Rebirth: Chapter 91 (Part 1)

Chapter 91 (Part 1)

The lady who led Lu Anran up the stairs gently knocked rhythmically on the third room left from the stairs along the corridor. She then pushed the door to enter. Upon entering, Lu Anran noticed a lady in her twenties was seated in front of a square table. She had long hair, oval- shaped face, a pair of bright and piercing eyes and radiated self- confidence.

“Hello everyone, I am He Lingshuang, lead designer of Hui Meng Construction: The lady stood up to shake hands with Lu Anran’s group.

“Hello.” Lu Anran smiled and said, “I need to design a shop. I sketched out design myself, but I need you to improve on it and what must be changed or can be better modified. At the same time, I need you to be responsible for the follow-up work after the design has been finalised.” Lu Anran had a good impression of this company and was willing to openly put all her cards on the table.

“May I have a look at your preliminary design sketch? “After hearing her demands, He Lingshuang asked with a smile.

“Sure.” Lu Anran handed over the USB that she always carry around. “Please take a look.”

“Mm.” After receiving the USB, He Lingshuang connected it to her laptop and opened the only folder in the USB. In the folder were several design drawings. He Lingshuang looked through each of them carefully before smiling at Lu Anran to say, “There isn’t anything much to change in the design except that the materials will not be cheap.”

“Money is not a problem.” Lu Anran replied, “My only concern is if you guys can do it well.”

He Lingshuang met Lu Anran’s gaze and nodded confidently, “We can!”

“Excellent!” Lu Anran felt happier after solving a matter. “Any matter concerning the cost, you can contact him!” Lu Anran pointed at Lu Anming who was standing behind her.

“Yes.” Lu Anming nodded. Taking out a name card from his shirt pocket, he gave it to He Lingshuang who received it with a light smile.

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran took the lead to leave He Lingshuang’s office.

“Are we going to the other company?” Lu Anming asked.

“No need.” Lu Anran felt it was sufficient. She was familiar with He Lingshuang. In her previous lifetime, He Lingshuang became an internationally renowned designer after a few years. Her wedding villa with Lin Haosheng was designed by her and she was very satisfied with it!

“OK.” Lu Anming immediately called to cancel the appointment. He then turned towards Lu Anran, “Where are we going now?”

“Big bro Xue, where’s your cousin?” Lu Anran looked at Xue Dingan.

“I’ll call her.” He did call his younger cousin yesterday, but she did not seem interested in making new friends. Although she promised to come out today, she still sounded very reluctant.

“Mm.” Lu Anran responded as she looked around. Noticing a three-storey high bookstore nearby that was quite busy with people as it was the weekend, Lu Anran said, “Let’s meet at that bookstore there!”

“OK!” Xue Dingan nodded. He then took out his phone to call his younger cousin. It was only a long while later that the phone was picked up. The voice that came though was filled with laziness and confusion.

“What?” Yang Xueying sounded through the phone sleepily.

“It’s already so late. Why are you still sleeping?” Xue Dingan was a little speechless. “Hurry up and come out! Introduce a new friend to you!”


“Yingying, we are at the street near your house at……” Xue Dingan looked from afar at the name of the shop that Lu Anran walked into, “Peninsula Bookstore.”

“Where?” Yang Xueying became more alert after hearing the name of the bookstore.

“Peninsula Bookstore ah!” Xue Dingan said, “Hurry up!” After thinking for a moment, Xue Dingan added, “Dress properly!” Look how well Lu Anran dress ah! And then thinking of what Yang Xueying usually wear…. Everyone says that one can discern one’s family background from the clothes they wear. Whoever who sees Yang Xueying might even assume she came from a poor family!

“I… I don’t want to go to Peninsula Bookstore.” Yang Xueying’s words carried a clear resistance.

“Why?” Xue Dingan who could also hear the hesitance in Yang Xueying’s words, guessed, “They are going to the bookstore today?”

“Mm….” Yang Xueying hesitated for a moment and said, “Let’s go somewhere else! I feel disgusted whenever I see them.”

“You have to come here! Let them know that you still have me as your backing!” Xue Dingan frowned and said. Yang Xueying was never happy and suffered many grievences ever since Auntie passed away and Uncle married his mistress. When he thought about how sly Lu Anran was, Xue Dingan felt the urge to push Yang Xueying to her side. Even if they could not become best friends, she might be able to learn something from Lu Anran!

“Mm….” Yang Xueying said with a sweet smile. “I’ll be there in half an hour.”

“OK!” Xue Dingan responded and hung up. He then stride towards the bookstore.

Lu Anran wandered between several bookshelves before picking the books she wanted. She would give the book to Lu Anhu and Lu Anming to carry and then continue picking the next one and before long, there were about more than 10 books.

Turning around, she ended up in front of the Psychology bookshelf and took out several books from there after browsing as well. These were handed over to the people behind her.

“Anran, you are also interested in psychology ah!” Lu Anming lifted his eyebrows after seeing the thick psychology book.

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