Rebirth: Chapter 96

Note from translators: Hi All, Sorry we haven’t been more active. We thank everyone for still reading and liking our translations. TBH, we have started graduate school and it was (still is) taking a toll on us to have regular updates. We are still interested in this story! However, future posts will be slowly trickling through… Best to just read it at the end of the year Enjoy Chapter 96 and stay safe everyone!

“Senior Yue, are you ok…” Lu Anran gazed in surprise at Yue Ningshan who ran here and was currently out of breath. “Is there anything that you need to inform me about?”

“That….” A blush splashed across Yue Ningshan’s fair and clear face, “I came to ask you who signed up in your class.” How can she have anything to inform her, all she wanted to do was to make sure that Lu Anran and Long Yuxing did not have too much contact with each other. “Only one person is allowed to sign up for each class, for your class, would it be you?”

“For our class, it’s Ji Ling.” Lu Anran said, “She’s a member of our class’ art and literature committee.”

“You are not signing up for it?” Yue Ningshan felt weird. Although she was a little disgruntled, be it appearance-wise or temperament, Lu Anran was indeed the best candidate for the female lead and this was agreed upon by all executive members of the student union. Now that Lu Anran was not registering for it, she felt that it was such a pity.

“No. Senior Yue also know that renovations for the shop in Xin Dong will begin in the second- half of September. There is only one week left and I’ll get busier from that time on so I would not have any time to rehearse at all.” Lu Anran explained with a smile.

“Oh, I see…..” Naturally, Yue Ningshan knew about this. She met Lu Anran at the interior design company last Saturday.

Hearing their discussion about the new store in Xin Dong, Long Yuxing’s eyes glimmered briefly but this went unnoticed by everyone.

“Is there anything else I can do for Senior Yue?” As soon as Lu Anran said this, the pre-class bell rang.

“Nothing else.” Yue Ningshan originally did not have anything anyway. “You can go back to your class now!”

“Mm.” Lu Anran waved to the both of them before turning around to leave.

From the back, Long Yuxing stretched out his hand, and placed it around Lu Anran’s shoulders. He then whispered into her ears, “I still think you are better suited for the female lead role.” He dropped his arm after saying that and rubbed Lu Anran’s head again.

Lu Anran froze and smiled awkwardly at Long Yuxing before returning to the classroom.

After she entered the classroom, Long Yuxing turned to leave. Yue Ningshan’s face paled and followed after him. When they reached the corner of the stairs, Qin Shumo was hurriedly rushing up the stairs with his bag. As both of their eyes met, their gaze became hostile briefly before brushing past each other.

“That…..” When the both of them reached the entrance of the first floor, Yue Ningshan suddenly spoke up, “I think you should not get too close to Lu Anran! After all, we are both in charge of Class D, some people might gossip….”

“Let whomever who has opinions to come and find me directly.” Long Yuxing had an indifferent expression with no hint of the tenderness that he had just now when talking to Lu Anran.

“This…..” Yue Ningshan hesitated. She could not say the words she wanted to say. Who would spread rumours about Long Yuxing? He was so dazzling, so outstanding, and so admirable. Although his family background seemed to be lacking a lot compared to hers, Yue Ningshan did not mind at all. She was willing to marry down!

Long Yuxing did not bother to pay attention to Yue Ningshan again. Instead, he strode back to his classroom.

At the end of the morning classes, when Lu Anran and others arrived at the canteen, a thunderbolt split through the sky, and a sudden torrential rain followed immediately after.

Looking at this sudden heavy downpour, everyone’s first reaction was, “No military training in the afternoon! Yay!” and their second reaction was, “Dammit! No umbrella! How am I gonna return to the classroom later ah?”

Lu Anran glanced at Chu Yao who was walking towards her and then looked at the heavy rain outside the window. Her mouth rose in a slight arc. This heavy rain was indeed coincidental ah! “Anran! Come over here!” Ji Ling held a plate and managed to grab a good spot against the French window of the dining room. She said to the other person who wanted to take the seat, “Sorry, this table is occupied!” The boy nodded and left with his plate.

Lu Anran carried her plate and sat opposite Ji Ling. She tilted her head and watched the raindrops fall. The French window reflected Qin Shumo’s figure. He was sitting diagonally from her. Chu Yao also arrived immediately after. Seeing the seating position of everyone, Chu Yao was evidently dissatisfied. She initially thought that if she could not sit opposite Lu Anran, she could sit next to her! In the end, she had to sit diagonally opposite her…..

Taking in Chu Yao’s expression, Lu Anran smiled and interrupted when Chu Yao was going to speak, “Such a heavy rain ah!”

“Ya! Feels like it will continue to rain until school’s over!” Ji Ling echoed. Her eyes glanced at Chu Yao who invited herself.

“The thunder is also so loud! Ji Ling, do you believe in karma?” Lu Anran said as she continued staring out of the window.

“What karma?” Ji Ling asked.

“Doing bad deeds will get struck by lightning or something!” As Lu Anran’s words fell, a flash of lightning tore through the sky followed by rumbling of thunder.

“….” Chu Yao’s expression changed. She felt Lu Anran’s words were aimed at her but Lu Anran kept gazing out of the window, and was not even looking at her! Swallowing her saliva, Chu Yao yelled out Lu Anran’s name, “Anran! So you are here ah! I have been looking for you!”

“Hm?” Lu Anran turned around and faked a surprised expression, “Chu Yao? What’s up?”

Seeing Lu Anran’s surprised look, Chu Yao confirmed that Lu Anran was definitely not talking about herself. She then relaxed and sat next to Ji Ling, “From your class, are you the one acting in the stage play?”

“Not me.” Lu Anran said, “It’s Ji Ling.”

Looking towards Ji Ling, Chu Yao was also a little surprised. She thought it would be Lu Anran, “Oh…. I see….”

“Why?” Ji Ling was a little unhappy, “Are you disappointed?”

“Hurhur, Ji Ling, you really like to joke!” Chu Yao laughed falsely. She looked at Lu Anran and said, “Anran, I heard a lot of rumors about you lately!”

“Didn’t you claim to be Anran’s best friend?” Ji Ling really did not like Chu Yao at all, “Why do you need to hear about Anran’s matters from others? And from rumors too? Hurhur!”

After being knocked back down by Ji Ling’s words, Chu Yao’s expression immediately became darker. THIS DAMN JI LING!

“Ji Ling!” Lu Anran frowned. “Don’t say that about Chu Yao!” Noticing that Chu Yao’s expression was not right, Lu Anran was worried that the past might replay itself. She did not want Ji Ling to encounter any dangers.

“Hng!” After Lu Anran criticised her, Ji Ling turned her head away. She knew about the previous matter between Lu Anran and Lin Da. She also now understood that Lu Anran was worried about her so she did not show any dissatisfaction because of Lu Anran’s words. Yet, she was very upset that Chu Yao was sitting next to her. She really really super- duperly dislike this Chu Yao!

Seeing Lu Anran telling off Ji Ling, Chu Yao was internally delighted. No matter what, Lu Anran was still on her side! Glancing at Ji Ling with a winning expression, Chu Yao regained her former confidence. Lu Anran was just as gullible as before! “Anran, I heard you have a good relationship with Senior Long ah!”

“You have a bad relationship with the people in charge of your class?” Lu Anran asked a rhetorical question instead of answering her.

“This…..” Chu Yao was dumbfounded. She smiled embarrassedly, “Of course we have a good relationship!”

“That’s it!” Lu Anran said, “Every class monitor shares a good relationship with their in- charge ah! It should be ok right?”

“Ri…. Right.” Chu Yao had a stiff expression and did not look very good. She originally wanted to plot against Lu Anran but she did not expect her to break away with just a few sentences. “Uh… uh, I heard that Long Corporation is holding a dance party this weekend. Will you be going?”

“Not sure.” Naturally, Lu Anran will be attending! But she cannot admit it to Chu Yao.

“You are busy on that day?” Chu Yao asked. She wanted Lu Anran to go, otherwise, how would she be able to implement her plan ah?

“Not sure.” Lu Anran repeated her ambiguous answer. “I’m so busy every day. Who knows what I am doing on that day ah! It’s just a dance party, if something crops up, I’ll let someone else take my place! Maybe Cousin Anxin or someone else!”

Chu Yao’s eyes brightened. That’s right! If Lu Anran does not attend, she could still use Lu Anxin! Although this Lu Anxin’s IQ was much higher than Lu Anran, she was still a stupid fool. As long as she praised her with a few words, she will naturally agree to Chu Yao’s request with a superior attitude! There is still another hurdle to jump now, and that is a gown. A gown can only be worn once a lifetime. The gown that she took from Lu Anran the last time, has already been worn. It will be disgraceful if she wears it again this time. Although Chu Wanhai could buy her a new gown, the quality would not be the same as Lu Anran’s! Thinking of the one that Lu Anran wore previously, Chu Yao gritted her teeth in hatred before putting on a smile once more, “Anran, I have a presumptuous request!”

“Say it.” Lu Anran placed down her chopsticks. She was full.

“That… I’ll be attending the dance party this weekend but the gown I bought this time does not fit very well. Look….” Chu Yao looked embarrassed and looked like she wanted to speak eagerly but was hesitating. The way she acted was absolutely vivid, as though if Lu Anran rejected her, she would cry immediately.

“Oh right!” Lu Anran suddenly clapped her hand and said hesitantly, “Chu Yao, you know that I will be renovating the shop soon! The funds allocated by Lu Corporation is not enough! If you can, do you think you can return me the money I lent to you these past few years…. Not all of it, just half will do!” Lu Anran gazed directly into Chu Yao’s eyes. Her palms were placed together under her chin, forming a sincere pleading appearance.

“I….” Chu Yao was stunned. Asking for money? She doesn’t have! She has no money, not even a single penny! Even if she has, she would not return it to Lu Anran!

“Cannot ah?” Lu Anran’s disappointment was evident. Her acting skills were a lot stronger than Chu Yao’s.

“I… I haven’t eaten! And it is almost time for class!” Chu Yao stood up holding the table with both hands. She laughed rather awkwardly before turning to leave.

“Hng.” Lu Anran snorted scornfully.

“Beautiful move!” Ji Ling gave her a thumbs-up.

“Smart!” Qin Shumo also laughed. He also did not like Chu Yao. It was the “dislike- at- first- sight” type of dislike.

“You are too kind! Overpraised! Overpraised!” With one hand in a clench fist and the other hand arching over the fist, Lu Anran saluted in a manner like a noble warrior.


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  1. Anran is the best. Senior Long has a steep road to travel to reach Anran.
    Thank you for the update. I know how busy grad school can be. I don’t mind waiting for updates.


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