Rebirth: Chapter 113

Her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail with a yellow hairtie and she wore a dress that was a matching yellow colour to her hairtie. Pinned on her cinched waist dress was a cheery brooch with brown bows scattered all over her ballooned sleaves and dress. Under her dress, she wore white bloomers showing off a pair of long slim legs with bare feets encased in a pair of bohemian styled brown sandals. In the open-toed sandals decorated with a tassel, are ten round and cute toes painted with red nail polish. Her right wrist was accessorised with a string of amethyst bracelet, and she had slung a small leather satchel bag over her shoulder stuffed full of necessary objects such as her handphone and wallet.

Twirling in front of the mirror, her yellow dress flared out, giving a glimpse of the layer of white lace lined underneath. Lu Anran admired herself left and right before nodding her head in satisfaction. Opening her bedroom door, she noticed the maid Lingling who was currently mopping the passageway on the second floor. Lu Anran has ill feelings towards Lingling and Lingling who felt guilty towards Lu Anran could only hunch over and lower her head, afraid to look at Lu Anran’s face.

 Lu Anran silently walked passed Lingling, following the passageway to go downstairs. Presently, Lu Anhu and Lin Haosheng had already waited for quite a while, and when Lu Anran appeared, she said with a happy expression, “Let’s go!”

“Mm.” Lu Anhu and Lin Haosheng stood up from the sofa. Lu Anhu picked up a strawberry from the fruit platter and shoved it into Lu Anran’s mouth, “it’s quite sweet, have a taste.”

“Mm! It’s sweet!” Lu Anran smiled and swallowed the strawberry.”Give me another one.”

“Mm.” Lu Anhu turned to take another two more strawberries. “Have all of them.” He placed the strawberries onto Lu Anran’s palm and smiled.

“…..” Observing the interaction between the both of them, Lin Haosheng’s mouth turned down slightly in discontent.

The three of them left the Lu Residence and got into the car. Lu Anran then told Old Zhang who was driving the car, “Uncle Zhang, go to the city to pick up someone first, then go to the amusement park.”

“Understood, Young Miss.” Looking at the three people seated behind through the rear-view mirror where Lu Anhu and Lin Haosheng sat on Lu Anran’s left and right, Uncle Zhang heavily sighed, “it’s sure great to be young…..”

When they reach the city centre, under Lu Anran’s directions, Uncle Zhang drove to McDonald to pick up Chu Yao. Thinking about the amount of effort she spent to dress up today, and noticing how the backseat is full of people, Chu Yao sat in the front passenger seat, put on the seatbelt and turned to look back at the three people to greet them. “Anran, it’s sure hot today ah!”

“It’s ok.” Lu Anran gave her a mirthless grin and from the corner of her eyes, she saw Lin Haosheng’s surprised expression that he had yet to hide. The corner of her mouth curled upwards. “Chu Yao, this is Brother Haosheng whom I often mention to you.”

“Nice to meet you, Brother Haosheng, I often hear about you from Anran!” Chu Yao smiled sweetly, “you can just call me Yao Yao.”

“Nice to meet you.” Lin Haosheng nodded his head politely.

Chu Yao’s gaze lingered on her sweetheart’s face, she has been looking forward to this meeting for a week! When it was finally Saturday, she woke up early just to try on different clothes and managed to put together an outfit that she’s satisfied with. Chu Yao judged Lu Anran’s outfit and her face blackened. She was currently wearing a white jersey dress with a black belt to show off her slim waist. Her waist length hair was loose over her shoulder. She was also wearing white leather sandals with black heel. Her dressing made her look slim and graceful and dignified at the same time. Even though it might look ordinary, but it highlighted all of Chu Yao’s good points. If one were to talk about her biggest regret, it was that she got suntanned a lot during military training. If she was to compare with Lu Anran who was exposed under the same sun, Lu Anran did not get suntan at all causing Chu Yao to be very displeased.

“Once we reach the amusement park, Brother Haosheng and Chu Yao can go and buy the tickets first.” Lu Anran instructed. “Anhu and I can go and buy some snacks.”

“Alright!” Chu Yao agreed immediately. This was exactly what she wanted.

“Let’s all go together to buy snacks.” Lin Haosheng said, “I already booked the tickets online previously. All we need to do is to scan the QR code and we can enter.”

“How convenient!” Lu Anhu smiled.

“Yeah….” Chu Yao echoed, feeling disappointed.

“Anran, what do you want to play later?” Lu Anhu asked.

“Rollercoaster.” Lu Anran said, “I want to play that!”

“So exciting from the start?” Chu Yao cannot stand it. She was extremely afraid of it.

“But I only want to play that!” Lu Anran blinked innocently. She was well aware that Chu Yao was most fearful of rollercoasters.

“Then, let’s go and play rollercoaster first!” Lin Haosheng also did not like it but since Lu Anran mentioned it, he has no choice but to agree.

“Ok!” Lu Anran clapped, her pair of big eyes curved like a crescent moon when she smiled, looking like little fox.

“…..” Lu Anhu gazed at Lu Anran’s smile and felt cold chills run down his back. Every time Lu Anran smiled like this, someone was going to get swindled by her again.

When they reached the amusement park, everyone queued up at the rollercoaster section. Even though it’s the weekend, but because Lu Anran and the rest came early, there were not many people queuing up here. After less than an hour, Lu Anran and Lu Anhu sat together at around the 7th row and Chu Yao and Lin Haosheng sat behind them.

Fixing the safety belt properly and the safety handrail also came into position, Lu Anran turned her head from the corner of her eyes to look at Chu Yao. At the moment, her face was already totally white and her hands were uneasily hugging tightly onto the safety handrails. Lu Anran smirked and soon after the rollercoaster started moving.

After the rollercoaster went one round of moving slowly and gaining in speed and dropping suddenly, the 20 minutes long activity ended. Unbuckling her safety belt, Lu Anran let out a breath, and looked at Lu Anhu who was beside her. The whole time, this guy had no reaction whatsoever, as though nothing was happening.

Coming down from the rollercoaster, Lu Anran stretched. “Next we should play….”

Lu Anran has yet to complete her sentence when Chu Yao who was seated behind her rushed to the rubbish bin and started vomiting desperately. Her carefully straightened hair became messy and her face turned slightly green, from the looks of it, her condition was not great.

Lin Haosheng was a little disgusted and wore his glasses again. Just now Chu Yao kept on screaming in his ear, making his eardrums ache. If she was so afraid then she shouldn’t have participated. Wouldn’t she be fine then?

“Chu Yao…. Are you okay….?” Lu Anran asked. “Why don’t I ask Brother Haosheng to send you home first?”

“I…I’m fin…..ugh….” Chu Yao felt like her stomach was churning furiously. Today was her first date with Lin Haosheng ah! She anticipated it for so long and carefully prepared for it for so long….

“Errr…..” Lu Anran looked at Chu Yao who was vomiting terribly and shook her head. “Forget it! I don’t feel like playing anymore, Chu Yao, you should let Brother Haosheng send you home!”

“Ugh….I…I’m fine!” Chu Yao straighten her back and forcefully suppressed her nauseated feeling. “What should we play next?” She knew in her heart that if Lin Haosheng was to send her home now, he will definitely be disgusted with her. Instead, she should just grit her teeth and bear with it, and think of a way to get rid of Lu Anran and Lu Anhu after lunch…. Right now, what she need to do is to look as delicate as she can, and let Lin Haosheng remember her good points….

“Are you sure you are okay?” Lu Anran observed Chu Yao from top to bottom. Right now Chu Yao’s face was very pale, and her white dress made her appear delicate and weak, like a white flower that was just rained on, causing one’s heart to ache for her.

“I’m fine, after all it was not easy for us to get together.” Chu Yao waved her hands.

“Then let’s go and play revolving coffee cups!” Lu Anran pointed at the coffee cup activity in the distance. “It looks as if it’s not very dangerous….”

“Alright.” Chu Yao nodded.

Everyone walked to queue up for the activity, and Lin Haosheng bought some ice juice drink.

After receiving a lemon juice drink from Lin Haosheng and drinking a few mouthfuls, Chu Yao felt her nausea fading away. She gave Lin Haosheng a grateful smile with her heart full of happiness. She knew it Lin Haosheng still cared about her!

The revolving coffee cup did not have many people. They only needed to queue for 20 mins and it was already their turn. One coffee cup can seat five people, and it was Lu Anran and co., so four people and a 10 year old kid. His parents yelled for him a few times, but the little boy was not willing to wait any longer, sitting in the seat excitedly.

The coffee cups started turning. The speed was still alright initially and there was also BGM with appropriate lyrics: “you’re my childish kid, sitting in the coffee cup in the amusement park, we hug tightly and turn round and round, your charming childishness in the wind, in the wind love spreads around, sharing the noble dream in your tired soul, you’re my childish king….”

Hearing these lyrics, Chu Yao could not help turning her gaze to Lin Haosheng’s face. The more she looked at him, she become more addicted she became to him. Just like how the lyrics described, she was infatuated with everything about Lin Haosheng…..

After turning for about a minute, the little boy started feeling bored and started crazily turning the wheel in the middle of the coffee cup. Alongside with his actions, the coffee cup started turning faster and faster….

“Don’t…don’t turn anymore…” Chu Yao felt more and more terrible, “Stop! Quickly!”

“HAHAHAHA!” How would a little kid be willing to listen to Chu Yao? Instead, the more Chu Yao asked him to stop, the happier and faster the kid turned the wheel.

With much difficulty, Chu Yao managed to wait until time was up and the coffee cup stopped. Chu Yao’s face was very green and only managed to get off the coffee cup with Lin Haosheng’s help. Seeing Chu Yao’s appearance, Lu Anran only wanted to praise: Little brat, good job!


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