Rebirth: Chapter 90 (Part 1)

Chapter 90 (Part 1)

Lu Anran gasped as she laid flat on the ground. This fighting technique was not hard, and the movements are quite basic. Only that Lu Anhu would pause for a long time after calling out a position and to Lu Anran, maintaining that position was even more tiring than repeating the same action many times over!

“That’s it for today!” Lu Anran glanced at the time, “Go take a shower and rest. Oh right, what’s the actual schedule like for today?”

“Meetings with the interior design companies in the morning.” Lu Anran said as she stretched. “Then meet up with Xue Dingan’s cousin at noon. Let’s go and watch a movie together at about 5PM in the evening!”

“Which movie ah?” Lu Anhu asked. “Don’t know. Qin Shumo said it was just released.” Lu Anran finished her last stretch and said. “I have also informed Teacher Qin yesterday that the tuition time has been shifted to tonight.”

“Orh.” Lu Anhu replied. “Okay!” The two of them went back to their respective rooms to wash up and change their clothes before going to the dining room on the first floor. As it was not time yet after finishing breakfast, Lu Anran went back to her room and switched on her laptop to check her inbox. It was still completely empty as before. Lin Da did not replied her email….

It has already been so long. It was as though Lin Da has vanished into thin air. There was no news of her at all. Sighing, Lu Anran closed the lid of her laptop and stood up to walk to her bookshelf that was stuffed full of books. Most of them were moved over from the house she stayed in previously – some that were related to her studies, and others were bought after she came to the Lu Residence. Lu Anran ran her fingertips over each and every book on her bookshelf before pulling out a shoujo manga. She liked this manga very much. The story was about a silly girl who studied hard because of her crush on the school idol and managed to get him to fall in love with her in the end. This manga was drawn based on the love story between the mangaka and her husband. What a pity….

Lu Anran flipped through the manga page after page and was touched once more by the romance of the story. Whether it was manga or anything, no matter how long it has been, one would get moved by it after re-reading it as they immerse in the emotions of that time and was once again attracted to the main characters….
After some time has passed, Lu Anhu entered after pushing the door open and noticed Lu Anran laughing on the bed. “Hm? Reading manga? Is it that funny?”
“It’s okay… HAHA…” Lu Anran moved her gaze away from the manga. “The main character’s actions are stupidly cute! HAHA!”

“What’s the ending?” Lu Anhu asked curiously.
“The ending ah….” Lu Anran’s bright smile gradually dimmed. “There’s no ending!”

“Huh? The manga has not finished yet?” Lu Anhu asked.

“It’s not that…” Lu Anran got up and placed the manga back onto the bookshelf. “The mangaka passed away.”

“Huh?” After hearing that, Lu Anhu felt it was such a pity. “I heard before that many mangaka passed away due to overwork.”

“It wasn’t due to overwork.” Lu Anran lowered her head slightly. “She committed suicide after seeing her husband with another woman….”

Lu Anran’s expression became desolated. The romance in the manga was clearly so beautiful and full of warmth….

Maybe that was the kind of happiness that only exist in a manga world!
“Uh…” Seeing Lu Anran’s expression, for a moment, Lu Anhu did not know what to say. After thinking for a bit, he changed the subject and said, “That… Your that brother… Said he wanted to tag along today.”
“Tell him to go and die instead!” Lu Anran’s replied in a hostile tone. Wasn’t it too disappointing of a person to commit suicide after catching her husband having an affair?! If it was her, even in death! She would drag everyone down into hell with her!

“Lu Anran!” Lu Anhu reached out to firmly grasp onto Lu Anran’s shoulders. “Don’t show this kind of expression! It’s too scary!” For some reason, Lu Anran would show such scary expression occasionally. At times, he was really terrified….

Those expressions were not those of Lu Anran’s age should have. Even him, who has brushed shoulders with the Death God many times over, has never seen that kind of despair and hatred before… It really doesn’t suit her….

“Hm?” Lu Anran came back to reality and looked towards Lu Anhu, “What kind of expression? It’s not as though I am going to gobble you up! What are you afraid of?” Lu Anran patted off his hands and then looked at the time on her watch, “it’s almost time. Let’s go! We’ll meet them at the living room and then leave from there!”

Lu Anhu lowered his head before reaching out to embrace the back of Lu Anran, “I definitely… I definitely won’t let anything happen to you! I swear!”

“Mm….” Lu Anran could feel the faint trembling from Lu Anhu. Perhaps her expression that she unconsciously revealed as she remembered events from her previous life, has scared him….

“So… Don’t make that kind of expression again…” Lu Anhu was terrified… In that instant, Lu Anran turned so foreign to him….The memory of betrayal, still fresh in his mind, seeped into his thoughts, filling Lu Anhu with terror.

“Relax…” Lu Anran reached up to pat Lu Anhu’s arm on her shoulders. It was only after a while that the both of them left the room and descended down the stairs to the first floor. After reaching the first floor, other than Lu Anming and Xue Dingan, Lin Haosheng was also seated on the sofa and was conversing with Lu Anming about something.

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