Rebirth: Chapter 65

Hi everyone! Apologies this chapter took sooooo long to go up! There was some virus going around so I was terribly sick….I feel better now so decided I’ll just translate the whole chapter!
Andddd, without further ado, onwards to Chapter 65!! Enjoy peeps!

(This chapter is currrently unedited)

Chapter 65: a bad person, guest dismissal

The sky gradually darkened and stars appeared slowly, glowing brightly in the night sky. The full moon was obscured by clouds, and the shadowy trees whipped around faster and faster in the night wind as it grew stronger by the minute. The warm lights in the room shone through the window, lighting up the dark night outside, and yet was unable to warm the hearts of the people out in the night.

Standing downstairs, Lu Anwei looked upwards at the window from his position, he could see the room lights were switched on and the lace curtains swaying slightly as a slender figure behind it moved. He has already been standing here for a few hours….dazedly staring at the same spot, how could she be so heartless? Everything that has happened between them, did it even mean anything?

He really wished that everything could be just like how Lu Anran described, that all they had between them was a misunderstanding. He really wanted to go up and ask her, but he was not brave enough to do so. He was afraid to see Qin Shuhan’s icy gaze and feared that her red lips would spit out even more heartless words. His proud dignity had already been trampled underfoot by her before, so he felt at lost as to what kind of expression he should have when he faced her.

A car’s headlights lit up behind him and Lu Anwei quickly turned his face to the side. The car stopped, and two people alighted from it, one was a middle-aged man around 40 years old and the other was Bai Xinhong whom Lu Anwei had the pleasure of meeting once before.

Having only met once, Bai Xinhong did not attach any importance to Lu Anwei, plus Lu Anwei had also deliberately slant his body to one side, so Bai Xinhong did not see Lu Anwei’s face. As a result, the middle aged man also only glanced at Lu Anwei before he frowned and looked away. Young people these days, idling away and even come running to other people’s building, he lived here for over 20 years already and has never met this person before! He must be a bad person!

“Professor Qin, I’ll just send you up to here!” Bai Xinhong said politely.

“Since you are already here, why don’t you come up for some tea!” Dad Qin said with a grin. “Xinhong ah, we are not at the University anymore, you don’t need to call me Professor Qin…. Call me Uncle Qin!”

“Got it, then I’ll call you Uncle Qin from now on ah!” Bai Xinhong smiled and said jovially.

“Come on! Let’s go upstairs!” Dad Qin smiled happily as he invited Bai Xinhong. “It just so happen that I recently bought new tea leaves, join me for some.”

“Then…I’ll accept your invitation obediently rather than declining courteously ah!” Bai Xinhong turned his head and pressed his car keys to lock it and then followed Dad Qin upstairs. He knew very clearly that drinking tea was all a cover story, as Qin Shuhan has just returned from overseas. He also wished to see Qin Shuhan! Ever since they parted the last time, her beautiful image remained imprinted in his mind. Every twinkle and every smile she made replayed over and over causing his heart to tickle with longing for her….

It was only after entering the elevator that Dad Qin frowned and said, “goodness me, young people nowadays! It’s so late already and instead of going home he is standing outside other people’s apartment! Just one look and you know that he is a bad person!”

“Uncle Qin, it’s possible he is waiting for the girl he likes! He probably thinks that it’s romantic!” Bai Xinhong has always been disdainful of this type of ‘waiting downstairs for a girl” behaviour. How can a real man put down his pride and humble himself to wait for a girl downstairs? If it was him, he can never do this kind of thing! Take him for example, he really wanted to meet Qin Shuhan, but he still had on a dignified attitude and let Dad Qin invite him twice before he accepted. This was the kind of manner that a man should have! He, the one who was talented and favoured by the Gods , would never do such a thing!

“Hmpf!” Dad Qin snorted disdainfully, “ how can this be called romantic when he is just sneakily waiting around?”

“Ding” The elevator sounded when it reached the 23rd floor and the doors opened. Dad Qin took out his house keys, opened the front door and invited Bai Xinhong in. “Xinhong, quickly come in!” After he changed into his house slippers, Mum Qin came out from the bedroom with redden eyes, as if she was crying before.

“Xinhong you’re here ah!” Mum Qin greeted. “Shumo, get a pair of house slipper for your brother Xinhong.”

“Oh!” Qin Shumo found a pair of male house slippers for guests from the shoe cupboard and placed it in front of Bai Xinhong.

“Thanks! You must be Shuhan’s little brother! I am Bai Xinhong! Nice to meet you!” It’s the first time Bai Xinhong meet Qin Shumo! Qin Shumo went to Greece with Qin Shuhan, so he never had the chance to meet him. This can be counted as them meeting for the first time. Seeing Qin Shumo only nodding his head lightly in acknowledgment, left Bai Xinhong to feel a little awkward. He coughed lightly and turned to greet Mum Qin, “Hello Aunty! Sorry for intruding again!”

“Not at all, not at all.” Mum Qin smiled and placed some fruits she had cut on the coffee table.

“Shumo, go and call your sister to come down!” Dad Qin shouted.

Qin Shumo frowned, “Sis…Sis is not feeling well.”

“What’s wrong?” Bai Xinhong felt a little worried. “ Should I send her to the hospital?”

“No need, it’s nothing serious.” Qin Shumo said, “she has already taken some medicine.”

“If there is nothing wrong with her then tell her to come down!” Dad Qin could see that Shumo was lying with a glance, these pair of sister and brother must be colluding together!

Qin Shumo did not want to retort back at his father in front of a guest and so he could only go slowly upstairs to his sister’s room and knock on the door, “Sis?”

“The door is open.”

Qin Shumo pushed open the door and walked in. He caught a sight of Qin Shuhan sitting on a cushion in front of the window, reading a book. Seeing him enter, Qin Shuhan raised her head to look at him. “Yes?”

“Dad brought home a person called Xinhong or something and wants you to go downstairs.” Qin Shumo said.

“Say I’m sick.” Qin Shuhan did not want to go down to meet him.

“I’ve said that already.” Qin Shumo spread out his hands helplessly, “he wanted to send you to the hospital and I said that you have taken some medicine already so you’re fine. But it seems like Dad didn’t buy it.”

Qin Shuhan let out a sigh and stood up. “I think I need to be honest and put it plainly with dad.”

“He will beat you to death.” Qin Shumo concluded, “or he might die from exasperation!”

“Anyways I won’t be able to keep it a secret after a few months.” Qin Shuhan placed a hand on her stomach. Who knew that she would hit the jackpot after one night?

“If you are not prepared to abort the baby, then you should pay more attention to your health!” Qin Shumo let out a sigh and walked forward to close the open window. “There is a huge difference in the temperature between day and night, be careful not to catch a cold.”

“Thanks.” Qin Shuhan smiled faintly, and a layer of maternal tenderness seemed to float up on her tranquil face.

“How did you tell mum just now?” asked Qin Shuhan. “Looks like she went to her bedroom to cry, her eyes are a little red.” He was likely the first person to know about this matter. When they were in Greece, he was the one who accompanied Qin Shuhan to the hospital, and found out that Qin Shuhan was pregnant in the end. Only God knew how shocked he was! From young, Qin Shuhan has never behaved in a conventional manner, he knew this, but isn’t this behaviour of not conforming to social customs is a bit….too…

“I didn’t say much, just told her that I will give birth to this child and bring it up myself! She said she was taking leave on Monday to accompany me to hospital for another check-up.” Qin Shuhan caressed her stomach. She was 2 months along so it was currently not obvious. But she knew. She knew that there was a tiny tiny child developing in her stomach right now, which is the very crystallization of the love she has for the man she loves the most in the wholewide world. Perhaps it was because she was not able to obtain the heart of the man she loves, that Heavens took pity on her and gave her a child belonging to both of them! She will bring this child up by herself.

“You are still not willing to say who the father of this child is?” Qin Shumo asked Qin Shuhan as he gazed at her. This sister of his was too strong, she has always been like this since young. For the matters that she was not willing to do, she would definitely bring this secret to her grave and nobody should even think of knowing.

“If I don’t say anything, he will never know of the existence of this child.” Qin Shuhan shook her head. Even if he knows, so what? Letting him feel guilty and making him to feel responsible to stay by her side? There was no meaning in that! She does not want that! She will not tie him down using responsibility, the child is hers and she has the confidence she would be able to bring this child up alone! After all, Ji Rou also brought up Lu Anran very well by herself right? She can also be a single mother, just like Ji Rou. Seeing the anger gleaming in her little brother’s eyes, Qin Shuhan added on, “He is a good man! Only he does not love me that’s all….”

“Ai…” Qin Shumo helplessly shook his head, “forgot it! No matter what your decision is, I will always support you, always!” Who asked Qin Shuhan to be his sister?

“Thank you!” Qin Shuhan looked at Qin Shumo gratefully. This little brother of hers who was 10 years, has never disappointed her.

“Come on! Let’s go downstairs! Dad’s going call again!” Qin Shumo crossed his arms, it was still more reliable to solve the problem at hand first.

“En!” Qin Shuhan nodded, stood up from the cushion, closed her book and left the room with him.

Qin Shuhan and Qin Shumo went downstairs together, he attentively let Qin Shuhan walk next to the staircase railing and he himself walk on the other side protecting his sister.

The moment Bai Xinhong saw Qin Shuhan, his eyes lighted up. She wore a chiffon nightdress and the light pink colour made her skin glow even whiter than ever. Her long hair was twisted into a braid and hung over her shoulder, softening her features, making her to look even more feminine than the previous time he met her. This appearance of hers caused Bai Xinhong to foolishly stare at Qin Shuhan in a daze.

“What did you call me down for?” Qin Shuhan caught the sight of Bai Xinhong’s eyes roving all over her body and immediately felt angry in her heart.

“What’s wrong with calling you down when there is a guest?” Dad Qin did not expect Qin Shuhan’s tone to be so stiff and felt a little discontented.

“Didn’t you tell dad I’m feeling sick?” Qin Shuhan glared at Qin Shumo, “my head already hurts so much.”

“I…I have said it already ah!” Qin Shumo said with an innocent face, and also understood in his heart that Sis was acting on purpose for Bai Xinhong.

“Shuhan, where are you not feeling well? I drove here, so I can send you to the hospital.”

“There’s no need!” said Qin Shuhan, “I have already taken medicine! Is there anything else?” Her eyebrows knitted together crossly, this attitude of hers was obviously dismissing the guest.

“Err…” Bai Xinhong’s face grew black.

“Shuhan! How could you say that?” Dad Qin’s could also no longer remain calm, and felt ashamed of his daughter’s behaviour. How could this daughter of his not give him any face?

“I…I’ll go back first ah! It’s late already.” Bai Xinhong coughed lightly and stood up to say goodbye to Dad Qin and Mum Qin, “Uncle Qin, Aunty Qin, I’ll be leaving now ah!”

“Stay a bit longer!” Dad Qin invited.

“Nono! I’ll come visit you another day.” Bai Xinhong wore his shoes.

“Shuhan! Go and send Xinhong off!” Dad Qin said with a black face.

“Orh!” Qin Shuhan knew that she cannot go too far and casually responded.

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  1. This chapter disgusts me.
    I hate that prideful little skunk.

    She crushed his heart because of her own stupid little pride. And it’s obvious she got it from her father.
    Sigh. I hate this chapter. I hate her POVz I legit skimmed this chapter because I just can’t. She’s so pathetic. A pathetic woman. She is not intelligent.
    Stupid seductress. You are the one who seduces him too. AND WHO DOESNT PREPARE FOR SEX. What kinda adult are you. Holy shit. This story would be better if she was an actual teenager.
    Can we get someone better for our cute little Anwei?
    Holy crap. We can’t talk about romance and shoujo together and I’ll introduce him to the wonders of complicated and beautiful and pure BL Love. I’ll make him so rotten he’ll turn gay.
    I hate teacher Qin.
    And wow!! SHES PREGNANT!! WAY TO COMPLICATE THINGS! This is just a side plot.
    Side plots don’t need to be that complicated!!
    Just let them get together. And while the main plot is angsty with bitches and fake ass whores.
    Let us be healed by the sweetness of the side plot.
    This side plot is just oh fucking god I don’t know anymore.
    I love Anwei. He’s my favorite character. I don’t want him to be treated like this.
    Especially when his heart is so pure. Ugh. My heart can’t take it! I’m angry his pure love was trampled on! I hate how stupid his lover is! She is undeserving of his love! She does not deserve it!
    Oh my god.
    I am filled with so much hate at the moment.

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    1. It’s always easier to judge others when you’re dead set at only seeing it from your own perspective. First off no one is perfect, that includes you and me. Thanks to his constant rejections, Qin Shuhan was convinced that Lu Anwei didn’t love her. They are both adults who can’t communicate well and neither of them were smart enough to use protection. She doesn’t want to burden him but of course it’s not fair to withhold information either. I don’t think she’s going about it the right way either, but neither is he. And it points more towards her being young and naive than all those bothersome-to-read names you called her.

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      1. What constant rejections? She may have tried to come on to him. But she was never direct.
        They just occasionally glanced at each other and shyly said hi.
        That was not an interaction.
        And in their first actual interaction, she decides to bang him right then and there without even talking first. The guy was being a gentleman and he even he thought it was obvious that she liked him.
        And since right then and there she was being very direct with him finally.
        He decided to be a man and just go with it.
        And go with it he did.
        They had sex.
        And the next day, when things calmed down and he tried to talk things over with her.
        My comment may have been rude and vulgar. BUT IT WAS ONLY RIGHT.
        Anwei tried multiple times to talk to and explain.
        But she shut him down every time.
        And up to this point, her character was of a smart and intellectual woman.
        The entire scene of her having sex right there and crushing his heart entirely broke her character.
        She wasn’t true to him.
        Or true to herself.
        This is why it makes her so disgusting to me.

        She made the poor boy cry.
        and worst of all.
        She knew what she was doing.
        She knew she broke his heart.
        She didn’t even try.
        She made mistake upon mistake.
        Hence my anger at her entire character.
        AND NOW SHE’s hiding things from him. Even though it involves him directly.


  2. Dad Qin frustrates me he is supposed to be a professor, but he’s is trying to matchmake his precious daughter to a scum person. Can’t he tell that she doesn’t like him??

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  3. Sighhh this storyline really frustrates me after all. LITERALLY everything would be fixed with a conversation. Also, more and more this Bai Xinhong is disgusting. Holy hell, what male chauvinism. Clearly he is a “learned” fellow that hasn’t absorbed any literary qualities. Gross gross gross. Thanks for the chapter!

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