Rebirth: Chapter 105

It was so silent that even the band forgot to continue their performance just to watch the two people in the middle…..

Xue Dingjiao’s face changed from surprise to panic and finally, to anger. She then let out a sound that she has never released to express her vexation with Lu Anran’s action….

“AHHHHHHH!!!” Xue Dingjiao’s shriek made everyone return to their senses.

“Hmpf.” Lu Anran coldly snorted. In her previous lifetime, Xue Dingjiao ruthlessly slapped her in front of everyone. Today, she got her revenge! With knowledge of Xue Dingjiao’s personality, Lu Anran was confident that her actions today would definitely make Xue Dingjiao suffer more than just a slap.

“You…. You….” Xue Dingjiao pointed her finger indignantly at Lu Anran with a livid expression, “LU! AN! RAN! YOU… YOU BETTER REMEMBER THIS!”

“I’ll remember. I’ll store it in my memory very carefully!” Lu Anran folded her arms. That’s right. She will remember it very clearly. If not, she would have never done such a thing so impulsively, but she has no regrets either.

“YOU!” Seeing Lu Anran’s expression, Xue Dingjiao lifted her hand to give Lu Anran a slap.

Lu Anhu quickly pulled Lu Anran behind him, fully protecting her causing Xue Dingjiao to miss. Xue Dingjiao was filled with so much hatred, anger and embarrassment that she stomped her feet in fury. It was as though she was itching to pounce over immediately to throttle Lu Anran to death.

“Jiao Jiao!” Xue Dinggang dragged Xue Dingjiao back hurriedly. His expression was also very pale. When have they ever suffered such humiliation?

“Bro! You! Just look at her! She is such a bitch! She has gone too far!” Xue Dingjiao complained to Xue Dinggang with a sharp voice. Her eyes turned red due to her fury. The veins at her neck pulsated. Her snow-white skin that was exposed by the deep V neckline was now covered in chocolate. Needless to say, this gown has to be discarded.

“Jiao Jiao! Jiao Jiao, calm down!” Xue Dinggang tried his best to placate the angered Xue Dingjiao. They cannot afford to lose any more face in front of the crowd. “Let’s go.”

“GO? GO WHERE?!” Xue Dingjiao became even more furious after hearing Xue Dinggang’s words. Her voice increased by several decibels. “I WON’T GO! I…. I WANT TO POUND HER TO DEATH!” After shouting, Xue Dingjiao wanted to pounce on Lu Anran. However, her limbs were restricted by Xue Dinggang. As Xue Dingjiao failed to struggle free, she started to crumble apart. She has never suffered such humiliation ah! Goddamnit! This damnable Lu Anran!

“Jiao Jiao!” Noticing that his sister was almost going berserk, Xue Dinggang hurriedly pulled Xue Dingjiao away forcefully.

“Bro! Let go of me! Let go!” Xue Dingjiao’s eyes spat with flames.

At this time, “Young Master Long” who was standing at the other end of the crowd, received a note. After reading the note, “Young Master Long” was dumbfounded. He then yelled out, “Are you done? What kind of place do you think the Long Residence is?”

“Young Master Long’s” words managed to silence the Xue Dingjiao who was making a terrible din. She then looked with aggrievedly at “Young Master Long.” Before she and her brother left the house, her parents issued an order for them to get close to Lu Anran. Ideally, for her brother to win over Lu Anran and for her to get close to Young Master Long…. Initially, she disapproved when she heard about it. She was already 19 this year, yet that so-called Young Master Long was still in his third year of high school! To ask her to seduce an underaged kid? That must simply be joke!

However today, she realised that she has fallen in love with this elegant “Young Master Long.” Although he was wearing a mask, as long as he stood in the middle of the crowd, he was admired by others. She, herself, was also deeply fascinated by him at first sight. Now that she was yelled at by “Young Master Long”, she also felt embarrassed.

“To make such a ruckus at Long Corporation’s dance party. You are no longer welcomed at any of our future parties. You can leave now!” “Young Master Long” ordered coldly.

“Young Master Long’s” words were undoubtedly a death sentence for the Xue brother-sister pair. Once they were driven out of the party by Long Corporation, who would dare to invite them to any dance parties in S City? In other words, the brother-sister pair will no longer have a place in the high society of S City.

After hearing “Young Master Long’s” words, the Xue brother-sister pair paled, especially Xue Dinggang. Being unable to stay in the high society of S City was equivalent to being disqualified from inheriting the Xue Corporation! How can he accept this? He has worked so hard in Xue Corporation for so many years just to be qualified heir… But now…..

“Why?!” Xue Dingjiao roared, “It’s Lu Anran who started the trouble! It was her…..”

Before Xue Dingjiao could finish her sentence, a recording amplified by the microphone on the stage, sounded: “I have absolutely no interest in it so, can you go now? Your presence here is really affecting my appetite ah!” The recorded words were heard by the entire crowd through the microphone. “Or is it that, you are here to make trouble?”

“What if I am!” Xue Dingjiao’s arrogant and despotic voice resounded from the recording. It was very clear who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

“I thought it was so exciting, so I recorded this part with my phone. I didn’t mean to violate the privacy of both of you. Don’t mind ah!” Jing Xiangen grinned as he said using the microphone.

“I won’t.” Why would Lu Anran mind?

“….” Xue Dinggang and Xue Dingjiao paled. Everyone’s gazes were like a sharp knifes that were ruthlessly scraping over their hearts.

“Let’s go….” These words were forcefully spat out by Xue Dinggang through his clenched teeth. The fruits of his hard labour after all these years were destroyed in just one night….

Xue Dingjiao also understood that she could not stay. Turning towards Lu Auran, she spat out ferociously, “Lu Anran, you better watch out!” Silently swearing to have her revenge in the future!

“Bye bye!” Lu Anran waved her hand with a smile on her face. She felt so happy. Today’s trip was indeed very worthwhile ah.

The crowd silently watched the brother-sister pair leave. After they left, they continued chatting and dancing as though nothing had happened. The life and death of an unrelated person has nothing to do with them.

“I didn’t expect you to really prepare a body double ah!” Jing Xiangen went to stand next to V who was holding a wine glass. “What else have you prepared?”

“You guess.” V said with his deep magnetic voice.

“Yo! A voice changer too! You got this from Feng Luxing right? Lend it to me to play for a few days!” Jing Xiangen said with an expression as though he has just discovered a new continent.

“Go and get it from him yourself! I’m going back to my room!” After V said that, he left the empty wine glass on the long white table behind him. Although this gadget can change one’s voice, it does great harm to one’s throat. His throat felt extremely uncomfortable now.

“Bah…. Boring~.” Jing Xiangen did not stop him. He only reminded him, “I received news. Those people from the Capital has started moving.”

“I see.” V replied, and continued walking.

“Long…..” Lu Anxin chased after that figure. She wanted to call out but she felt it wasn’t good to call out Long Yuxing’s name in front of so many people, especially when there is another fake “Young Master Long” present on the other side of the venue. If Long Yuxing arranged this deliberately, then by doing so would only make Long Yuxing dislike her even more….. but that figure…. She couldn’t be mistaken…. That kind of temperament is definitely Long Yuxing’s!

“Eh? Miss Lu!” Jing Xiangen timely appeared in front of Lu Anxin with his signature smile. “You are in such a hurry. Are you looking for me? Do you want to pay for the gown now?”

“….” Seeing that Long Yuxing has completely disappeared among the crowd, Lu Anxin turned to glance again at Jing Xiangen. She was anxious, and angry yet helpless. She hated Lu Anran even more! This Lu Anran really knew how to make trouble for her! She won’t pay a single cent for the gown. She must get Lu Anran to pay for her! Absolutely must!

On the other hand, in a corner of the venue, Chu Yao who had near zero presence, was being ignored by everyone. She clenched her fist and felt that she could no longer bear the ambience. She had the thought of wanting to leave but she has not completed today’s mission ah! If she leaves without completing the mission, Lin Haosheng will definitely be upset!

At this time, Chu Yao’s phone rang. She hurriedly pick it up and realised it was a message from Lin Haosheng. Chu Yao was full of joy as she opened to read the message. Seeing the word “action” in the message, the corners of Chu Yao’s mouth lifted slightly. She got up, went to the nearest table and took two glasses of cocktail. She then sprinkled a white powder into one and slowly walked towards Lu Anran, “Anran!”

“Chu Yao?” Lu Anran has not noticed Chu Yao so far. She thought that she was not attending today! She gave Chu Yao’s glance a cursory glance and smiled, “This gown suits you very well ah…..” The same cheapness…… In her previous lifetime, Lu Anran treated Chu Yao like a princess. In this lifetime, without Lu Anran’s financial support, Chu Yao is just this kind of level!

If she recalled correctly, in her previous lifetime, Chu Yao and Xue Dingjiao were very good friends ah! If not, Xue Dingjiao would not have given her a slap in front of so many people, making her the laughingstock of the entire heiress group in S City.

“….” Chu Yao clenched her teeth and suppressed the unhappiness in her heart. With a smile on her face, she handed the unspiked cocktail to Lu Anran. “Let’s drink together!”

“I am still underaged. Juice is fine!” Why would Lu Anran drink anything that Chu Yao hands to her?

“Are you worried that I added poison?” Chu Yao laughed exaggeratedly.

“What’s there to worry about ah?” Lu Anran stretched her hand out and placed the two glasses of cocktail behind her. She then signalled to Lu Anhu with a glance. Lu Anhu understood her glance and handed over two cups of freshly squeezed orange juice.

“This….” Seeing the two cups of cocktail being taken away, Chu Yao was stunned. Seeing the cup of orange juice being forcefully stuffed into her hand, Chu Yao smiled embarrassedly. “I can drink the orange juice with you but after drinking this cup of orange juice, you still have to have a drink with me.”

“Okay!” Lu Anran’s mind whirled as she agreed. “Drink the orange juice first!” Lu Anran took a sip and said, “This orange juice is freshly squeezed. It’s so delicious.”

“Mhm…..” Chu Yao was not in any mood now to drink any orange juice. She just wanted Lu Anran to quickly down that spiked cocktail as soon as possible….


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