Rebirth: Chapter 101

The sun tends to set later during summer. It was already 6.30 PM, yet the sky was still bright. Lu Anran sat in her room staring at the empty garment bag.

Lu Anhu knocked thrice gently before entering her room. Seeing Lu Anran still wearing her casual leisure dress, he asked curiously, “Anran? You haven’t changed?”

“Change to what ah….” Lu Anran sighed, handing the empty garment bag to Lu Anhu to have a look.

“Where’s the dress?” Lu Anhu was also dumbfounded.

“Take a guess?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth lifted.

“I think I know.” Lu Anhu could also guess what had happened, “What should we do now?”

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran stood up. “Anyway, we need to pick up that Jing Xiangen. We’ll just coordinate another new outfit there!”

“How can a casually coordinated outfit be compared to a custom- made one?” Lu Anhu frowned slightly.

“Yea….” Lu Anran could not help frowning too. Of course she knew that too but what choice have they got? It was so sudden that it was giving her a headache ah!

At this time, Ji Rou also knocked on the door and entered her room, “Anran, Anhu, you guys should be leaving now.” After noticing that Lu Anran was still wearing her leisurewear, Ji Rou froze, “What’s wrong?”

“The gown seems to have been taken away by Elder Sister Anxin.” Lu Anran shrugged.

“Uh….” Ji Rou frowned slightly, “Then what are you going to do?”

“I….” Lu Anran pursed her lips, “I also don’t know…. Buy a makeshift one?”

“Wait….” Ji Rou eyed Lu Anran all over before clapping her hands and said, “Wait here for me.” She then hurriedly left the room.

Lu Anran and Lu Anhu exchanged a glance. After about 3 to 5 minutes, Ji Rou walked back briskly, holding a large white box. She placed the box on the bed, and gently opened it. Inside the box was a white strapless gown. Although the style was simple, but from the material alone, one could discern that the gown was very costly.

“This is?” Lu Anran asked curiously as she looked at the gown.

“Try it on first.” Ji Rou said smilingly.

Lu Anhu turned to leave Lu Anran’s room, closing the door gently after him.

Lu Anran changed into the gown and felt the size was just right. Although it was not as fitting as the custom- made one, but it had its own unique style. The previous one was a passionate, bold and mysterious style, similar to a rose in the night.

Although the gown on Lu Anran was also based on the theme of roses, it was pure white, and simple yet elegant. Lu Anran spun around once in front of the mirror. The length of the strapless gown was three inches above her knee and the design emphasised her beautiful waistline. The faint rose pattern could only be seen under certain angles of light, as though it appears and disappears at will.

Pulling Lu Anran’s hand, Ji Rou sat her down on a chair and personally styled her long hair with a hairpin. This hair clip also had roses on it and was half the size of one’s palm.

Lu Anran shook her head gently and felt that even though this hair clip was casually inserted, it was actually quite firm. With both sides of her hair tied up, Lu Anran looked even cuter with the baby fat still present on her face.

With a pampering gaze, Ji Rou gently placed a necklace around Lu Anran’s neck.

“Wow! Such a beautiful necklace!” Lu Anran was a little surprised. The gown and accessories that she is wearing today was regular type. However, this necklace was unique and chic. On a thin platinum chain, a crystal rose pendent that was the size of one’s thumb hung right between Lu Anran’s clavicles. Although Lu Anran did not know much about crystals, just from the effect that of the light hitting the crystal, one would know that it was very valuable.

“I wore this gown on my first date with Brother Hao.” Said Ji Rou as she placed both her hands on Lu Anran’s shoulders. “At that time, we went to an auction. This gown was also prepared by Brother Hao.” Ji Rou slid her finger over the rose pendent in the middle of Lu Anran’s clavicles, “Brother Hao bought this pendent for me at that auction.”

“Mom….. This gown is part of your precious memories…..” Lu Anran gazed softly at Ji Rou, “I, I shouldn’t be wearing it…..”

“It’s okay!” Ji Rou gently shook her head. “I am much fatter now and won’t be able to wear this gown anymore even if I keep it. Giving it to you now is just right!” Ji Rou chuckled, “I never imagined that I could be so thin previously, and able to wear this kind of gown ah!”

“Mom, you are still very pretty!” Lu Anran gently hugged Ji Rou.

“Silly gal, only know how to make Mom happy!” Ji Rou pinched Lu Anran’s cheeks lightly. “Although this gown is conservative, it will never go out of style. With the addition of this hair clip, it’s sufficient for tonight’s dance party!”

“Thanks Mom!” Lu Anran smiled at Ji Rou gratefully.

“What’s there to thank between us ah!” Ji Rou held Lu Anran’s hand and said, “To me, seeing you wear this gown that carries my precious memories, is as if I went back in time….” Ji Rou smiled, “Mom is very happy.”

“Mhm….” Lu Anran’s eyes watered.

“Come, let Mom help you with your makeup.” Ji Rou stroked Lu Anran’s face.

“OK!” Lu Anran nodded and sat down.

Ji Rou bent over and helped Lu Anran put on a light makeup. Since she was only fifteen, light makeup was sufficient enough for her.

After they have finished preparing, Lu Anran, Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan who had been waiting on the first floor, were finally heading towards the dance party. Xue Dingan was responsible for driving them there. It also gave him an excuse for not drinking tonight. Xue Corporation was also invited by Long Corporation. One could only hope that they do not bump into any enemies tonight……

When they went to pick Jing Xiangen, he was clearly surprised by Lu Anran’s gown. “Is Miss Lu unsatisfied with the gown that I designed?”

“No, I’m very satisfied!” Lu Anran smiled and said, “The gown was very beautiful.”

“Then why didn’t you wear it?” Jing Xiangen asked curiously.

“Because it was too beautiful……” Lu Anran replied, dragging out her words meaningfully.

“…..” At this time, Jing Xiangen did not understand the meaning of Lu Anran’s words.

On the other side, at the scene of the dance party, when Chu Yao noticed Lu Anxin wearing such a gorgeous dress, her eyes spat out flames of envy. Glancing again at the rubbish on her body, Chu Yao’s heart was severely imbalanced but she still put on a warm smile on her face, “Wow! Elder Sister Anxin! You are so pretty ah!”

“Hmph.” Lu Anxin snorted. Obviously! This gown was made solely for her. “Let’s go. Time to go in.” Lu Anxin took out the invitation card from her handbag, handing it to the bodyguard at the door. Chu Yao followed immediately.

After the bodyguard received the invitation card, he examined Chu Yao with a gaze full of suspicion. After noticing the bodyguard’s gaze, Chu Yao really wanted to give Lu Anran two tight slaps. It’s all her fault! Why did she give her such a raggedy gown? If Lu Anxin gave that gown she was currently wearing, she would not be suffering such humiliation today! Lu Corporation’s people are really crappy!

“She is my companion.” Naturally Lu Anxin noticed the bodyguard’s gaze. She was even more convinced that her decision was correct. If she appeared today wearing that gown, the person being humiliated right now would be her!

“Please enter.” The bodyguard nodded, putting away the invitation card.

The distinctive comparison between Lu Anxin’s arrogance and Chu Yao’s embarrassment became a hilarious scene.

Far away from the bedroom window on the second floor, Long Yuxing smiled after seeing that figure entering the main door. However, that smile froze in the next second…..

That gown belonged to Lu Anran but this person….. was definitely not Lu Anran! Although it was a little vague, but he was very sure that this aura definitely did not belong to Lu Anran!

“Ah Qin!” Long Yuxing frowned, “Has the bill from Jing Xiangen come through?”

“Yes, it has.” Ah Qin replied, “Just tonight.”

“Have you paid?” Long Yuxing continued asking.

“Not yet.” Ah Qin shook his head. “Should I do it right now?”

“No need to do so anymore.” Long Yuxing said, “Don’t even pay him even one cent!”

“Okay…..” Ah Qin nodded.

“Let’s go.” Long Yuxing straightened his collar as he turned away from the window. It was alright for him to settle his wife’s bill, but to pay for other people…..they were simply dreaming!

As soon as Lu Anxin entered the dance venue, she started looking for Long Yuxing’s figure. Long Yuxing would definitely be present at the Long Corporation’s dance party. Since Lu Anran got the advantage last time, this time, she must be alert and find Long Yuxing!

The moment such thoughts flashed through Lu Anxin’s mind, Long Yuxing appeared in front of everyone. The current him still covered half of his face with a mask and he went up the stage to give a simple speech before leaving the stage to give the floor to the host.

Long Yuxing rejected everyone’s toast to him due to his allergy to alcohol. His position allows him the right to refuse. Furthermore, he was not in a good mood now, he stopped to gaze at Lu Anxin, Long Yuxing was quietly fuming mad.

“Young Master Long! Long time no see!” Lu Anxin appeared confidently in front of Long Yuxing holding a wine glass. The gown made her feel extremely confident.

“Mhm……” Long Yuxing acknowledged coldly before turning away to leave. Not even stopping for a moment to chat with Lu Anxin.

Lu Anxin felt embarrassed. This was different to what she had imagined!

Seeing Lu Anxin’s expression, Chu Yao was extremely happy internally. Serves her right! However, Chu Yao’s own situation was no better than Lu Anxin. As everyone was wearing a gorgeous formalwear in tonight’s party, the gown that Chu Yao was wearing was viewed as a joke. Previously, she only felt a little embarrassed, yet when she noticed everyone’s contemptuous gaze from time to time, she really wanted to cry……… Especially when no one came over to talk to her even though she has been in the venue for a while. This was practically unheard of!

At this time, both Chu Yao and Lu Anxin pointed their sword of resentment towards Lu Anran who has yet arrived to the party venue.

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