Rebirth: Chapter 64 (Part 1)

Chapter 64: a bad feeling, go for a health check-up
(Part 1)

“Urg….” With one hand holding the wall, and the other grasping the toilet bowl, Lu Anhu felt as if his stomach was about to explode!

After around 15 minutes, Lu Anhu felt a little better and staggered out of the toliet with weak legs while holding onto the wall and collapsed onto the floor. He, Lu Anhu swear that if he ever go on a tasting survey again, he will end up dying a violent death! Today’s afternoon was simply too terrifying! He ate at many restaurants, one after another and he even had to sit in a car which reversed in the opposite direction and jolted forcefully over bumps on the road which made his face turn green from nausea.

Lu Anran also ate a lot of dishes, but it was not that bad for her, her tongue is very sensitive, so she only needed to eat one mouthful and also the dishes that she eats are all vegetables, which meant that he, Lu Anhu ended up eating all the oily meat and fish dishes! Also, he does not have such sensitive tongue like Lu Anran, he ate and ate and feel as if his tastebuds are going turn numb! Especially, at the 6th restaurant which is famous for its Dong Po Braised Pork and Red Braised Pork Belly, and is also on the list of Lu Anran’s little notebook. The oily, greasy and thick Dong Po Braised Pork, he will never eat it ever again in his whole life!

Recalling that type of oily feeling, Lu Anhu ran for the toilet once more and leaned over the toilet bowl to vomit again.

Lu Anran knocked on Lu Anhu’s door holding a glass of lemonade and opened it. As soon as she entered, she caught the sight of Lu Anhu’s terrible appearance and felt a little apologetic, “Anhu, how are you feeling?”

“Still….Still alive….” Lu Anhu finally finished another round of vomiting, stood up and pressed the flush button of the toilet. He then turned around to wash his hands and rinse his mouth. Right now, his hands and legs feels weak and his stomach still feels awful and greasy.

“Here’s some lemonade.” Lu Anran saw that Lu Anhu was done washing up and passed to him the glass of lemonade in her hands with an apologetic face.

“Thanks.” Lu Anhu drank a mouthful of the lemonade and the sour taste relived the greasy feeling in his stomach quite a bit.

“That…..” Lu Anran twisted her hands together, “tomorrow….”

“Tomorrow you can find whoever you want!” Lu Anhu fiercely rejected Lu Anran the moment she opened her mouth, “I won’t accompany with ever again!” If he continue to accompany her, he might even lose his little life over this!

“Wu…..” Lu Anran already expected that Lu Anhu would reject her request, but it still hurt hearing it out loud. She also did not want to do this ah! But Long Corporation’s Shopping Centre is about to be built and she needs to quickly approximate the management direction of these 100 restaurant branches ah! Although, she already told Ji Rou and Lu Jianhou to leave everything to her, but…. She is actually also worried, she is unable to taste any meat dishes and so can only trouble others to accompany her ah! There are 10 over famous restaurants in S City and she wanted to eat every single one and see if she can get some inspiration from them.

Seeing Lu Anran’s disappointed expressed. Lu Anhu hesitated and opened his mouth but he still turned his head away in the end. Even though, he did not want to see Lu Anran with a disheartened and sorrowful expression, but his little life is also important ah! Also, he cannot be the only one who is trapped ah!

“dongdongdong” After three knocks sounded, a maid from outside the door softly said, “Eldest Miss, Young Master Anhu, dinner is ready!”

“Not eating!” Lu Anran and Lu Anhu declared their rejection in unison, this whole afternoon both of them have eaten until their stomach is about to burst! Lu Anhu vomits at the drop of a hat, and Lu Anran is not anywhere better than Lu Anhu. Although, it is not as bad as Lu Anhu but her stomach has swelled to a very uncomfortable extend.

“Understood.” The maid responded and then said, “Eldest Miss, Young Master Anming and Young Master Anshuo has arrived, Old Master has requested for your presence, seems like there is something he wishes to tell you.”

”Brother Anming?” Lu Anran and Lu Anhu looked at each other, both of them can see the calculating gleam in each other’s eyes and the corner of Lu Anran’s mouth curved up in a beautiful smirk. “I got it! You can withdraw!”

“Understood!” The maid replied and then turned to leave from the door.

5 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 64 (Part 1)

  1. As someone who works in the food industry, you would never go to so many restaurants in one day. It’s a little too far fetched to be honest.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!! And lol Anhu and Anran are hilarious af. I love their interactions. Fufufu~ though I can’t help but think that if it’s young Master Long then he wouldn’t mind going around with Anran ufufu(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)

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