Rebirth: Chapter 93

Chapter 93

At the Italian restaurant, Lu Anran and her group asked for a small private room to have their meal. This restaurant was unique in the sense that their dish prices were not expensive and even a normal student could dine here, but the prices of their alcohol and private rooms were very costly. For instance, the private room that Lu Anran booked added an extra $400 to the final cost of the meal, in other words, this meant that the bigger the private room, the higher the price. Alcohol prices were also more expensive as compared to other places, so university couples and friends often came for small gatherings and good food, and students from rich families would come for student get-togethers.

The important point was that the food at this restaurant was very delicious! Even Lu Anran who is picky and has sensitive tastebuds is very satisfied, so as one can imagine, the taste of the dishes must be absolutely delectable.

After everyone took a seat and the waiter passed out the menus, Lu Anran ordered a plate of Italian pasta and a bowl of salad, and other dishes that she felt like eating.

Once the waiter left and closed the door to the private room, only the broadcasted light oldies by the restaurant could be heard in the private room.

Yang Xueying looked towards Lu Anran who was fiddling with her chopsticks and asked, “You said that you can help me. How are you going to help me?” She can ignore and be negligent of everything else but the items that her mother left for her must never be snatched away by them.

“Go shopping after eating!” Lu Anran replied.

“Oy!” Yang Xueying became discontented. She was asking questions! Moreover she had put away her dignity previously to beg this girl who scolded her multiple times even though they have just met for the first time today! This was unprecedented okay!

“First change your entire outfit for me.” Lu Anran said while frowning.

“Uh…..” Yang Xueying clearly did not think there was anything wrong with her own outfit. She felt it was convenient and comfortable. Pretty good!

“You are free to pick your own style but very few people can accept your taste of pink high waist socks with green low waist running shoes!” Lu Anran looked towards Xue Dingan, “Have you never told your younger cousin about her problems in fashion?”

“Uh…. Isn’t this a rebellious stage of teenagers…..” Xue Dingan was dumbfounded. He knew Yang Xueying’s fashion sense was a little poor but he thought this was just a manifestation of a girl’s rebellious phase! He was not very sure either…..

“This is an aesthetic problem okay!” Lu Anran could not help facepalming.

“Uh…..” After the pair of siblings exchanged a glance, Yang Xueying felt a little unhappy, “I don’t think this is related to you helping me.”

“There is a big relation!” Lu Anran said, “Your father is already angry because of you have insulted the mother-daughter pair (Su Lin). If you go home in this manner and your father sees your current appearance, don’t you think he would be even angrier?”

“…..” Yang Xueying could not refute anymore instead she curled her lip unyieldingly. “I’ll say it first. I won’t wear what you are wearing!”

“You have overthought!” Lu Anran’s hand was under her chin as she said smilingly, “Not everyone is suited for all kinds of clothes.” This was also the pride of Lu Anran. Her features and figure were well- proportioned and was like a natural clothes hanger such that she was able to wear it perfectly regardless of the clothing style. In contrast, Yang Xueying was not suited for the type of clothes Lu Anran wore today. Yang Xueying was taller than Lu Anran by half a head and had short messy hair that was trimmed to the ears. She had fine facial features with a heroic countenance. Overall, she gave the impression that she was reliable and had a strong personality. Naturally, this was when one ignored her current outfit.

“Tsk.” Yang Xueying clicked her tongue scornfully.

“Also, you cannot make a sound nor react in any way when you return home today, no matter how the mother-daughter pair acts or accuses you.” Lu Anran continued, “definitely cannot retort back!”

“I just can’t stand them!” Yang Xueying replied.

“Okay ah, then you can go and quarrel with them! The harsher your insults, the more miserable they are, the more you vent your hatred! At that time when everything has been snatched away from you, don’t bother begging me again!” Lu Anran smiled innocently, “I am not very good at helping others in retrieving back their mementos.”

“…..” Yang Xueying was silent as both her hands clenched into fists at her side. This absolutely cannot happen. She absolutely refuse hand over her mother’s mementos to anyone else. Gritting her teeth, Yang Xueying asked in a low voice, “What should I do?”

“Just follow my instructions.” Lu Anran said, “Whatever they say, just look on coldly.”

“And then?” Yang Xueying questioned closely.

“And then ah….” Lu Anran curled her finger.

Yang Xueying frowned and leaned over.

Lu Anran whispered into Yang Xueying’s ear using a voice that only the two of them can hear.

When Yang Xueying heard Lu Anran’s suggestion, her facial expression changed from doubt to resistance to hesitation and then approval. Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan glanced at each other, they could not hear what was the suggestion Lu Anran gave, but they were sure that Yang Xueying will be able to face those two people now!

In that instant, Xue Dingan decided that he would make sure Yang Xueying stayed by Lu Anran’s side. He was not sure of the reason but his sixth sense was giving him a strong signal that Lu Anran would definitely be able to protect Yang Xueying! In the future, after he completed his mission and returned to his team, he would be so worried about her, after all, Yang Xueying is the only daughter left behind by his only maternal aunt (the sister on his mother’s side)…. and they always had a close relationship from young. He has always been worried about Yang Xueying’s wellbeing, but with Lu Anran next to her, he can rest assured.

“If I do that…will it be too insidious…” Yang Xueying was filled with uncertainty. From young, she had been taught that a person should be honest and upright, and not act pretentious. But that advice of Lu Anran just now… Isn’t it a little bad?

“If you think it’s bad, then don’t do it la!” Lu Anran spread both her hands out calmly, and her mouth turned up into a smirk. “As long as you can endure the consequences of your decision, it’s fine!”

“I….” Yang Xueying frowned and grinded her teeth hesitantly. “Fine! I will do it!”

“Hurhur…” Lu Anran laughed softly. This Yang Xueying is a little too inflexible and upright. How can she fight against the mother and daughter pair (Su Lin) if she isn’t even a little crafty!

“Are you guys done whispering with each other?” Xue Dingan asked as he looked at them.

“I’m done.” Lu Anran leaned back against her chair; her mouth curved up in a slight smile.

At this moment, a knock resounded at the door of the private room and a waiter came in. After placing the ordered dishes on the table, he informed them, “your order is complete”, and backed out of the room politely.

Lu Anran used her fork to twirl her pasta noodles. She ordered creamy mushroom carbonara and liked the deep milky flavour and smell of the pasta, as well as how the pasta was perfectly cooked to al dente.

Lu Anhu was also very satisfied with the taste of the dishes at this restaurant and subconsciously nodded his head in approval as he ate. “It’s quite delicious!” He said, as he expressed his recognition for this restaurant. Towards Lu Anran’s tastebuds, he has a 100% confidence in it, after all not everyone has this kind of ability!

After the satisfying lunch, they went to help Yang Xueying buy some pretty clothes. Yang Xueying herself was very happy with it and started to shop around until Lu Anran received a call from Qin Shumo.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Anran invited Yang Xueying to go with her to the movies, so the whole group excitedly walked to the cinema. When they met Qin Shumo, he was quite surprised, it was obvious that he did not expect so many people would come with Lu Anran. From Qin Shumo’s expression, one could see that he seemed a little upset throughout the process of buying movie tickets and choosing the seats. In fact, he was feeling overwhelmed internally as if a herd of horses has galloped by.

How ironic was it that before going out today, he spent 30 mins just choosing what to wear, he even thought about the kind of topics he will talk about with Lu Anran so she would not feel bored, and even where they would go to eat after watching the movie. He also thought of sending Lu Anran home after they ate together…. At the end, this feeling increased even more when they watched the movie and he felt as though he was going to collapse.

In the row of 5 seats from left to right, Xue Dingan was sitting on the aisle seat with Yang Xueying next to him, then Lu Anran, and the person sitting next to Lu Anran was not even Qin Shumo but Lu Anhu. So, Qin Shumo is sitting the other side of Lu Anhu.

Qin Shumo even specifically research a lot about the movie before the ‘movie date’ because this movie’s genre was fantasy and related to space, he was worried that there would be some areas that Lu Anran would not understand and be confused about, as such it can be seen that he did quite a bit of homework on it.

However, in the end, every time Lu Anran has something she does not understand, he did not even have a chance to show off because it will all be explained clearly by Lu Anhu already. At the end of the movie, Qin Shumo’s expression was like this : o(TヘTo).

Luckily for Qin Shumo the movie theatre was very dark, so no one discovered how funny his current expression was at that moment.

When the movie ended, Lu Anran thought it was quite good. There was a clear plot line, the scenes were finely edited, so they connected smoothly with each other, the director’s directing was skilful, the actors were quite attractive, and their acting were great.

“Thank you for your invitation today.” Lu Anran said to Qin Shumo with a smile.

“Hurhur… It’s ok.” Qin Shumo gave her a stiff smile. “I’m…going to leave first ah!”

“En!” Lu Anran waved her hands in goodbye to him and did not persuade him to stay.

Qin Shumo smile again and said, “see you at school next Monday” before he turned and left hurriedly, feeling as if the whole day today was simply a fool’s errand.

Xue Dingan stared at Qin Shumo’s retreating back and shook his head in sympathy. He has already seen through this man’s intentions in one glance ah! But it seemed like Lu Anran was not very concern about it, so he was not in the position to say anything either. He could only give him a pitying look and sigh in regret….

Whoever who falls in love with this little poisonous mushroom is doomed to have bad luck!

After leaving the cinema, Xue Dingan drove Yang Xueying home. When Yang Xueying got down from the car which stopped at the front door of her villa, her gaze settled on Lu Anran’s face, as if she was still filled with uncertainty.

“Remember my words, I don’t usually help people snatch back their inheritance.” Lu Anran was also fully aware of the doubt and hesitancy in Yang Xueying’s heart.

“En…” Yang Xueying nodded her head and turned to stride into her house. She still has a battle to fight, even though the method was undesirable, if it was effective then she has no choice!

~ T/N: Poor Qin Shumo… It’s because you are not the ML ok…. Time to give up (。◕‿◕。)➜

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