Rebirth: Chapter 111

It was already 9 PM when Lu Anran returned home from the new shop branch. She went back to her room to complete her homework. She then habitually switched on her laptop to check her inbox. Unexpectedly, she who did not hold any more expectations, saw a flashing notification at the bottom right corner of the mailbox.

“Must be another advertisement…” Lu Anran grumbled as she clicked the flashing notification. After reading the contents of the expanded mail, Lu Anran looked for the sender and could not help rubbing her eyes, “This….”

IT’S LIN DA! Lin Da finally replied! OMG….

Lu Anran could feel her bit of tiredness disappearing. She read each and every word of the contents of the mail serious. Even the punctuations were glanced over a few times.

“Anran, you have sent so many emails to me ah! An email is used to transmit information! It’s not your diary! I have wasted quite a bit of my time reading all of your emails. Don’t worry, I’m very well over here. They have strict regulations regarding information transmission over here, as expected of a world class secret military academy. I have grown stronger and a bit tanner as compared to when I left Country Z. Have you also completed your high school military training? Although I know you will still worry, but I am unable to tell you much about the ongoings over here. You just need to know that everything is fine! You must remember to pay attention to your own safety. If everything goes well, I will be back in 3 years. You better not die before I return! As for emails, I can probably only reply once every 2 to 3 months! Tell Ji Ling not to worry about me either. She’s not only timid but also a crybaby. Even though she sometimes make threatening gestures, she actually has zero fighting capability and definitely the panicky type. Be sure to look after her more! That’s all. Bye bye~”

Lu Anran read the email over and over again. She was really happy that Lin Da was safe and sound! As she read over again and again, Lu Anran suddenly realised that her cheeks were set. Using her hand to wipe her cheeks, she realised that they were actually her tears. Why was she crying? Lu Anran did not know how to describe the feeling that she had. It was like breathing a sigh of relief, as though both her and Lin Da were accounted for, it was like missing a bestie that gave up her safe and worry free life just to help her…. That sort of complex emotions seemed to have found an outlet through her tears….

“Dang Dang Dang” A knocking sound resounded.

“Who is it?” Lu Anran hurriedly wiped away her tears and closed the email. She then turned towards the door and said, “Come in.”

Once the door was pushed open, an unexpected face appeared in front of Lu Anran.

“Anran, you haven’t gone to bed?”

“Anything?” Lu Anran frowned. She could feel her good mood shattering into a million pieces.

“You must be very tired now that you have to attend class everyday and supervise the renovations of the new store in Xin Dong. So I would like to take you to the amusement park to relax a little this Saturday.”

“N…” As soon as Lu Anran was about to refuse, she swallowed back her words of rejection and then smiled, “Sure! Can I bring along a friend?”

“Yes, of course!” The other party looked so surprised as though he never expected Lu Anran to agree this quickly.

“Then thank you Brother Haosheng.” Lu Anran put on a superficial smile to express her happiness.

“Uh… You’re welcome….” Lin Haosheng was stunned for a moment, seemingly unable to adapt to Lu Anran’s quick change in attitude. “As long as you are happy.” “Why would I not be?” Lu Anran had her own plans. “Brother Haosheng, I want to rest now.”

“Then you can go to bed first!” Lin Haosheng smiled and then closed her room door. Did things progress too smoothly?

Seeing the closed door, the smile on Lu Anran’s face vanished. She then took up her phone to call a number. After only a few rings, the call connected. “Hello? Chu Yao?”

“Mm? It’s me.” Chu Yao who picked up the call, was also shocked. Lu Anran has not called her in ages!

“Would you like to go to the amusement park this Saturday?” Lu Anran asked.

“This Saturday ah?” Chu Yao chewed her lips. “I’m not free ah! I have tuition on Saturday.” How old is she? Still going to the amusement park… Such an idiot! She would be willing to go if she had suggested shopping instead. Of course, on the condition that Lu Anran pays for everything!

“Ah? Such a pity….” Lu Anran dragged out her tone. In a depressed voice, she said, “I wanted to introduce you to Brother Haosheng.”

“Who?” Chu Yao froze after hearing the name of her beloved person.

“That Lin Haosheng, the person I mentioned to you today!” Lu Anran replied. “He has invited me to the amusement park this Saturday. Aren’t you my bestie…. I wanted to introduce the both of you to each other so that you can help me take a look too.”

“You are… going with Lin Haosheng….?” The corners of Chu Yao’s mouth lifted into a beautiful arc, “Since that is so, then okay! I’ll ask for leave from my Saturday tuition class!”

“That’t not very good right….” Lu Anran’s lips curled in disdain, “aren’t you busy…..”

“You are more important, we are besties after all!” Chu Yao said eagerly.

“Ok then!” Lu Anran said happily, “we have a date! See you on Saturday!”

“Ok!” Chu Yao quickly replied, both parties saying pleasantries to each other before hanging up. Chu Yao hugged her pillow excitedly and buried her face into it. She can go to the amusement park with Lin Haosheng ah… How great… What should she wear? After all, it’s her first time to go with Lin Haosheng to this kind of place for a date, so she must dress up prettily! At that time, all she need to do is to think of some random excuse to send Lu Anran away, so she can spend some time alone with Lin Haosheng…..

On the other hand, after Lu Anran hung up, rather than reacting like Chu Yao and imagining excitedly, she used her computer to search up how to go to S City’s amusement park and a few emergency exits, and all kinds of random things. After researching, she ran to knock at Lu Anhu’s door.

“Anran?” Lu Anhu had just finished bathing, and appeared with a towel wrapped around his waist and another in his hand drying his wet hair. “It’s so late already, is something the matter?”

“Of course!” Lu Anran entered Lu Anhu’s room and bounced onto his bed, “Close the door!”

Lu Anhu closed the door and asked, “What’s up?”

“Lin Haosheng invited me out on a date to the amusement park just now.” Lu Anran said in a low voice.

“What? If you don’t want to go, just directly refuse him.” Lu Anhu said as he dried his hair.

“I agreed to go.” Lu Anran hugged Lu Anhu’s pillow.

“WHAT?” Lu Anhu froze, “You agreed!”

“Yeah!” Lu Anran continued, “I even asked Chu Yao to come along.”

“Chu Yao?” Lu Anhu was confused, “what are you planning to do?”

“I plan to matchmake them together!” Lu Anran smirked and told Lu Anhu her plans. “If the both of them get together, then I don’t need to rack my brains trying to think of a way to get rid of the engagement between me and Lin Haosheng ah!”

“Oh….” Lu Anhu nodded. No matter which perspective he stands, he hopes that Lu Anran would not have much involvement with Lin Haosheng. After all, Lin Haosheng gives off a dangerous aura. That kind of pretentious gentleman is such an eyesore whenever Lu Anhu sees him. Also, Lu Anhu’s greatest wish is to let Lu Anran live peacefully, and keep away from any danger forever!

“That’s right!” Lu Anran said, “so come with me on that day.”

“Would Xue Dingan also come along?” Lu Anhu said.

“I don’t need him to come along on Saturday, he seems to have something on that day.” Lu Anran said. “When it comes to it, be more alert. I plan to sneak off in the middle, so observe my facial expressions and take action.”

“Ok.” Lu Anhu nodded.

“Alright~ I’m done, so I’ll leave now!” Lu Anran stretched. “Surprisingly, I’m actually sleepy.”

“Go and sleep then.” Lu Anhu said.

“Mm.” Lu Anran waved at Lu Anhu and left his room. After leaving, Lu Anran did not return to her room directly, but instead went downstairs to drink a glass of water. However, when Lu Anran was about to turn a corner on first floor, she heard someone speaking very softly.

“Am I the sort of person to lie to you?” A man’s voice sounded irritated.

“Young Master Haosheng, I…I’m not suspecting you…but Young Miss, she….”

“Lingling, you have been working here in the Lu Residence for a long time, are you really willing to work your whole life as a maid?” Lin Haosheng voice was full of allure.

“I….” Lingling pinched her lips together, “Young Master Haosheng, when you paid for my mother’s hospital bill, I have already told you that I’m willing to work like a slave to repay you….”

“Lingling, I won’t allow you to say that!” Ling Haosheng’s voice had a trace of menace. “I love you so dearly, how can I make you work like a slave!”

“Young Master Haosheng, I’m only a maid….” Lingling was overwhelmed by the unexpected favour.

“Shhhhh…..” Lin Haosheng’s finger pressed on Lingling’s lips. “Don’t say that! I have never treated you as a maid, you are my Lingling ah….”

“Young Master Haosheng….” Lingling has never heard this kind of sweet nothings before. Her tears gathered in her eyes, and her heart was already full of happiness.

“Lingling, I’m doing all these for our future ah! Next month on the 4th, all you need to do is to pour this into Young Miss’ wine!” Lin Haosheng pressed a small finger-size glass container into Lingling’s hand.

“Young Master Haosheng…..” Lingling was still very hesitant, usually Young Miss treated her very well ah….

“Lingling….” Noticing her wavering eyes, Ling Haosheng suppressed the anger in his heart and reached out a hand to wrap around Lingling’s waist, “I want you….”

“Don’t…..” Lingling’s voice trembled. “This is the first floor, it’s not safe. What if someone comes down?”

“No one will come down….” Lin Haosheng used his fingertip to tilt up Lingling’s chin. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll take care of everything.”


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