Rebirth: Chapter 102

When Lu Anran arrived fashionably late at the venue, she noticed the sullen- looking Lu Anxin interacting with other heiresses. She was indeed wearing her custom- made gown. Jing Xiangen who also arrived at the venue at the same time, could not help frowning when he saw this scene. He had especially designed this gown for Lu Anran yet it was worn by a such vulgar person….. Ugh, she is totally unworthy!

“See? Your gown is so popular ah!” Lu Anran turned to Jing Xiangen with a smile, “Please excuse me.” She then walked towards Lu Anxin.

Naturally, Lu Anxin has also noticed the late arrival of Lu Anran. After seeing Lu Anran’s gown had the same rose theme, Lu Anxin could not help clenching her teeth. The gown on Lu Anran was also so goddamn beautiful! That gown should be hers as well! What a waste!

Chu Yao who was nearby also tightened her hands into fists. Her gown was also a white strapless gown but regardless of the design or the material, anyone could see the vast difference between them with just a glance. Especially that pendent hanging between Lu Anran’s clavicles, reflected light onto Lu Anran’s skin making her glow very attractively. Moreover, the fact that she happened to wear white today, added an extra hint of abstinence…..

After locking in that figure among the crowd of people, Long Yuxing smiled. This is the kind of aura that his wife should have. It wasn’t something that rubbish Lu Anxin could compare against….

“Anran, you are here! Come over, let’s talk over there!” It was as though she was afraid of what Lu Anran would say in front of others. Lu Anxin hurriedly apologised to the heiresses next to her and dragging away Lu Anran to a desolated corner.

“Let go.” Lu Anran shook away Lu Anxin’s hand and rubbed her arm with dissatisfaction. As Lu Anxin had a guilty conscience and was anxious, she unconsciously hurt Lu Anran by using too much strength.

“Anran.” Lu Anxin expressed signs of hesitance, “We are outside now. Let’s discuss this when we go home.”

“Discuss what?” Lu Anran felt it was ridiculous. It seems that Lu Anxin also know what shame is ah!

“You……” Watching the ridicule in Lu Anran’s gaze, Lu Anxin felt anger arising from her embarrassment. However, she still suppressed her emotions and said, “Take it as though your Elder Sister Cousin is begging you!”

“Begging me?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth lifted. “Even if you beg me, I have the right to refuse isn’t it?”

“You….” Lu Anxin clenched her teeth and continued on, “This is the first time your Elder Sister Cousin is begging you! No matter what, you should turn a blind eye since we are relatives! Anyway! I am also doing this for Lu Corporation! No matter what, I am still an heiress of Lu Corporation. If I dress in rags today, I’ll be disgracing Lu Corporation ah!”

“You can choose not to attend.” Lu Anran refuted immediately, “Stealing for Lu Corporation? This is a matter of your own moral conduct!” It was really a case of people who live together share common traits ah! Lu Anxin was indeed Lu Junan’s daughter! She kept repeating it was “for Lu Corporation”, but in the end wasn’t it just for her own selfish desires?!

“You!” Lu Anxin was about to hit the roof. “Lu Anran, don’t be foolish enough to reject a face-saving offer!”

“Isn’t it just a gown?” Lu Anran snorted coldly, “I’ll just give it to you.”

“Really?” Lu Anxin was dumbfounded. Her eyes sparkled with surprise, “Anran! You are really my favourite little sister ah!” After saying that, she went over to hug Lu Anran’s arm.

“Get lost!” Lu Anran shifted quickly and said, “We are both very clear what we are like. Don’t use your tricks on me! Even if you are naturally talented at acting, I do not want to waste my acting skills on you! Excuse me!” After saying that, Lu Anran turned around and walked towards Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan who were waiting for her nearby.

“…..” Clenching down on her teeth, Lu Anxin really wanted to stab Lu Anran a few times. This goddamn bitch! Taking a yard after she gave her an inch! In that case, don’t blame her! Thinking of the photos that she took with her phone, Lu Anxin snorted coldly and walked in Lu Anran’s direction, to a girl who was wearing a lavender gown. The girl was holding a cocktail and her gestures conformed to the standard of a real heiress.

“Shan Shan! You are here!” Lu Anxin smiled as she tapped on the girl’s shoulder.

Yue Ningshan turned her head towards Lu Anxin. “Anxin! Wow! Your gown tonight suits you very well!”

“Thank you!” Replied Lu Anxin with pride on her face. She knew that this dress was specially made just for her. “Hey, come over here. I have something to discuss with you!”

“Okay!” Yue Ningshan smiled as she followed Lu Anxin to a desolated corner. “What is it? So secretive?”

“Isn’t your Yue Corporation going to start renovating a new shop in Xin Dong?” Lu Anxin asked smilingly.

“Yeah! Why?” Yue Ningshan was on guard internally. Lu Corporation’s shop was also in Xin Dong. Was Lu Anxin a commercial spy? But Lu Anxin didn’t seemed like the kind of person who could do such things ah! She has known Lu Anxin for a long time now. She always had such high self-esteem!

“I have a drawing here and would like to show it to you as a reference!” Lu Anxin smiled as she unlocked her phone to show each and every photo to Yue Ningshan.

“This is a brilliant design!” Yue Ningshan was surprised. She really likes this kind of ancient decor.

“If you like it, I’ll send the photos over to you later!” Lu Anxin said with a smile.

“Where did you get this design from?” Yue Ningshan asked.

“I…..” When Lu Anxin heard Yue Ningshan’s question, her mind whirled. She then bit her lower lip to look aggrieved and sighed, “Ay……”

“What’s wrong?” Yue Ningshan asked curiously.

“It’s all because of that cousin of mine.” Lu Anxin said with regret. “She has always liked to take my things since young. Initially my grandfather was going to let my brother and I manage the 100th branch in Xin Dong. Who knew what trickery she used? She stole away the management rights, even the gown she is wearing today was stolen from me! That was originally mine…..”

“Ah?” Yue Ningshan was stunned. When Lu Anxin mentioned Lu Anran, she was not very comfortable. She was really hurt by Long Yuxing’s difference in attitude between the two of them! But after hearing what Lu Anxin had said, Yue Ningshan was stupefied. “Really ah……”

“Yeah!” Lu Anxin frowned as she sobbed, “I can’t bear it anymore….. She…. She even wants to steal my boyfriend!”

“Your boyfriend? You have a boyfriend?” This was news to Yue Ningshan.

“We…. We are in love with each other, but we just haven’t announce it yet….. My father has tacitly consented to it.” Lu Anxin lowered her eyes, as though she was being bashful. “But Lu Anran shamefully went to seduce him…. That’s her cousin-in-law ah!”

“This….” Yue Ningshan also frowned. Lu Anran was indeed in the wrong. She really never expected Lu Anran to be such a person ah!

“So, so I wanted to retaliate…..” Lu Anxin finally reached the main point. “This design is the blueprint for Lu Corporation’s 100th branch store. I have seen plans of Long Corporation Shopping Mall. Yue Corporation’s store is closer to the entrance. If your store is sufficiently magnificent, who would still enter her store? Furthermore, if the interior designs are similar, one would naturally choose the nearest store!”

“…..” Yue Ningshan bit her lower lip, “This matter is beyond my control. I… I am unable to make a decision!”

“There is no need make a decision! Obviously, Yue Corporation stands to profit!” Lu Anxin said, “You also understand how important the Xin Dong’s store is to the Yue Corporation!”

“I… I need to think about it!” Yue Ningshan still felt that it is not a good idea.

“Then think about it well!” Lu Anxin said, “I also do not want to dig a pit for our Lu Corporation. I just want Grandpa recognise Lu Anran’s incompetence and then hand over the management rights to me and my brother….”

“Anxin, I have to think over this matter!” Yue Ningshan pursed her lips.

“It’s okay. Just think it over!” Lu Anxin replied. “Come to me when you have decided!” Lu Anxin swayed her phone in front of Yue Ningshan.

“Mhm.” Yue Ningshan nodded. Forget the drawings, what she has learnt from Lu Anxin’s description of Lu Anran’s character today was a real eye-opener! Because those words were from Lu Anran’s Elder Cousin Sister, Yue Ningshan did not even suspect the validity of those words.

Gazing at the white figure near the edge of the swimming pool, Yue Ningshan had mixed feeling yet the corners of Lu Anxin’s mouth lifted in a smug smile. Lu Anran, let’s see if you can still escape this time?!

Lu Anran suddenly felt a shiver down her back and was dumbfounded. What’s happening?

“What’s wrong?” Lu Anhu who has always been next to Lu Anran, asked.

“Nothing….” Lu Anran shook her head. “I suddenly felt a shiver. Not sure what is happening.”

“Is someone cursing you?” Xue Dingan held a cup of freshly squeezed juice and took a sip out of the straw. So cold and nice.

“Who knows!” Lu Anran smiled. “There are too many people out to harm me! Otherwise, the both of you would not be here ah! Isn’t it?”

“Your attitude sure is good.” Xue Dingan shrugged.

“It’s not bad!” Lu Anran took up a pink drink from the table and took a sip. “Mm… A sweet Cherry Blossom Cocktail made for ladies. Not bad!”

“What about this one?” Lu Anhu took a blue cocktail and handed it over to Lu Anran to have a sip. “How is it?”

“This is not bad too.” Lu Anran nodded. “Blue Coral Reef Cocktail. The orange liqueur needs another 0.04 ml but it doesn’t affect the taste. You can try it.”

“Your tongue is so godly!” Xue Dingan was also familiar with Lu Anran’s awesome taste bud. “It’s even better than the specially trained police dogs in our team!”

“….” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Xue Dingan. Who would compare people to police dogs? Also, the most sensitive part of the dog is their tongue! However, Lu Anran could not be bothered to argue with Xue Dingan. With a snort, she continued sampling the petit fours on the table. The cream was so light and refreshing, and the desserts were sweet yet not sickeningly so. How wonderful! Long Corporation was indeed exceptional. Looks like her tongue is in for a treat today!


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