Rebirth: Chapter 63 (Part 2)

Chapter 63: Meeting again when school reopens, Call me Yaoyao
(Part 2)

“Anran….Don’t look at me like that….You’re scaring me….” Lu Anhu felt a burst of guilt, as if a cunning hunter was staring at a silly rabbit that was trapped in a snare, and the unfortunate thing was that he was the silly rabbit.

“Are you full already from just now?” Lu Anran eyes crinkled cunningly as she looked at him.

“I’m…I’m ok ah!” He was not very hungry, only about 70-80% full.

“Hehehe…..” Lu Anran’s crafty smile was a mirror image of a little fox, as she reached out to heavily pat Lu Anhu’s shoulder, “the clarion call of the revolution has just sounded, the organization is in need of Comrade Lu Anhu’s active contribution ah!”

“What, what do you want to do ah…..” Lu Anhu could feel all the hairs on his arms stand up immediately, a gloomy feeling started spreading up from the bottom of his heart and a bad premonition appeared vividly in his heart. “Can…. Can I go now?”

“What do you think?” Lu Anran beamed, her face had an expression of her who would sink her teeth into Lu Anhu if he dared to run off and leave Lu Anran by herself.

Lu Anhu stared at Lu Anran’s facial expression and felt like weeping but had no tears. In the end, he could only absentmindedly heave a sigh and say, “alright…. What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing much!” Lu Anran took out a small cute notebook from her backpack and said as she flipped open the book, “I checked up the best restaurants in S City yesterday and decided to bring you to eat some delicious food!”

“Oh….” Lu Anhu relaxed, it is only eating food ah! That is still ok, but… According to his understanding of Lu Anran, the moment she smiled like a fox, it signified that this matter was definitely not what it seemed like on the surface. Lu Anhu swallowed nervously and asked, “how, how many restaurants?”

“Not many! You only need to try out 12 restaurants today!” Lu Anran smiled at him innocently.

Lu Anhu felt his right eyelid started jumping, when the left eye jumps, it signifies good fortune and when right eye jumps, it indicates bad fortune….Looks like he would meet a terrible misfortune today ah….

Lu Anran took out her phone, searched up what she had written in her notebook and said, “this shopping centre itself has 3 restaurants in it, let’s go to the first one first! At the first one, there are 7 dishes that you need to try!”

“…..” Lu Anhu clenched his fist, “Fine I’ll eat! Let’s see who’s scared of who!” It was only eating! Since it was only reviewing the dish, it will be enough if he eats two to three mouthfuls… As he held onto this kind of feelings, Lu Anhu started on his journey of the Purgatory-like ‘practice’ of Asura on this normal sunny afternoon.

On the other side, Chu Yao has just reached home by taxi, she used her keys to open the door and caught sight of a foreign pair of male shoes placed there, the shoe size looked to be size 40 which definitely does not belong to Chu Wanhai. It was a black, European gentleman style and the shoes were well-maintained, so with a single glance at the shoes, one could infer that this person must be a very elegant and cultured. The first impression Chu Yao had of this guest was not bad.

At the entrance area, Chu Yao heard the sound of Chu Wanhai’s conversation with his guest once more. The other party sounded quite young and his voice was a melodious baritone which was very nice to listen to. Chu Yao entered the living room and said, “Dad, I’m back.” Closely following that, she caught sight of a young man sitting on the sofa elegantly sipping his tea. He looked to be in his 20s, dressed formally and wore gold-rimmed glasses. A pair of eyes gazed at Chu Yao with a smile on his face, but his eyes were deep and profound like a bottomless abyss, effectively hiding his heart and thoughts from other people.

With one glance, Chu Yao knew that the both of them were from the same world, a burst of delight bubbled up in her heart at finding someone who was so similar to her, and for a while it actually left Chu Yao a little lost as to what she should do.

“Yao Yao! You’re back already ah! Quickly come and greet the guest!” Chu Wanhai turned his head and then introduced her to the man beside him. “This is my daughter, Chu Yao!”

“Hello Miss Chu Yao, nice to meet you.” The man smiled lightly and gave her a nod in greeting, he was very polite and well-mannered and did not led people to feel as if he was going through the motions or have the kind of flippant behaviour that young people usually have, and also did not let people feel very intimate with him. He only gave a simple and sincere greeting, “my name is Lin Haosheng.”

“He… hello.” Chu Yao calmed down very quickly and stretched out her slender white hands to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear, then revealed her signature warm and gentle smile, “nice to meet you, from now on, can I call you Brother Haosheng?”

“Of course.” Lin Haosheng nodded his head gentlemanly and perfectly concealed the flash of irritation which flickered in his heart.

“Haosheng is also one of the key figure in our mission, from this time onwards Haosheng is in charge of making all the decisions on how we should move forward, Yao Yao, you must also cooperate with Haosheng’s movements!” After saying this to his daughter, Chu Wanhai then said to Lin Haosheng, “Yao Yao is childhood friends with Lu Anran and understands Lu Anran very well, they are also classmates in school. Haosheng, don’t hesitate to ask, if you have any action plan that requires Yao Yao to cooperate with you! After all, everyone is on the same boat right! Hahaha!” Chu Wanhai reached out his hand to pat Lin Haosheng’s shoulder as he said this.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Lin Haosheng smiled lightly and said, “naturally I will, thank you Uncle Chu and Miss Chu Yao!”

“Brother Haosheng! Don’t be so formal ah!” Chu Yao put down her backpack, walk towards him and sat down beside Lin Haosheng. “Since I call you Brother Haosheng, you can call me Yao Yao! My dad also calls me Yao Yao!”

“……..” Lin Haosheng imperceptibly frowned and then let out a gentlemanly and polite smile once more, “Yao Yao!”

Hearing Lin Haosheng call her Yao Yao, Chu Yao felt so happy that she wanted to yell out loud and announce her happiness to the whole world…. This feeling of happiness is so beautiful ah!

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  1. Wait, isn’t Lin Haosheng Lu Anran’s husband from chapter one?? The scumbag who’s actually her half brother that cut her tongue off 🤭 thought he wouldn’t appear in the story so early..

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