Chapter 89 (Part 2)

Chapter 89 (Part 2)

Thinking back to her previous lifetime, other than her, Yang Xueying was the only other person who entered First City High through the backdoor. It can be said that the both of them were first rate slackers!

In her previous lifetime, due to her relationship with Chu Yao,  she left First City High very early on, so she did not have any impression of Yang Xueying in school. It was only later that she heard from Chu Yao that Yang Xueying’s life was very tragic… Very, extremely tragic… to the point that she cut her wrist to commit suicide when she was just a little over 20 years old…. And the reason was because of the other best friend of Chu Yao who was Yang Xueying’s nominal younger sister, Yang Xueqing…. One may well say that Chu Yao and  Yang Xueqing were jackals of the same tribe!

Although her life did not intersect with Xue Dingan in her previous lifetime, she has received his help repeatedly in this lifetime, so she has to do something in return…. As she thought of these, Lu Anran could not help thinking of the far away Lin Da… Lin Da has not been replying Lu Anran’s emails, making her very worried!  But at the same time, she was utterly helpless and at her wits end…. At this moment, Lu Anran felt a little guilty. If she did not interfere in Lin Da’s life, Lin Da would have lived smoothly and peacefully throughout her life! Maybe she really ought not to tell others about the future so easily…. Uneasiness and self-reproach engulfed Lu Anran’s heart.

“Why don’t I ask Xueying if she wants to meet tomorrow. It’s also a good opportunity to formally introduce the both of you to each other!”

Xue Dingan has always admired Lu Anran and felt that it was advantages for Yang Xueying to socialise with Lu Anran. Recently, that girl has been very rebellious….

“OK!” Lu Anran agreed.

“You youngsters continue!” Lu Jianhao stood up, “I’ll return to the study first.” After standing, Lu Jianhao looked towards Lu Anran and said, “I have looked over your project proposal. It has no problems. You can go ahead with it!”

“OK Grandpa!” Lu Anran grinned. She was quite confident with her proposal! After all, she worked on it together with Ji Rou!

“Dad, I’ll help you.” Ji Rou also got up after seeing Lu Jianhao stand. Since Uncle Lu went aboard for his surgery, there was no one assigned to wait on Lu Jianhao and she was unable to set her mind at ease as a daughter-in-law!

“Mm.” Lu Jianhao did not refuse and allowed Ji Rou to help him back to his study. After Lu Jianhao left, everyone also felt that it was time to leave too. “I’m also going back to my room!” Lu Anran initiated the first move. “Tomorrow at 9am right?”

“Yea!” Lu Anming nodded.

“With Anhu.” Lu Anran said as she looked at Lu Anhu. She hoped that Lu Anhu could help her with business matters from now on so, she decided to bring him along to these face-to-face meetings.

“Got it.” Lu Anhu made an “ok” sign with his fingers.

Lu Anran waved her hands to everyone who was seated and then turned to stride out of the living room to return to her room. The others also left in rapid succession. Just as Lin Haosheng returned to his room, he received a phone message. Seeing the name of the sender, his brows knitted in annoyance. He then stood up to put on his jacket before going downstairs to leave the Lu Residence.

Lu Anran who was standing by her window, gazed at the headlights that was gradually fading away. Her lips curled up in disdain. At such hour? Perhaps he was going to meet with Chu Yao….

Just as Lu Anran thought, Lin Haosheng indeed went to meet Chu Yao. After parking his car in a parking lot outside the park, he walked towards a Western restaurant that was located diagonally from the park. Chu Yao has asked to meet him there. Although it was not considered late, he really did not want to be here ah! But after thinking of all the things that he still needed Chu Yao to do, he hid his discontent in his heart. Upon entering the restaurant and catching the sight of Chu Yao’s figure, Lin Haosheng put on his gentlemanly smile and called, “Yao Yao!”

 “Bro Haosheng!” Hearing the voice of her crush, the rhythm of Chu Yao’s palpitating heart was thrown into disarray. As she met Lin Haosheng’s eyes, her cheeks redden like patches of clouds. “Why are you out so late? What if something dangerous happened to you?” Lin Haosheng’s tone was tender and refined and his eyes brimmed with concern for Chu Yao.

“I wanted to see you~!” Chu Yao lowered her head slightly, portraying the coyness of a little girl to perfection. “These days, I have been keeping watch on every move of Lu Anran, and have texted them all to you…

 “Mm….” In Lin Haosheng’s eyes, the way Chu Yao asked for compliments openly, was very vulgar. Yet, he still smiled and said, ” thanks for your troubles…..”

“No trouble at all, none at all!” Chu Yao immediately revealed her true feelings, “I am willing to do anything for Bro Haosheng……”

“Hurhur….” Lin Haosheng smirked as a trace of slyness flashed across his eyes. He then said in a low voice, “Yao Yao, there’s indeed a matter that I really need your help….”


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  1. Its not clear in the translation, but does the original say if Yang Xueying is a cousin of Xue Dingan’s mother or father’s side? Like is his mother’s family name Yang or did his father’s sister marry into the Yang family? I’m trying to add them to my relationship diagram and its not very clear….


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