Rebirth: Chapter 114

First she vomited violently after taking the roller coaster ride, then she drank an ice-cold sour drink, then she met the little devil at the revolving coffee cups. In the end, even the drink that she just drank was vomited out……

Chu Yao leaned against Lin Haosheng. She did not even have the strength to raise her hand.

“Chu Yao, you are too weak…..” Lu Anran shook her head and said, “Older brother Haosheng, stay with her for a while. I’ll wander around with Anhu.”

“I…..” It was evident that Lin Haosheng disagreed with Lu Anran’s arrangement but he was also reluctant to abandon Chu Yao who was not feeling well. Internally, the dissatisfaction he had with Chu Yao increased even more. However, after he considered that Chu Yao was still useful, Lin Haosheng endured silently and nodded, “Okay….”

“Then, we are going!” Lu Anran waved as she pulled Lu Anhu away.

Gazing at the backs of Lu Anran and Lu Anhu, Lin Haosheng clenched his fist.

“Older brother Haosheng…..” Chu Yao’s voice was a little weak, “I’m really sorry. I have troubled you…..”

“It’s okay…..” Lin Haosheng took a deep breath, and then gently looked at Chu Yao, “Yao Yao, I can’t leave you when you are like this ah!” If it was possible, he really wanted to abandon Chu Yao! Damn it, all his plans were ruined!

“Older Brother Haosheng….” Chu Yao slightly lifted her head to meet Lin Haosheng’s gaze. Her heart was moved and happiness flowed through her heart again.

“Yao Yao, do you want something to drink?” Lin Haosheng asked.

“No…. I just want to stay like this with you for a while….” Chu Yao lowered her head, leaning it against Lin Haosheng’s waist. She was satisfied with this. Just like this…..

Lin Haosheng frowned slightly. He raised his head and glanced around however he could not catch sight of Lu Anran anywhere. Lin Haosheng vented his frustration by clenching his fist tightly. The goals today were to relax Lu Anran’s vigilance around him and to deepen his relationship with Lu Anran. Who knew she would bring along Lu Anhu and Chu Yao would keep making trouble? How depressing! But as he thought about his plans for 4th October, Lin Haosheng loosened his clenched fist…. Lu Anran, there is still ample time for me to keep you entertained!!!

“Ahchooo!” Lu Anran sneezed just as she reached the entrance of the amusement park.

“Someone cursing you again?” Lu Anhu joked.

“You know this as well?!” Lu Anran rubbed her nose and joked back, “There are too many people cursing me. I don’t even know who is it!”

“Either way, it’s not your fault.” Lu Anhu replied confidently.

“You are so supportive!” Lu Anran nudged Lu Anhu’s chest with her elbow. “Follow this Older Sister and offer her good food and wine as tribute and she will guarantee you fine ladies!”

“Ugh….” Lu Anhu responded with a bout of dry retch.

“Oh come on! Your response is too slow! It’s been such a long while since we got off the roller coaster and it’s only now that you feel like vomiting?” Lu Anran said in surprise.

“It’s not due to the roller coaster!” Lu Anhu pointed at Lu Anran and said, “It’s because of you! In the future, don’t mention the word “eat”! Every time you mention it, I feel like vomiting!”

“Ehhh….” Lu Anran whined, “One glance at you and one would know that you don’t have the fate to enjoy such happiness! I was going to treat you to an expensive meal!”

“Ugh….” Lu Anhu dry-heaved once more, “Just take it that I am begging you…. Please stop mentioning!”

“Eyyyyyy…. Then I won’t mention it anymore!” Lu Anran shrugged.

“Where are we going now?” Lu Anhu asked after the uncomfortable feeling has settled.

“Drink coffee!” Lu Anran smiled as she hailed a taxi, “To the shopping district at Pedestrian street.”

The driver was a middle aged man in his early 40s. He was fat, jolly and liked to chatter. He talked with Lu Anran the entire way, even handing out his name card to her when they reached their destination, and told her that he did chauffeur services. Although Lu Anran typically would not need such services, she still accepted his card with thanks and slipped it into her satchel.

When they reached Pedestrian street shopping district, Lu Anran headed straight to that cafe. As she walked in, she noticed the waitress who had served her previously, was present. The waitress had two braids and looked extremely energetic. “Welcome.”

“Is Tom around?” Lu Anran asked.

“Yes, but Tom is just reaching the end of his shift. He will probably leave soon.” The waitress smiled and replied.

“Oh!” Lu Anran pouted, feeling a little regretful. “I came here to drink the coffee he brews!”

“You can drink my coffee anytime you want!” Tom who had already changed to casual clothes, appeared in front of Lu Anran.

“Really?” Lu Anran smiled at Tom. She specifically came here today just to drink his coffee.

“Find a seat. I’ll bring it over soon!” Tom lifted Lu Anran’s right hand and kissed the back of it, “Wait for me!”

“MHM!” Lu Anran sat at the available table closest to her. Lu Anhu sat opposite her.

Less than 20 minutes later, Tom appeared with a tray. On the tray was 3 cups of coffee, two slices of cakes and a small plate of croissants. Placing the tray on the table, he sat next to Lu Anran, “Here, try it.”

Lu Anran tasted her cup of coffee and said, “Jamica Blue Mountain.”

“Not bad.” Tom nodded in satisfaction. “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me!”

“This coffee is wonderful! The cost of the coffee beans must have been expensive!” Lu Anran concluded with certainty, “Tom, this must have been part of your personal collection.”

“HAHA! You know this too?” Tom guffawed and said.

“This kind of coffee bean trees all grow on rugged hillsides, so the picking process is originally already very difficult. Yet, when one is picking, one must choose those coffee beans that have the right maturity. Plus the picked coffee beans have to be shelled and fermented immediately on the same day. The subsequent drying process is also tedious. When drying Blue Mountain coffee beans, the process must be carried out on a cement floor or on a thick blanket until the dampness of the coffee beans decrease to 12%~14%. They are then stacked in a specialised warehouse. Only when needed, it is baked and grounded into powder. These processes must be strictly controlled otherwise, the quality of the coffee will be affected. Hence, a good Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is costly. Furthermore, since this cup of coffee is of premium quality, it would not be sold in this cafe!” Lu Anran explained.

“I knew you would understand!” Tom casted a look of appreciation, “It seems that we are fated to meet here today ah!”

“Hm?” Lu Anran used a dessert fork to pick up a small croissant and asked, “What do you mean?”

“I am leaving for England this afternoon. If you came two hours later, I’ll be on my way to the airport!” Tom replied, “I received an invitation to the worldwide coffee exhibition happening in England on Monday.”

“Then I’m really fortunate to have come here early.” Lu Anran smiled and said. “When will you be back?”

“One week at the latest.” Tom said, “At that time, I’ll have the best coffee beans waiting for you to sample!”

“Thanks!” Lu Anran smiled and winked, “My mouth is watering after hearing that!”

“Want to come along?” Tom invited, “I’ll provide food and accomodation.”

“No thanks!” Lu Anran rejected, “I still have school!”

“Such a pity.” Tom shrugged as he laughed and said, “Try this matcha cake, it was also made by me.”

“OK!” Lu Anran sampled a tiny bite. The refreshing scent of the matcha immediately filled her entire mouth making Lu Anran recoil back, “You added mint!”

“Yeah!” Tom nodded, “Not bad right?”

“MHM!” Lu Anran nodded happily and ate everything on the table. It was only after exchanging polite greetings again did Lu Anran and Lu Anhu leave the cafe, making a promise to return after two weeks. This time, Lu Anran did not compete over payment of the bill with Tom. After leaving the cafe, Lu Anran and Lu Anhu headed to Xin Dong.

The progress on the renovations was relatively quick this week. All the walls have been plastered with the chosen wallpaper that Lu Anran picked and carefully protected with a plastic film. However the customised furnitures that were ordered by Lu Anran will take another month. At the moment, Lu Anran was not in a rush. After reviewing the progress of the renovations and discussing the finer details with the site supervisor, Lu Anran left the store. When she reached the first floor, she happened to run into Yue Ningshan and her brother.

Yue Ningshan was also surprised to see Lu Anran. After hearing Lu Anxin’s words the other day, she was unable to calm down for a very long time so she left the party early. Hence, she was oblivious to the “drunken truths” Lu Anxin has sprouted out that day. Now that she has met Lu Anran, Yue Ningshan tugged on her lips, revealing an unnatural smile.

On the other hand, Lu Anran smiled at Yue Ningshan and said, “Senior Yue, are you also here to check the progress of your shop?”

“Yeah!” Yue Ningshan smiled.

“Ningshan! Is this your friend? Quick introduce me!” Yue Ningshan’s brother, Yue Ninghan leered at Lu Anran. He thought Lu Anxin was already a work of art but today, he has met someone who looks even more amazing. Yue Ninghan was even more convinced that his decision to return to China was correct!

“This is my older brother, Yue Ninghan. He has been studying overseas and only recently returned so he does not recognise you yet.” Yue Ningshan smiled gently adding a sweetness to her facial features.

“Hello, I am Lu Anran.” Lu Anran nodded as an acknowledgement. She felt uncomfortable with Yue Ninghan’s expression and was not prepared to be friends with Yue Ninghan so her attitude was a little colder than usual.

“Hello hello! I am Yue Ninghan!” Yue Ninghan stretched out his hand. At the thought that he was soon going to hold that soft little white hand, even his eyebrows expressed a gleam of happiness.


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