Rebirth: Chapter 108

Head hurts….. Feels like a hangover….

Struggling to open her tired eyes, Lu Anxin finally crawled out of the bed. She sat up supporting herself with her arms that felt like jelly, and looked around her surroundings. She was not dreaming. It’s her room.

But how did she come back home? She couldn’t remember anything….she could only recall trying to think of ideas to let Lu Anran help her with the gown and drinking that cocktail, and then… She doesn’t know what happened after that…

Her head feels heavy, and her throat is so dry….

Lu Anxin wearily climbed out of bed. She realised she was still wearing last night’s evening gown. The gown was unimaginably dirty, stained with alcohol and desserts which had rubbed all over the bedsheets while she was asleep. Looks like she will have to throw these bedsheets away.

Lu Anxin left the room on wobbly feet, massaging her throbbing head as she clung onto the handrail to head downstairs to grab a glass of water.

Entering the dining room, she saw Liu Yue and Lu Anhua sitting at the dining table eating breakfast. Both of them gave her a contemptuous glance as she walked past. On the other hand, Lu Junan was reading the newspapers, his lips tightly pressed together, giving him a very serious look.

“Morning Mum and Dad…” Lu Anxin said in a weak voice.

“Hmpf.” Liu Yue gave a cold snort.

“Lil’sis, it’s not that older brother is picking on you, but how can you act so embarrassingly ah!” Lu Anhua sneered at Lu Anxin, with mocking expression.

“Embarrassingly?” Lu Anxin picked up the glass carafe to pour herself a glass of warm water. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Lu Anxin still felt extremely weak, just holding the glass carafe was already taking up all her energy. She was feeling very unwell right now.

“You don’t know?!” Lu Junan slammed down the morning papers he was holding onto the table. “Take a good look at the great thing you did! Hmpf!”

“This….” Lu Anxin glanced at the front page picture of the morning papers and was stunned at what she saw. The photo depicting Lu Anxin illustrated her wearing an old and dirty gown, with messy hair and a flushed face, drunk out of her mind as Xue Dingan supported her with his shoulder. It was as shameful as she can imagine it and Lu Anran who was also captured in the photo was dressed beautifully with not a single smidge of makeup out of place, but with an awkward expression at being taken photo of by the reporters.

Seeing how the match had already set, it was obvious that she left the Long Residence in a drunken sorry state. For her to get into such a state at the Long Corporation party, she will definitely become the laughingstock of the entire S City… but she did not drink that much! She only drank 2-3 glasses of cocktail. It was impossible for her to get so drunk! Suddenly, that last glass of cocktail flashed past her mind, “It’s Lu Anran! It’s her! It’s her fault that I became like that!”

“You still want to argue!” Lu Junan said with a distressed face. “Last night, when Lu Anran sent you home, you were already in a drunken coma, muttering nonsense under your breath!”

“That’s not true! The… the last glass of alcohol I drank was given to me by Lu Anran, after she gave me that alcohol to drink, I totally blacked out! It’s her! She was that one who made me like that!” Lu Anxin shook her head, “How is it possible that I will drink myself into that state in front of Young Master Long! It’s all Lu Anran’s fault!”

“Looks like it’s necessary to be alert at all times!” Lu Junan also believed that his daughter would never do this type of stupid thing, especially at the Long Corporation party. It was even more impossible that she will drink till she passed out.

“Dad, I was not careful this time, but next time I will definitely be on guard against her.” Lu Anxin bowed her head slightly. This time it was all Lu Anran’s fault that she was disgraced.

“En.” Lu Junan nodded his head and doubtfully asked, “Do you know why Lu Anran wanted to harm you?”

“She…” Lu Anxin grinded her teeth, “She fell in love with Young Master Long, and so she wanted to break Young Master Long and I up…”

“Hmpf! This Lu Anran! She should really take a good look at herself in the mirror! How shameless!” Lu Junan cursed as he smacked the table.

“As expected, the daughter of a slut, becomes a slut as well! No matter how prettily she dresses up, she can never change her lowly self!” Liu Yue also added to Lu Junan’s scolding, “How dare she snatches her Cousin Sister’s boyfriend! Her disgusting behaviour is exactly like her shameless mother!”
(T/N: for those who are confused Liu Yue is talking about Lu Anran and Ji Rou here)

Hearing Liu Yue’s and Lu Junan’s curses, Lu Anxin guilty shrank back and then bounced up viciously, “I want to take revenge on Lu Anran for making me like this!”

“Don’t hurry to take revenge.” Lu Junan frowned and said, “Don’t go out of the house for the next few days. For now, just try to strengthen your grip on Young Master Long. Don’t give Lu Anran any chance to swoop in!”

 “I got it…” Lu Anxin unwillingly lowered her head, but she also understood in her heart. Her being grounded at home was because she has no choice. It was totally different to her brother, Lu Anhua’s grounding. If she goes out now, she will have to face all the rumors and gossips about her. Since it is so, then as compared to that, she much preferred to hide at home.

“Dad…” Lu Anhua placed down his chopsticks and said to Lu Junan, “Dad, I have already realised my mistake, I’m sorry for making you so worried, I’m so angry right now that little sister have been bullied by Lu Anran! Dad, uh, do you think I can go back to the Lu Corporation to work….”

As Lu Anxin listened to Lu Anhua’s words, she could not help curling the corners of her mouth in disdain. What was this nonsense about being angry on her behalf due to her getting bullied by Lu Anran? This Lu Anhua really makes up lies off the top of his head ah! Now he was even making up stories without even stuttering at all. Did he forget how he was sneering at her just a few minutes ago? If it was not because Lu Anxin knew how Lu Anhua was like, she would be taken in by him as well!

“….” Lu Junan coldly glanced at Lu Anhua, “Is that so?”

“Exactly hubby!” Liu Yue hurriedly said, “These few days, Anhua was reflecting on his mistake seriously, he has read a lot of books and studied very well. He is sincerely trying to change himself, and wholeheartly wants to return to Lu Corporation to work ah!

“Dad, I hope you will give me a chance, I will definitely not disappoint you!” Lu Anhua put on a sincere attitude expressing his seriousness in admitting his mistakes, “Dad, this time I won’t go out and mix around with my gang of disruptable friends anymore! I will break off all ties with them!”

“Since you have said that, then go to work with me from today onwards!” Lu Junan placed down his chopsticks. “But I’m warning you! If you dare to pull any wicked tricks, don’t blame me for chasing you out of the house and breaking off all ties with you!”

“Thank you Dad!” Lu Anhua smiled happily and hurriedly stood up, “I… I’m going to change my clothes!” Saying that, he ran upstairs to his room and took out his phone to compose a message the moment he entered his room. “Babe, you are so amazing! I followed what you told me to do, and Dad let me go to work immediately!”

A short while later, his phone vibrated. Lu Anhua pick up his phone and saw that the other party has replied. “I’m not the one who is amazing! It’s all because Brother Anhua is so capable! If it was not because Brother Anhua was already so amazing before, then no matter how great my idea is, the effect won’t be the same! Brother Anhua, you have to be nice to me from now on ah! Anyways, my class is going to start soon! Miss you!” At the end of the message, a bashful emoji was added.

Lu Anhua read the message and smiled complacently. This confirms it – just as he thought he is very capable! Grinning happily, He hastened the speed of him changing clothes, and left the room dressed up neatly as he went downstairs to meet with Lu Junan to go to the work together. Seeing Lu Anhua and Lu Junan leave together, Lu Anxin tightened her fist in hatred. Lu Anran, I will return to you ten-folds the humiliation that I felt today! Although she does not know what kind of method Lu Anran has used, but for her to behave so embarassingly…. Damn you Lu Anran!

On the other side, Lu Anran who was currently in class, suddenly felt a cold chill running down her back, and subconciously shivered. She doesn’t like this kind of feeling! Shaking her head, Lu Anran continued to flip open her textbook, underlining the important points as she listened to the teacher.

During lunch, Lu Anhu appeared in front of Lu Anran’s classroom again, after disappearing for a long while, “Anran, I have something to say to you! Come out with me!”

“OK!” Observing Lu Anhu’s serious expresion, Lu Anran stood up and walked out the classroom quickly. Both of them went to the school garden at the back of the school. As it was afternoon right now, the garden was quite empty.

“This afternoon, Chu Yao was suspiciously texting someone during class. I sneaked a look at her message inbox this afternoon and found that most of the messages have been deleted already, but there were two messages that she has yet to delete.” said Lu Anhu.

“Is it with Edmond?” Lu Anran tilted her lips up in disdain. She was not interested in the sickening honey words that the cheating couple exchange with one another!

“No!” Lu Anhu shook his head, “Guess again.”

“How can I possibly guess?” Lu Anhua rolled her eyes, “hurry up and tell me who it is!”

“Lu. An. Hua!” Lu Anhu dragged out the sound as he said the name.

“Who?” Lu Anran asked shocked. This was really unexpected. How can it be him?

“Looking at their pet names to each other, it seems like they are dating…” Lu Anhua frowned. His stomach was still feeling queasy after he read the message that was filled with sickening honeyed words.

“Hmpf…” Lu Anran coldly snorted. She did not expect Chu Yao’s influence to be so strong ah! Or should she say… This Lu Haosheng’s influence sure was larger than expected ah!

It seems like chaos will happen soon. After knowing all these, naturally she, Lu Anran, cannot sit still. Thinking back to Chu Yao’s behaviour yesterday, Lu Anran smirked, “Anhu, help me tell Chu Yao something when you go back to class.”

“What?” asked Lu Anhu.

“Tell her to come and find me and explain why she did that last night after school today!” said Lu Anran. “I’ll be waiting in the classroom for her!”

“I’ll go with you.” Lu Anhu said immediately.

“No need.” Lu Anran refused. “I have confidence in my ability right now, just wait for me at the front gates of the school! I want to meet Chu Yao personally!”

“OK…” Lu Anhu added another warning. “You should be careful yourself.”

“I know.” Lu Anran nodded.

At that moment, coincidentally standing above their head at the third floor window, a male student was standing there looking downwards with his mouth curling up in a interested smile.

“Young Master Feng? What are you looking at?” The female student standing behind him was on tiptoes trying to see what he was gazing at, but just as she tiptoed, the other party gave her a light kiss on her lips. The girl blushed immediately. She then hit his arm softly and said, “Hateful!”

“Huang Ying, it seems like a good show is about to start.” Feng Lixing embraced Huang Ying’s waist. “Let’s wait and see together!”

“OK….”Huang Ying leaned on Feng Lixing’s shoulder. No matter what Feng Lixing say or do, she will follow unconditionally…. This was her duty….

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