Chapter 89 (Part 1)

Chapter 89 (Part 1)

Naturally, Lu Anran was ignorant of Lu Jianhao’s thoughts. If she knew, she would probably be so angry that she would have vomited blood… This lifetime, the next lifetime and the one after that! She definitely did not want to have anything to do with this scumbag! She must make sure that the scumbag repaid his crimes of the previous lifetime!

“Anran? Anran!” Ji Rou gently nudged Lu Anran. “What’s wrong?”

“No… Nothing…” Lu Anran returned to reality.

“You might be okay… But the orange…” Xue Dingan glanced distastefully at the orange that has exploded from Lu Anran’s clenched fist.

“Uhm….” Lu Anran froze and looked down at the orange in her hand. The initial round cute orange has now lost its shape, even the juice was trickling down her palm. Lu Anran laughed awkwardly. “Anhu’s training during this period of time is quite effective huh… Haha…”

“So.. You are showing us?” Lu Anming’s eyebrows lifted slightly. “An impromptu performance… after dinner?”

Lu Anran grinned, “It’s… Not bad right?”

“It sure is impromptu….” Xue Dingan smiled and changed the topic, “Anran, what are your plans for tomorrow?”

“I’m watching a movie with a friend tomorrow. Other than that, I don’t have anything planned.” Lu Anran felt a little lost. Although she was ambitious, Lu Junan’s family was correct in saying that she still did not have enough experience.

“I have arranged everything for you.” Lu Anming replied. “I have booked an appointment for tomorrow morning with two architecture companies – Hui Meng Construction and Mu Ya Interiors. We will be leaving at 9am to meet the architects of these two companies. These two companies are currently the best interior design companies in S city. You can choose one out of the two. However, if you are unsatisfied with either of the companies, we can look for others country-wide or abroad. I can go.”

“Anran, I forgot to tell you!” Ji Rou exclaimed as she suddenly thought of something, “Your second uncle said that your bro Anming will go over to the new store to help out as a manager once it is up and running. He will be able to set his mind at ease this way!” Ji Rou added, “Your bro Anming won’t interfere with your decisions. He’s just there to purely help out!”

“I know….” Lu Anran’s gaze became gentler. Second Uncle’s family has always treated her well. She must have been possessed in her previous lifetime to have thought that Lu Junan’s family (Third Uncle) was the one dearest to her… But she won’t be stupid anymore in this lifetime. She will always keep in mind how well Lu Junfeng’s family has treated her and repay them in double.

“I’ll help….” Lin Haosheng suddenly spoke up.

“No need.” Lu Anran immediately cut in and refused. “Bro Anming’s help is sufficient for the initial stages!” Not wanting the others to misunderstand, Lu Anran put on a smile, “Bro Haosheng, don’t you need to go to the Uni? It’s better to focus on your studies!”

“I…” Lin Haosheng felt that this was a golden opportunity. He was confident that by lending a helping hand to Lu Anran, he would definitely be able to win her overtime!

“Haosheng, your studies are still your first priority!” Lu Jianhao also agreed with Lu Anran’s opinion. If he was to be Lu Anran’s future husband and marry into Lu Corporation, he has to become a dragon amongst other men! His Anran was so outstanding….

“Yes….” The fists at the side of Lin Haosheng clenched tightly. Seems like he needs to plan carefully and with patience.

“Big bro Xue, how long will you be staying for?” Lu Anran felt that it was meaningless to continue on with the topic and so she looked towards Xue Dingan and asked.

“Me ah…..” The corner of Xue Dingan’s mouth lifted, “whenever Lu Anwei returns is when I’ll leave!”

The way he said it, only people who are in the know would immediately understand what this sentence meant. Others who are not in the know would not overthink this sentence either. Thinking of Xue Dingan’s status, the Lu family members immediately understood Xue Dingan was Lu Anran’s replacement bodyguard. Seems like avoiding blind dates etc… was just an excuse after all! Come to think of it, just based on Xue Dingan’s personality, if he did not want to go on blind dates, even Xue family members would not be able to force him!

“Xue Dingan…” Lu Anran asked randomly, “I remember you have a cousin! What was her name?”

“Yang Xueying.” Xue Dingan replied. “Why did you suddenly ask about her?”

“Nothing…” Lu Anran’s gaze deepened. Xue Dingan treated her well, she ought to repay his kindness to some extent, especially since this Yang Xueying was Xue Dingan’s favourite cousin….. It was such a pity…..

“Oh… Right!” Xue Dingan seemed to have suddenly thought of something and said, “She is also at First City High. Have you met her?” But after pondering a while longer, Xue Dingan frowned once more, “No, not possible. That girl cut military training and will only attend class after 1st October!”

“Register her into Class D!” Lu Anran suddenly said expressionlessly. “You should have this ability.”

“Class D?” Xue Dingan was dumbfounded. The class was already set ah! Why is there a need to change to Class D?”

“I’m in Class D.” Lu Anran said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we are in the same class?”

“It’s not bad…..” Xue Dingan pursed his lips. “I’ll ask her opinion.”

“Up to you.” Naturally Lu Anran already knew Yang Xueying’s answer. This matter was already a done deal.


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