Rebirth: Chapter 106

T/N: The troublesome cocktail….

Chu Yao quickly drank up her glass of orange juice. She then said smilingly, “Anran, I have drank all of my orange juice.”

“Drink so fast for what? No one will snatch it away from you!” Lu Anran could not help rolling her eyes. She then took another glass of orange juice and forcefully shoved it into Chu Yao’s hands, “I’ll just give you another one.”

“I….” Chu Yao really wanted to pour the entire glass of juice over Lu Anran but she managed to suppress the anger in her heart. She then put down the glass of orange juice in her hands and took up the glass of spiked cocktail and said, “Anran, I really want to be good friends with you!”

“Good friends?” Lu Anran’s eyes flashed a touch of contempt. “Aren’t we good friends now?”

“Uh…. We are good…. But I hope we can be best friends…..” Chu Yao smiled and said, “Just like how we used to be! How nice it was then ah!” At that time, Lu Anran was such an obedient dog! It was so great then!

Like how they used to be? Lu Anran did not think it was great then. She sipped her orange juice and did not reply.

“Anran, there may be some misunderstanding between us previously but you must believe me. I have good intentions and sincerely wish you well!” Chu Yao’s act of ‘true love and concern’ was really good.

“I know.” Lu Anran drank the last mouthful of orange juice in her glass and said. “I am neither blind nor stupid. I can keep track of who treats me well and who treats me badly!”

Noticing that Lu Anran’s glass of orange juice was empty, she jiggled the cocktail in her hand, “You should drink with me now!”

“Okay!” Lu Anran took up the cocktail behind her and gently clinked her glass of cocktail with Chu Yao’s.

“I hope our friendship will last forever!” Chu Yao toasted superficially. Her eyes had a hint of hesitation. The glass in her hand was the one was spiked. She initially expected Lu Anran to be suspicious and to exchange glasses therefore, making Lu Anran drink that spiked cocktail. But why was Lu Anran so slow in making a stand?

“Hurhur!” Lu Anran smiled as she placed the cocktail to her lips. She noticed Chu Yao’s hesitation and deliberately said, “Chu Yao, why aren’t you drinking?”

“Drink… I’ll drink!” Chu Yao gritted her teeth as her heart flipped. If she really starts to drink, and Lu Anran still does not switch glass with her, she would pretend to be unstable and drop hers on the ground….

Just as Chu Yao’s lips lightly touch the cocktail glass, Lu Anran stopped her, “Wait.”

Chu Yao’s action of letting go of the glass was stopped. She turned her head to look at Lu Anran and said, “What’s wrong?” However, her heart was palpitating rapidly.

“I still think that it isn’t good for underaged youths to drink! Let’s drink juice instead!” Lu Anran put down her glass of cocktail once more. “A glass of juice for each of us. I think it can replace the cocktail.”

“Anran!” Chu Yao placed her glass down next to Lu Anran’s in passing and said, “We have known each others for years. Why are you so reluctant today? Could it be that you think I put poison in your cocktail? I’ll drink it to show you!” Chu Yao pretended to be impatient. Picking up Lu Anran’s glass of cocktail, she threw back her head and downing the entire glass. She then shook the glass in her hand, “See for yourself!”

Lu Anran yelled out ‘Oh no’ in her heart. Chu Yao just drank her glass of cocktail. The fact that she downed it so quickly was proof that this glass had problems! Now there was only one glass left, Lu Anran could not help frowning.

“I have already finished mine! It’s your turn now!” Chu Yao’s gaze was already expressing the joys of victory. Lu Anran was such a fool. Wasn’t it so simple to play tricks on her?!

Just as Lu Anran was hesitating, Lu Anxin stomped over. “Lu Anran, I have something to say to you!”

“What?” Lu Anran could not help breathing a sigh of relief. Lu Anxin’s timely appearance has undoubtedly solved her emergency situation.

“Don’t pretend!” Lu Anxin’s tone was resentful. It was so hard for her to get rid of that pestering debt collector, Jing Xiangen. “How could you gift me an unpaid gown?”

“Gift?” Lu Anran could not help chuckling. “Did you use the wrong word?”

“You…..” Lu Anxin was momentarily tongue-tied and quibbled, “I don’t care. You clearly said that you would gift this gown to me today!”

“I didn’t say I would gift it to you. I said I’ll give way to you!” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth lifted. “Since you have already worn it, you want to suddenly turn hostile? Okay! You want to go back on your word? Okay! Want me to pay for it? Also okay!”

After hearing Lu Anran’s words, Lu Anxin looked happy.

“But you have to let everyone know that I bought this gown! And you, Miss Lu Anxin, took it without asking me! Is that okay?” Lu Anran smiled contemptuously.

“You! Dream on!” Lu Anxin immediately refused. After meeting Lu Anran’s gaze, Lu Anxin’s anger had a hint of embarrassment. She knew that she was being unreasonable but she didn’t care! If Lu Anran had presented this gown respectfully to her with both hands earlier on, why would she need to steal it? This gown was made just for her!

It was Lu Anran who failed to know her place. What has it got to do with her? Even if it was so, Lu Anxin also knew that the current her could never foot the 2 million yuan bill. If the other party was not Jing Xiangen, she would just push it all to Lu Anran. But the other party was Jing Xiangen. The general manger of Long Corporation’s shopping mall. Once this matter blows up, not only will Grandpa be furious, Lu Junan and Liu Yue would also beat and scold her, even the lies that she told Lu Junan would be exposed.

No, this must not happen! So, Lu Anxin pursed her lips and appeared like a weakling, “Anran, just help me this once! I am your Elder Cousin Sister ah! 2 million yuan is really too much. I really cannot afford it now! Aren’t you in charge of the new store? Just take out 2 million from the budget that Lu Corporation has set aside first and lend it to your Elder Cousin Sister. I’ll return it to you later!” Although that was what she said, Lu Anxin had absolutely no intention of returning the money to Lu Anran. Absolutely not!

“I shouldn’t!” Lu Anran glanced at Chu Yao who wanted to interrupt but was afraid of offending Lu Anxin. She originally wanted to refuse immediately but now, she wanted to drag on the conversation. It was quite interesting this way….

“Why not?” Lu Anxin noticed Lu Anran’s hesitation and thought she still had a chance. She then continued to beg, “Anran, we are relatives. You will save me in time of need right?”

“Save?” Lu Anran smiled. “It’s not that serious! Could it be Third Uncle’s family is so poor that they cannot take out 2 million yuan?”

“I….” Lu Anxin noticed that there were still outsiders around and said frowningly, “It’s not that but….”

“Wouldn’t it be over if you can take it out? Anyway, it’s better for you to borrow from Grandpa rather than me!” Lu Anran replied, “I don’t have 2 million yuan cash-in-hand now. The budget set aside by Lu Corporation won’t go directly into my pockets. I need to report every expense.”

“You…. Why are you so stupid ah….” Lu Anxin expressed her resentment towards Lu Anran for failing to meet expectations and pulled on Lu Anran’s arm. She then whispered in a decibel that only the two of them can hear, “Can’t you just rearrange the amount on the account? It’s only 2 million yuan. It’s very easy to make it up!” She has helped Lu Anhua to fabricate expenses before, and really learnt a lot!

Lu Anran felt disgusted after listening to Lu Anxin. She frowned in disdain. It seems that Lu Junan’s family was very familiar with this sort of thing ah! How could they do such disgusting activities in their own family business? Lu Junan’s family is really hopeless!

“Anran, listen to me…” Seeing that Lu Anran was still “hesitating”, Lu Anxin was so annoyed that her teeth ached yet she could not show her impatience. She clenched her fist and felt that she has talked so much that her mouth was parched. So, she turned, picked up the cocktail behind Lu Anran and downed the entire drink, “If you help me this time, I’ll also help you next time!”

“Hey! This….” Lu Anran was surprised. Why did Lu Anxin drink that glass of cocktail? Of all the many glasses of juice on the table, why did she choose to take that glass of cocktail?

“This….” Chu Yao was also shocked. She kept harping on wanting to humiliate Lu Anran. In the end, the person who drank the spiked cocktail was Lu Anxin…. This…. This was really…..

“Why are the both of you looking at me like that?” Lu Anran grabbed Lu Anxin’s arm and said, “Let’s discuss this at home!”

“At home?” Lu Anxin was stunned. No way! Lu Anran was not being serious about helping her ah! Why did she feel that she was just dealing with her just for now? And she was definitely going to deny her once they reach home? “Let’s just talk here!”

“If you don’t want to go home, we can also discuss it on the way home!” Noticing that Lu Anxin’s face was turning red, Lu Anran thought to herself that if they do not leave soon, Lu Anxin may become a great embarrassment to the Lu family! The people who are attending the Long Corporation banquet are all prestigious big shots from S City. Now was not the time to commit a social gaffe.

“Why are you pulling me?” Lu Anxin felt things were not quite right, even she felt somewhat uncomfortable. She initially attributed her heated cheeks and parched throat to the high alcohol content in that glass of cocktail…. But now, something seems was not quite right…. Her vision seems to be getting blurry….

“Lu Anran, you! What… What did you just gave me to drink….” Lu Anxin panicked.

“Who gave it to you? You chose to drink it yourself okay!” Lu Anran could not help rolling her eyes, “Quick, come with me!”

“No! I’m not going! What are you going to do?” Lu Anxin struggled, thinking that Lu Anran was deliberately trying to harm her. However, her limbs weakened causing her to fall directly onto the dessert table behind her, cutting a sorry figure.


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  1. Thank you so much for the update. There are so many moving pieces around Anran. I hope she accepts Senior Long soon, because I think he will be a powerful ally for her.


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