Rebirth: Chapter 112

Hearing those suppressed sounds, Lu Anran creeped back to her room. After closing the door, she leaned against it with a shocked expression.

It never occurred to her that Lin Haosheng was that competitive…. Just to harm her, he was actually willing to use his looks!

The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth gently lifted as she picked up her table calendar to flip through. The fourth of next month ah….. On the calendar marked this day as Ji Rou’s birthday. If everything went as per usual, then many important figures would be invited over on this day. After all, Ji Rou was the eldest daughter-in-law of the Lu Family, and her position in the Lu family became more sensitive than ever especially after Lu Junhao’s disappearance and Lu Anran’s rise to prominance. Those people who intend to get closer to the Lu Corporation would definitely seize this opportunity to appear. If she, Lu Anran, makes a mistake on this day….. How interesting….

“Lin Haosheng, your smug calculations are indeed horrid!” Lu Anran murmured. If she did not chance upon tonight’s scene, who knew what would have happened? However, since she was aware of it now, she will naturally take precautions!

After she showered, Lu Anran lied in bed, falling asleep as she thought about the countermeasures she should take. The next day, just as the day broke, Lu Anran’s biological clock rang. Opening her eyes, she got out of bed and stretched, beginning a new day ahead.

After her warm-up, Lu Anhu said to Lu Anran, “We won’t do boxing today. Let’s fight instead!”

“Actual combat?” Lu Anran was stunned. “Won’t I just be tortured then?”

“I will just be defending, not attacking.” Lu Anhu placed his right arm behind his back and positioned his left arm in front of Lu Anran. “Come!”

“Alright…..” Lu Anran also knew that the reason she worked so hard for such a long time was so that she could use it during critical moments and actual combat was indeed the best way to improve. Clenched both her fists, Lu Anran rushed up to punch Lu Anhu’s face.

“Too slow.” Lu Anhu easily dodged.

“Humpf.” Lu Anran snorted, closing the gap to elbow him.

“When attacking, don’t move randomly. You must catch them off guard!” Lu Anhu easily fended off Lu Anran’s arm. “Don’t target your opponent’s face with your first punch. It’s easier to target their lower extremity.”

After Lu Anran heard this, she wanted kick Lu Anhu’s kneecaps.

“Don’t use your feet to kick your opponent’s kneecap.” Lu Anhu stepped back and said, “You can use a round kick to kick the side of the leg.”

Lu Anran followed Lu Anhu’s instructions and made a series of round kicks.

“Don’t bend your legs. Straighten them out.” Lu Anhu corrected Lu Anran’s shortcomings. “Kick again.”

“Argghh!” As she kept missing, Lu Anran also became a little frustrated. She then turned and made a series of Liao Yin kicks instead of the round kicks that Lu Anhu mentioned.

“Yo~” Lu Anhu crossed both his hands to counteract Lu Anran’s attack, “So dangerous.”

“Oops…. I was too impulsive….” Lu Anran sticked out her tongue.

“That’s ok. It’s indeed a good method of attacking….” Lu Anhu smiled, “But your movements are still too large. Pay more attention. The result would be better if you manage to catch your opponents unaware!”

“Oh…..” Lu Anran nodded thoughtfully.

“Again!” Lu Anhu ordered. After two hours of combat, Lu Anhu stopped the training. “Let’s go and eat. After eating, we can go to school.”

“Alright.” Lu Anran smiled with satisfaction as she wiped away the sweat on her forehead. She learnt a lot today!

The both of them ate and went to school. As Lu Anran stepped into her classroom, everyone started giggling while looking at her. Lu Anran froze, “What’s up with everyone? Why are you all giggling in such as sly manner?”

“Class Monitor, are you together with Senior Long?” Someone asked the question on everyone’s mind.

“Nope.” Lu Anran immediately denied. “Nonsense!”

“Then why does Senior Long keep looking for you?” A girl asked. “Yesterday as well. He was waiting by the door for everyone to leave before entering the classroom. He even shut the door! There were only the two of you in the classroom ah!”

“Huh?” Lu Anran blinked innocently. “You are all mistaken! Senior Long sent over the script yesterday. Ji Ling is the female lead in the upcoming play. Since I was the one who recommended her, I am involved in the preparation. This means that I have to memorise the script as the understudy just in case Ji Ling is not able to go on the stage that day!” Lu Anran picked up the script on her desk. “This is the script!”

“Ah?” Everyone sounded disappointed. “So that’s it…..”

“What else is there?” Lu Anran shook her head helplessly. “You guys! Always thinking of such nonsense….” Lu Anran glanced around, fixing her sight on the back of Qin Shumo’s deskmate. “By the way, are any of you able to contact An Ge? He wasn’t here yesterday either.”

“Hm?” Everyone exchanged puzzled looks with each other before landing their gaze on the girl seated behind An Ge. “Xu Ya, isn’t your house quite close to An Ge’s….?”

“Oh yes!” Xu Ya nodded and replied. “An Ge and I live in the same block of flats.”

“If we do not hear from him today, could I trouble you to go to visit him for me?” Lu Anran said, “I can go with you if necessary.”

“No problem. I can go there myself.” Xu Ya smiled and said, “Class monitor is indeed more responsible than our form teacher!”

“That’s right!” Everyone echoed. Their form teacher is really irresponsible! Apart from his excellent lectures, everything else were handled by Lu Anran and Qin Shumo. So different from other classes! However, it was precisely because of this that Lu Anran and Qin Shumo had an important presence in the hearts of their classmates.

“Uh…..” Lu Anran was speechless.

“Ahem…” When everyone was grumbling and complaining, the form teacher Lu Rui walked in with his English textbook. The moment he stepped into the classroom, the entire classroom went silent. The bell also rang at this time. Lu Rui stood at the podium and glanced around once, “Open your books to the 34th page. Number 1 read the first paragraph.” Lu Rui started his class as though nothing had happened.

Since Lu Rui feigned ignorance, the students naturally also remained silent. Everyone started their first period of class with sound of Qin Shumo reciting the English text out loud.

At the end of their morning classes, when it was announced that the afternoon military training has been changed to self-study, all the students jumped for joy. They were so happy that even their voices were louder than usual when they had lunch at the canteen.

“Anran, it’s so great that military training has been cancelled!” Ji Ling grinned and said, “I hate military training!”

“Anyway, you won’t be attending much of the military training.” Lu Anran replied. “Your rehearsals start from next week. You won’t need to continue military training so you can keep on grinning away!”

“My dear Saintess Lu, this little one is unable to repay your great kindness….” Ji Ling flexed her fingers exaggeratedly into an orchid shape. Mimicking her voice as one of the actors in Beijing Opera troupe, she continued, “only by pledging myself~”

“I don’t want it.” Lu Anran pretended to wave her hand in disdain, “Just get lost!”

“Tsk….” Ji Ling rolled her eyes. “Damnit. You don’t even give other people face!”

“HAHA….” Qin Shumo started laughing, “Ji Ling, your face is already so chubby, what kind of face do you still want? If you gain any more face, you might gain more meat on your face!”

“YOU!” Ji Ling pointed at Qin Shumo and gritted her teeth, “Qin Shumo you irritating jerk!” Serves you right for failing to woo Lu Anran! Naturally, Ji Ling did not add the last sentence. She just pouted and harrumphed. “Damnit!”

“HAHA!” Lu Anran also laughed. “Ji Ling, you can whack him ah!”

“Lu Anran, don’t give her bad ideas!” Qin Shumo joked.

“I can’t be bothered to give him a whack!” Ji Ling rolled her eyes at Qin Shumo. As she turned around, she noticed that Lu Anhu was heading this way with his tray so she hurriedly waved her hand, “Lu Anhu, over here! Over here!”

After hearing Ji Ling’s voice, Lu Anhu walked over. Ji Ling, Lu Anran and Qin Shumo sat in a table for four. Lu Anran was seated near the window, Qin Shumo sat opposite her, Ji Ling sat next to her and Lu Anhu who just arrived, sat opposite Ji Ling.

“Anhu, what do you think? Is Ji Ling’s face chubby?” Lu Anran smiled and said.

Lu Anhu raised Ji Ling’s chin with his chopsticks and replied with a serious expression, “Chubby? Not really ah!”

“Hear that? Hear that?” Ji Ling immediately brightened. How could her face become chubbier and chubbier?

“She looks more and more like that lead in that anime!” Lu Anhu continued.

“Which anime?” Lu Anran smiled and asked. “<Sunny Pig>?”

“Anran!” Ji Ling clenched her fist in protest, “How am I like <Sunny Pig>?”

“<Mcdull>?” Qin Shumo asked.

“Isn’t that still a pig?!” Ji Ling fussed, “Do I resemble a pig?!” She was currently suffering in the daily military training, the cram school that she attended was also very tough, so naturally she had to eat a little more ah! It was only an additional half a bowl of rice, did she really gained weight?!

“Not a pig!” Lu Anhu replied waving his hand, “A cat!”

“Cat?” Lu Anran exchanged a glance with Qin Shumo and then stared at Ji Ling. This person was at least 6 kg! Why would she resemble a little cat?

“The robot!” Lu Anhu said, “with a large pocket on its tummy.”

“<Doraemon>?” Qin Shumo guessed.

“Doesn’t it have another alias?” Lu Anhu laughed, “Blue fatty or something…”

“LU! AN! HU!” Ji Ling used both her fists to thump Lu Anhu’s arm, “Shut the hell up! I’ll kill you!”

Ji Ling’s small strength was only a tad heavier than a regular massage when she hit Lu Anhu, allowing Lu Anhu to tease her once more.

Lu Anran laughed so hard that her stomach ached. Qin Shumo was also gasping with laughter.

Yet at the table opposite them, the gazes of Liu Ling and Xiao Yan had an ominous glint. Why on earth does Lu Anhu like this kind of trash?


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