Rebirth: Chapter 100


Lu Anxin wore the evening gown and looked at her reflected self in the mirror. For a moment, her eyes expressed confusion…. What was she doing? This was stealing! She… She shouldn’t have done it ah…..


Lu Anxin’s hand repeated stroked the fabric of the gown…. She really really likes this dress…. It was as though she was crazily possessed….. from the first glance she had of Lu Anran wearing this gown! The gown was so perfect in every way! The perfect combination of red and black made her heart beat quicker. These were her absolute favourite colours! The only thing was that, in her hurry, she forgot to take the shoes last night….

This morning, she did not even notify anyone else before escaping back home. As a first time offender, she felt very uneasy. After reaching home, she was also very nervous and wanted to return it immediately. She was even worried about what if Lu Anran threw a tantrum? But what if no one finds out about it? What if Lu Anran thinks that it was stolen by a maid…..

For the entire night, after she stole the gown, Lu Anxin tossed and turned in bed and could not fall asleep. She was worried about all kinds of consequences but had also decided to never return the gown even if she had to burn it!

In fact, Lu Anxin had her own plans. If Lu Anran was unable to attend the dance party, then wouldn’t this gown be wasted? It would be great if Lu Anran did not have a gown to wear and would not be able to attend the dance party. At that time, she would wear this gown to the party!

Such a beautiful gown…. Long Yuxing would definitely be mesmerised by her… Lu Anxin could not help fantasising.

Standing in front of the mirror, with both hands cross- hugging her shoulders, her reflected self…. was so beautiful…. This gown seemed to be made just for her.

Long Yuxing was her only chance for her to change her fortunes. She must seize this opportunity, no matter the cost!

She does not want return this gown to Lu Anran… Never…. This gown is hers! It is hers! Now that she was already wearing it, no one will be able to take it away from her!

At this time, someone knocked on the door. Lu Anxin was so startled that she trembled, “Who is it?”

“Miss, there is someone looking for you downstairs.” The casual worker, Aunt Liu said from outside the door.

“Who’s looking for me?” Lu Anxin felt her throat going dry. Cold sweat started to form on her forehead.

“She said her name was Chu Yao.” Aunt Liu replied.

“Chu Yao?” Once hearing the visitor was Chu Yao, Lu Anxin could not help breathing a sigh of relief. She cleared her throat and said, “OK, I’ll be down soon.”

“OK.” Aunt Liu acknowledged and went downstairs.

Lu Anxin admired herself in the mirror, bit her lips and carefully peeled off the gown, placing it in her wardrobe gently. After changing to loungewear, she opened the door to descend to living room on the first floor. Seeing Chu Yao waiting for her on the sofa with a fresh and refined mint green dress, she asked, “Chu Yao, why did you come over all of a sudden?”

“Older sister Anxin!” Noticing Lu Anxin, Chu Yao immediately stood up with a face full of joy, “Long time no see, I missed you!”

“Hur hur, you mouth is as sweet as ever ah!” Lu Anxin smiled forcefully at Chu Yao. The only reason why Chu Yao was here was only to use her reputation to attend the party. Their relationship was just one of mutual benefit. Chu Yao uses her identity as Lu family daughter and she uses Chu Yao’s identity as Lu Anran’s friend to pull underhanded tricks whenever necessary. Underlying this relationship, there was a mutual understanding that both of them were using one another for their own ends. Their hearts were a reflection of one another, and on the surface, they deliberately maintained a friendly facade with each other as if they were the best of friends. “Come to think of it, quite coincidentally there is a party tomorrow night and I am in need of a female partner. Why don’t I bring you along to play!” Rather than waiting for Chu Yao to request, it is much better to take the initivative and bring up the topic first to take control of the conversation.

“Really?” Chu Yao’s eyes lit up, therein lies her motive for coming to visit today! She could only participate in the party by attending together with Lu Anxin, if not, with her status how could she even enter Long’s family door ah!

” Do you have an evening gown?” Lu Anxin asked.

“This….” Chu Yao rubbed her hands together in embarrassment. “This party was quite unexpected, so I have yet to have the chance to prepare one…”

“Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the party, I have a new gown in mint condition. Do you want to try it on? Lu Anxin asked.

“Thanks alot Sister Anxin! You treat me so well!” Chu Yao was greatly elated. Her eyes were full of unconcealable joy. She didn’t manage to monch off Lu Anran but she can’t believe her luck here, she can go home with a good hual!

“Hur hur.” Lu Anxin laughed, “Come upstairs with me!”

“Mhm!” Chu Yao eagerly followed Lu Anxin’s footsteps up to the second floor, as they moved towards Lu Anxin’s room, she gave miserly false praises. “WOW! Sister Anxin, your room is so big and beautiful ah! The design of this lamp is so great! One look and you know it was designed by a famous person!” Chu Yao observed the decoration of Lu Anxin’s room and a streak of disdain dashed through her heart. The decorations of this room is not as good as hers! But Chu Yao’s mouth still prattled on with praises, “I will die a happy death if I can sleep in this kind of room for a night!”

“It’s this evening gown.” Lu Anran took out a gown covered with a white dust-proof cloth cover and said, “you can try it on in the bathroom!”

“Thank you Sister Anxin.” Chu Yao smiled and took the gown to the toilet. The moment the toilet door shut, the smile on Chu Yao’s face vanished and she gave a scornful snort. She removed the dust-proof cloth cover and changed into the gown. In an instant, deep disdain filled her heart. This gown was too ordinary. It probably only cost around 100,000 yuan. The style, material and design are all so common! It was a white sleeveless knee length gown, with its waist taken in. There was diamond embellishments at the collar and waist and an exquisite hand embroidery at the hem. Matching this dress was a 9 cm stiletto high heel, made of calfskin. The style was so ordinary and was at best, comfortable to wear and will not be too hard on the feet.

Chu Yao looked at reflected herself in the mirror wearing the gown, and could not help but curl her lips up in contempt. The gowns that she wore for the opening ceremony in the past were always personally prepared by Lu Anran in a meticulous manner. All of them were magnificently designed! It was her first time ever to wear such low-quality rubbish!

Although her heart was full of disdain, on the surface, Chu Yao still had to act as if she was grateful. Opening the bathroom door, Chu Yao walked and stood in front of Lu Anxin, “Sister Anxin, thank you so much!”

“Mhm, you look very nice in it.” Lu Anxin glanced once at it. She originally bought this gown as an alternative because she had to buy a gown for the party. The intent was that if she was not able to get money from Ji Rou to buy a new gown, she will just wear this one and make do with it. But since she already has a new gown, then she no longer has a need for it, so it will be fine to give it to Chu Yao!

“Thank you so much Sister Anxin!” said Chu Yao with a big smile. She was smiling to the point where Chu Yao herself was scornful of her own smile. “Sister Anxin, I actually came over to invite you for lunch.”

“I don’t have time ah!” Lu Anxin said as she examined her manicure. “I’m busy today, let’s meet another day.”

“Since Sister Anxin is busy, then I won’t bother you any further!” Chu Yao picked up her clothes, went into the bathroom to change out of the gown and left Lu Anxin’s bedroom. She went down to the first floor and happen to bump into Lu Anhua who came down for a cup of water. Greeting with a smile, Chu Yao said, “Brother Anhua.”

“It’s you ah!” Lu Anhua looked at Chu Yao from top to bottom, these few days he was grounded at home and banned from going out, he felt like he is going to die from suffocation, even his handphone was confiscated! It is all that damn Lu Anran’s fault!

“Brother Anhua, you’re unhappy? Chu Yao tilted her head, asking with an innocent face.

“It’s all because of your best friend! My good cousin, Lu Anran!” Lu Anhua said as he clenched his teeth in anger. “It’s all thanks to her!”

Hearing this, a calcuating gleam flared up in Chu Yao’s eyes before disappearing. With a slight smile, she said , “Brother Anhua, don’t be so angry… in Yao Yao’s heart, Brother Anhua is the best! Even though it looks as if Anran is very favoured right now, it is an unchangeable fact that she is a girl, so in the future, everything in the Lu family, including Lu Corporation will still be yours Brother Anhua….”

“Hmpf.” As Lu Anhua heard something that he wanted to hear, his mood also improved greatly. “Such a sweet tongue you have.”

“It’s not that I have a sweet tongue, it’s Brother Anhua who is really capable!” Chu Yao lowered her head slightly, acting bashful. “From now on, Yao Yao will be in Brother Anhua’s care ah!”

“Alright alright!!” Lu Anhua became puffed up with pride. He loved this feeling of being worshipped. He immediately waved his hand and said, “If you ever need me, just tell me and I’ll help you!”

“Really?” Chu Yao raised her head with a surprised expression to look at Lu Anhua who was much taller than her, “Thank you very much!”

Gazing into Chu Yao’s eyes that were filled with worship for him, Lu Anhua’s vanity was greatly satisfied. When he met Chu Yao’s bright and brilliant eyes, Lu Anhua was stunned for a moment and a feeling that he had never felt before, gushed out from the bottom of his heart. As if in a trance, he could not help reaching out his hand to caress Chu Yao’s cheeks.

Chu Yao hung her head down shyly and then said, “I…I’m leaving now…” and trotted off quickly, leaving Lu Anhua staring dazedly behind her.

On the other hand, Chu Yao who just ran out of Lu Anxin’s villa, had a disgusted expression on her face. As she walked, she wiped her cheeks, the place that was just touched by Lu Anhua, vigorously over and over until she felt as if her skin was going to peel off before stopping. Chu Yao spat onto the ground ferociously, “How disgusting! This kind of rubbish also dare to touch me! Hmpf!” But as she thought of her plan, Chu Yao gave a loud laugh, “The Lu family is sure full of idiots ah!”

Chu Yao immediately whipped out her to send a text message to Lin Haosheng claiming credit for what she had just done.

When Lin Haosheng received Chu Yao’s message, a strange smile floated up on his face, everything was moving along as planned, he has a premonition that Lu Corporation will fall into his hands soon! And his plan to take revenge will soon be realised!

The sky outside was a pleasant azure colour.

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  1. LH is destined for disappointment. Does LAX think there will be no repercussions for stealing the dress?

    Thank you for the NY surprise chapters. Please stay safe and healthy.

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