in her previous lifetime. Currently, as Lu Anran faced Chu Yao’s menacing look, she felt extremely upset, “Chu Yao, what do you know about Ji Ling’s incident?”

“How…How would I know anything?” Chu Yao glanced at Lu Anran, “I don’t even know Ji Ling well!”

“I heard from Anhu that it’s someone from your Class A that caused Ji Ling’s injury! Do you know who is it?” Lu Anran gazed piercingly at Chu Yao with a serious expression.

“I don’t know.” Chu Yao tightened her fist, “My classmates don’t have anything against Ji Ling!”

“That’s for the best!” Lu Anran looked at Chu Yao from top to bottom. At that moment, Lu Anhu was assisting a limping Ji Ling to the backstage. Lu Anran called out to Ji Ling.

“Anran! Your acting was the best!” Ji Ling reached out to give Lu Anran a hug. “I knew it! You should be the one acting in the role!”

“Don’t worry Ji Ling, I’ll definitely get to the bottom of your incident! You and I are very clear who the real culprit is!” Lu Anran’s words were full of thorns, “Only a crooked twisted person will use this kind of despicable means!”

“You!” Chu Yao felt as if she has been smacked heavily, her face burnt from it, and even her throat was dry and sharp stabbing pain could be felt when she swallowed.

“Chu Yao, is there anything else you want to say?” Lu Anran turned to look at Chu Yao with a innocent face, “if there’s nothing else, I would like to have the space to chat with Ji Ling alone.”

Chu Yao opened and shut her mouth a few times but could only swallowed back down the harsh scolding that was about to sprout out, “I…I don’t have anything else”. Chu Yao turned to leave after saying that. She was afraid that if she stayed a second longer, her years of disguise would go to waste! She was so full of anticipation to play this role for so long and it belonged to her! She has planned step by step to take over the role but because of Lu Anran’s disruption, she has lost the opportunity! She really felt so discontented!

“Ji Ling, I’m so sorry.” Lu Anran was fully aware of the feeling of practicing long and hard but the role ended up being acted by someone else.

“There’s no need to apologise to me…” Ji Ling smiled, “Your acting was super great!”

“I’m also responsible for this incident.” Lu Anhu frowned, “I saw Chu Yao walk off to the other side, that’s why I thought it would be fine to go and buy a bottle of water. I didn’t expect someone else to move and injure Ji Ling!”

“This incident is definitely related to Chu Yao!” Lu Anran frowned.

“Forget it lah! It’s all in the past!” Ji Ling waved, “I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Ji Ling…” Lu Anran patted Ji Ling’s shoulder. “There will be more opportunities in the future!”

“Mm.” Ji Ling nodded.

At this moment, someone came to call Lu Anran to go to the front stage for the closing bow. Lu Anran smiled at Ji Ling and followed the person to the stage.

Ji Ling gazed at Lu Anran’s retreating back, and started crying uncontrollably. “I…I don’t know what’s wrong with me…I..I really don’t know…”

Lu Anhu clasped onto Ji Ling’s head and pulled her to lean on him, giving her a shoulder to rely on.

“I….I worked so hard practicing…really…..” Ji Ling sniffled, “I…I also want to stand up there to act out the play, I…I made so much preparations….”

“I know….” Lu Anhu comforted her. He knew how much Ji Ling wanted to go onto the stage, otherwise she would not have jumped from such a high window and even sprained her ankle. She must have been so frantic and worried…. Lu Anhu frowned, as a sense of guilt rushed into his heart, “I’m sorry….”

“I’m…I’m fine…” Ji Ling raised her head. “I know… I know…. I know this is not yours or Anran’s fault, this is probably fated… even though I worked really hard, I know that even if I went on that stage, I will not do as well as Anran.” Ji Ling messily wiped the tears on her face. “I know… I know everything… Anran took so much care of me… I know I’m not very smart…. and in the past it was Lin Da who always looked out for me, and now it’s Anran… I’m happy that I have such a good friend like Anran, I… I understand it all in my mind, but my heart feels so upset… I don’t know what’s wrong, but I really… I…”

The rest of Ji Ling’s words were blocked by Lu Anhu’s lips. The whole world turned silent and the mute button was pressed. Both the flowing music from the stage and the audiences’ applauses disappeared. In the empty backstage, only the two of them were alone together……

After about 5 to 6 mins, Lu Anhu moved back and gazed at Ji Ling who was in a daze, “I…”

“You……” Ji Ling touched her lips lightly, and abruptly raised her head, “what….what did you do…”

“……” Lu Anran stared at Ji Ling stunned, and hazily said, “take a guess…..”


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