Rebirth: Chapter 104

Jing Xiangen’s mood improved after seeing Lu Anxin’s sickened expression. Putting on his trademark smile again, Jing Xiangen swayed the wine glass in his hand as he turned to walk in the opposite direction.

After eating just about enough, Lu Anran licked her fingers contentedly.

“You…. Lu Anran, you can really eat ah!” Xue Dingan look at the empty plates on the table and felt sick.

“It’s not that I can eat, the food is really nice!” Lu Anran grinned. It was worth the trip here today!

“Eat! Eat! Eat! All you know how to do is to eat!” Xue Dingan rolled his eyes at Lu Anran. “See? Everyone is fawning upon the Eldest Young Master of Long Corporation. Aren’t your interests linked to this Young Master? Doesn’t it look bad if you don’t fawn over him too?” Xue Dingan asked as he glanced at the man who was being surrounded nearby.

“That is Young Master Long?” Lu Anran looked at the figure dressed in a black suit with a mask covering half of his face. He was chatting happily with all of the beauties around him. Lu Anran frowned. Internally, she could not help but minus a lot of points off the Young Master Long. Although they spoke with each other before, it was in a dark room where she could only hear Young Master Long’s voice, but could not see him. Lu Anran could not help feeling a little disappointed at the sight of him now. At the same time, she recalled the masked man who danced with her that night. Just when she was being absent-minded, a defined hand stretched out in front of her. It was followed by a man’s voice, “May I have this dance with you?”

Lu Anran raised her head quickly. In front of her stood a man in a white suit. His brown eyes were affectionate and focused. He was still wearing the mask that he wore the last time they both danced. He was smiling warmly.

“It’s you?” Lu Anran was stunned. She has thought of this figure umpteenth times. She was really surprised by his sudden appearance in front of her. Her heart also unconsciously beat faster in a disorderly manner. After calming down, she lightly placed her hand on the man’s palm.

Holding the soft hand in his palm, a hint of tenderness flashed through the man’s eyes. Following the music, the both of them started dancing.

“Why are you still wearing the mask today?” Lu Anran asked.

“Because I thought I might be able to see you.” The man’s deep voice was very attractive.

“Hurhur…..” Lu Anran laughed, “You wore it after noticing me?”

“Yes.” The man laughed. “I was worried I might be rejected by you if I don’t wear this mask.”

“Hard to say.” Lu Anran has indeed refused a lot of people’s invitation to dance tonight. It wasn’t her fault. Long Corporation’s desserts were really too delicious!

“Who are you?” Lu Anran asked as she gazed into the man’s eyes. This pair of eyes always gave Lu Anran a familiar feeling but she did not know why…..

“Does it matter who I am?” The man asked in reply. “Who do you want me to be?”

“There isn’t anyone I wish you to be.” Lu Anran felt amused. “I can’t keep calling you ‘hey’ right?”

“Just call me V.” The man answered.

“V?” Lu Anran whirled around following the music, returning to the man’s embrace. “The V from the English Alphabet?”

“That’s right.” The man confirmed. “That one.”

“Hurhur….” Lu Anran chuckled. “Are you going through puberty?”

“A name is just a code to me.” V said smilingly.

“…..” Lu Anran could not help thinking about her previous conversion with Young Master Long who also spoke with the same intonation. She was stunned at first, she then said with a smile, “You are not the first person to say this. Are code names very trendy now? Should I give myself a code name as well?”

“What do you want me to call you?” V said with a doting gaze.

“Uh…..” Lu Anran blanked out. She then forced a smile and said, “Just call me Anran…. Trendy things like code names are not suitable for me.”

“Anran…..” V called out softly with his deep voice.

“….” Hearing V’s voice, and gazing again into his emotion-filled eyes, Lu Anran unexpectedly had a momentary feeling of floating on the ocean. It was so unreal, as though she was intoxicated in a dream, making one unable to wake up…..

When the song finally ended, Lu Anran returned to her senses. She smiled embarrassedly as she pulled her hand out of V’s, leaving the dance floor. Her emotions were going haywire. She did not know what was wrong with herself. Her face felt heated. Her heart was burning up. For a moment, she was flurried, confused, restless, happy, surprised…. All sorts of uncountable emotions were stirred in a pot, making her out of sorts and in turmoil….

That’s why she was acting rashly now….

She was escaping….

That’s right. She escaped from V’s arms back to the middle of Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan.

“Anran? Your face is all red!” Lu Anhu offered her a glass of juice.

“Yoyoyo~!” Xue Dingan could not help teasing her, “Could it be that Little Mushroom’s heart is moved?”

“Bah.” Lu Anran lifted her leg and ruthlessly stepped on Xue Dingan’s instep.

“Aiyo~!” Xue Dingan instantly grimaced with pain. What a poisonous mushroom! Whoever who falls for her is so unlucky. Those who are loved by her are so unfortunate!

“Stop talking nonsense!” Lu Anhu shook his head sympathetically. Who can afford to offend Lu Anran? All he can say is serve you right, rest in peace, Amen……

“In any case, I am the Young Master of Xue Corporation. Leaving aside Xue-Lu’s business dealings, based on my relationship with your brother, you cannot manhandle me so cruelly…… Eh, incorrect. It’s ‘man-legged’ me ah!” Xue Dingan felt aggrieved.

“Xue Dingan, you don’t even come home yet you have the nerve to use the reputation of the Xue family name?” A very unpleasant voice rang out making the three of them frown simultaneously.

As their eyes followed the voice, they saw the appearance of a man and a woman. They appeared to be in their twenties and the man seemed to be older by one or two years. The person who just spoke was the woman wearing a deep V cut gown. Her appearance had some similarities to Xue Dingan. She had a well-developed figure and fairly good facial features.

Seeing the woman’s face, Lu Anran’s eyes were filled with hatred. She could also feel a dull pain on her face…..

“Jiao Jiao, how can you talk like that?” The man next to the woman said, “No matter what, Dingan is older than you by 3 days. You should refer to him as Elder Cousin Brother.”

“Tsk.” The woman expressed her disapproval.

“Please excuse us Miss Lu. My sister is still young so sometimes, she speak without thinking. She has a straightforward personality. I think she can be close friends with Miss Lu.”

“Hello! I am Xue Dingjiao.” The woman extended out her hand towards Lu Anran.

Lu Anran glanced at the extended hand before reaching out as well. Her hand then coincidentally brushed past Xue Dingjiao’s hand to pick up a Black Forest cake that was next to Xue Dingjiao. Placing the cake in front of her, she took a silver fork to savour it, “This is delicious! Amazing! You two try it too!” Lu Anran then use her own fork to pick up two pieces of the cake. One to feed Lu Anhu and the other to feed Xue Dingan.

“The chocolate taste is excellent!” Lu Anhu praised. Seeing the look of happiness on Lu Anran’s face, he could not help thinking about his little sister. If that pixie was here as well, she would definitely be like Lu Anran. Having a look of happiness and eating countless of sweets and desserts.

“It’s really good.” Even Xue Dingan who was not fond of sweets, thought that the cake was delicious. The taste of chocolate was rich, yet not overwhelmingly sweet nor greasy. The sweetness was also counteracted with a hint of strong and aromatic bitterness.

The brother-sister pair who was being ignored, were stunned. Xue Dingjiao took back her hand and lowered her head. Her expression became green for a while before turning pale. With a glance, one could tell that she was very angry.

“I make friends based on their character.” Lu Anran said as she chomped on the cake, “Coincidentally, you two are unsuitable.”

Xue Dingjiao clenched her fist and gritted her teeth. This Lu Anran is really shameless! She has already taken the initiative to extend her hand! How dare she disrespect her!

“Miss Lu, there must be some misunderstanding between us.” The woman’s brother said embarrassedly. “I am Xue Dinggang. I….”

“I am not the least bit interested in who you are!” Lu Anran interrupted Xue Dinggang’s self-introduction. “I thought I have already made myself very clear!”

“….” Xue Dinggang also started to become irritated. He was also a Young Master of the Xue family. When has he ever been irritated by such petty annoyances? However, after thinking of his motives, Xue Dinggang suppressed his irritation. Placing on a smile, he continued saying, “Miss Lu, my little sister has a straightforward personality, that’s why she was being direct when talked to Dingan just now. However….”

“There is a difference between being straightforward and being ill-bred.” Lu Anran took another bite of the cake and said, “I don’t want to talk to you two at all. Can you go away? How pesky! You are affecting my appetite!”

“You! You are so shameless!” Xue Dingjiao was so thoroughly enraged that she has long forgotten what her parents have instructed, “Who are you referring to as ill-bred!”

“Elder Brother Xue is your Elder Cousin regardless of how useless he is! You are already being very disrespectfully by addressing him directly by name. Yet you still behave so arrogantly and impolitely. Is that how a well brought up person should behave? Just ask anyone who is here!” The second half of Lu Anran’s speech gradually became louder. As they were conversing near the center of the venue, her words caused others to look over curiously, What is happening?

“Our Xue family’s matters are none of your business!” Xue Dingqiao said chokingly.

“I have absolutely no interest in it so, can you go now? Your presence here is really affecting my appetite ah!” Lu Anran also expressed her impatience. “Or is it that, you are here to make trouble?”

“What if I am!” Since Xue Dingjiao was the only female in Xue family, she has always been pampered by the entire family. Her temper was very short and she was extremely spoilt. She has always looked down on the only son of her Eldest Uncle, Xue Dingan. Now that she was repeatedly provoked by Lu Anran, she had completely lost her temper.

“Hmph!” Lu Anran had no intention of giving way to Xue Dingjiao. With a wave of her hand, she stuffed the half-eaten Black Forest cake into Xue Dingjiao’s deep V neckline. After she stuffed it in, she even twist it a few times.

Everyone present was silent in an instant……


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  1. For some reason, I suddenly imagined Young Master Long cheering on the sidelines, proudly saying, “That’s my wife!”🤣🤣🤣🤣


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