Rebirth: Chapter 125

Liu Yue who has never expected such an ending, also remained frozen in shock. Divorce? If she divorced, then she will be no-one and have nothing ah! Since this kind of thing happened, the Liu Family will never allow her to return home, she is just a daughter who has been married off, she has nothing anymore! How can this be, she want to struggle, want to explain and beg but reality refuses to give her any opportunity to do so.

(T/N: For those who are confused – Basically, in chinese there is a saying: a married daughter is like thrown out water, which means that once a daughter gets married off their surname which changes to follow their husband no longer has any relation with their family and it is considered shameful to get a divorce and return back to their family. Especially for Liu Fang’s family, who we can assume from what she is saying puts more importance on males than females in their family because males will continue the Liu family lines. Which is why Liu Fang said that she will have no-one and have nothing.)

“Guards, invite them to leave!” Lu Anran ordered coldly.

“Understood!” Bodyguards arrived from all 4 sides to carry out the dumbfounded Liu Fang and Liu Yue. They orignially thought they will win this match easily but in the end they lost completely.

Watching the the two people who were “invited” to leave Lu Residence, the guests present all withdrew their gazes.

“The banquet ends here today.” Lu Anran caught the sight of Lingling who was carrying a glass of wine over, and said, “since this kind of matter happened, I’m no longer in the mood to entertain everyone anymore.”

Hearing Lu Anran’s statement, Lingling stopped on her tracks, and looked at Lin Haosheng dully. If the banquet ends here, then what is she going to do with this spiked drink?

“No matter, no matter.” The first person speak up was A City’s Rong Tian of Rong Corporation, “Then, I’ll take my leave first!” With Rong Corporation taking the lead, the other people also smiled and left one by one. Within 5 mins, all the guests have left the Lu Residence and what was once a noisy and bustling room had turned extremely quiet.

“Anran….” Ji Rou move forward to hold onto Lu Anran’s hand. A perfectly fine birthday banquet was turned into such a state, she wanted to comfort Anran but did not know where to start from.

“It’s ok.” Lu Anran patted Ji Rou’s hand before saying, “Anhu, send Ji Ling home personally in Uncle Zhang’s car!”

“Ok.” Lu Anhu nodded.

“Then, I’ll come along….” Chu Yao also felt that there was no point staying on, and also Lu Anran’s actions had caused her to feel quite shocked. Putting other people aside, if this kind of things happened to Chu Yao herself, she would not be able to deal with it as perfectly as Lu Anran did today! Chu Yao started to feel a little scared……

“….” Lu Anhu looked at Chu Yao and glanced at Lu Anran. When she did not say anything, he agreed, “Mm.”

After the 3 of them left, Jing Xiangen and Feng Lixing also said their goodbyes to Lu Anran, “We are also leaving.”

“Wait.” Lu Anran placed the necklace back into the box and handed it to Jing Xiangen, “Please return this to Young Master Long.”

“This…..” Jing Xiangen smiled, “I think if you want to return this gift, it will be better if Miss personally gives it back right?”

“……..” Lu Anran hesitated and then nodded. “I got it.”

“Goodbye.” Jing Xiangen nodded and left together with Feng Lixing and co. After that, all that was left in Lu Residence are the Lu family members.

“Grandpa, you should head upstairs to rest first!” Lu Anran said.

“Mm.” Lu Jianhao was very satisfied with Lu Anran’s performance and arrangement of the banquet today, but at the same time, he felt very disappointed in Lu Junan’s family.

“Dad, let me help you up the stairs.” Ji Rou stepped forward to support him, “Take your time.”

“OK.” Lu Jianhao sighed quietly. This sigh seemed to come from his heart and his whole back seemed look more bended over than usual.

After Lu Jianhao and Ji Rou went upstairs, Lu Anran called out, “Lingling, come over.”

“:…….” Lingling’s heart was beating like drum. The wine glass in her hands was akin to a hot potato but she could not leave and had to responded in affirmation, before placing down the wine glass at the side of the long table.

“Bring that glass of wine over as well.” Lu Anran said.

“Yes….” Lingling bit on her lips and brought the wine glass over to Lu Anran, “Young Miss.”

“Good job today everyone.” Lu Anran took the wine from Lingling’s hands and picked up a glass of juice before walking towards Lin Haosheng. “Brother Haosheng, I didn’t expect you to speak up for my mother and I today. Looks like I have mistaken you, as expected, it takes time to know a person! Allow me give you this wine as an offering to salute to you.” Lu Anran handed the glass of wine that she took from Lingling to Lin Haosheng, “I’m still underaged, so you won’t mind if I drink juice instead right?”

“No….” Lin Haosheng held the wine at a loss. He could not drink it, but if he does not drink then…. Just as he was hesitating, Lu Anran has already emptied her cup of juice.

When Lu Anran finished drinking, she directed her gaze at Lin Haosheng, “Brother Haosheng, why aren’t you drinking?”

Lin Haosheng looked around and saw that there was only Lu Junfeng and Lu Junan’s family left and so Lin Haosheng steeled himself and agreed “Alright!” and drank up all the wine.

“Hurhur.” Lu Anran smirked and gave glanced at Lingling who was stunned at the scene unfolding in front of her. She then turned to walk towards Lu Junan, “Third Uncle, you were willing to punish your own family in the name of justice, Anran is in awe! Allow me to offer you a drink in salute as well!” After saying that, Lu Anran picked up a glass of juice and wine from the table.

In reality, Lu Junan felt as if he was heavily smacked across his face, the kind of feeling where he wanted to shout out in pain but at the same time there was someone covering his mouth preventing from doing so. In the end, all he could do was to take the wine from Lu Anran’s hand and drink it all in one go.

When passing by Lu Junan, Lu Anran saw Lin Haosheng who intended to leave. At that moment, his face was very red. It seemed like the drug was taking effect and he was stumbling around in a hurry to leave.

“Lingling, go and support Young Master Lin.” Lu Anran said.

Lingling nodded and went up to help Lin Haosheng, but as she got closer to Lin Haosheng, he hugged her and his hands were already moving towards her chest and under her skirt.

“This…..” Lingling was stunned for a moment and then strongly pushed Lin Haosheng away. Even though she has already slept with Lin Haosheng, but in front of everyone, they have no relations with one another! On the other hand, Lin Haosheng under the influence of the drug, was unable to restrain himself.

Lin Haosheng who was pushed onto the floor by Lingling, hit his head on the floor and proceeded to faint.

“Hmpf…..” Lu Anran scoffed. Fainting so easily? How convenient for him. However, Lu Anran’s mouth still opened to say, “Brother Haosheng! Lingling! What are the both of you doing!”

“I…..” Lingling wanted to explain and tried to weep but failed to shed a tear.

“This has nothing to do with Lingling!” Xu Lianxin saw everything clearly from the angle she was standing at. “He’s just a beast in human form, hmpf!”

“All these don’t matter! Quickly send Brother Haosheng back to his room!” Lu Anran saw that Lin Haosheng has already fainted and also decided to quickly put an end to this show.

After the bodyguards sent Lin Haosheng back to his room, Lu Anran said, “Lingling, after you have received your severance pay, you can leave.” She has already given Lingling a chance, but since she had no self-respect then there was nothing else she could do.

“Young Miss! I!” Lingling was stunned and a little confused. Her mother has just gotten better, now was the time that she needed money!

“There’s no need to say anything further!” Lu Anran gazed directly into Lingling’s eyes. You should be clear on what you did before, do you think you will be able to remain working for the Lu Family?”

“……” After hearing that, Lingling went silent, and nodded her head in agreement after a long time.”Understood…..” Lingling then ran off crying. She deserved all of these, it was not anyone’s fault.

“Anran, what happened just now is not Lingling’s fault ah!” Xu Lianxin said, “It’s Lin Haosheng, he….”

“Second Aunt, no matter who is at fault, letting Lingling leave is the best choice.” Lu Anran said, “Just give her more money when she leaves, this is also to protect her!” Lu Anran gave a slight smile, her brows creased wearily, “Second Aunt, I’m exhuasted!”

“It has been hard on you.” Xu Lianxin caressed Lu Anran’s cheeks caringly, “you became so thin after the last few days.”

“Can’t be helped.” Lu Anran sighed, and then gazed at Lu Junan’s family with eyes full of hatred. She then ordered them to leave, “Third Uncle’s family should have a lot of things to take care of, after all getting a divorce is no small matter, so Anran won’t delay you any longer!”

“…..” Lu Junan grinded his teeth and forced himself to say his goodbyes, “then we will leave first.”

“I won’t be sending you off.” Lu Anran smiled.

“…..” Lu Junan and his family walked towards their car and left the Lu Residence. The whole way home, Lu Anhua and his sister did not dare to make a peep. Even idiots knew that Lu Junan was currently furious and if they said anything they would get in trouble.

“Damn it!” Lu Junan parked the car by the roadside and slammed his fist onto the car wheel, “DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!”

“Dad….” Lu Anhua swallowed his saliva and said, “we still can make a long term plan….” Being angry right now won’t solve anything ah! Isn’t it better to think of ways to fend against Lu Anran? He had seen it very clearly today. If they do not quickly take care of Lu Anran, she will become an obstacle in the future!

“BAM” Lu Junan gave Lu Anxin a slap, “Didn’t you say you were in a relationship with Young Master Long? Why did he send a gift to Lu Anran!”

“That…that’s because Lu Anran took the chance to seduce Young Master Long when I was out!” Lu Anxin explained panicking, “Dad! It’s all Lu Anran’s fault! If you blame and scold me now, you would have already fallen into Lu Anran’s trap! She did all these on purpose! First, she framed me to make a fool of myself, causing me to get grounded and then took the opportunity to get close to Young Master Long to seduce him!

“You are so useless! You can’t even maintain the attention of a man!” Lu Junan coldly said, “I will give you another 3 more months, if you cannot ensure that there are no problems between you and Young Master Long, then you will face the consequences!”

“Mm….” Lu Anxin clenched her teeth and lowered her head. This was her last chance. If she was still unable to settle the matter between Young Master Long and her, according to Lu Junan’s personality, he would definitely sell her off for a good price! If she failed, then all she could only become was a stepping-stone. She doesn’t want that…

“Gosh…” Lu Anhua hummed, “Mom is so stupid! If it wasn’t because of her mistake, how can our family look so disgraceful!” Lu Anhua recalled the type of gazes that the other guests gave him, nobody had ever look at him in that way before!



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