Rebirth: Chapter 95

Chapter 95

After closing her room door, Yang Xueying flopped over her soft bed. She did not do exactly as Lu Anran advised, after all she was unable to go against her own conscience. She could not do that sort of thing and only listened to 2/3 of Lu Anran’s instructions – first was to wait for Yang Weiguo to question her before speaking, then express all of her opinions calmly and with a smile. She should also take a deep breath to maintain her calmness every time her emotions were going out of control…..

She felt that it was fine this way as well since her initial aim has also been achieved. For the time being, this was enough! There was no need to use that kind of tactics. A hint of satisfaction flashed past Yang Xueying’s face. She then took out her mobile to dial the phone number Lu Anran gave her previously.

“Hello?” Lu Anran just reached home and was currently sitting on her chair with one hand holding the phone to her ear and the other, opening her own laptop.


“It’s me.” Yang Xueying replied. “I didn’t follow exactly as you taught me.” Yang Xueying’s voice had a hint of satisfaction.

“Oh.” Lu Anran habitually opened her inbox and searched through her unopened mails.

“Why do you sound unsurprised?” Yang Xueying asked after hearing Lu Anran’s unperturbed voice.

“Why do I need to sound surprised about matters I already know?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth slant downwards. Lin Da has not replied her emails. She has already formed a habit of checking her emails before leaving in the morning and first thing after returning home….. She felt a little disappointed every time she did not receive a reply from Lin Da….

“You already know?”  Yang Xueying was astonished, “How did you guess it?”

“You are such an honest person. How could you use tactics that only Su Lin will use?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth rose. This was the method that Su Lin used on Yang Xueying in her previous lifetime. Although it was evil, it was indeed a brilliant scheme!

“You sure know me well ah!”  Yang Xueying’s tone was somewhat sarcastic. How could she so accurately pinpoint the thoughts of a person she met for the first time? She must be lying!

“Not you. It’s knowing Xue Dingan!” Lu Anran continued talking, “Xue Dingan is upright and you are his most precious sister, so you must be like him! Xue Dingan will also never use this kind of trick.” This was basically Lu Anran’s excuse. In truth, she didn’t even know Xue Dingan, and merely heard a lot of rumours about Yang Xueying in her previous lifetime.

“Hng~” Yang Xueying was still very pleased after hearing Lu Anran praising Xue Dingan. That was indeed her only elder brother. The person she trusted the most in this life!

“Any other matters?” Lu Anran wanted to send another email to Lin Da but it was a little inconvenient to type single- handedly so she wanted to put down the phone.

“That…..” Yang Xueying blushed, “Thank you….”

“…..” Lu Anran was stunned for a moment. The corners of her mouth rose to a beautiful arc, “Thank yourself! This is what your reward after begging me!” This expression of thanks was outside of Lu Anran’s expectations.

“Hng…. What’s there to be proud of! Pfft!” Yang Xueying’s face became even redder. It was hard for her to take the initiative to thank another ah! Especially to someone who has scolded her multiple times today. It was practically unheard of ah! Yet, this person was actually acting arrogantly! 

“I’m not proud, just merely surprised.” Lu Anran withdrew her hand from the keyboard smilingly. From this matter, she realised that she quite liked Yang Xueying. Her intent in helping her was originally wholly due to Xue Dingan but now she really wanted to help her from the bottom of her heart. How could such an interesting person have such a tragic end? Furthermore, thanks to Chu Yao, she knew the deepest secret of Su Lin. A secret that can make her unable to rise again forever but she will not say it for now, neither was it time for her to say it out…..

“Surprised?” Yang Xueying echoed.

“Surprised that you would actually thank me.” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth rose triumphantly.

“You! Who are you looking down upon! I am still able to recognise others’ good intentions okay!” Yang Xueying could not help raising her voice.

“Take deep breaths…. Remember to speak calmly.” Lu Anran emphasised.

“You!” Yang Xueying felt a really deep sense of frustration. At this point, she was still stressing on keeping calm. “Lu Anran, aren’t you being too arrogant? Are you that great?”

“Let’s discuss this after you have studied hard and raised your grades.” Lu Anran hit the mark with a single comment, “I’ll be waiting for you in Class D.”

“It’s merely Class D!” Yang Xueying snorted coldly. “It’s not as if you are in Class A!”

“Yet you are someone who isn’t even qualified to enter Class E ah!” Even though Lu Anran’s tone did not have the least bit of ridicule, every sentence of hers trampled on Yang Xueying. Naturally Lu Anran knew that First High did not separate the first year students into classes based on grades this year, otherwise Qin Shumo would not be sitting behind her but she still wanted to provoke Yang Xueying in this manner.

“You!” Yang Xueying could feel herself exploding any second now.

“If you are in a mood to quarrel with me, it would be better to read some books instead!” Lu Anran picked up the newly bought psychology book at the side of her table and found it was quite interesting after flipping a couple of pages. “I’m going to read now, bye bye!”

“YOU! LU! AN! RAN! YOU….” Before Yang Xueying could finish, the phone transmitted out a disconnect tone, “du, du, du…..” Yang Xueying blanked out for three seconds. A ball of anger shot up into her brain in an instant. This Lu Anran was really too arrogant! Conceited! What’s so great about being able to study well? Isn’t it just studying! Who’s the scaredy cat! Hmph! Yang Xueying leaped out of the bed like a carp and casually sat in front of her desk. She then took out the shining new senior high school teaching material. Although she was absent for the military training, she did bring her books back when she went to register for school that day. After flipping page after page, Yang Xueying felt as though her head was getting heavier and her vision was getting fuzzy…. Really….. Wanted to sleep…. Within ten minutes, she was sleeping deeply.

Some people…. are truly not suited for studying……

On the other side of the wall, Su Lin’s had her ear glued to Yang Xueying door, listening carefully to the sounds from Yang Xueying’s room. Her gaze became more and more ruthless. She just knew! This stupid Yang Xueying would act this way today was definitely due to someone else scheming behind the scenes! But she never thought it would be Lu Anran whom she met during the day!

This damn Lu Anran, whom she never had any enmity with her the past, actually dared to ruin her happy occasion! She will definitely take her revenge!

LU ANRAN! You better watch out!

“Achoo….” Lu Anran who was reading suddenly sneezed twice consecutively. Once was someone thinking of you. Twice was someone cursing you. Thrice was someone grumbling about you…. Don’t know who was cursing her….. Lu Anran shrugged helplessly and felt at ease. There were really a lot of people cursing her behind her back….

Qin Shuhan came over at night to tutor Lu Anran. She had a stiff expression and often stood by the window to gaze out. Noticing Qin Shuhan’s expression, Lu Anran deduced that Qin Shuhan was unaware Lu Anwei was on assignment. However, Lu Anran did not tell her the truth and only mentioned Lu Anwei returned home to settle some family matters. After all, Lu Anwei had a special identity and considering the relationship between him and Qin Shuhan, it was better if he told her himself……

In an instant, Monday descended. Upon arriving at school, Lu Anran informed Ji Ling about the news she heard from Long Yuxing last week.

“Really?” Ji Ling’s eyes sparkled. “There’s no need to do military training in the last week?”

“If…. you agree to act…..” Lu Anran added the most important part that Ji Ling omitted.

“If I can skip military training…..” Ji Ling was clearly already high. To the current her, the happiest thing in the world was definitely no military training!

“Then do you want to join?” Lu Anran asked.

“Want! Want! Want! Absolutely!” Ji Ling immediately grasped both Lu Anran’s hands in excitement, “Anran, you are really my saviour ah!”

“Uh….” Anran laughed, “Saviour or whatever…. That’s too exaggerated!”

“Why would it be!” Ji Ling shook her head and said, “Greatest saviour!” Following that, there was a little confusion, “just that, what theatrical pieces are we playing? Are there many lines?”

“The theatrical play is <Run, Melos!>1, the female lead only has a few lines.” Lu Anran’s eyes dimmed. There were really not many lines. At that time, she was worried that she would make a mistake so she recited them over and over again to a state where until today, she still remembered it….. But Chu Yao….. Lu Anran knitted her brows tightly, “Ji Ling, you have to put in extra effort ah!”

“Mm mm!” Ji Ling clenched her fist with a look full of lofty aspirations and high ideals. She must put in her very best efforts!

“Monitor!” At this time, a girl near the entrance clenched both her fists to stare into the twinkling eyes. Her voice trembled a little as she shouted, “Someone from the Student Union is looking for you!”

Lu Anran looked towards the entrance and saw Long Yuxing who was standing outside. She smiled and stood up to walk towards to the entrance, “Senior Long!”

“Here!” Long Yuxing handed over a leaflet to Lu Anran, “Detailed rules and regulations on the theatrical play selection. Take a look at it!”

“OK!” Lu Anran nodded. Looking through the three- page notice and seeing the name of play and dialogue to be said during the preliminary selection, Lu Anran’s heart felt especially heavy. The memories of her previous lifetime and all of her unwillingness and regret attacked her once more, causing Lu Anran to frown involuntarily.

“…..” Noticing the change in Lu Anran’s expression, Long Yuxing placed his hand on Lu Anran’s head and started stroking lightly.

“Senior….. Senior Long…..” Lu Anran froze and ducked to avoid that hand. She then raised her head to meet the beautiful brown eyes of Long Yuxing. “You, why do you always touch my head ah!”

“Because you look like Xue Li. So I could not help…..” Long Yuxing smiled and replied truthfully.

“Who’s Xue Li?” Lu Anran frowned slightly.

“Xue Li is…….” Before Long Yuxing could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a gasping voice.

“That…. That…..” Yue Ningshan’s cheeks were slightly red and was gasping as though she just ran. That notice should have been sent by her, but it was hijacked by Long Yuxing who sent it over personally. She just knew something was wrong! Definitely, definitely cannot let Long Yuxing have too much interaction with Lu Anran. She doesn’t like it! And absolutely forbid it!,_Melos! it is a widely read classic short story in Japanese schools by Osamu Dazai.




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  1. Jealous white lotus alert!! I really don’t understand how these characters think they can win the love of someone by being so vicious and black-hearted 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks for the updates!


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