Rebirth: Chapter 91 (Part 2)

Chapter 91 (Part 2)

“Mm.” Lu Anran nodded. There will be many more battles of wits and bravery after today. Reading these books could only be advantageous. In her previous lifetime, she has always seen Chu Yao reading these kind of psychology books. At that time, she thought it was weird. The book was so heavy and thick and was unrelated to Chu Yao’s course. So why would she always carry it with her and read it? But now she understood, only by understanding the other party’s state of mind, can one grasp the key of the situation.

“You have picked many books today ah!” Lu Anhu looked at the books in his arms. There were those related to studies, manga, and a bit of everything else. The books in Lu Anming’s arms were also similar.

“It’s okay.” Lu Anran said as she looked to the counter. “Let’s go and pay.”

“Mm.” The two that carried the books went to the counter to queue up. Fortunately, although the bookstore was crowded, there were not many people queuing to pay and they only had to wait for less than 3 minutes. Seeing that they had many books on them, the shop assistant asked, “hello, do you have a membership card?”

“Nope.” Why would they have the membership card for this store!

“Our store has a delivery service for customers who have bought alot of books and are unable to carry them. Would you need this service?”

“No need.” Lu Anming shook his head. They drove here today so they just need to put it in the car trunk and carry it home. “Just package it nicely for me.”

“OK.” The shop assistant smiled and nodded.

“Xue Dingan.” Lu Anming said to Xue Dingan who was nearby talking to Lu Anran. “Drive the car over. Anran bought quite a lot of books.”

“OK.” Xue Dingan nodded and jogged out. Lu Anming’s books were all packaged up, and all payments were made but Xue Dingan has yet to return. So he shifted the packed books to the side and stood to the side as well so that the other customers could pay. Lu Anhu stood next to Lu Anming and gazed at the pile of books that could reach half a man’s height if they were stacked up together. He shook his head slightly. Lu Anran was a typical rich kid. So wilful ah!

Lu Anran gazed around the entire bookstore. This bookstore was three storey high – the first was a hall with a checkout counter that had some newspapers and magazines on both sides of it. The second was for students, where it had literary masterpieces, various practice question books, and even romance novels for youths, manga etc. The third floor was the academic area where it had psychology, agriculture, animal husbandry, business and other kinds of specialised skill books.

Overall, the set-up followed those of a normal bookstore. However, she also noticed that the only people who were buying were parents who were purchasing practice question books for their child. The other people were just standing around reading for free…. She even noticed someone going to a blind spot to tear open the protective film over a new book and un-interestedly throwing it aside after flipping it a few times. It must not be cheap to operate such a large bookstore. Furthermore, there are few genuine customers. Presently, the rise of e-books has indeed impacted heavily on paperbacks…..

At this moment, a pair of mother and daughter came over to pay. Seeing the pile of books on the table, they grumbled, ” why don’t you guys arrange the books properly? Why do you leave them here ah!” They were also buying a large number of books and the counter was considered quite small. With the pile of books at the counter, they did not have the space to put their books. “I’m sorry. These books are already paid for. The customer went to get his car and will take away the books in moment.” The shop assistant said politely.

“Oh, like that ah!” Hearing the shop assistant’s explanation, the mother-daughter pair did not continue. After all, it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Not long after, Xue Dingan returned and brought back a girl with him. She was about the same age as Lu Anran, her hair was a little messy. Her skin was very pale, and she had very pretty facial features with a tinge of heroism. She wore a white half sleeves blouse that had an unknown cartoon character on her chest, a pair of wide dark blue jeans that was 70% long, white and green sports shoes and a high light pink socks. She fidgeted uneasily as she stood next to Xue Dingan. “Move the books to the car first!” Lu Anming said.

“OK.” The three men naturally shared the responsibility of moving the books. One person per stack meant that all the books could be quickly moved into the car in one trip.

“Hello.” Lu Anran stood in front of Yang Xueying and generously extended out her hand. It had to be said that this Yang Xueying’s taste in clothing was shockingly terrible.

“Who are you ah?” Yang Xueying frowned slightly with a tinge of cautiousness.

Lu Anran dropped her hand. It’s quite unexpected that she would be so distrustful ah!

“Yang Xueying? Fancy seeing you in a bookstore too ah!” The mother-daughter pair who just settled their bill, walked towards Yang Xueying and stood in front of her, talking in a condescending tone.


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