Rebirth: Chapter 115

“My hands are full of sawdust. It’s better not to shake hands!” Lu Anran did not want to touch that pair of disgusting hands.

“Miss Lu doesn’t show respect ah!” He never thought that Lu Anran would refuse him. Yue Ninghan scowled. His tone also had a hint of intimidation.

“So what if she doesn’t show you any respect? Who the hell are you?” A tone of disdain echoed from a distance.

Lu Anran gazed at the direction of the voice, and saw a young man in his early twenties. He had short hair and was dressed in a tailored black suit. There was a tear-shaped mole under his right eye. His lazy and arrogant voice sounded familiar to Lu Anran.

“YOU!” Yue Ninghan who was cursed out of nowhere, wanted to retaliate but was stopped by Yue Ningshan.

As Yue Ningshan held back her angered older brother, she put on an embarrassed smile and said, “Hello Young Master Feng!” As Yue Ningshan greeted, her heart palpitated. If Yue Ninghan recklessly angers Young Master Feng, then they will be in deep trouble!

Hearing Yue Ningshan’s words, Yue Ninghan’s resentful expression immediately switched to one that was currying favour. His face was full of smiles, “So it is the famous Young Master Feng! I have heard so much about you ah!”

“You have heard much about me?” Young Master Feng sneered, “Then tell me, what is my full name?”

“I…..” Yue Ninghan was stunned. How would he know what was the full name of this Young Master? He only knew that he cannot afford to offend the Feng Corporation. Now that the other party was asking him, he felt very embarrassed!

“Hmph!” The man snickered, “Miss Yue, this is your older brother?”

“Uh…..” Yue Ningshan felt so awkward. Yes, that’s right. This good-for-nothing is her older brother….. but what choice has she got?

Young Master Feng laughed and stopped his gaze on Lu Anran. He then stretched out his hand, “I am Feng Lixian. You should be acquainted with my younger brother. He is Feng Lixing, the President of your student union.”

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Lu Anran stretched out her hand to shake Feng Lixian’s. “The President has taken good care of me.”

“HAHA! Miss Lu must be joking. My younger brother is mischievous. I’ll be happy if he doesn’t cause trouble, not to mention taking care of others!” Feng Lixian’s laughter was exuberant when he laughed. With a glance, his subordinate next to him immediately handed over a name card politely.

Lu Anran also politely received it with both hands, “I’m really sorry. The new store is not due to open, and my name cards has not been printed.” Realising that she was unable to reciprocate the exchange of name cards with Feng Lixian, Lu Anran felt ashamed at her own manners.

“It’s fine. When I was young, I used to visit the head of Lu Corporation, Grandfather Lu Jianhao and have great respect for him. If Miss Lu encounters any difficulty, feel free to come to me!” Feng Lixian said with a smile.

“Many thanks Young Master Feng.” Lu Anran nodded.

“Haha…. Then I’ll leave first.” Feng Lixian nodded and headed to the stairs. As he strode past Lu Anhu, Feng Lixian and Lu Anhu exchanged gazes momentarily before moving their gazes away scornfully.

As he went up the stairs, Feng Lixian asked the person next to him, “She is the fiancee chosen by Young Master Long right?”

“Yes, Young Master” replied the man who handed over the name card just now. “It’s getting more and more interesting!” Feng Lixian laughed. As he recalled the people around Lu Anran, he murmured, “Lu Anwei, Lu Anhu, Lu Anran…. I see…”

After the consecutive slaps by Feng Lixian, Yue Ninghan did not dare to puff up with arrogance anymore. Like a frozen eggplant, his eyes glanced sneakily at Lu Anran from time to time, not daring to say anything else. What else can he say when she has the support of Feng Corporation?

“If there is nothing else, I’ll make a move first!” Lu Anran smiled at Yue Ningshan, “Senior Yue, I’ll see you in school on Monday.”

“Mm.” Yue Ningshan nodded and moved aside.

Lu Anran and Lu Anhu left the shopping centre together.

Gazing the back of Lu Anran, Yue Ninghan appeared to be full of lingering memory and dissatisfaction, “Such a beauty…..”

“Bro! Don’t provoke her!” Yue Ningshan interrupted her brother’s words. No matter what Lu Anxin has said, Lu Corporation will never tolerate Yue Ninghan’s recklessness. It would still be easy to deal with if it was just Lu Anxin. After all, Lu Junan’s family did not have a high status in Lu Corporation. However, Lu Anran was different. She was most favoured person in Lu Corporation. It can be said that the entire Lu Corporation was her backing. Under these circumstances, it was unwise to provoke her without careful consideration.

“Tsk. It’s just a woman!” Yue Ninghan sneered. “The fact that I fancy her is her blessing! I am Yue Corporation’s only Young Master! In the future, the entire Yue Corporation will be mine! She is absolutely nothing!”

“She is now the most favoured person in Lu Corporation. Lu Corporation…..”

“No matter how favoured she is, she is only a woman. Sooner or later, she will have to get married!” Yue Ninghan sneered. “I might as well take her in!”

“BRO!” Yue Ningshan was about to explode in anger. This Yue Ninghan was really reckless ah! Is it really okay to hand over Yue Corporation’s future to this kind of person?

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Yue Ninghan chided her before smiling, “Could it be that you are unwilling to call her sister-in-law because she is so young and is also your junior?”

“….” Yue Ningshan could not help rolling her eyes. This Yue Ninghan is really hopeless!

The two siblings went up the stairs to the front of their shop. The shop was still being renovated. The wallpapers were already pasted and porcelain were being glued on. Two workers were drinking water and their collars were already soaked through.

“Do you only know how to idle? My Yue Corporation pay you to work, not to laze around! A bunch of lazy people! Serves you right to do this kind of work for your whole life!” Yue Ninghan pointed and cursed at the workers who were drinking water.

“BRO!” Yue Ningshan hurriedly held Yue Ninghan back. “What are you doing?” It’s normal for the workers to drink some water and rest when they did manual labour!

“What do you mean?” Yue Ninghan retorted with dissatisfaction. “They are all a bunch of lazy people. If we do not scold them, they would think us Yue Corporation are easily fooled!”

“Bro……” Yue Ningshan was going crazy. This Yue Ninghan was really a hopeless case ah!

“Hmph!” After venting his pent-up feelings, Yue Ninghan felt a lot better. He felt so uncomfortable after being scolded by that Feng Lixian. “Let’s go! We are going back!”

“Going back?” Yue Ningshan widened her eyes, “Just like that?” Then what was the point of coming here?

“What else?” Yue Ninghan frowned in displeasure. “It’s so noisy and smelly here, I don’t want to stay here! I want to go back!” After saying that, he left. What kind of dilapidated place is this? He’s not willing to stay any longer! Even if he is here, he cannot even do anything. The place has not even finish renovating, what was the point of being here? Can’t he just come back after everything has been settled?

“Bro! Bro!” Lu Ningshan smiled apologetically at the workers before catching up with her brother. She felt even worse.

When the siblings reached home, their parents were also home. It was only after Yue Ninghan had knocked on the door for while that the servant who was cleaning the second floor hurriedly open the door.

“Are you dead? This old thing! So slow!” Yue Ninghan cursed at the servant who was in her fifties as he walked into the house in disdain.

“Aunty Yue.” Yue Ningshan said apologetically to the servant, “Go and rest first!”

“Okay, Young Miss…..” Aunty Yue was already 52. She has been in the Yue family for nearly 20 years. It can be said that she was the one who brought up the Yue siblings. She was also already used to Yue Ninghan’s temper.

“Ninghan and Ningshan are back ah!” Mother Yue grinned and stood up, “How was the inspection of the new store?”

“I scolded two workers who were lazing around.” Yue Ninghan looked proud of himself.

“My son is so wonderful!” Mother Yue was full of pride.

Yue Ningshan could not help rolling her eyes, “Those two workers were not goofing off okay?”

“What do you mean by not goofing off? Other people were working, only those two were doing nothing. If that was not called goofing off, then what is?” Yue Ninghan retorted.

“They were drinking water! They have been working all these time, can’t you let others drink some water?” Yue Ningshan sat on the sofa and hugged a cushion. “I’ll go alone on the next inspection! Not only did you not ask any of the questions we were supposed to ask, you also made a fool of yourself!”

“Make a fool of whom?” Yue Weihai came out of the study. “Who made a disgrace of themselves?”

“Dad.” Yue Ninghan looked at Yue Weihai and said, “No one made a fool of themselves.”

“He recklessly went to provoke Lu Anran and was scolded by Feng Lixian.” Yue Ningshan curled her lips in a contemptuous smile.

“What do you mean provoke?” Yue Ninghan became unhappy. “The lady is lovely and a fit bride for this lord!”

“You fancy Lu Anran?” Lu Weihai gazed at this son with a calculating glint. “Lu Corporation has been developing well these past two years. Lu Anran also has an important position in Lu Corporation. If we are able to get Lu Anran as a daughter-in-law, it will also boost the development of Yue Corporation.”

“Isn’t it?” Yue Ninghan hurriedly said, “That Lu Anran is really pretty. Of course, I also like her because of Yue Corporation!”

“…..” Yue Ningshan was speechless.

“The 4th of October is Ji Rou’s birthday.” Mother Yue said, “I have also received an invitation. At that time, you come along with Mom. I’ll mention to Ji Rou about the engagement between the both of you. The marriage between Yue-Lu Corporations is a win-win situation. I think Ji Rou will also not object to it!”

“Who is Ji Rou?” After Yue Ninghan’s absolute mess of college entrance exam results, he was sent abroad to study at an exorbitant price by the Yue family. Since he has not been back for long, he was not clear about the state of affairs in S City. They initially hoped that he might learn something useful during his time abroad, in the end, all he learnt were to squander and play with women.

“Ji Rou is Lu Corporation’s eldest daughter-in-law. Lu Anran’s mother.” Yue Weihai explained. “Ningshan, go with your mother on the 4th of October too!”

“Yes Dad.” Yue Ningshan nodded.

“Lu Anran also have a few male cousins. If your brother fails to get engaged to Lu Corporation, then it’s also a good idea to marry you over….” Yue Weihai clicked his imaginary calculations loudly, missing the disappointment and sadness expressed on Yue Ningshan’s face.


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