Rebirth: Chapter 126

“Older brother, Mom treated you so well, how could you…..” Lu Anxin has also given up on this brother of hers. This kind of selfish prick….

“Naturally, she should!” Lu Anhua snorted.

“Shut up all of you! So damn noisy!” Lu Junan said. “I’ll bring someone back tonight! Clean yourselves up properly when all of you reach home.”

“….” The pair of siblings exchanged glances and saw each other’s shocked expression. Lu Anxin asked tentatively. “Dad, are you bringing home the one in the city centre…..”

“That’s right!” Lu Junan felt that the only happy thing that has occurred today was being able to finally get rid of Liu Yue. Once he divorced her, he could finally be together openly with his beloved woman! What could be better than this?

“But…. Mom has not divorced with you yet!” At this moment, Lu Anxin was not only shocked. He was not even divorced, yet he wanted to bring his mistress back home?

“She’s such a disgrace yet she still expects to return home with me? What a joke!” Lu Junan snorted and continued saying, “Both of you should go home by yourselves later on, I will be making a trip to the city centre!” After saying that, he turned the car key to start the engine.

“…” Lu Anxin looked out of the car window as the scenery outside flew by in the opposite direction. She felt sorry and heartbroken for herself for being born into such a family. She has totally given up on this family. Each and every one of them was so selfish. This family was like a plate of sand. A plate of dry sand. Each of them had sharp corners that selfishly protected oneself while ruthlessly hurting the person closest to them. They were mutually harming each other…. What love? It has never existed in their family!

Recalling the protective stances that Lu Anran and Ji Rou had, Lu Anxin felt a pain in her chest that made her gasp breathlessly. Why was Lu Anran so fortunate? Why could Lu Anran obtain everything she wanted so easily? Ji Rou’s love, Lu Jianhao’s protection, everyone’s respect and support…. Lu Anran was already so blessed, why does she still want to rob her of Long Yuxing? Lu Anran was already so lucky, can’t she share some of her blessings with her?

Lu Anxin gritted her teeth and decided secretly that no matter what, even if she has to give everything up, she will never let go of Long Yuxing. Lu Anxin was fully aware that Long Yuxing was her only chance to turn the tides! No matter the price she has to pay, she must get Long Yuxing.

Lu Junan let the siblings alight at a place not far from home before he u-turned and went off by himself. The pair of siblings walked home and when they reached home, they saw Liu Yue sitting on the sofa scared out of her wits.

“Mom.” Lu Anxin sympathised with Liu Yue. Her favourite son blames her for her stupidity, her beloved husband was on his way to pick up his mistress….

“ANHUA! You are Mom’s only son!” Liu Yue’s vision of Lu Anhua was as though Lu Anhua was her last hope. “Help Mom to persuade your father! Please? Anhua!”

“MOM!” The bottom of Lu Anhua’s eyes held impatience. “This matter has blown too big. There is nothing I can do ah! Who asked you to be so stupid? Why didn’t you even discuss it with us!”

“Anhua, it’s all Mom’s fault. It’s Mom’s fault! Save Mom ah! Help Mom okay?” Liu Yue was almost begging Lu Anhua as she tugged his hand.

“I also can’t change Dad’s decision ah!” Lu Anhua shook off Liu Yue’s hand, “Mom, it’s better if you return back to Granddad’s house!”

“What?” Liu Yue looked in disbelief at the son she has spoiled since young. If she was bursting into loud sobs when Lu Junan said he wanted a divorce today, then right now, she was really wanted to cry but had no tears. “I…. Anhua! Mom has loved you the most ever since you were young and could not wait to give you all the best things in the universe. How could you treat me like this!” Liu Yue roared as she was on the verge of collapsing. “How could you ah!”

“That’s your own business! I didn’t asked you to do that!” Lu Anhua retorted back loudly. “This matter was your fault! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have become the butt of everyone’s joke! Do you know how everyone perceived me today? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!”

“….” Hearing Lu Anhua’s condemnation, Liu Yue’s mind went blank. She really could not imagine how she could have produced such an ungrateful and unfilial creature!

“Hmph!” Lu Anhua could not be bothered to say anything more. As he loosened his tie, he turned to walk up the stairs, back to his room.

Looking at Liu Yue’s appearance, Lu Anxin frowned. She then took out 3000 yuan from her handbag to hand over to Liu Yue. “Mom. Take the money and go!” Lu Junan was going to bring his mistress back home later on. If Liu Yue sees it, she might go crazy.

“No need for your hypocritical act!” Liu Yue glared at Lu Anxin ferociously. “Aren’t you happy now? This is all your fault! ALL YOUR FAULT!”

“My fault?” Lu Anxin sneered. Her brain must have been damaged to have sympathised with Liu Yue previously. “What has it got to do with me when it was you, yourself, who brought up that kind of son! In any case, I gave you money because you are my mother. What about your son? He thinks you are a nuisance!”

“YOU! YOU! You unfilial daughter, I’ll kill you!” Liu Yue was so ashamed that she flew into rage and actually ripped Lu Anxin’s hair off as though she was crazy. Raising her hand, she slapped Lu Anxin continuously. “I’ll beat you to death!” As though she was using Lu Anxin as an object to vent her anger, Liu Yue casted all the humiliation she has received onto Lu Anxin.

“Go ahead! Why don’t you just beat me to death?” Lu Anxin roared, not even fighting back. “If you have the capability, just beat me to death today!” She will accept all of Liu Yue’s abuse today but after today, she, Lu Anxin, will cut off all relations with Liu Yue! And break off all mother-daughter ties!

After going crazy for nearly an hour, Liu Yue was finally tired. Sitting on the floor, she was still sprouting abuse at Lu Anxin who was beaten by her. “You…. unfilial daughter! It’s all your fault! All your….”

“….” Lu Anxin was equally sitting on the floor yet her whole body was burning in pain. Her arms and neck were filled with scratches, a few strands of her hair has been ripped off. Her low cut gown was torn at the back, and the skin on her back had patches of green and purple.

The sound of a key turning in the lock echoed, followed by the gentle voice of Lu Junan. “Careful, slowly!” What good news! As soon as he reached, he learnt that the one in the city centre was pregnant! Such blessings from God! His beloved woman is pregnant with his child!

“Brother An, you are being too careful!” The woman’s voice was also soft and pleasant. Her tone conveyed her shyness. “This house is so pretty! Can I really stay here?”

“Of course! This will be your home after today!” As Lu Junan looked at his beloved, even his expression was tender. “….” Liu Yue stared at the entrance in a daze. Her husband was actually holding another woman so carefully. Liu Yue could feel the anger building in the chest and that repressed anger made her head pound. “Hubby…. You…. How could you!”

“Why are you here!” Lu Junan was stunned when he noticed Liu Yue’s presence. “Didn’t I tell you that we are getting a divorce? Hurry up and get lost!”

“….” This was the first time Lu Anxin was seeing Lu Junan’s secret confidante. She was a very beautiful woman with a slim figure and long hair. Her voice was as sweet as honey and she had a whiff of naivety and innocence. A woman in her thirties who could still look so pure and innocent… No wonder Lu Junan treasured her so much… In comparison, Liu Yue looked more like a shrew. Lu Anxin sneered. If it was her, she would also choose the hidden away Ah Jiao ah!

“HOW COULD YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY!” Liu Yue roared as she felt her heart tearing apart. “We are a married couple ah!”

“Brother An, I’m scared….” That woman hid behind Lu Junan with a terrified look in her eyes. “I… I’d better not stay here… I’ll return to the city!”

“LIU YUE! Are you insane? You are scaring Jiao Jiao!” Lu Junan glared at Liu Yue as he protected that woman in his embrace. “Jiao Jiao, you don’t need to leave. You just need to stay by my side!”

“But…..” Jiao Jiao nibbled on her lips. “But….”

“No buts!” Lu Junan patted Jiao Jiao’s slender and white hands and said, “I won’t allow you to go anywhere! Don’t be scared, I have divorced her! From today onwards, you are the honourable Mrs Lu!”

“Mm!” Jiao Jiao gazed into Lu Junan’s eyes, “Brother An, you treat me so well….”

“Jiao Jiao, you are so silly!” Lu Junan felt guiltier by the minute. He has clearly made Jiao Jiao endure so much unfairness, yet she still thinks he is a good person. Such a silly woman, he will love her for a lifetime!

“I…. I’m going to fight with the both of you!” Lu Junan’s gentleness towards Jiao Jiao forcefully tormented Liu Yue’s heart. The man that she has loved for so many years, could be so heartless. She stood up and pounced on the two people who has just entered the door.

“Get lost!” Lu Junan raised his leg and kicked Liu Yue on her chest. After kicking her, Lu Junan dragged Liu Yue who was almost fainting, out of the door while cursing her, “You are really crazy! Quickly get lost! Don’t ever appear in front of me ever again!” Lu Junan then forcefully slammed the door shut.

Seeing Lu Anxin’s miserable state, Jiao Jiao hurriedly went over to help Lu Anxin up. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine…..” Lu Anxin took a step back.

Noticing Lu Anxin’s wounds all over her body, Lu Junan frowned unhappily. “Liu Yue, that crazy woman! How could she beat you until like this?”

“I’m fine, Dad….” Lu Anxin shook her head. She would not be stupid enough to believe that Lu Junan was being concerned about her. To prove that she still had value, Lu Anxin raised her head and pushed her long hair to the back to reveal her perfectly intact face. “They are all just external injuries. It will be better after a few days.”

Lu Junan felt relieved after seeing the uninjured face of Lu Anxin. If her face was damaged, this daughter would become useless and there was no need to retain people who have no value.

Noticing Lu Junan’s expression, Lu Anxin became even more certain of her decision. She must obtain Long Yuxing!

T/N: Somehow I feel sorry for Lu Anxin in this chapter….


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