Rebirth: Chapter 120

T/N This is how I imagine Ji Ling’s hair would look like!

“Anran, Anran!” Ji Ling trotted to Lu Anran’s side while holding a 10 inch giftbox wrapped in coloured paper, “Am I dressed too casually?”

“It’s…alright…” Lu Anran scrutinised Ji Ling from head to toe. She was the very epitome of a youth spirit today with her mint green dress and her hair tied up into a cute bun.

“But….everyone else is wearing formal gown ah….” Ji Ling pouted, as her eyes darted here and there. She felt a little inferior in her heart, as though she did not fit into this glamorous setting.

“En…if our heights are similar, I can lend you a gown I haven’t wore before, but….” Lu Anran gazed at Ji Ling’s slightly rounded limbs apologetically and said “the size will probably not be suitable…” It was her mistake. She forgot that Ji Ling did not have a gown for today.

“Wuuu…” Ji Ling puffed her checks aggrievedly, “I’m only a little plump…Anran you are too slim….” She will lose weight…. She will definitely work hard to lose weight.

“I’m not that slim either.” Lu Anran pulled at Ji Ling’s tiny hand and placed it on her checks, “you see, my face is still plump with baby fat.”

“Only your face is fat, look at your waist, it’s so slim…” Ji Ling reached out her hands to Lu Anran’s waist, “there is no fat here at all!”

“HAHAHA!” Lu Anran dodged, “so ticklish ah, so ticklish ah!”

“Looks like you are ticklish ah!” Ji Ling finally caught Lu Anran’s weak point and started to tickle her harder. “Are you gonna surrender? Are you gonna surrender?”

“Yes! HAHAHA! Yes! Surrender….hahahaha…I, I surrender!” Lu Anran begged for mercy. She was really ticklish ah!

“Anran!” As soon as Ji Rou came back, she saw Lu Anran playing around with a girl and call out to her to stop them, “Don’t play anymore.”

Seeing that someone was stopping them, Ji Ling retracted her hands immediately.

“Anran ah!” Ji Rou patted Lu Anran’s hand, “there are so many guests around, don’t play anymore ah!”

“Mm….” Lu Anran nodded, “Okay Mom….”

Ji Ling playfully stuck out her tongue, “Aunty, don’t blame Anran ah… I’m the only who started it…”

“You are?” Ji Rou looked at Ji Ling, and for some reason, Ji Ling’s appearance felt very familiar to Ji Rou.

“Hello Aunty, I am Ji Ling.” Ji Ling picked up her gift that was sitting at the side and said, “Aunty, Happy Birthday! I hope you become more and more beautiful!”

“Thank you!” Ji Rou smiled as she received the gift. She then observed Ji Ling’s appearance once more. She really looks so familiar ah…..

“Mom?” Lu Anran caught the sight of Ji Rou in a daze so she reached out to prod at Ji Rou’s arm.

“Errr….” Ji Rou snapped out her daze and smiled, “It’s nothing, you guys chat first, I’ll go over there!”

“Mm okay!” Lu Anran nodded and pulled at Ji Ling’s hands, “Ji Ling, I’ll take you to eat good food!” This time, the chefs were all handpicked by her and their cooking skills were naturally the best. Since the last time, at Long Corporation’s party, Lu Anran personally tasted all those delicious food, so this time on Ji Rou’s birthday party, Lu Anran will naturally increase her effort towards the food too.

No matter the alcohol or the food, or the dessert, everything were all personally taste-tested by Lu Anran. For her convenience, all the food were vegetarian. This also allowed Lu Anran to launch her new concept on food and drinks.

Eating a small piece of cake, Ji Ling narrowed her eyes happily, “so delicious!” It’s sweet but not greasy, and left a fresh aftertaste. It was really something so delicious that she has never tasted before.

“See!”Lu Anran smirked. She then picked up another piece of dessert, “Open your mouth and try this one. It’s matcha flavoured, and great for washing away the taste of greasy food!”

“OK!” Ji Ling opened her mouth and bit onto the cake. “This one is also so so delicious!” Ji Ling has totally forgotten her previous determination to lose weight and asked, “which one is also delicious ah?”

“Eat eat eat!” Lu Anhu suddenly popped up, and started pinching Ji Ling’s face, “you are already so rounded, and still eat so much!”

“It hurts ah….SO PAINFUL!” Ji Ling shouted in pain. Retracting her hand that was reaching out to the cakes, she smacked Lu Anhu’s hand heavily.

“Hmpf!” Lu Anhu took back his hand and said, “Anran, you should be watching her. See how rounded she is already!”

“LU ANHU!” Ji Ling was like a little tiger with extended claws as she waved her fist around, “I’ll beat you up oh!”

“Goodness me, the both of you!” Lu Anran shook her head helplessly. “Why are you both always arguing with each other ah!”

“He’s bullying me!” Ji Ling said with a face full of grievances, “He and Qin Shumo always make fun of me for being fat!”

“Then you should eat less!” Lu Anhu retorted. Every time he sees Ji Ling’s plump and round face, he always wants to pinch it a few times and tease her for a while. She was just like a fat cat that always draws people to tease her.

“HMPF! You bully! I’m not going to talk to you anymore!” Ji Ling pouted discontentedly. There was so much delicious food around her and he’s telling her to lose weight. Isn’t this… Isn’t this called forcing people to do something they cannot do! But Ji Ling also knew that she was guilty so she hid behind Lu Anran and poked out her little head from time to time to have a peek.

“Ey!” Lu Anran shook her head and said, “Ji Ling, just comfortably eat whatever you want today, all these food here are vegetarian, and the desserts are made with cream that has the lowest fat content, so just eat as much as you want and start dieting tomorrow!”

“Mm!” Ji Ling nodded seriously, “I’ll definitely start dieting tomorrow!”

“Ptff…..” Lu Anhu laughed and looked away, “Tomorrow and tomorrow, there are so many tomorrows!”

“You!” Ji Ling angrily sped out from behind Lu Anran to stomp on Lu Anhu’s feet and then quickly sped back to hid behind Lu Anran.

“Ouch!” Lu Anhu’s feet throbbed painfully and he hurridly backed away, “Bad Ji Ling! You dare to stomp on my feet!”

“Stop it you two! There are many guests here today, don’t make a joke out of yourselves!” Lu Anran felt very speechless towards the two of them. “And also!”

Lu Anhu listened to Lu Anran’s words and nodded. He cannot cause trouble for Lu Anran. Ji Ling also stopped. she was here as a guest, if she caused trouble then it will be terrible!

“After October 1st, when school starts again, Anhu you should protect Ji Ling!” Lu Anran continued. She suspected that Chu Yao would make some moves then!

“I don’t need him to protect me!” Ji Ling replied. She will be careful by herself.

“No!” Lu Anran refused, “Ji Ling, until the school play ends, Lu Anhu will protect you!”

“Mm….”Ji Ling looked at Lu Anran’s serious expression and understood that this was Lu Anran’s concern for her so she did not continue to say anything more. Shifting her gaze to Lu Anhu who had the same serious expression, Ji Ling silently lowered her head. Looks like it’s better to just listen.

“Anran!” A girl’s voice resounded, Lu Anran turned her head and saw Lu Anxin and Chu Yao walking together towards her.

“The protection detail starts now!” Lu Anran said in a voice that only the three of them can hear.

“Understood.” Lu Anhu nodded tracelessly and reached out to pull Ji Ling behind him, presenting an image of a protector.

Ji Ling looked at Lu Anhu in front of her and gazed his back. For a moment, Ji Ling felt as if her heart had skipped a beat.

“Cousin, Chu Yao!” Lu Anran put on her business smile and said, “when did you arrive ah, I did not see the both of you since I was busy. Apologies for the bad hospitality!”

 “Anran, what are you guys talking about? Y’all seem so happy ah!” A touch of displeasure flashed through Chu Yao’s eyes when she saw Lu Anran and Ji Ling chatting so happily together.

“Nothing much!” Lu Anran said with a smile, “Anhu, bring Ji Ling to tour around, it’s her first time coming to the Lu Residence.” Lu Anran did not want Ji Ling to have much contact with Chu Yao.

“It’s also my first time coming to Lu Residence! I’ll join you!” Chu Yao quickly said.

“I don’t think that is a good idea!” Lu Anran replied with a mirthless smile. “My grandfather is not very fond of you, what if you bumped into him….”

“…..” Chu Yao’s face paled. This was the reason why she did not ask Lu Anran for the permission to come but instead went to find Lu Anxin directly.

“My grandfather is not fond of you?” Lu Anxin looked at Chu Yao. She did not know that.

“Grandpa Lu has some misunderstanding about me!” Chu Yao said with a face filled with grievances, “I hope I can resolve the misunderstanding this time.”

“Is that so?” Lu Anran’s mouth curled up.

“Then, I’ll bring her to tour around.” Lu Anhu pulled at Ji Ling and walked off to another place.

Seeing Lu Anhu and Ji Ling leave together, Lu Anran turned to look at Lu Anxin and Chu Yao. “There are still many guests that I need to go and entertain. Cousin Anxin and Chu Yao, help yourselves to the food and drinks!” After saying that, she left immediately. Today was Ji Rou’s birthday so she did not want to cause trouble. Those two are not easy targets and it would be better if she hid away.

Lu Anran left Lu Anxin and Chu Yao far behind and proceeded to find Lu Jianhao. Next to Lu Jianhao was a 40 years old man, who should be his business partner.

When Lu Jianhao caught the sight of his most beloved granddaughter, he called out to her, “Anran, come over! Come and greet your uncles!”

“Alright!” Lu Anran smiled and walked to stand next to Lu Jianhao, “Nice to meet all the uncles!”

“Anran, you are becoming more and more beautiful ah!” The person who continued the conversation was Rong Tianxiao the CEO of Rong Corporation in A City.

“Uncle Rong, long time no see ah! You are looking younger and younger, Anran almost didn’t recognize you!” Lu Anran said sweetly.

“Hahaha! Old Lu ah! Your granddaughter is such a treasure ah!” Rong Tianxiao said with a smile. From the signing of the deal the last time, he was well aware that this Lu Anran was very talented person.

“Hahaha! That’s right!” Yue Weihai who has been sitting next to Lu Jianhao continued, “My son has just returned from his studies overseas, it would also be good if our families can become connected through marriage!”

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