Rebirth: Chapter 107

Everyone! Guess who is which animal HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Lu Anxin felt so ashamed. She wanted to crawl out from under the heap of things, yet she could not muster up her strength.

“This…..” Lu Anran froze before hurriedly stepping forward to support Lu Anxin. They were still in Long Corporation and could not afford such embarrassment.

“Go… Go away!” The current Lu Anxin was already delirious and flushed. She also felt woozy. A whiff of euphoria started spreading through her. She guffawed and then shouted as she pointed at Lu Anran, “Lu Anran, what’s so good about you?”

Lu Anran who was shouted at by Lu Anxin, was confused. Why does Lu Anxin’s condition look like a drunkard?

“Lu Anran, so what if I stole your gown? You are not worthy of such a gown! Everything of yours will be mine! I want to take away everything of yours! You…” Before Lu Anxin could finish her sentence, her neck was karate-chopped.

“Hmpf!” Xue Dingan snorted as he flung his hand. He then carried the fainted Lu Anxin on his shoulder, “Anran! Let’s go!”

“Mhm.” Lu Anran frowned as she gazed at the unconscious Lu Anxin. What on earth was in that cocktail that Lu Anxin just drank? How could the symptoms be exactly like someone who was drunk?

“Make way!” Lu Anhu parted the surrounding crowd of watchers to let Lu Anran and the others walk through.

“Chu Yao!” Before Lu Anran left, she glanced at the worried Chu Yao and said, “I’ll be waiting for your explanation!”

“I….” Chu Yao was stunned. This was completely different from her original intent ah! Seeing that Lu Anran and the others were walking further and further away, Chu Yao gritted her teeth and took out her phone. She messaged Lin Haosheng of tonight’s incident and waited for his reply with great anxiety. After 10 minutes, Lin Haosheng replied to the message, “Yao Yao, well done! Go home first, and await my further instructions!”

As Lin Haosheng’s tone did not have the slightest bit of reproach, Chu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. She then kept back her phone into the bag and turned around to leave the Long Corporation’s dance venue.

After Lin Haosheng received the news from Chu Yao, he felt extremely happy. He originally wanted Lu Anran to be humiliated at Long Corporation’s dance party. Who knew that Lu Anxin would interfere with his plans ah! But this was good too. Lu Anxin will also be a useful chess piece! At school, there was Chu Yao and at home, there was Lu Anxin…..

Lin Haosheng lifted his head to look out of the window at the chilly moon….

Lu Anran, I’ll ensure that you will meet your doom!

“AH CHOO!” Lu Anran suddenly sneezed.

“You caught a cold?” Xue Dingan held the steering wheel as he glanced back to Lu Anran using the rearview mirror.

“Nope. My nose is a little itchy.” Lu Anran frowned and said, “I wonder what would be tomorrow’s headlines.” When she recalled the flashes from the reporters’ cameras around her as she left the dance venue, it was really so blinding that even now, she could still see virtual shadows dancing in the mind when she closed her eyes.

“She’s reaping what she has sown. It’s no one’s fault.” Lu Anhu glanced unhappily at the still unconscious Lu Anxin. “Are we bringing her back to the Lu Residence?”

“Take her home.” Lu Anran rubbed her sore temples.

“I don’t know the way.” Xue Dingan confessed.

“Give Uncle Zhang a call and ask him to meet us at a place. We definitely can’t take her back to Lu Residence today.” Lu Anran said assuredly. Tonight was too eventful and there was still a Lin Haosheng at home. She was positive that the person Chu Yao wanted to harm was her and not Lu Anxin. Lu Anxin was just unlucky to be the “scapegoat.” The reason why Chu Yao would do this was most likely Lin Haosheng’s idea. It was not possible for Chu Yao to get her hands on such a good drug! She needs to think up of the next countermeasures for this sudden incident.

All these negative news will badly affect the Lu Corporation’s public image. Moreover, the renovations of new store was about to commence, and open for business next year. Nothing must happen during this sensitive time period. For now, she did not want Lu Anxin and Lin Haosheng to meet and have any interactions, so the best way is to send her back to her own home. When Lu Junan watches the news tomorrow morning, he will naturally forbid Lu Anxin from leaving the house. Then Lu Anran would obtain a temporary breathing spell. “We must send her back home!”

“Roger!” Xue Dingan nodded. Although he did not know why Lu Anran insisted upon it, he understood that Lu Anran must have her own reasons. Noticing Lu Anran’s serious expression, Xue Dingan also became serious.

Lu Anhu also managed to contact Old Zhang. When they finally sent Lu Anxin home, the three of them also went back to the Lu Residence.

As they entered the house, they noticed Lin Haosheng sipping tea as he sat on the sofa in the living room. Seeing Lu Anran and the others entering, he placed down his tea cup and stood up, while having his signature gentlemanly smile on his face, “You are back? Was the party fun?”

“Not bad.” Glancing at Lin Haosheng, Lu Anran could not help frowning at the dangerous ambience, “I’m tired. I’ll go up to sleep first.”

“It’s just you three?” Lin Haosheng glanced at the three of them but did not see the person he was waiting for.

“If not?” Lu Anran asked knowingly, “You thought we would bring back Elder Sister Lu Anxin too?”

“Why wouldn’t I think that?” Lin Haosheng smiled. He looked directly into Lu Anran’s eyes, “Isn’t she your Elder Cousin Sister?”

“She’s drunk so I asked the chauffeur to send her home.” Lu Anran replied. “You seem to be very concerned about my Elder Cousin Sister.”

“Why would I? Don’t think too much.” Lin Haosheng smiled, “I am more concerned about you and Auntie.”

“That’s very kind of you.” The more Lu Anran look at Lin Haosheng, the irritated she got. How could someone be so hypocritical to this extent. He clearly hated her to death, yet he could still smile so gentlemanly with a kindly and pleasant countenance.

To be honest, Lu Anran knew that her own acting skills were so much worse than Lin Haosheng’s. Lin Haosheng could chat with her with such a smile and was meticulous in his concern for Ji Rou when he clearly wanted them to die without even a burial site! Regrettably Lu Anran was not armed with such good acting skills. Like now, she is almost unable to restrain her fury.

Every time she talked to Lin Haosheng, Lu Anran could feel herself bursting with unconcealed hatred. It was not a good feeling. She also knew that she cannot reveal it now.

“Anran!” Noticing that Lu Anran was clenching her right hand into fist behind her back, Lu Anhu understood that she was reaching her boiling point. He quickly went forward to grasp her tightly clenched right hand. “Quickly go to bed! Take a good hot bath. You still have class tomorrow.” He understood Lu Anran too well and knew that this was the first sign that Lu Anran was about to reveal her monstrous hatred. He does not know why Lu Anran hated this Lin Haosheng but he knew that now was not the time for Lu Anran to expose her hatred.

“You are right…..” Lu Anran returned Lu Anhu’s grasp, signalling to him that she was fine. She then smiled, “I should be going to bed! Goodnight!” After saying that, she quickly turned and strode away.

“I should also go to bed.” Xue Dingan stretched lazily. So many things have happened today. When they are in school tomorrow, he still have to make a trip to City Z. He heard there was a sighting of Boss Du over there…. This Boss Du….. really deserve to die…. A hint of hatred flashed through his eyes. Xue Dingan also returned to his guest room.

Lu Anhu was also going to return to his room too.

“Lu…. Anhu… correct….?” Lin Haosheng who picked up his tea cup suddenly called out, halting Lu Anhu on his steps.

“Yes?” Lu Anhu’s gaze was a little wary.

“Nothing much. Just wanted to remind you, Anran and I are betrothed since young. You are Lu Anran’s distant male cousin. It’s better to maintain your relationship in its proper position.”

“Betrothed? HAHA….” Lu Anhu laughed sarcastically until he returned to his room. After closing his door, Lu Anhu coldly snorted. He really disliked this Lin Haosheng after all!

After taking off his clothes, Lu Anhu entered the shower. Closing his eyes, he felt the sensation of the water flowing down his body from the top of his head. Only when the the icy cold water gradually turned warm bit by bit did Lu Anhu opened his eyes and begin to wash himself.

The relationship with Lu Anran has to be maintained in its proper position…..

Hmpf! Such a joke! Does he think that he needs to be reminded?

He is very aware of his own position and is clear about his relationship with Lu Anran. They will always maintain their current relationship forever. He valued Lu Anran’s life above everything else. That’s all!

After he has showered and put on his pyjamas, Lu Anhu sat on the bed and switched on his phone. As soon as his phone was switched on, it vibrated for 10 minutes notifying its owner of 13 missed calls and 26 unread messages. Lu Anhu sweat-dropped.

After reading each and every one of the messages, he clicked on one of the missed call to dial back the number. The call connected ten seconds later and a slightly tender voice echoed from the other end, “Elder Brother?”

“Mhm.” Lu Anhu answered. “Were you sleeping?”

“I just went to bed. Elder Brother, why were you out of touch the whole day? Your phone was even switched off……”

“I was working. How can I glue myself to the phone for whole day to wait for your messages ah!” Lu Anhu smiled slightly, “Anyway, it’s late. You should go back to sleep!”

“Alright….” The tone of other party over the phone was a little dissatisfied but she did not say anything more. After all, Lu Anhu was busy working, it was indeed hard for her to act spoiled and childish. Being born into a military family, she at least had that much awareness. Anyway, tomorrow was Monday, she still had to go to school! Naturally, she had to go to bed obediently.

“You must listen to the nurse okay?” Lu Anhu urged repeatedly. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight….” The voice on the other side of the phone replied softly before hanging up.

Hearing the dial tones, Lu Anhu smiled as he moved the phone away from his ears. He then placed the phone on the table nearby.

Lying in bed, Lu Anhu thought about all that has happened during this period and begun to realise that some of the matters that have been bothering him seemed to be taking shape. However, they were not that distinct yet. He just needs a little more time, he will definitely succeed. (T/N: Also dunno what he want to succeed in, very confused (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻)

In less than ten minutes, he fell asleep and just as dawn started to break, his biological clock sounded the alarm. Waking up from his sleep, a new day has started.


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