Rebirth: Chapter 90 (Part 2)

Chapter 90 (Part 2)

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“Let’s go!” Lu Anran wore a Western styled Lolita dress with a pair of leather boots. The clicking noise that was made by the boots when one stepped on the floor was extremely pleasing to the ears. Her hair was half tied up with a shawl that partly draped over her shoulders and was fastened with a bow clip making her appear delicate and beautiful.

“OK!” Lu Anming and Xue Dingan stood up from the sofa. At the same time, Lin Haosheng also stood up and said, “I would like to tag along.” He felt he should interact as much as he can, and it just so happened that he was free today as well. Maybe after much interactions, he would be able to show off his good points to Lu Anran. One could say he was quite confident about this aspect of himself.

“Sorry ah~” Lu Anran gave an apologetic smile. “I still can’t trust you right now so let’s talk about you coming along with me at a later date.”

“….” Lin Haosheng’s expression froze. Suppressing the unhappiness in his heart, his face showed a very familiar smile that Lu Anran saw all the time in her previous lifetime. “Alright then, stay safe while you are out. Take care!”

“Bye bye!” Lu Anran waved once before turning to leave. How amusing. It was so obvious that he was hoping I will die from a car accident or something when I’m out, yet he still tell me to stay safe. How fake ah!

“….” Lu Anming nodded apologetically to Lin Haosheng before hurriedly pulling Xue Dingan along to catch up.

After getting in the car, Lu Anming spoke out, “You really dislike him huh!”

Lu Anran made an ‘X’ sign with both arms in front of her, “it’s EXTREMELY dislike!” One could even say she HATED him! To the point that she wished he’s dead! Naturally, the relationship between Lin Haosheng and her were that of enemies.

“He is Eldest Uncle’s adopted son after all. If you show such obvious dislike now, Eldest Aunt will be in a difficult situation.” Lu Anming decided to try and persuade Lu Anran a little after much thought.

“Really?” Lu Anran could not help grumbling quietly to herself. What adopted son? He’s obviously an illegitimate child!

“Your family relations are also quite messy ah!” Xue Dingan smiled at Lu Anran through the front view as he drove the car.

Lu Anran naturally knew what this “also” meant. This was also the reason why she wanted to help Yang Xueying. Yang Xueying’s family’s situation was similar to Lu Anran’s. The only difference was that Lu Anran understood that life was like a play, and relied on acting but Yang Xueying who had been brought up by her grandfather who went to the battlefield, had a straightforward personality and disliked talking in a roundabout manner. People spoke with words that has double meanings, if she even understood one meaning, it was already considered not bad! For this kind of person, how could she ever win against Chu Yao’s “twin sister” ah! But then again, seeing the flash of helplessness in Xue Dingan’s expression, Yang Xueying must have already complained to him before or he must have already known the situation.

How messy ah! Every family has its own hard nut to crack, even more so for aristocratic families, their nut is even harder to crack!

After some time, the rest chatted for a while and soon it was time for the meeting. The first interior design company they arrived to, was Hui Meng Construction. Their unique decorations deeply attracted Lu Anran’s attention the moment she stepped in. The main theme of this company should be “surrealism”. The superior quality of merging both their originality in their craft and business together could be felt everywhere.

“Hello, have you made an appointment?” The receptionist was a cheerful lady in her early twenties. She had clear skin and a sweet smile.

“Yes, Lu Corporation.” Lu Anming replied.

“Just a moment please.” The lady looked up the list of visitors and matched it to time as well as the designer and meeting room for Lu Corporation. She then smiled before the lifting her head to say, “Please follow me.”

“OK.” Lu Anran and everyone began to follow the lady up the spiral staircase which had an irregular shape and looked dangerous. Giving a feeling to visitors that they might fall through the cracks if they mis-stepped, but in reality, if one walks on it, they would realise that the design of the staircase was extremely well designed, and even the slope and height of the steps were just right and would not cause any discomfort to the climber’s kneecaps when going up and down the stairs.

This was the first impression that Lu Anran had on the first company. At least for now, her first impression was quite good!

On the last step of the stairs, Lu Anran ran into someone familiar at the corner of the corridor.

“It’s you?” The other party was also startled to see Lu Anran.

“What a coincidence!” Lu Anran smiled, “Senior Yue!” The other party was a group of five. The last two in black suits looked like bodyguards.

“Mm.” The other party’s expression was not as friendly as Lu Anran. She still remembered what happened in the Student Activity Room. “I still have something on, I’ll be leaving first!”

“Mm.” Lu Anran waved as she slanted her body to give way.

After the group of people left, Lu Anming said, “Yue Ningshan, Yue Corporation’s princess.”

“Yue Corporation?” Lu Anran thought for a while, “That Yue Corporation that monopolises S City’s fruits and vegetables industry?”

“Yes! Also, they won the bid at the brand auction for the rights to a shop in Long Corporation’s shopping mall. It’s rumoured that this is Yue Corporation’s entrance to the food industry.”

“Really?” Lu Anran’s gaze deepened. “Food industry ah….”

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