Rebirth: Chapter 118

T/N: There is a reason why the featured image is a pie… A pie (饼) in Chinese also have an alternative meaning of an overall picture when planning something.. We had a good laugh over our translations of this part. Enjoy the chapter~

On Sunday afternoon, Lu Anming brought back a black suitcase with him. The black suitcase was full of the 200 thousand yuan in cash that Lu Anran mentioned before. After lunch, everyone chit-chatted for a while and Hua Daolin came over his junior sister..

“It’s you?” When she saw Hua Daolin’s junior, Lu Anran was very surprised but her shock only lasted for a brief moment before she calmed down. “Miss He, we meet again!”

“Hello Miss Lu!” He Lingshuang shook hands with Lu Anran.

“Both of you know each other?” Hua Daolin gazed at both of them.

“Miss He is the chief designer of Dream Architecture, she is also the same person whom I have troubled to design the plans for my new shop!” Lu Anran explained.

“Not at all, when Miss Lu showed me the plans it was already very well designed, regardless of the design idea or artistic style, all of them came as a big shock to me! If Miss Lu wishes to go into this field in the future, she will surely be very successful!” He Lingshuang replied sincerely.

“Forget about designing! I only wish to open and manage my resturant.” Lu Anran waved her hands, “it’s better to leave designing to pros like Miss He ah!”

“So the reason Miss Lu asked for me to come today is….” He Lingshuang asked directly.

“It’s like this, my resturant will officially open next year and I need a set of items to be designed, this includes a mascot, a brand symbol and designing the plaque of the resturant, I would like Miss He to design everything I just mentioned!” Lu Anran said, “of course, in the future there will also be many other related items which Miss He would have to deal with as well.”

“According to my knowledge, Lu Corporation has it’s own publicity department, so Lu Corporation would also be able to design all these as well right?” He Lingshuang ask with doubt before adding, “of course, it is also my honor to be so well-liked by Miss Lu.”

“Lu Corporation does indeed have it’s own publicity department, and to tell you the truth, my mother is the head of that department, but this new resturant is different in that it is not a franchise of the other Lu Corporation resturants, so I want to break all the sterotypes and look from a different perspective. I really appreciate Miss He’s talent, and I believe that we will have a happy collaboration!” Lu Anran said with a slight smile.

He Lingshuang gazed at this 15 year old girl in front of her, it was the first time she had the feeling of worship. It was not only based on Lu Anran’s speech and mannerism, but more so from the aura that Lu Anran has emitted. To He Lingshuang, she gave off a very dependable and reliable feeling. From this, she had a strong intuition that this little girl talking in front of her today will soon become an important person in the entire Z country and even the whole world…..

“Lingshuang? Lingshuang?!” Hua Daolin elbowed her when he noticed the dazed stare that He Lingshuang was giving Lu Anran. It was only then that He Lingshuang came back from her thoughts and gave a light smile. Pushing her hair back over her ears, she replied. “I’m very happy to have to this kind of opportunity!” Taking the initiative to extend her hand out to Lu Anran, she continued, “I hope we will collaborate wonderfully together!”

“It’s a pleasure to work with you!” Lu Anran also extended her hand to shake hands with He Lingshuang.

“Hurhur, it seems like I’m totally useless ah!” Hua Daolin smiled awkwardly. Looks like the both of them are already acquainted with each other ah.

“Older brother Hua.” Lu Anran smiled, crooking her fingers at Lu Anming, who passed her a black suitcase. After she opened the suitcase, she then spun it and pushed it lightly towards Hua Daolin.

“What….do you mean by this?” Hua Daolin gazed dazedly at the money in the suitcase.

“My new resturant needs employees to help out! This is the money you will get if you sign the contract. If you are interested, please accept the money!” Lu Anran smiled with her face full of sincerity.

“Err…..” Hua Daolin was caught completely off-guard by the sudden situation and remained quite shocked for a while..

“Three thousand per month, with extra dividends and bonus pay at the end of the year. Each year you will also have 15 days of paid leave.” Lu Anran set out the conditions, “I would like to invite Older Brother Hua to be the manager of my new restaurant, and help me together with Brother Anming.” Starting up a new resturant needs money everywhere, and there is not much help that Lu Corporation can give, so for now this is the extent of salary that she can offer Hua Daolin.

“Huahua, accept it!” Lu Anming grinned, “wouldn’t it be great to work with me?”

“Yeah, Huahua! It’s just the right timing, don’t you need money now?” Xue Dingan said, “also I think it’s not realistic to be business card salesman in the long run!”

“….” Hua Daolin was still a little hesitant. Even though he earns alot of money with each deal, for example, he will earn a thousand yuan by closing the deal with Lu Anran, but realistically, this kind of deal does not occur every month. If he was lucky, he will earn around 5-6 thousand yuan. If not, he will only earn around 2-3 thousand yuan, the trend often rises and fall steeply. Moreover, he still has a little sister studying in high school, so he needs money…. Really needs it! But he still had his worries. He had personally witness Hua Corporation at it’s best and also when it fell… So he was not certain that this 15 year old girl was really worthy enough for him to follow along..

“Senior, just agree to it!” He Lingshuang looked at Hua Daolin.

Rising his head to look at He Lingshuang eyes, Hua Daolin nodded and agreed to Lu Anran’s offer.

“Hurhur, then thank you very much Older brother Hua!” Lu Anran smiled brightly. Even though her face looks calm, in actuality her palms were already covered in sweat. She was not totally sure if Hua Daolin would agree, because even though a 3000 yuan salary per month was considered a lot for a normal person, and was the salary of the top management positions in S city, to such a talented person like Hua Daolin, he should be getting a salary that was more than 5 thousand yuan but this was the maximum she could offer him! Certainly, the salary she offered was the lowest but if the store is able to develop well, a salary increase would be the first thing on the to-do list! However, she will definitely not tell Hua Daolin these words, because employees only want to see their actual benefits and salary. No matter how well the overall picture is drawn, if it is unable to come true, then the end result would only be rebellious employees and lack of trust between businesses! This was what Lu Anran read in the book of psychology and she thought it made a lot of sense.

After leaving the Lu Residence, Hua Daolin who was carrying the suitcase, turned towards He Lingshuang and said, “Lingshuang, were you thinking, since I need the money, I should just agree for now.”

“How can that be?” He Lingshuang smiled. She halted her steps and seriously looked into Hua Daolin’s eyes, “Senior, this Lu Anran will never become an ordinary person in the future! If you follow her, only good things will happen!”

This is the first time Hua Daolin heard such high praises for someone from He Lingshuang’s mouth. He was momentarily surprised before giving a light smile, “I got it.”

After sending off Hua Daolin and He Lingshuang, Lu Anran returned to her room to revise. Picking up a document which had dropped out of her bag, she opened to read it. This document was the scriptbook for <Run, Melos!>, given to her by Long Yuxing. Looking at the dialogue in the script, Lu Anran read them line by line, with the correct expression, intonation and posture.

“BAM” Lu Anran slammed the scriptbook shut heavily, and gazed out of the window. In her previous lifetime, it was her greatest regret that she did not have the chance to play the younger sister role, not because of anything, but only because she rehearsed hard, recited her lines conscientiously, and even visited senior actors to ask for acting tips… All these…were destroyed by Chu Yao, who took over everything brilliant in her life…. Lu Anran tossed the script into the bin, and sat back at her table. Even though she regretted it, she was clear on the fact that she still had many important things left to complete. With the entity of Lu Corporation, and Ji Rou to consider, her own regret was really not worth anything!

It was not easy for her to start her life afresh! She wants to live a more meaningful life!

In the last week of military training, it was as per usual, literature class in the morning and military training in the afternoon. Ji Ling and the other students have gone for the stage play rehearsals. A week was neither too long nor too short, but all the students are looking forward to the 11 days of holidays after this week!

However, not everyone was excited for the holidays, for example Ji Ling who still needs to participate in rehearsals…..

“Anran…my Great Mother had actually planned on taking me overseas to play….but I still need to go for rehearsals…UwU UwU UwU….” Holding onto her phone, Ji Ling laid on her bed crying bitterly.

“This girl! At that time, the one who threw a tantrum saying that they don’t want to do military training was you. Now that you had the chance to escape from it, you are saying that you don’t want to go for rehearsals….” Lu Anran shook her head helplessly. “Bad ending stems from too much greed!”

“I know ah!” Ji Ling pouted, “but I just wanna complain! I had to watch my Great Mother go off on a holiday with her boyfriend eyyy!”

“Boyfriend?” Lu Anran was shocked, “what about your father? Divorced?”

“My father passed away from illness when I was young.” Ji Ling played with her fingers as she said that. “I don’t have any impression of my father, but from the photos, he is a very handsome man!”

“Oh….” Lu Anran was still in shock, “I see….” At that moment, she did not know how to continue the conversation.

“Oh yeah, isn’t it Aunty Ji Rou’s birthday tomorrow?”

“Mm, yep!” Lu Anran replied, “tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday.”

“I heard you mention before, so I told my mum, she has already prepared a present for me to bring along!” Ji Ling said, “I’ll bring it over tomorrow!”

“What about your rehearsal?” Lu Anran asked.

“I’m going to skip it!” Ji Ling said, “My rehearsals have been going well and Senior Long who is the other main character as the groom has never appeared, and it’s always Melos who is always making mistakes and has been using these two days, to correct his mistakes, so they won’t say anything if I request for leave tomorrow! I will ask for sick leave!” Ji Ling rolled over and continued, “It’s also a good timing for you to help me to rehearse, I feel like you teach so much better than people in the committee!”

“Alright then!” Lu Anran also knew that the role of the little sister did not have many lines, and was mainly about movement and expressions, “See you tomorrow!”

“Mm! Bye bye!” Ji Ling hang up with a grin, humming a little tune as she grabbed a pack of chips.

Compared to Ji Ling relaxed and happy mood, Lu Anran’s mood was very heavy. There was still a tough battle waiting for her tomorrow!


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