Rebirth: Chapter 119

The entire Lu Residence started to become very busy. The situation was no worse than Lu Jianhao’s birthday. Even Lu Jianhao flew back a day in advance, showing the status of Ji Rou in Lu Corporation!

Lu Anran also asked Old Zhang to pick Ji Ling up earlier. From 9AM onwards, many guests came to visit one after another. As a new star of S City, Lu Anran had to exchange conventional greetings and chat with the guests. The banquet starts from 2PM and end at 7PM. During this period, Lu Anran has already prepared herself to be tired to death.

While Lu Anran was entertaining guests in the front courtyard, Lu Junfeng and his wife stood next to Lu Anran to inform her of the guest’s identity and introduce the local wealthy gentry and officials to her.

At this time, after the maid has notified them, Lu Jianhao and Ji Rou left the front courtyard to go to the study on the second floor of the Lu Residence. In the study, Long Yuxing sat upright on the sofa while Ah Sen stood behind him.

“Young Master Long, excuse me for not going out to meet you ah!” Lu Jianhao smiled as he cupped his fist in greeting.

“Grandpa Lu has exaggerated.” Long Yuxing smiled. “Today is Aunty’s birthday. I made a special trip here to send you a gift!”

“This….” Ji Rou was also stunned and hurriedly waved her hand, “How could we trouble Young Master Long?” If it was Lu Jianhao’s birthday, Long Corporation’s intentions could be interpreted as social and commercial benefits but it was her birthday…. She really did not need Long Corporation to go to the expense of giving her a gift!

“It’s of no trouble….” Long Yuxing gave Ah Sen a meaningful glance.

Ah Sen nodded. He then took out an envelope from his suit pocket and handed it over to Ji Rou with both hands, “Madam, please accept this!”

“This….” Ji Rou glanced at Lu Jianhao and accepted it after Lu Jianhao nodded. “Thank you Young Master Long for taking the trouble!” As her fingertips rubbed against the envelope, Ji Rou was somewhat curious. It seems to be a card inside. Is it a check? Can’t be….. An invitation card? There isn’t any rumors about any upcoming banquet by the Long Corporation ah…..

“Aunty, please open it!” Long Yuxing looked at Ji Rou. He was very sure that his gift topped any of the presents that the guests have gifted today!

“Uh…..” Ji Rou smiled a little before opening the envelope. A photo appeared before her eyes. Ji Rou took up the photo to have a look. This was someone’s travel photo. The photo showed a couple who were in their twenties hugging each other and behind them was a wasteland that seemed part of an oasis. The entire photo depicted an exotic scene yet with just a glance, Ji Rou was stunned and her gaze was unable to move from the bottom right hand corner of the photo. In that corner, a man’s figure was captured by the camera’s lens. His clothes was torn and his hair was messy but none of these could conceal his handsome appearance. He was half kneeling on the ground as though he was picking up something. Ji Rou looked at the blurry pattern on the ground carefully. After seeing it clearly, she was even more certain of the man’s identity. “Brother Hao…. It’s Brother Hao…..”

“What?” Hearing the name that Ji Rou was calling out, Lu Jianhao abruptly leaped out of his chair. “Xiao Rou, quick! Quick let me see! Hurry!”

“Sure.” Ji Rou nodded tearfully and handed the photo over to Lu Jianhao. Her hand kept trembling, unable to control her own emotions. She has been searching and waiting for her husband for 12 years ah! Ji Rou wanted to say something but she could not make a sound. There were too many words that she wanted to say, and too many emotions that she wanted to express that she did not know where to start.

“Junhao. It’s my Junhao ah!” Lu Jianhao’s hand trembled as he gently touched the figure in the photo. “Young Master Long…. This photo is….”

“I got it by accident. This photo was shot in the Arab region three years ago.” Long Yuxing said. “I have already sent men to search for him and let you know as soon as there is any news.”

“Thank you… Thank you….” Ji Rou’s voice trembled as she profusely thanked him. She knew it. Her Junhao was still alive! He would never leave her!

“Thank you very much Young Master Long!” Lu Jianhao thought of his younger brother. If he told Lu Jianfeng, then the government would also send more people to search for him and the chance of finding him would be greater.

“Grandpa Lu, you must not inform the people in the Capital!” Long Yuxing saw through Lu Jianhao’s thought with a glance. “You have always been in S City so you are unaware of the situation in the Capital. That power has already infiltrated into the military so it is best if you do not leak out any news!”

“This….” Lu Jianhao was stunned. “How do you know who it is?”

“There is nothing I cannot find out!” Long Yuxing did not declare this irresponsibly. He would always thoroughly investigate any matters involving Lu Anran. “Grandpa Lu, you must never disclose the news to others.”

“OK!” Lu Jianhao nodded heavily.

“Aunty, please keep this news between the two of you. Don’t even tell Lu Anran and that adopted son of yours. The fewer people know about it, the safer he would be!” Long Yuxing warned in a heavy voice.

“I know.” Ji Rou would never gamble on the safety of her husband’s life. She only managed to hear news of her husband after much difficulty and will definitely defend this secret to her death.

“Then I’ll be leaving now.” Long Yuxing stood up.

“Young Master Long, do you want to stay for dinner?” Lu Jianhao asked politely. He still had to rely on Long Corporation to find his son. In his heart, he has already regarded Long Yuxing as his benefactor.

“No need.” Long Yuxing shook his head. He did not want to appear in front of Lu Anran like this. “I don’t want to expose myself in front of others, and I still have many matters to settle over at the shopping mall. My visit here this time is just to send over this gift!”

“I see!” Lu Jianhao was also aware from the newspapers and magazines that Young Master Long has always appeared in public with a mask. “Xiao Rou, see Young Master Long to the door personally!”

“Okay Dad!” Ji Rou nodded and wiped away the tears on her cheeks. The sudden happiness that descended upon her made her feel as though she was still in a dream. “This way, Young Master Long.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Aunty!” Long Yuxing nodded and left through the back door under Ji Rou’s lead. After sending off Long Yuxing, Ji Rou still felt as though she was in a dream. She wanted to cry out loud and laugh out loud just once, but was not the time! She forcefully suppressed her surging emotions and just when she was going to close the back door, a large hand stopped her.

“Hm?” Ji Rou looked at the man outside the door confusedly. Wasn’t this man the subordinate of Long Yuxing….?

“Madam, Young Master told me to leave a word of caution on your adopted son. Young Master has attempted to investigate him previously and could not find anything about him. This person is not simple.” Ah Sen informed Ji Rou of Long Yuxing’s words just before he got on the car. “And this.” Ah Sen handed over a palm sized gift box to Ji Rou, “This is Young Master’s gift to Miss Lu Anran. As it is inconvenient for Young Master to appear personally, he hopes that Madam could pass it on for him.”

“Oh okay.” Ji Rou took the gift box and opened it gently. In there laid a platinum-chained necklace, the design of the pendent was a swan perching on a lake. There was also a stone crown on top of the swan’s head and on the wings of the swan, a tiny word “Anran” was engraved in a very natural and spontaneous style. With just a glance, Ji Rou was sure that this necklace was very expensive. Looking at Ah Sen, a thought lingered in her heart yet she did not dare to ask, instead she just gave a gentle smile and said, “Then I’ll thank Young Master Long on behalf on Anran!”

“Mm.” Ah Sen gave a slight smile and his regards with a nod before jogging back to the car. Young Master was still waiting for him, he had to hurry back.

Ji Rou closed the back door and leaned against it, sizing up the gift box in her hand. Why was Young Master Long doing so much for Lu Corporation? And why was he sending such an expensive gift to Anran?

Is Young Master Long interested in Anran?

Ji Rou could not help shivering in fright from this thought. Anran was only 15 years old. Although Long Yuxing was handsome, morally upright and similar in age with Lu Anran, he was still the heir of Long Corporation. Ji Rou was worried that Anran’s personality would not be suitable to live in that kind of family. She also did not wish for Anran to marry a person who live in such a messy place like the Capital….

Ji Rou clenched her fist and placed the gift box into her handbag. This gift….. Perhaps it is better not to give it to Anran….. Maybe it would be better if she finds a chance to return it!

Once Ji Rou made her decision, she headed back to the front courtyard. Today’s banquet was to celebrate her birthday, she cannot be absent for too long.

Shortly after Ji Rou left, Liu Yue and her little sister, Liu Fang walked over from nearby. The two sisters was originally searching for an isolated place to chat, but they never thought they would stumble upon Ji Rou “having an affair”! See how much she liked the gift her “adulterer” gave her! She even hid it in her own handbag… So shameless!

“She usually assume an air of superiority as though she is pure as jade. Who knew she was so shameless ah!” Liu Fang coldly sneered. “Peh!”

“Hmph!” Liu Yue snorted. “How can this kind of person be the eldest daughter-in-law of Lu Corporation?”

“Yeah! Older Sis, you should be the one managing the household of the Lu family! That Xu Lianxin is a good-for-nothing and this Ji Rou is also a shameless woman who has no loyalty. Older sis, it must be tough on you to be the daughter-in-law of such a filthy family.” Liu Fang said.

“Hmph!” Hearing her little sister’s words, Liu Yue also felt that her sister was right. Although they did not manage to hear the “adulterous couple’s” conversation, she felt her guess must be right. This miserable wretch was like a promiscuous woman during ancient China period. She should be caught and drowned in a wicker basket! What right has this bitch got to stay in Lu Corporation? Why should she stay in the Lu Residence?

“Older sis!” Liu Fang took out her phone to show the two photos that she took. In the photos, Ji Rou was facing the door and it was clear that a man was standing outside the door. However, due to the angle and building structures, the man’s face cannot be seen and it was precisely because of this that the photo became even more mysterious and had a feeling of a hidden illicit affair happening. “I’ll try to publicise this photo and let all the guests see so that everyone would know clearly what kind of person Ji Rou is!”

“OK!” A hint of pleasure flashed past Liu Yue’s eyes. After all these years of being suppressed under Ji Rou, she finally has a chance to take revenge!

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