Rebirth: Chapter 66 (Part 2)

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Chapter 66: I want to marry you, you still have me

(Part 2)

Qin Shuhan left Lu Anwei’s embrace, gathered up her courage and raised her head to look at Lu Anwei’s face, causing her eyes to light up at first sight. The beard that Lu Anwei grew made him look even more handsome and mature, and the scar on his face has also lighten up considerably.

For the two months they were separated, she could only meet him in her dreams, and now he showed up in front of her, like a hero saving her when she’s in a pinch, giving her an illusion that she was still in her dream world. As Qin Shuhan reached out her hand to cup Lu Anwei’s face, the warm feeling of it reminded her that everything happening now was real. Her palm touched his beard, it was a little prickly and tickled her palm, but she liked it.

In the dark of the night, Lu Anwei gazed into Qin Shuhan’s gleaming eyes and was instantly bewitched. Lu Anwei used one hand to wrap around Qin Shuhan’s waist and the other to raise her chin. He then lowered his head to kiss Qin Shuhan’s lips, stopping her from saying anything.

The sudden steamy kiss led Qin Shuhan to feel dizzy, as she shut her eyes and clumsily responded. It was only until she ran out of breath that the other party reluctantly let go of her…..Qin Shuhan mistily gazed at the person in front, both of her hands grasping onto Lu Anwei’s arms as she wobbled.

Seeing Qin Shuhan’s misty eyes, Lu Anwei smiled lightly and then seriously said, “Shuhan, there is something I want to discuss with you….”

“Discuss?” Lu Anwei’s voice pulled Qin Shuhan from heaven back to reality, she was stunned at first, and then looked around evasively, “what do you want to discuss about?”

“I want to marry you!” Lu Anwei stated directly, the last time Lu Anran said that it was because he did not state himself clearly, this time it should be clear enough right!

Surprised, Qin Shuhan questioned him, “what did you say?”

“I said, I want to marry you!” Lu Anwei repeated himself, he saw before in a romance novel that the sentence that female lead wants to hear the most from the male lead is ‘I want to marry you!’. So, now he also said this very same sentence to Qin Shuhan, this time she should be able to understand right! He really wants to build a family with her, and if she agrees, he would immediately marry her, but if she does not agree…. Lu Anwei’s heart twisted in pain for a moment…. If Qin Shuhan does not agree, he will continue to protect her from afar.

As Qin Shuhan listened to Lu Anwei’s words, she felt as if her heart was about to leap out of her throat, this was the sentence that she wished to hear even in her dreams ah! But…But now, other than happiness, she also felt a heavy sense of insecurity, Lu Anwei only wished to bear responsibility! She loves him, so much until she’s going crazy! During these past two months, only she knew herself what kind of days she has been living in. From the moment she knew that she was pregnant, she was so happy that she cried for an entire day. She was so thankful that heavens gave her this child and swore that she would use her whole life to protect this child! Because this child was what he left for her….

Now that she received his proposal, she was already satisfied…. She knows that Lu Anwei is a good man, he wishes to be responsible for her, but a marriage without love was like a sand castle, from the outside it looked magnificent and grand, but all it needed was a sea wave to swish pass it and the castle would totally disappear, and no longer exist. She does not want to use marriage to lock down Lu Anwei, he is a good man and should live happily ever after with the woman he loves and not sacrifice his lifetime of happiness to be responsible for her, it is not what she requires.

“Would…you marry me?” Lu Anwei grasped Qin Shuhan’s hands in his and very cautiously told her, “I will be good to you for as long as I live, only to you!”

“Don’t joke with me.” Qin Shuhan pushed away Lu Anwei’s hands and hardened her heart to ruthlessly say to him, “if you want what’s best for me, then it’s best if you treat as if nothing has ever happened between us. That’s the best!”

“…..” A hole in Lu Anwei’s heart tore open once more, and his dry throat trembled for a long while before he managed shakily to squeeze out one word, “okay….”. His harassment has probably caused a lot of trouble for her already…..

Giving Lu Anwei one last glance, Qin Shuhan turned around to enter the building and then promptly hid into a corner, secretly staring at the man she is in love with. As she caught the sight of Lu Anwei’s distraught expression, and as he depressingly walked further and further away, tears blurred her eyesight.

“Ding” resounded from the elevator and the doors open. Qin Shumo walked out of the elevator and caught the sight of Qin Shuhan crouching in a corner in tears. “Sis? What’s wrong?”

“Qin Shuhan powerlessly shook her head, “I hurt him again….he proposed to me, I’m so happy, so happy… so happy…but, he’s not in love with me ah….wu….”

When Qin Shumo heard this, he raised his head up and as he expected, caught sight of the receding back figure of a man. He understood immediately that this man must be the biological father of the child in Qin Shuhan’s stomach and raised his feet up to chase after that person.

“Don’t! Don’t go!” Qin Shuhan knew what Qin Shumo’s intention was and hastily stopped him, “Don’t go! It’s not his fault! He is a good man, this is my own decision! Wu…Don’t go….”

Qin Shumo frowned and then crouched down, and reached out with both arms to hug Qin Shuhan, “Sis, don’t cry anymore…. Even if this child doesn’t have a father, it still has me, his uncle!” Qin Shumo feel very perturbed, as her little brother, he was unable to look on helplessly and see his own family member, his only sister endure injustice. But if Sis was so determined to shield for that man, what can he do?

“Don’t let me find out who you are!” A ferocious gleam flashed in Qin Shumo eyes. No one can bully his family! His sister was naïve and easily to bluff, but he would not be so easily fooled!


21 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 66 (Part 2)

  1. I hate this couple side story. So much unnecessary drama. The author must be love counting her money by now. Rlly considering drop rlly this sht.


  2. Author is kinda dense, huh? To spew out this garbage of a filler.

    So this Qin Shuhan knows she’s hurt him – why not put your two brain cells together, you sorry excuse of a genius and realise that, the only reason he is hurt by your words is because he actually gives a sh*t…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t understand?Why create such unnecessary drama?Both were in love but never said anything.When one confessed,other considered it as a form of responsibility. Seriously,why can’t they just talk?Let one another talk without interruptions.Then they can doubt everything after?Is too much intelligence overshadowed common sense?Maybe too much IQ equals less EQ?I’m skipping chapters every time they appear.This drama is being dragged too long?Their communication is like a cat and a bird communicating with each other.They’re in different wavelengths.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omfg!!!! This chapter has annoyed me to the max!!! Can the author not bloody drag on this unnesseccary romance and just move on to focusing on AnRan please? I really liked Qin Shuhan at first but now I am losing my respects towards her.

    Liked by 6 people

  5. Honestly I’m just skipping the teacher/bodyguard story. Just plain irrelevant. It would have been better if it just stayed background romance instead of a full cringy telenovela.

    Liked by 4 people

  6. Don’t like her, she doesn’t have the right To be sad. He proposed her but she refused assuming on her own that he doesn’t like her. How can she be so certain or that?

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  7. Everyone here bashing the teacher while im hating on the author. This is so unnecessary!! Why drag it out, and when has anything made her believe he doesnt love her? And he proposed without knowing she was pregnant!
    Uggggggh so frustrated. And you lil bro, dont go hating on the wrong guy.
    Anyway, when did the teacher profession became something on the realm of gods….

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Right?! Since when teacher has become the most noble profession in this whole world? Such a big ego. When I was in school, i always get discriminated and bad treatment by the teachers just because they don’t like me. Urgh I had teachers. Sorry for those who feel offended but I say what I said!


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