Rebirth: Chapter 92

Chapter 92

“Is there a need for you to be surprised? Who said only y’all could be in a bookstore ah!” Yang Xueying fired back unhappily.

“Your lil’ sis got into First City High by herself and is even in Class A. She’s also a class representative now!” The mother of the pair started saying. ” I have already told you to study well. In the end? We still had to spend money to send you into First City High. Your father went around begging others just to open the backdoor for you. It was so hard! This time you have to take the opportunity to study well ah!”

“What’s the point of studying well ah!” Yang Xueying sneered. “Aren’t you still a mistress? Su Qianlian, you know yourself how you climbed into my father’s bed behind my mother’s back! My mother still treated you as her best friend? Pfft!”

“You!” Su Qianlian blew her top. In this life, she hated anyone who called her a mistress.

“ALSO! My mother only gave birth to one daughter, and that’s ME. I’m an only child and don’t have any sisters! Some bastard who came from god-knows-where dares to just acknowledge others as their relatives! How shameless!”

“Elder sis….” Su Qianlian’s daughter looked around the same age as Yang Xueying and had a pitiful look on her face. Her large eyes brimmed with tears instantly after hearing the words of Yang Xueying. She timidly stretched out her hands as though she wanted to tug on Yang Xueying’s shirt in a beseeching manner.

“Shut up! And hold back your bloody tears! I’m really fed up with this show that you constantly put on! Su Lin, who are you acting for?” Every time Yang Xueying sees her like acting like this, she wished she could tear off the mask on her face! Who was she acting for? The Su Lin who swaggered around in front of her at the beginning, claiming that she was going to snatch away everything of hers, was definitely not this little lamb she was seeing now!

“…” Su Lin shriveled her lips and retreated a few steps as though she was frightened.

“Why are you being so fierce to your younger sister! No matter what, she is your father’s biological daughter ah!” Su Qianlian looked as if she was hurt, and attracted the customers’ attention in the bookstore.

“Who knows whose blood flows in there ah!” Yang Xueying’s eyes carried despise. “You were able to climb into my father’s bed, naturally, you would also be able to climb into others. Who knows if she is really part of our Yang family ah!”

“You!” Both the mother-daughter pair looked resentful and hurt but their expressions did not reach the eye.

Lu Anran planned to stay silent while watching the show initially, but she really could not bear to watch any longer. “Please stay quiet in the bookstore.”

“…..” The arguing between the three people stopped once they heard Lu Anran’s words. All of them looked towards Lu Anran. With one look, the mother-daughter pair recognised Lu Anran and the both of them immediately put on a smiling expression, “oh my, isn’t this Lu Family’s eldest young miss?”

“Yang Xueying, are you stupid?” Lu Anran said to Yang Xueying while ignoring the mother-daughter pair.

“Who are you insulting?” Yang Xueying frowned. Who was this person ah! Insulting others that she just met.

At this time, Xue Dingan and the others returned from placing the books in the car. Noticing the presence of the mother-daughter pair, Xue Dingan’s expression worsened. He silently stood next to Yang Xueying and glared at that mother-daughter pair.

Seeing that Yang Xueying’s largest backer has appeared, the mother-daughter pair knew that they would be disadvantaged if they continued on, so they left after greeting Lu Anran. Anyway, they have already achieved today’s goal and only needed to put on a show at home in front of Yang Weiguo. They do not believe that Yang Weiguo would not change the surname of Su Lin! As long as they change their surname to Yang, both mother and daughter would become part of the Yang family! Su Lin would also have the right to inherit Yang’s family fortune!

After that mother-daughter pair left, Lu Anran and the others also left the bookstore. As they walked, Yang Xueying glared at Lu Anran. Who was this girl ah! Why on earth would she scold her? The more she thought about it, the more frustrated she became and so she stopped and shouted. “OI! Why did you scold me just now?”

“Do you talk without thinking? You may have been happy just scolding them, but what was the end result? Who do you think your father will listen to when they run home crying ah? Can’t you see? Su Qianlian just wanted to take the opportunity to change Su Lin’s surname to your father’s! Once she changes her surname to Yang, do you think you will have a good life in future?” Lu Anran also stopped walking to look back at Yang Xueying.

“Who… Who cares about them!” Yang Xueying also realised it after hearing Lu Anran’s analysis.

“OK! Then I won’t bother either!” After saying this, Lu Anran continued striding away.

“Anran!” Xue Dingan immediately grabbed onto Lu Anran’s arm. “Help her!”

“Help? How to help? She herself don’t even care, how can I help?” Lu Anran snorted, “She is so stupid that even the Gods can’t save her!”

“Who needs your help ah!” Yang Xueying has never been scolded so many times by the same person since young. Her stubborn temperament rose.

“YANG XUEYING!” Xue Dingan yelled Yang Xueying’s name again.

Hearing Xue Dingan’s roar, Yang Xueying shrunk her neck and pressed her lips together in unhappily.

“Anran, just help her on my behalf! Su Lin definitely cannot change her surname to Yang!” He was born into a rich family and naturally knew that once the surname has been changed, everything that happens after would undoubtedly push Yang Xueying to her death step by step!

“I want her to beg me for help personally!” Lu Anran said coldly. According to Yang Xueying’s personality, if one does not firmly deflate her arrogance, she would still make trouble in the future.

“As if I would beg you!” Naturally, Yang Xueying was unwilling.

“Up to you!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Yang Xueying and said, “Anyway, the person being schemed against is not me!” After pausing for a while, Lu Anran said, “If they are able to change Su Lin’s surname to Yang today, they will be able to change yours to Su tomorrow! You think you have hidden very well those things left to you by your mother. In actual fact, that Su Qianlian have been eyeing it from the time your mother passed away! Let’s watch and see! Everything of yours will all be Su Lin’s in less than 2 years!” This was not Lu Anran trying to scare Yang Xueying, but was something that actually happened in her previous life. Su Lin was Chu Yao’s best friend. After changing her surname, her name had also changed to Yang Xueqing and was the most admired beloved daughter of the Yang family! She met Su Lin frequently in her previous life and always heard from her how she dealt with Yang Xueying. In her previous life, she did not know Yang Xueying. Although she did not like Su Lin’s methods, it had nothing to do with her but this life was different. Just basing on Xue Dingan, she could not leave Yang Xueying alone. However, she had to determine if Yang Xueying was worth the trouble!

After hearing Lu Anran’s words, Yang Xueying visibly paled. She has always thought that she was the only one who knew about her mother’s mementos…. How did Lu Anran know?

Seeing Yang Xueying’s expression, Lu Anran said, “Think carefully before you answer me. Anyway, if you don’t beg me personally, I will never help you!”

After hesitating for a long while, Yang Xueying clenched both her fists, “I beg…. beg of you, help me….”

The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth lifted, “OK!”

Lu Anhu and Xue Dingin did not think Lu Anran’s behaviour was strange. To them, Lu Anran has always been very capable. However, Lu Anming was surprised. Was this still his playful younger sister?

“Let’s find a place to eat and discuss in detail!” Lu Anran said, “My treat!”

“Ugh….” The three- character word “eat” that came out of Lu Anran’s mouth was the most horrifying word to these three men!

“I… I’ll go back to the company first…” Lu Anming declined. Accompanying Lu Anran to eat. Such a scary matter. Once was enough. “I still have other matters to do in the company and have to work overtime today. I… I’m going to take a cab back to the company!” In fact, those matters could be left till next Monday but compared to accompanying Lu Anran to eat, the overtime that he normally hated became a precious and beautiful time!

“Oh! OK bye!” Lu Anran waved.

“I….” Xue Dingan also wanted to run but surrendered and stayed after thinking it through. Who asked him to be the only older brother of the person Lu Anran was helping?

Although Lu Anhu looked a little queasy, he did not think of escaping and loyally stayed. After all, he still had his duty to fulfil.

“Let’s have spaghetti!” Lu Anran suddenly craved for spaghetti, “I remember there is a good spaghetti place nearby!”

“You are familiar with the area here?” Lu Anhu looked around.

“I’m familiar with all the restaurants that are worth going in this area!” Lu Anran grinned.

“There is indeed a good Italian restaurant nearby.” Xue Dingan nodded, “I’ve been there a few times.”

“The dining environment is still OK since it is near S University. There are many students going there.” Lu Anran said, “The surroundings are also quieter, and their sound insulation is very good.” In her previous life, she went to this restaurant with Chu Yao! When Chu Yao returned from her study abroad, she invited her former classmates including Lu Anran to that Italian restaurant for dinner. The foolish destitute Lu Anran was in sharp contrast with accomplished and high-spirited Chu Yao. Naturally, she also paid at that time, and it was even done secretly, away from her former classmates’ prying eyes because Chu Yao said that this meal with her treat so no one must know that it was Lu Anran who paid for it. If not, Chu Yao would lose face….

Despite those bad memories, that restaurant was indeed a good place.

“I’ll go to the carpark to get the car.” Xue Dingan said, “wait for me.”

“No need!” Lu Anran replied, “It’s only two streets away. We can walk there.”

“OK.” Xue Dingan nodded. Looking at the silent Yang Xueying, he stretched out his hand to pat her head. Yang Xueying lifted her head and responded with a sunny smile.

Lu Anran noticed the interactions between the pair of cousins and suddenly thought of how Long Yuxing also patted her head before. His hand was so large, his palm was so warm, and his body always had a light fragrance. Every time he touched her head, she did not feel adverse to his touch, and it was instead was strangely comforting…

Shaking her head to disperse the image of Long Yuxing from her mind, Lu Anran said, “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

A speeding sports car flashed by, coincidentally passing the group of four. The man at the backseat sitting by the window suddenly turned to look back to the outside of the car to the figure that past by in a blink of an eye. The corners of his mouth could not help lifting into an arc. He was looking forward to seeing her again in school on Monday….

The man beside him suddenly froze, “Young Master Long, you are smiling so disgustingly, it can’t be that you are thinking of doing something to me right….. Don’t ah! I won’t obey you!”

“Feng Lixing, are you asking for a beating?” Long Yuxing glanced at him coldly, “Should I practice boxing with you tonight?”

Feng Lixing immediately kept quiet. Practice boxing? That was him being subjected to a one sided abuse ok….

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