Rebirth: Chapter 124

“Hurry up and spit it out!” Liu Fang’s husband felt his legs trembling. Originally, their business is small in comparison to Lu Corporation, now that there is a relationship between the Lu and Long Corporations, if they angered Lu Corporation, it would mean the end of their business ah!

“I….” Liu Fang looked at her furious husband and then at her older sister. She was worried that she might get into trouble if she betrayed her older sister. However her own husband was not easy to deal with either!

“YOU!” The more Liu Fang’s husband sat on it, the more anxious he felt. Raising his hand, he gave Liu Fang a tight slap. “I’ll kill you, you stupid bitch! Are you going to say it or not!”

“I…. I’ll say it!” Covering her cheek, Liu Fang gritted her teeth and looked at Ji Rou who was at the opposite side. “IT WAS HER! She was the one who put on this self-directed show!”

“Hm?” Ji Rou was also stunned. What does this mean?

“It was her…. She wanted to show off her daughter’s relationship with Young Master Long, so she scripted out such a show! I…. I am innocent….” Liu Fang glared at Ji Rou and continued. “She said she would give me some advantages after the objective has been achieved!”

The crowd could not help inhaling a cold breath of air after listening. So scheming ah! It is play after another play with this kind of woman ah! How scary!

“I didn’t!” Ji Rou was full of frustration.

Look at her acting! Putting on a innocent facade! Although the crowd did not say anything, their eyes expressed disdain and scorn. Is there a need to act to such a extent?

“You claim that my mother was the one who ordered you? When did this happen?” Lu Anran asked.

“Just… Just now.” Liu Fang replied. “An hour ago.”

“An hour ago, my mother was entertaining the guests and has not left even once. How did she tell you ah!”

“Phone. She told me over the phone!” Liu Fang said.

“Hmph.” Lu Anran flipped through Liu Fang’s phone. “But there are no correspondence between you and my mother in your phone! You don’t even have my mother’s phone number!”

“I…. I have deleted it.” Liu Fang answered. “Ji Rou asked me to delete it!”

“My mother asked you to delete it, so you delete it. So well-behaved ah? The dog guarding our house isn’t even that well-behaved.” Lu Anran sneered. “Who is able to help me check today’s call record of this phone number?”

“I can!” A man walked out from the crowd and said, “I have a friend in that service department.”

“Thanks.” After Lu Anran gave that man Liu Fang’s phone number, she continued to question Liu Fang. “You claimed that my mother would give you some benefits once the matter is successful, what kind of benefits?”

“She…. She said… She said….” Liu Fang could also feel that she was a little tongue-tied. “She said she would give me… money!” Liu Fang continued. “She will give me money!”

“How much?” Lu Anran quickly questioned her again.

“100 000 yuan.” Liu Fang replied.


“Via transfer. To my account.” Liu Fang said.

“How does my mother know your account number?”

“I told her.”

“You told her what kind of account?”

“Bank account.” Liu Fang felt her heart rate increasing. Lu Anran’s questioning was getting faster and faster. She even felt that her brain capacity was at its limit.

“Which bank!”

“Industr… Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.” Liu Fang replied.

“Are you sure it is ICBC?” Lu Anran quickly followed on.

“I am very sure.” Liu Fang could not help cheering herself on. Whatever happens now, she just has to grit her teeth and push on to survive.

“When will it be transferred to you?” Lu Anran continued asking.

“After the matter has been completed.”

“How long after the matter has been completed?”

“Three days… after the matter has been completed….”

“Three days? You believe my mother so wholeheartedly? Without even a shred of evidence, you were willing to take such a huge risk and wait for three days?” Lu Anran asked. “Has it never occurred to you that we would find out?”

“This is a show put on by your Lu Family. Who knew it would get investigated?” Liu Fang’s eyes darted around trying to find the man who went to inquire about phone number just now. She did not even talk to Ji Rou over the phone at all. Once they check it, the cat would be out of the bag!

“Then why are you so sure that my mother would not turn her back against you?”

“I…. Ji Rou is the daughter-in-law of Lu Family. Her words should be trustable.”

“So trustable that you didn’t even leave a shred of evidence?” Lu Anran sneered in disdain. She then pointed at photo that was secretly taken by Liu Fang and clicked on ‘more details’. “This photo was taken two hours ago. Why did you say that my mother called you an hour ago?”

“I… I must have remembered wrongly….” Liu Fang realised that Lu Anran found a flaw in her statement and panicked immediately.

“Your phone did not even have my mother’s number. How did you know my mother was the one who gave the order?” Lu Anran asked.

“She said she was the daughter-in-law of the Lu family.” Liu Fang swallowed her saliva. She was getting more and more afraid of saying the wrong words.

“My mother is not the only daughter-in-law of Lu family!” Lu Anran’s thoughts were obvious.

“Lu Anran, what exactly are you implying!” In contrast, Liu Yue’s clumsy denial was slowly giving herself away.

“Why are you being so anxious?” Lu Anran mocked her before clapping her hands and saying, “Oh right! How could I forget! Third Aunt, she is your little sister ah! Come to think of it, this is indeed interesting!”

“You! What nonsense are you sprouting?!” Liu Yue hurriedly protested, “I have absolutely nothing to do with this matter! Don’t make such irresponsible remarks!”

“You should be extremely clear whether I am sprouting nonsense or not!” Lu Anran snorted. “Liu Fang, I am warning you. You’d better confess the truth yourself! Your statements are full of holes, and you are suspected of incriminating someone with planted evidence. Don’t force me to report to the police!”

“I…..” Liu Fang was taken aback and looked helplessly at Liu Yue. She had already tried her best, what should she do next ah!

“I am back.” At this time, that man who took her phone number returned and showed the screen to Lu Anran, “This is the record of all the phone calls this week.”

“Hmph.” Lu Anran snorted and said. “Please show this to her! My mother’s phone number is not even on it! Furthermore, no phone calls came in after 9.30 AM today! Yet you have accused others over and over again. What exactly are you up to!”

“I….” Liu Fang’s legs wobbled and she fell onto the floor.

“Call the police immediately! I want to see how she is going to explain herself!” Lu Anran threatened.

“You! Stupid woman! Hurry up and tell her!” Liu Fang’s husband was very clear now that Liu Fang was just lying so he raised his hand and slapped Liu Fang a few times. “I’ll kill you, you stupid bitch! So that you won’t ever make a fool of yourself again!”

“Stop!” Liu Fang was really afraid of being beaten to death by her husband. After so many years of their husband-wife relationship, how could he beat her up in front of so many people? Liu Fang was full of heartache and bitterly disappointed! She was now really at a loss, so she hurriedly dodged and turned towards Liu Yue, “Sis! Save me!”

“I…. How can I save you…?” Now that Liu Yue knew she was unable to keep this chess piece, she wanted to promptly cut off all relations. “How can I help you when you have done such a thing? You are really such a fool ah!”

“What?” Liu Fang was sharp and immediately understood Liu Yue’s intention. At that moment, she felt despondent. She never thought her older sister would betray herself at this time. The more Liu Fang thought about it, the angrier she felt and could not help hurling all sorts of abuse. “Liu Yue! You are really capable! You were clearly the one who was unhappy about the fact that Ji Rou was the eldest daughter-in-law of Lu Family so you planned this with me. Now you want to sacrifice a pawn to save a castle and get rid of me? You are so damn good!”

“YOU! What are you talking about!” Liu Yue looked at Liu Fang as though she was seeing a mad dog trying to push her to perish together and was immediately frightened. She could not help secretly rebuking Liu Fang for her stupidity.

“LIU YUE! You despicable vile snob! I must have been really blind to listen to you!” Liu Fang coldly berated. She is going to fight to the end. She does not want anything anymore. Nobody should even think of obtaining any advantages today!

“You! You shut your trap!” Liu Yue yelled as she pointed at Liu Fang. “Don’t you dare slander me about the disgraceful things that you did yourself!”

“Stop quarrelling! Don’t you feel embarrassed?!” Lu Anran said coldly. “I have already obtained the CCTV for the back door. Everyone will know the truth after watching it!” Lu Anran nodded at the person next to the screen. The latter then clicked the ‘play’ button on the remote control. Immediately after, the screen showed Ji Rou closing the door and leaving. At this time, the two sisters, Liu Yue and Liu Fang appeared on camera. Both their ugly expressions of treacherousness and craftiness were enlarged on the screen and were very obvious to anyone.

Once the crowd saw it, each and every one of them was shocked. They have never expected such a classic play would be shown today. The feuds between the rich and wealthy were always a little colourful, however, it was their first time being a spectacle to a series of twists and turns. In addition to proving Ji Rou’s innocence, it was the first time everyone became aware of the methods of this Eldest Young Miss Lu. After today, everyone in S City would know who Lu Anran was!

But all of these are the later part of the story. Right now, everyone was looking at the two wilting sisters in utter disgust. How would the Lu Corporation deal with this Liu Yue?

Lu Jianhao looked at Liu Yue in disappointment. Although he knew Liu Yue was always petty and love to sow discord, but these were all womanly affairs and as the head of the family, he was not in the position to get involved in it. However, Liu Yue has indeed gone overboard today. Lu Jianhao spoke out in a deep voice. “Junan.”

“Dad.” Lu Junan’s expression at this moment was very pale. He has never expected this stupid fool to cause such a huge trouble for him. If possible, he really wanted to strangle her to death!

“From today onwards, Liu Yue is forbidden from entering even one step into the Main Residence!” Lu Jianhao’s voice was not loud, but it was clearly authoritative.

“Dad… You can’t!” Liu Yue fell and knelt on the ground. Wasn’t this a prelude to chasing her out of the Lu Corporation? She would be absolutely nothing once she left Lu Corporation ah!

“Dad.” Lu Junan eyed the kneeling Liu Yue in disgust. “I… I have decided to divorce her!”

“What?” Lu Junan’s words were akin to a bolt from the blue, causing Liu Yue to freeze in place momentarily…..


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