Rebirth: Chapter 66 (Part 1)

Chapter 66: I want to marry you, you still have me
(Part 1)

Although Qin Shuhan’s rejection today caused Bai Xinhong’s facial expression to turn gloomy, but he was still pretty happy that Qin Shuhan was personally sending him off.

After coming out of the elevator, and walking Bai Xinhong to his car, Qin Shuhan felt a little chilly, and started rubbing her arms to warm herself up.

“Shuhan, I’ll come and see you again tomorrow!” Bai Xinhong smiled and said.

“Mr. Bai, I know my dad’s intentions, but I don’t have any feelings for you!” Qin Shuhan felt that it was better to state things out clearly! Previously she followed along to give Dad Qin face, but now that she was pregnant, she no longer wants to drag it out. It was better to clear up everything as soon as possible. “If you come and visit as dad’s colleague then you’re welcomed anytime, anything else you can forget about it!”

Bai Xinhong who never expected Qin Shuhan to say this, was immediately dumbfounded, “I…”

“Bye bye!” Qin Shuhan waved her hand in farewell with a slight smile, both polite and distant.

Bai Xinhong’s mind was a complete blank, he gave a awkward laugh and said, “You, you are not feeling well today, so it’s possible you’re not thinking very clearly…”

Qin Shuhan involuntarily rolled her eyes, “I’m thinking very clearly right now! I really really have no interest in you, it’s impossible for our relationship to have any future! So, it’s best that we stop here!”

“You…..” Bai Xinhong became a little enraged, staring into Qin Shuhan’s eyes, “Don’t tell me that you fell in love with that bodyguard!” He could still vividly picture in his mind the scene from that day.

“That’s my business, so no comment!” Qin Shuhan frowned, a little angered as well.

“You would rather like that bodyguard instead of me?” Bai Xinhong felt that this was simply insulting! He, who was talented and favoured by the Gods from young, when has he ever received such humiliation. In his disbelief, Bai Xinhong grabbed Qin Shuhan’s arm and shook her, “How was it possible that you like that bodyguard instead of me? That’s impossible!”

“Let go!” Qin Shuhan’s arm was grabbed so tightly that it throbbed in pain, “You’re hurting me! Let go!”

“Quickly tell me ah!” Bai Xinhong stared into Qin Shuhan’s eyes unwaveringly, as if his dignity has been challenged and he was going to punish her severely without listening to her excuses.

“If you don’t let go within the next second, I’m not going to be polite anymore!” Qin Shuhan said and prepared herself to counterattack, but before she even moved, a black shadow flashed out from the side, threw Bai Xinhong aside with one hit, and then carefully pulled her into his arms. Qin Shuhan felt a familiar sensation overwhelming her. It actually made her want to burst into tears in an instant. This was the kind of embrace that she has been dreaming day and night for the past two months.

“Scram!” Lu Anwei hugged Qin Shuhan as he glared frostily at Bai Xinhong who fell onto the ground. He did not want to make trouble for Qin Shuhan, so he only used a third of his power to throw that person.

Bai Xinhong’s head was dizzy and had groggy eyes after falling. He got up from the floor and with the help of the street lamps, caught the sight of Lu Anwei’s face. Anger and embarrassment surged into his heart all at once, but the pain all over his body reminded him that he would not be able to best this bodyguard, so he could only spit bitterly and cursed,” you better watch your back!” He then drove off in his car. When he got out of the neighbourhood, Bai Xinhong took out his phone to dial a number, “hello? It’s me! Help me beat up a scoundrel!”


Qin Shuhan who was still standing downstairs leaned into the warm embrace and as she greedy breathed in the scent of his body, tears spilled out of her eyes and dripped drop by drop onto Lu Anwei’s clothes at his chest.

Lu Anwei was a little flustered and after hesitating for a long time, he could only place his hand onto Qin Shuhan’s head and gently caressed it. He wanted to say something, but did not know where he should start, so he felt very awkward.

Qin Shuhan cried even harder as she felt Lu Anwei’s warmth and a sense of protection from the top of her head. She only stopped after crying after about 10 minutes. At this point, the clothes at Lu Anwei’s chest had already becoming dishevelled with a mixture of her tears and snort. Although Qin Shuhan was not crying anymore, but she was still feeling a little embarrassed and guilty, so she did not dare to look at Lu Anwei in the face.

Seeing that Qin Shuhan was no longer crying, Lu Anwei’s anxious heart was also set at ease. She must have been so frightened, to experience this kind of thing! Lu Anwei wanted to say something, but he was afraid that he would say something wrongly, and make her annoyed. Originally, he only wanted to quietly look at her, but when he saw her wearing a chiffon nightgown appearing in front of them, he could only stare at her in rapture. In the two months they have not met, she has became even more beautiful. Seeing her strong rejection of Bai Xinhong and that she did not deny his words about loving him (Lu Anwei), whose current identity was a “bodyguard”. He felt so happy that he did not know what to do, but when he saw her getting bullied, he can only give up on his idea of watching her quietly from a corner. He cannot stand her being treated unjustly, not even an iota!


7 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 66 (Part 1)

  1. Que babaca!
    A criatura nojenta acha que é o filho do céus, acha que é o tal, e a garota não deve rejeitar ele de maneira alguma.
    Um total idiota.
    Me deu raiva o pai deles pedindo para eles se encontrarem, aff, ela não quer.
    Detesto quando isso acontece nesses livros, onde os pais querem que seus filhos (tanto homens quanto mulheres) se casem a todo custo, para dar-lhes netos. 😒
    E não sei para quem é pior, se são os rapazes que mesmo tendo independência financeira são obrigados a se casar (e caso sejam gays são deserdados e tidos como desonra da família) ou as meninas que muitas das vezes são jovens demais para ter independência financeira (tipo entre 18 e 20 anos) e são tidas como ou não adequadas para o casamento e nenhuma família ira querer elas, e caso não sejam virgens acabou o mundo.
    Fico indignada com o pensamento antiquado e ultrapassado que os orientais parecem ter (já está me irritando isso).
    A hipocrisia e a falta de senso valente também.


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