Rebirth: Chapter 94

Chapter 94

The key was turned in the lock and the door opened with a click. As she stepped in, the sounds of soft sobbing increase in volume before it decrease gradually and turned back into soft sobs.

“Yingying. Come here!” Yang Weiguo who sat on the leather sofa on one side of the living room stared at her with a face full of anger. Su Qianlian sat beside Yang Weiguo with reddened eyes and a face full of grievances.  Even Su Lin appeared timid as she weakly leaned against Su Qianlian’s shoulders as though she would faint in the next moment. Unlike Yang Xueying, Su Lin was much like Su Qianlian. She was very obedient. With a pair of watery phoenix eyes, she looked so pitiful, right now, that one could not help but sprout a desire to hold her close and comfort her.

​Taking in this scene, Yang Xueying unconsciously frowned, already mentally prepared what was going to happen next. She strode over and asked, “Dad, what’s up?”

“What did you say to your Aunt Su and little sister today?” Seeing Yang Xueying’s appearance, Yang Weiguo froze. This daughter of his was always neither here nor there. She usually wore her school uniform all day long. When she was at home, she always wore a white T shirt with baggy pants. Her short hair was also always messy. One could say that she was not feminine at all but today, she looked a little different. Although her hair was still messy, but it matched the clothes she was wearing and had a unique wild look, making Yang Weiguo think of his first wife! As a result, his gaze also became much softer.

“I didn’t say anything ah.” Yang Xueying shrugged and sat on the opposite sofa and causally hugged a cushion.

(Su Qianlian) “Yingying. I have always silently accepted and endured all your hatred. Since young, your mother and I have been best friends and fell in love with the same man, your father. In the end, your father and mother had a political marriage all for sake of his business, I didn’t say anything and watched quietly from afar! It was only after your mother passed away that your father married me, and I became responsible for your wellbeing. You may have some misunderstanding about me, but I don’t blame you for any of it, but how can you say that about your little sister?”

“Elder sis….” Su Lin timidly cried out.

“…..”  Yang Xueying held back her anger and followed Lu Anran’s instructions to not reply. Instead, she lowered her head to stare at the teacups on the coffee table while still hugging the cushion. Her back straightened.

Since they did not see the expected response, Su Qianlian and Su Lin exchanged a glance once more. Shouldn’t Yang Xueying be flying into a violent rage right about now to criticise them loudly?

Seeing this, Su Lin frowned. She stood up from the sofa, walked over to Yang Xueying and then squatted down next her, looking up at Yang Xueying with her pair of teary eyes. She remembered what Yang Xueying hated the most was this appearance of hers!

Yet, Yang Xueying ignored Su Lin and continued looking at the items on the coffee table.

“Yingying, you can just tell Aunt if there is anything are unhappy with. Aunt won’t beg you for your understanding or acceptance as long as you stop rejecting your little sister and treat her well. Linlin has been so pitiful since young….” After saying this, Su Qianlian’s tears that just stopped, started flowing again. “Elder sister, stop hating me okay….” Su Lin wanted to reach for Yang Xueying’s arm. However, she only managed to touch the cushion and not Yang Xueying. A hint of discontent flashed by her eyes. She knew how much Yang Xueying hated her. No matter what, she was going to force Yang Xueying into submission today! So, she said, “Elder sis, I know you cannot accept me or my mother because of Aunt Xue’s death but Elder sis, the dead cannot be revived. My mother and I would really like to form a family with you!”

“Yeah!” Su Qianlian also knew her daughter’s intentions so she continued to mention Yang Xueying’s mother, “Your mother and I were best friends, you can also be such with Su Lin!”

Yang Xueying almost lost control after hearing the mother-daughter pair talk about her mother but she remembered Lu Anran’s advice, so she clenched her teeth. She cannot utter a sound, not until her father questioned her!

“Elder sis….” The rims of Su Lin’s eyes were slightly red, “Let us be a family okay? I would, would like to get along well with Elder sis.” She even took the initiative to extend out her hand, as though she was waiting for Yang Xueying to grasp it, but she knew internally that, based on Yang Xueying’s personality, it was absolutely impossible for her to do so!

“Yingying… Aunt is begging you….” Su Qianlian was even more tearful. “Treat Linlin well alright? She’s so pitiful. Are both of you estranged because you don’t share the same surname?” Su Qianlian glanced once at Yang Weiguo as she spoke.

Upon seeing this, Yang Weiguo said, “Yingying, shake hands with your younger sister. Can’t you just get along well with her in future?” He owed it to both of his daughters. He loved his first wife deeply but in moment of stupidity he committed a sin. Although it was a sin, but at the end of day, Su Lin was also his daughter ah! Also, Su Qianlian has never asked for her share in status after following him for so many years…. He was also stuck between a rock and a hard place in this situation. However, what Su Qianlian said just now was also true. The two children did not share the same surname and that was indeed a factor in their estrangement. He started to think about changing Su Lin’s surname.

“Get along well? Shake her hands?” Yang Xueying finally spoke after hearing Yang Weiguo’s words. More specifically, the time that Lu Anran has stipulated for her to speak has finally arrived. “Dad, do you still remember your promise to Mom? You said that you would take good care of me in front of Mom’s sickbed. Did you forget?”

“Dad did not forget!” Yang Weiguo felt a sharp pain in his chest after hearing his daughter mentioned his first wife. It was because of his promise to his wife that he was especially indulgent to Yang Xueying. Even if Yang Xueying was not willing to study, he has never forced her. If she does not like studying then let it be. Anyway, she was a girl, if studying was not suitable for her, there will be other avenues more suitable. Until that time comes, he would find a reliable husband for her, and then leave a large fortune for her. It could also be considered as a fulfilment of his promise to his first wife.

“Yingying, why did you suddenly mention your mother?” After hearing Yang Xueying mention her mother and noticing Yang Weiguo’s expression, Su Qianlian had a bad premonition.

“You keep on saying that you are my mother’s best friend. But what’s hilarious is that your daughter is actually the same age as me!” Yang Xueying continued with a smile, “You want Su Lin and I to be good sisters. I am really afraid that in the future, her daughter would be the same age as mine and happened to have the same father….”

“YINGYING!” Yang Weiguo’s expression changed and felt embarrassed by the surprise attack.

“Dad, I have never blamed you.” These were Yang Xueying’s innermost thoughts and feelings, “I only felt sorry for Mom….” She has never blamed Yang Weiguo. What could she do even if she blamed him? Everything has already occurred hasn’t it? She followed her grandfather during her childhood and learnt loyalty, filial piety, propriety, righteousness, honesty, and a sense of shame. Even if Yang Weiguo was in the wrong, it is not for her to judge as a daughter, but her heart really ached for her mother. That mother who was always smiling….

It was only after her mother’s death that she knew that Su Lin was her father’s daughter, but it was different for her mother.  She always knew yet in front of Yang Xueying, she was always smiling and has never complained. “Mom really likes to smile ah!” Yang Xueying recalled her mother’s appearance and smiling face. “She always said to me with a smile before going out in the morning. ‘Today Mommy will also uphold virtue, condemn evil and catch bad people!’ Mom was always so full of energy every day and had a bright smile. No matter how unhappy I was, I could always forget all my worries after seeing her smile….”

“….” Yang Weiguo began to choke with sobs. Yes ah! What he loved the most was seeing his first wife’s smiling expression. When he just took over the company, whenever he was busy with work, he could forget all his unhappiness and tiredness as long as his first wife cheered him on with a smile!

“But was Mom really happy?” Yang Xueying’s voice was calm, as though she was discussing about what she ate yesterday, “The best friend she trusted the most was together with her most beloved husband and even had a daughter that was the same age as her child. Would Mom still be happy? But she was smiling so beautifully every day. Did she really want to smile? She was most likely afraid that I would be sad and disappointed if I find out that the Dad that I respected the most, did such a shameless thing…. She knew that Dad had someone else in his heart, so she wanted to double her love for me to make up for the incomplete fatherly love. Maybe it is because of this that Mom fell gravely ill and never recovered….. Every time I think about this, I would always feel so miserable…. and be in such agony…..”

“Yingying, it’s all Dad’s fault!” Yang Weiguo’s eyes redden.

“There’s nothing to forgive!” Yang Xueying replied, “I hate Su Qianlian, and hate Su Lin. I cannot lie to others. Neither can I lie to myself! I hate them and this will never change in this lifetime. I am absolutely unable to accept the both of them. I just can’t do it!” Yang Xueying said with a smile on her face. Her tone was serious and certain, “Dad, don’t force me…. I really can’t do it!”

“Yingying, Dad won’t force you! Dad won’t force you!” Yang Weiguo wanted to give himself a few slaps on the face.

After taking a deep breath, Yang Xueying continued on, “My mother only have me as a daughter, I am unable to accept Su Lin. If Dad really wants to compensate me, then please maintain status quo. Yang family… only has one daughter!”

“Okay! Okay! Dad promise you!” After hearing Yang Xueying’s request, Yang Weiguo who was full of guilt, nodded his head in agreement immediately.

Instantly, Su Qianlian and her daughter’s expressions changed. How was this possible? Absolutely not!

Su Lin’s expression turned several shades paler. She moved forward to grasp Yang Xueying’s arm, however as Yang Xueying dodged, Su Lin pretended to fall backwards, “Sis, why did you push me ah?”

“I will never admit what I have never done before!” Yang Xueying stood up and went up to the second floor.





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  1. Top tier performance! 👍👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!! Yep, guilt trip the cheating dads! They say they loved their first wife but they immediately married the mistress and trust their words more than their daughter’s? Yeah right…

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  2. Lol that’s escalated fast! Good job Yang Xueying shove that adulteress and white lotus daugther out of the family inheritance. Tbh that father is wtf hahah I cant



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